rest of :) Allies, can we unify in direction, stand?

I know, that doesn’t address their purposefully not preparing for the “illegal” war, as the UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, called it, though, there was no reason for them to rush, except for the fact that the empress wanted to be a sitting president during wartime, so, he would be exponentially more likely to win re-enthronement, that rushing to war directly determined at least 50 % of all coalition losses, from the militaries’ not bothering to supply them with body armor, armoring for their vehicles, cushioning for their helmets (which they still haven’t done completely), etc., and not having broad and well prepared plans, etc.. Nor, does it speak to the reasons for those purposeful lack of prevention of loss of Americans lives, which was to realize a bloodlust in the US populace, etc., and the desire on their part to manufacture astronomically more supposed "terrorists", as they call them, and exponentially more supposed "rogue" or "axis" states, as they call them; which would supposedly, justify the next remocrat conspiratorial supposed Christian blitzkrieg of the world in the future, after they destroy the opposition to the draft in the US, and make one mandatory, they hope. Some of that I will speak to later, yet, I feel obliged to digress, to re-interpret recent calamitous events, etc., to give further hue to the events on which the empress will most likely avoid speaking of in the next months (pre-election); ergo, giving the reader a better perspective from which to draw from- that doesn’t want anything from them, not even their agreement. The purposeful non-prevention of attacks and disasters by the remocrat conspiracy, is a good place to start. While most of what was portrayed in the media, especially early (press conferences, compassionate portrayals, stories of hope, etc.), on the national disaster, was obviously a cover story, lead in material for the cover-up stories to follow, terrorist propaganda to organize military and police over responses (which will later facilitate any and all cover-up attempts), they couldn’t keep the truth from shining through; and thanks to people like the 360 guy, Mr. Anderson Cooper, who insisted on staying there to keep the story more "real" and alive, and Spike Lee’s directed, great movie on the subject, some of the more telling truths are being aired. An example, a day before georgie’s Katrina hit, the Mayor turned away an Amtrak train that seats 900, offered by Amtrak, to evacuate residents of N.O.; while he contends the hundreds of buses that weren’t used to evacuate residents, weren’t because "he couldn’t find drivers", supposedly. The Homeland Security Czar lied and stated "he wasn’t aware of the potentiality of the levee breaks", while his dept. was part of a virtual brainstorming scenarios project to determine what would take place and when over a year before, if a hurricane of level 2 or more hit N.O.; and his dept. was part of the finalized versions that determined that "thousands would be stranded, possibly dead", and plans were supposedly put into place to address just that, etc.. This while a level 1 category storm is what actually hit New Orleans, only the outside of Katrina.

Yet, the media was, and is still, playing possum to the status-quos need to fabricate that this wasn’t another case of national premeditated mass-murder; possibly unequaled in our history, yet, the 9-11 attacks would be a close second. This is evident in the total lack of information they had, have and share on the stories they purport to be covering, etc.. For example, for days we heard of "a nursing home where 35 dead were found", and "a hospital where 45 dead were found", (at first no names of institutions even), yet, in those 2 days, they added little flesh to the stories, and had only communicated the "party lines" of those they had interviewed (who still went unnamed). So, then, 1 story had ‘developed’ to include this, "the hospital administration says most of the 45 died before the storm hit, and that’s why they weren’t evacuated", and that’s it? Apparently they’re operating under the old southern adage that it doesn’t matter what they say, ’cause, "we all know what the river takes is the river’s", or, as the Governor has updated it, supposedly, "water don’t know if you’re rich or poor…"(nothing)! Well, I suggest her supposedly even handed half-truism was little more than a projection of plausible deniability for the fact that the water does know who to kill, who the Mayor, Congress persons, Governor purposely don’t provide transportation to, so they could evacuate and avoid drowning- the poor. Why haven’t the journalists who are supposedly continually interviewing these people ask more questions, like, how is it possible that 20 % of the patients in your hospital "died before the storm even hit"?, and at least communicate to their audience’s that there was "no comment", or some such…, as response from the hospital admin.? Because they’re helping the powers that be (or unbe, in this case), flesh out plausible scenarios, and any possible concurrent plausible deniability for them, etc.- in effect, aiding and abetting in their crimes! Surely, the hospital administration knows that perjury will only compound their sentences; so, they’re operating under the conspiratorial impression that "if they all stick to the same stories, they’ll all get away with it"; and they may be right- yet, not if I can help it! Clearly, the vastness of the inter: locking and laced conspiracies suggests that "we, the people…" won’t have either the political will, nor, the inner fortitude to see that they’re prosecuted for their premeditated mass-murder; and, since southern democrats are about the same as northern republicans, always collaborating anyway, working hand in glove, they’re projecting that’s exactly what will take place! The latest, "we…", see the ultimate goals of the remocrat conspiracies’ purposely not preventing this unnatural disaster: not only the 1/2 a trill to predominantly remocrat businesses and people, tens of billions in graft, bribes, robbed, given for nothing, overpayments, payments for 100,000 temporary houses that can’t be used, etc., they’ve gutted the preexisting Teacher’s and other unions in N.O., and the schools rebuilding plans, substituting their supposed Christian schooling systems, buildings, and teachers for them. Gutting dempublican infrastructures, and replacing them with remocrat ones, etc.; in every aspect of N.O. life, in almost every way they can. Another example, the populist fascist premeditated mass-murderer of middle to poor class, predominantly ethnic, N.O. residents, ‘reagan’ Nagin, won re-election, because he said he "liked chocolate", and, would "keep N.O. a chocolate town"; maybe the remocrats underestimating their electorate works for them, yet, it will never work for "we…"! Also, he has been allocated billions he "hasn’t decided how to spend, yet"; same as it ever was.

Yet, there’s hope: the half a trill that it will cost might spark the people’s interest in the republican conspiracy not getting "away with it" next time; as well as spark the people to insist on them actually doing their jobs; the supposed accusations and counter accusations of the supposed "blame game" (while projecting that this will all be able to be just pigeon holed in the supposed "partisan politics" historical box, of which nothing actually, real and lasting, emerges from, or happens as result of), may not be allowed to be swept by the wayside this time (and the people not accept their conspiratorial chant of patriotic togetherness: "can’t we all just murder together"); the people may finally begin to realize if they don’t defend themselves they’re going to be part of the next premeditated act of republican uber: treason and theft; etc.. For "we…", aren’t as ignorant as they want us to be, since they purposely didn’t prevent the 9-11 attacks, and stole a couple trill, and killed 3000. "We…", know that the first through last responders are mostly republicans who get time and half, etc., and bloated crony contracts; and the astronomical amount of $ spent on oil will only increase, excusing higher prices at the pump; in turn, determining more frequent and more severe supposed ‘natural’ disasters (which are actually man-made), from our furthering the problem of global warming, furthering the altering of weather cycles; which demand more trillions for disaster response, relief, etc.; and on and on, ad nauseum, etc..

Over 35 years ago the federal gov’t has had the results of studies done that irrefutably prove global warming, caused predominantly by pollution from un-renewable fuels being over used, and corollary sources of pollution, that destroy the flora and fauna, coral reefs, protective wetlands, ancient forests, et al, would eventually cause the extinction of humanity and large mammals, as well as, cause the increase in: severity and frequency of most, if not all of what used to be able to be called ‘natural’ disasters; which includes almost all of what destroys from nature (volcanoes, hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes, mud slides, floods, lightening storms, tornados, forest fires, tsunamis, tidal waves, etc., also, new and old diseases made more frequent and potent, as well as more immune to our cures, by increased pestilence and insects from warmer weather, more humidity, and more flooding, etc.). Yet, the remocrat conspiracies’ leadership, due to their uber-greed, predominantly, have, almost farcically, denied all of the last 4 decades of science on this. Needless to say, while the dempublicans, even when in the Whitehouse, have, for almost 2 decades, acknowledged the science and global warming, and have addressed it to varying degrees at varying times, they’ve not done a fraction of what is necessary; and the remocrats undo, or, at least, thwart, whatever progress the dempublicans do realize, when it’s ‘their turn’ to be in the Whitehouse, control Congress, Statehouses, etc.. So too, the dempublicans have profited from the remocrats being in almost total ‘denial’ about global warming and its immediacy, seriousness, etc.; although, only exponentially more; whereas, the remocrats have determined astronomically more delusional profits from their determining astronomically larger usage of fossil fuels, increases in pollution, lessening environmental protections, gov’t standards, etc.. Yet, we mustn’t forget that the leadership of any organized crime conspiracy always gets paid more than the hit-men, enforcers, etc., who work for them, collaborate with them; to facilitate the processes of their crime; so, the dempublicans responsibility can’t be underestimated (while the remocrats responsibility for organized crime, which is euphemistically called politics, can’t be overestimated).

So, in fact, millions upon millions of people have been premeditatedly mass: destroyed and murdered by those processes to secure those supposed profits for the remocrats, predominantly. Still, the commonsense understanding behind the above logic has eluded the average American, through the remocrat control of the multi-media conspiracy, predominantly, and its continual stream of lies, or obfuscations, sociological programming, at least. Yet, now that Americans will die by the 10,000’s from these man-made unnatural results of the US permanently altering the weather cycles with pollution, like they die in other countries, the possibility exists that an average American might want to get more clear on the reality, and stop thinking they’re able to abdicate their responsibility, when they choose to abdicate their power by giving it to the supposed leadership of this country; only because they can now discern their impending death, or ,at least, the increased possibility of it, on the horizon; racing towards them from the future. So, one might think that would provide a ray of hope, although, in the case of Katrina, it tragically doesn’t seem so. Instead, uber obfuscation, confusion, dis and mis-information is being used, mostly by the remocrats, yet, also by the dempublicans, that they project will be able to keep Americans in the dark, and following their leaders; like the sheep they’ve been programmed to be. Proof, the continual lies: the emperor and numerous others, including the homeland security czar, were and are saying, like that the breeches in the levees protecting New Orleans, for example, "were a surprise", and similar such nonsense: when, for decades it’s been scientifically known and well communicated fact that those levees were built in the 60’s with their expectations of the needs for protection that they foresaw back then- not accounting for the effects of global warming, depletion the ozone layer- that (un)natural disasters would be more frequent and severe, the sinking of the Gulf Coast, etc.. Yet, even so, those structures were understood, even then, to only be able to possibly handle a hurricane of level 2, or possibly 3. Also, for decades New Orleans and the federal gov’t have had varying plans at varying times to reinforce those levees, because they knew they wouldn’t hold, they just didn’t know exactly when they would break. Other examples, Scientific American , in 1988, did a study of the situation, coming up with those findings, as well as others such as the fact that the Wetlands partially protecting New Orleans from flooding and land mass loss, needed to be rebuilt, that evacuation plans would probably fail, resulting in a great deal of loss of life and property, etc.; and numerous articles and studies since then confirmed the increasing rate of land mass loss to water, the decreasing amount of wetland protection, the increasing needs for remedies, reinforcement of the levees and evacuation plans, etc.. Yet, they purposely didn’t spend the 1 billion over the last 30 years to reinforce the levees, costing us an eventual total of a half a trill to remedy; they purposely didn’t evacuate some of the middle-class, and most of the poor for 2 reasons: first, to provide a convincing cover story to divert attention from their theft, with the tragic human loss and plausible deniability as its "perfect" cover (police caught looting, stealing cars, etc.); second, to rid the city of most of the poor, addicted, alcoholic, gang members, criminals, prisoners, physically impaired, disabled, handicapped, elderly, ill, kids, etc., by either drowning, poor evacuation, or rounding them up with the astronomically increased police and military presences; they purposely didn’t do enumerable other things they should have done like: FEMA (headed up by an incapable friend of the emperor’s) and National Guard coming in much sooner (planned to allow supposed looting and crime to take hold, eerily similar to what they did also in Iraq, or actually didn’t do; also supplying a cover for the theft by police), nursing homes and hospitals evacuated, people fleeing New Orleans not being allowed to leave over a bridge to (white) Gretna City, not even allowed to pass through it; etc.- in order to increase the plausibility of what they project are the reasons for all these "tragedies" taking place: lack of: expectation, readiness, communications between gov’t agencies and bureaucracies, etc., and ability to execute plans they did acknowledge existed- eerily, similar to the supposed reasons given for the fact that 19 foreign guys with $ 500,000., supposedly couldn’t be stopped from costing us trillions and killing 3000 during the 9-11 attacks and their aftermath (even though almost everybody knew about it and had evidence on them, for almost a decade in advance). I’ve watched enough detective movies to know, if you want to catch a thief, you "follow the $ trail", are you able to do that as I am, are you going to stand by while they murder millions of Americans and purport they: just couldn’t be prepared for disasters they’ve earned billions to be prepared for, for decades; they just had to loss the Iraq war they just had to jump into before they were prepared to fight it, they just couldn’t plan well enough to avert their purposeful increasing militancy of the population, in order to justify a 3 state, sectarian, solution, giving the US a base for their future blitzkriegs, they’ll just have to fight because of their purposeful failures in this war determined astronomically more extremist Muslims and exponentially more hot spots that will supposedly necessitate those future "wars"; when they just couldn’t prevent another "terrorist attack", because they didn’t have the exact time, location, and a signed video taped confession in advance and didn’t know "planes could fly into buildings" (Condolezza Rice); supposedly, etc.? Trillions paid to predominantly republicans to protect and defend this country, they already got, and trillions they plan on stealing by premeditatedly not doing their jobs, I say, tell them you aren’t going to take it anymore, they have to be accountable and responsible, or there has to be new mechanisms by which they can be readily fired; continually, if necessary! Another example, the Governor was trying to surpass Hillary in the amount of wisdom filled platitudes she compassionately pours out during press conferences, in her latest, to try and bury "the blame game", she actually stated: "water don’t know…"; it actually could be a comic skit by Chris Rock: "water don’t know if you’re rich, white, blessed, and flying at 30,000 feet to an inconvenient, yet, welcome impromptu vacation in Honolulu because of Katrina, water don’t know if you’re one of the obviously, supposedly, God damned poor, black or a mixed persons, who were purposely not evacuated, and drowned like rats"; well, contrary to her update of the old southern adage: "what the river takes is the river’s" (where they throw people in it to let "God decide" if they did crime or didn’t, were witches or weren’t, etc., live or die), to "water don’t know…", I suggest water does know, it knows full well whose been abandoned to it, and it takes them; won’t you speak for the murdered, so their murderers lies won’t drown their silent, yet, salient, shouts, out! I say, impeach the lot of them, and then let "God sort it out", all kidding aside, what do you say; let us hear it?

I also say: the federal response to Hurricane Katrina is a national scandal; our nation was better prepared and responded better after September 11th; 4 years after September 11th, it is clear the Bush administration has made us less safe, less prepared, and less capable of emergency responses; we need an independent commission modeled on the 9/11 Commission to investigate what went wrong at FEMA and other agencies; congress should support Senator Clinton’s legislation calling for an independent commission modeled after the 9/11 Commission; we can’t let one political party, especially the one running the government, control the investigation of the federal response to Hurricane Katrina; the investigation must be independent from the politicians and have its own investigators, budget and subpoena authority; national third party leaders should be invited to be part of it- like Ralph Nader; the media should be cajoled into doing a far better and more responsible job; etc.. As well, many months after Katrina, LA Senator Landrieu stated, "she was going to Netherlands to have a look see at their levees", this is scandalous. I stated a week after Katrina that the levees being rebuilt had to be the top priority, after humanitarian concerns, in order to get them rebuilt in time for the next year’s hurricane season (which will, in all likelihood, be worse, as global warming is warming the waters that fuel the strength, and thereby, increase the frequency of tropical storms; turning them into hurricanes), yet, she stated, "they didn’t even know what kind of levee they wanted to build", etc.. This is another example of the cart being put before the horse, ass backwards planning and work of the remocrat conspiracy. First, maybe the Senator doesn’t know this, but, there are all kinds of photos, plans, schematics, mechanical drawings, specifications of the levees in the Netherlands that can be sent via electronic communications, most of which are probably available online, she doesn’t need a taxpayer paid vacation to Netherlands to "see" their levees; as well, what on earth good would her seeing them do, is she a structural engineer with decades of levee constructing experience, or something; it’s preposterous. Second, we’re 6 months from the next hurricane season and the politicians who conspired to premeditatedly mass-destroy/murder some of MS and a large part of LA, and 6000 Americans, by, at minimum, not doing their jobs, haven’t even decided what kind of levee they are going to construct; this is gov’t organized crime- I say impeach them all, or at least vote them out! Then Mayor, white "chocolate", "Reagan" Nagin, like he and our country have nothing better to do, makes these subjective and curiously banal pronouncements every 2 weeks, to keep his mug on the boobtube, for, according to entertainers and politicians, there’s no such thing as bad free press; for, he’s running for re-election in April. Heah, good luck with that Nagin Reagan- although, hopefully, even if you’re elected, it won’t keep you out of jail. As well, hopefully, if and when you’re in your cell and another Katrina (only the side hit N.O., approx. level 1 hurricane) comes along, your correctional officers won’t abandon you in your locked cell to drown; like your correctional officers did to many prisoners during Katrina. For, your statements soon after Katrina, that "you wanted to hear Jazz in the air soon", and your stating that there "will be a Mardi Gras, the party must go on", and your recent "God wants New Orleans to be a chocolate city", while indicating you’re not in touch with reality, do have a certain devil may care attitude I find refreshing; when it comes from entertainers. Although, hopefully, your constituents will realize, if they want there to ever again be a New Orleans, the party is over, and they will, hopefully, not allow you more time to party, and vote for a real politician to be Mayor, instead.

Still, "la machine", the corporate structure, and their ever increasing and increasingly interlocking systems of premeditated mass-destruction-murdering programs are all just linx in the chains on humanity, attempting to stop us from breaking free, we can break the chain of murder, the chain of death; by abolishing the over use of fossil fuels and being most alive! That’s also why I think allowing evolution as a common language, as it’s the thread that links every, in the fabric of life, is a good place to start. For, the corporate structure has made a trap of this world, yet, all life is in it, so "we…" can’t underestimate our responsibility; that generations past have heaped on our heads and shoulders by not acting on theirs, then. Dylan Thomas’ poem’s line comes to mind 🙂 "…and death (murder) shall have no dominion…", as others might say, "we, the people…" can make it so! Will you? By the by, "In Germany they [the Nazis] came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up. – Pastor Martin Niemoeller, 1946", so the story goes, though, you might know that they actually came first for the mentally ill, elderly, handicapped, diffabled, foreigners, poor (Gypsies, Roma, et al); homeless, like the republicans are doing now. Defend yourself by defending them, one for all, all for one! Remember the lessons of WWII, if you’re not taking bullets, you’re making them, etc.; I’m bleeding every moment, are you? What do you think? From the heart in the heart of the heartland. Some of the groups I moderate 🙂 Disabled Greens News and discussion, Group 🙂

Abuse in Therapy, Group 🙂

Diffabled, Mental Health, all related issues, advocacy, and professionals: Invite link: , Homepage:

reality’s webpage, blog 🙂

"Painting is poetry which is seen and not heard, and poetry is a painting which is heard but not seen." ~ Leonardo da Vinci Enjoy an estival eve’ as you can. Lest "we" forget, if you don’t exercise responsibility, its Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither like a muscle, as well. Sadly, now, it first needs to be exorcized before its exercised. Viva la evolution!

Matutinally Yours,         james m nordlund   reality (aja) 🙂

Music is life’s song accompanying the abundance of joy’s Spring. For those interested 🙂 "of or pertaining to the morning, day: relating to or happening in the morning or in the early part of the day (formal), (Mid-16th century, from late Latin matutinalis, from Matuta, goddess of the dawn.)". I look forward to hearing from you. Copy, share, as you will


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