the axis supposed powers are aligning more, how about the allies, can we unify in direction?

The current, and premeditatedly planned by the united suck of assassins, etc., Middle East crisis, Israel’s latest imperial rampage into the sovereign and democratic state of Lebanon, can’t be seen as anything except the latest escalation of the supposed Christian crusading blitzkrieg of all life, just opening up a fourth front against Islam and life; in the Middle East. The countless human atrocities, over 1000 civilian assassinated, etc., in Lebanon, by the corporate structure’s puppet, Israel, wasn’t denounced in the clearest of terms, as it should have been, by the axis of 8 in St. Peter’s burg, and only Russia’s leader even addressed the situation in something of a realistic perspective. Simply, Israel declared war on Lebanon, and is executing it. The famous quote, "those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it", is aptly applicable to the state of the united suck of assassins (visa vie, Vietnam, WWII): fascists and their collaborators, and a growing minority of unwilling dupes (still transfixed by the corporate structure’s convolution’s direction of devolution’s smoke and mirrors, song and dance, show, etc.); and an ever growing, yet, smaller minority of those that don’t premeditatedly mass-destroy/murder, as well as those that actually don’t know that they do destroy, as their destruction is minor (about 10 %). Yet, "we, the people…", can’t stand by and allow such atrocities, without acting to stop them. Ask yourself, why, since the u.s.a. knew about Israel’s plans to carpet bomb Lebanon months in advance, the u.s.a. didn’t have a plan to evacuate their citizens from Lebanon? One reason was to place u.s.a. military evacuation ships, etc., there when the Israeli military needed their advanced intelligence capacity against Lebanon, and another was their hope they would be targeted. Why, even though European countries are already evacuating their citizens, the u.s.a. isn’t; when the u.s.a. has about 100,000 times the capacity to do so as any European nation, and has its staunch ally, Israel right there? It is hoping that u.s.a. citizens are killed, and/or used as pawns by one supposed ‘side’, or the other, to increase the bloodlust of u.s.a. supposed Christians against Muslims, etc.- hoping to facilitate the process of escalating their blitzkrieg’s speed (remocrats dictate: yes 2 wrongs don’t make a right, so, they do exponentially to astronomically more wrongs, until, in their opinion, the amount of wrongs is so great that it makes a ‘right’, if no one stands against their astronomical injustices and atrocities against humanity- yet, "we…" know that, though, might may seem to make right, only rarely, it always makes wrong, while fraternity rules). For, the failures of remocrat conspiracies’ imperial and patriarchal militarism are astronomical in the future, though, they seem to be only exponential now, and, if the remocrats can make their plans seem plausible, in light of the Israeli-Arab continual conflicts, and their current planned escalations, etc., they may be able to present them as such to the electorate in the u.s.a. before the upcoming elections; hoping to garner back some of the swing vote- in order to curtail as much Congressional losses as possible, and further their possible imperial election prospects in ’08. Back to an immediate point, "we.." must not allow u.s.a. citizens to be ‘used’ as pawns now, for empress georgie is hoping that Hezbollah uses them as pawns, or may project they did when Israel/u.s.a. did it, instead, purportedly legitimizing God knows what more atrocities against Lebanon, Syria, Iran, etc., by the axis (u.s.a., great britain, Israel, Japan, Germany). For Israel/u.s.a. are projecting that if someone in Lebanon buys a gun from someone in Syria or Iran, and then if he uses it against Israel/u.s.a., the countries that sold the gun are supposedly responsible for the act; preposterous! The u.s.a. has sold billions of guns to billions of people, gov’ts, groups, etc., including chemical weapons components to Iraq continually until 2 years after the first u.s.a. war against Iraq. Remember the u.s.a. leaving its citizens in Iraq, hoping Hussein would use them, and he did; supposedly necessitating a unilateral war on Iraq by the u.s.a., before the first war- by the ‘kinder and gentler’ emperor bush, sr.. What do we have, besides: the extremely obvious Israeli control of the u.s.a. multi-media, for e.g., CNN was reporting whatever the Israeli gov;t and I.D.F. said for weeks before they even started admitting it, and another week before they attributed their reports to the IDF at the exact time; the 1200 Arabs mass-murdered, mostly middle to poorer classes, by the axis of eights # 1 and # 2 military enforcers of humanities’ extinction, on the planet, with the acquiescence of the axis of 8, u.n., global militaries and fascist hordes, etc.; a justification for Middle Eastern dupes of all kinds to formally solidify, if not cementing the delusional constructs of ‘sides’, predominantly the "either you’re on one side or the other", dividing dualism that could sum up remocratic conspiratorial projection; identify who the remocrats also ‘have to’ destroy and kill in the u.s.a. more acutely, so they can get those mass-assassinations done before their planned post 2008 remocratic re-enthronement, exponentially increasing the speed of their escalation of the supposed Christian crusading blitzkrieg of all life, globally, etc.; well, I’ll tell you what, the pre-congressional midterm elections attempt to justify the war criminal manufacturing, human atrocities doing, remocrat conspiracies’ elites purported foreign policy and its projections, namely, "that the u.s.a. has to premeditatedly mass-murder everybody who doesn’t like them"- criminal insanity, in a phrase. This fabrication that was manufactured for the supposed garnering of astronomically more delusional profits and delusional pleasures being astronomically centralized quicker, in ever increasingly more cyclical and shorter patterns- to municipal to global, prison, military, police, intelligence, etc., industrial complexes. Yet, that isn’t only their substitute for most foreign policy, it’s also their substitute for domestic policy of any and all kinds. I’ve talked about their nazi premeditated mass-murdering programs of the remocrat conspiracy, and their dempublican collaborators, for decades: the destroying of infants testicles; the ‘sucking’ of infants to death in the crib with doctors calling it "crib death",; the sexualization to rape of kids of all ages by the u.s.a.’s southern military command’s lackeys (as well as the various religions pedociding conspiracies, for the convolution); not to forget systemic raping of women programs, genocide of African to Native Americans, now, predominantly by the corporate structure’s convolution’s devolutionary direction; etc.. Not to, also, forget the sociological programming of all by the multi-media conspiracies ‘product’, for e.g., enumerable CSI programs to train remocrats to be able to premeditatedly mass-murder non-remocrats and ‘get away with it’ (the only actual law in the united suck of assassins), as the precursor to the remocrat desired ‘civil war’ (they’ve wanted rvrt since they lost the last one), etc.. Yet, the perceptual product that all the remocrat manufacturing of perception is solidifying, the manufacturing of the consensus that criminal insanity is the only sane thing to be, and atrocity, the only sane thing to do, every moment of everyday, as supposedly necessitated, is, simply, the fascist shuffle, the nazifying of a nation. Yet, how could some dominionism supposed Christian cult members, like empress georgie, dominate, so thoroughly, a nation, purportedly based on, and aspiring to: freedom of thought, choice, plurality, democracy, civil, human and global rights of any and all kinds, et al? Because u.s.a.’s citzenry hasn’t learned from their past, and is condemned to repeat it, now: the dividing and conquering of the world into dualistic, dichotomous, dialectical mirror images of each other bipolar axises of power; the fascist and totalitarian conspiracies, duh. Now, the supposed Christian and supposed Islamic ones, duh. Yet, this can’t even be construed as just astronomical theft of all taxpayers, for, the timing is unique, therefore it’s the enforcement of the extinction processes of humanity and large mammals, the largest polluting machine ever, etc., the global war machines. As well, the u.s.a. polity, numbed and dumbed down until they actually have no connection with real life, evolutionary growth, past, present, and future, or, even themselves, therefore, buying into the remocratic, and dempublican’s duopolistic autocratic political conspiracy- as if specialization, the supposed departmentalization of the mind, etc., could ever apathetically to savagely remove every humane being’s evolutionary will’s roots in the life- though, they’re succeeding here? The totalitarian and remocrat conspiracies collaborate, as do others with them, agreeing on insane definitions of power, etc.. How and why, divide and conquer, in a term, and dissipation to destruction, ranging through, to genocide, being defined as power, in a word, devolution- as opposed to the reality of nature, growth, maturity, consciousness, creativity, love, et al, in a word, the evolution, as direction! This while Carl Jung’s studies realizing fruition, the discernments of our inner eskewed or un, animas and animuses, female, male, aspects, psychically displacing in dichotomously derivative actions of forgetting, not feeling, thinking, like, dissipation, dispersal, schism, destruction, etc.. This is how the deeply religious and supposedly peaceful support WMD’s and their ‘use’, the main variant really ‘mattering’ is, predominantly, who gets annihilated. Still, logic and ration would further ask how, why? Simply, the fabrication that the global war against middle to poorer class males, infants to men, predominantly, isn’t; while it’s the ‘fix’, that the enforcers of the extinction need to determine there won’t be as many men to stand against the extinction processes, when it becomes most evident to almost all that the global corporate structure has premeditated the mass-murder of 8 billion people to gain more: shiny- metals, crystals, gems, and stones, as well as paper with ink on it, called money. If you’ll allow, they know the blood of man will boil, not just from the global warming tro burning, not just from the pollutants making up a percentage of it, but, rather, from their ‘having to’ tell their kids to grandkids why they will just die at 5 years old, that their parents and most parents before them allowed the breaking of, or broke the sky! It could be asked how a women could align with the remocratic nazis, or their fascist collaborators, the dempublicans, instead of the blood she cradles in her arms, the life in all its illimitable and indivisible potential, the wondrous being, her child? It could be asked how a man, knowing the destruction to murder incarnate, the abusers of him when he was a child and up, turn him upside down, into them, bowing to the deadening of his heart, the breaking of his spirit, the silencing of his soul, the cowering of his will? It, and many other questions could be asked, yet, who stands that tall, who, willing to risk every aspect of their supposed ‘have it like that’, and their life, to be that alive; I wish I could say, I, while I just do what I can, or am I…? Are you…? Were any of us, if humanities’ extinction is realized by them? Back to the Middle East, will either ‘side’ allow peace, when the leadership of both supposed sides gov’ts want the remocrats to defeat the dempublicans, to keep the most addicting to oil group, addicted to religion and greed group, in power; to keep their ‘have it like’ that increasing, as much as possible, for as long as possible, etc.. They direct their people to make the show a dualistic dichotomous delusional show, while their leaders want to mirror each other more and more, day by day; the corporate structure’s convolution’s devolutionary sway. If you don’t want to be dupes, pawns in their games, you can’t become players, as they’re only bigger pawns, delaying their getting played; be the life.

Phone, write, email your representatives, et al 🙂

Even though this song isn’t about him, we must deconstruct the last few months, before empress georgie’s multi-media conspiratorial house of cards (their manufacturing of perceptions, leading to their hoped for manufacturing of consent, and their desired determining of consensus, allowing more supposed bolstering for their continually more intricate and ornate show of plausible deniability- which continually must become more so, in order to keep any discernment of the increasing number of obvious truths in front the populace’s nose, like the reality that the earth is quaking, the mud is sliding, the tsunamis are crashing, the hurricanes are destroying, floods are drowning, tides are rising, ozone layer depleting, forest fires blazing, buildings collapsing, tropical storms and super-cyclones devastating, global: fisheries, forests, flora and fauna, supplies of fertile land and drinkable water, depleting, weather cycles becoming permanently altered, jobs being exported, etc.; all, as they determined they would), fall, even though it’s meant to determine that people won’t realize they need to change, act, and the time is now, or, it may be never. Isn’t empress georgie’s purposely not preventing the attacks on 9-11-01 very similar to hitler’s having Germany’s Halls of Congress burned to the ground, so, he could make believe his political opposition did it; and supposedly garnering an immediate and overwhelming coup?

Six months before, when it started to become obvious to most that the "unnecessary" war in Iraq was not only non-winnable, but, also, just the tip of the imperial fiasco’s supposed Christian crusading blitzkrieging war ‘machines’ plans of world domination, the emperor made a dramatic shift in his pattern of speechifying the public, permanently, in order to re-direct everyone’s attention away from our lose, lose more situation, by saying "mistakes might have been made"; without articulating what they were, why they went on for years and haven’t even been remedied yet, and who was responsible and/or culpable, of course. The media had made such a halabalu over that, so, it should have been made quite clear to most that the multi-media conspiracies’ job was to project a show that there was some kind of balancing of power going on in society, supposedly, even though the emperor has delayed even that show for as long as possible (for the remocrats must continually fabricate that they’re not all his ducks, lined up in a row, goosestepping to the only tune they’ll ever allow, his); which, of course, there is not- though, the people have, as of yet, to be heard from. That show of a process of supposed balancing of power continues to increase, as a prerequisite for the midterm Congressional elections; and a necessity to legitimize the dempublicans, if they win the next imperial elections in ’08, for, the remocrats have to be propped up in order to do that; so, you also have the media and foliticians continually increasing their projections that remocrats are supposedly not all of ‘one mind’ (actually, they’re of one no mind).; allowing the possibility that the polity will be fooled into thinking even remocrats disagree with his imperial plans. Though, that didn’t change the main show’s script, which was that the dempublicans were really miffed about a lot of things and, dagnabit, they were going to talk a lot about doing something about it; in order to slowly corral the people’s opinions and sympathies to their supposed side- as they began, and continue to increasingly fabricate that they are "a party of opposition". Meanwhile, it’s obvious in their actions and lack there of that they and the remocrats, though they project that they’re diametrically opposed to each other, actually are just facilitators of the corporate structure’s plans. An example, the immigration supposed debate, which actually never gets anything done, while its pomp and circumstance are of global proportion; is same as it ever was, the corporate structure (especially in the South) continue to divide and conquer all to keep their desired illegal immigration continuing to increase- which they get all the profits from, while all others involved get exploited by them, including the environments (except the foliticians). It couldn’t be much clearer to almost everyone that the dempublicans are collaborators with, and have always worked hand in glove with the remocrats; and we all know whose hand is working the dempublicans mouths. Yes, the bobsy twins, project that they’re strongly opposed to each other to keep the power in their duopolies’ coffers, etc.. For, we know the old remocrat motus operendi of saying the opposite of the truth, for, they project, that if they say the opposite of the truth continually, then, the ‘weak minded’ populace, as they think of them, will allow their perceptions to be manipulated by the remocrats until they give the remocrats the manufacturing of consent they want, and allow the forcible constructing of consensus, which is done in attempts to totally bolster the remocrats sagging projections of supposed ‘plausible deniability’, that they must continually bolster in order to fabricate that what they say is true; in light of their pathological lying and reality. Whereas, it’s historical fact that the dempublicans pepper their speeches with half truths, of course, it’s usually the less important half of any particular truth, though, they’re in there, never the less; as they’re constituency is made up of more working class people who like to think they are "down to earth" and "know what’s going on", ergo, they say what the people they’re aiming at want to hear, to bolster those misperceptions people have about themselves and get them to identify with, or like, the dempublican politician. Now, I’m not saying that isn’t a difference between them, yet, I am saying that that difference is negligible in reality, given the extreme circumstances humanity finds itself in; we need unadulterated truth, now. So, it was considered a big deal when the emperor broke down and told one half truth, even though people can get a continual smattering of half truths from the dempublicans, because he usually pathologically lies. Then, when the remocrats realized they have to be perceived as on the way to finishing the "mission" (for evangelical supposed Christians to determine Jerusalem is in Israel and their hands, and the US to be a ‘democratic’ theocracy, for the Papacy, for Israel, for the further enslavement of humanity to fossil fuels overuse and their self-co-determined extinction, the astronomically increased supposed profits and pleasures that war supposedly garners, astronomically increased corporate welfare to the police, prison, military, intelligence industrial complexes, and uber-use of oil would supposedly garner the remocrat conspiracy, etc.) in Iraq by election time, 2006, they started to tell dempublicans to lend their voices to the bring the troops home movement, which was gaining momentum; so, they did. That way the remocrat conspiracy can seem to be acquiescing to the people’s will if they lessen the troop levels in Iraq by 20,000, which they plan to do before the Congressional mid-term elections, also, if it goes badly in Iraq, the remocrats can then blame the dempublicans for it by suggesting it wouldn’t have happened if the dempublicans didn’t force a call for troop reductions; also, fabricating circumstantial evidence that the two parties are opposed, that supposed democracy works and they’ve come to a troop reduction consensus- a minor feather in the dempublicans cap and the duopolies’ projections that the 2 parties are dramatically different, yet, sane and rational, supposedly, as well as continually more nonpartisan.

Well, that one half truth the emperor parsed, partitioned, sparingly and begrudgingly parted with, didn’t last them very long, especially in the face of the sky falling (Tsunami’s (lack of warning system) and Katrina’s (purposeful non-prevention of levees breaking) lack of prevention of catastrophic loss of life, remocrat crime and corruption: Delay, Frist, Rove, Cheney, Abramoff, Bush, etc., all talked about later), so, because they realize the house of cards they’ve built the US populace’s faith on could come down any minute, the remocrats, and especially the emperor, came up with a new strategy; that is that they would throw the people a half truth more often, and he would garnish his speeches with detailed description of innocuous facts (thereby, projecting the impression, through continual repetition and association, that there was something akin to truth within his words, to be manufactured as a perception; which, they hoped, will lead to a manufacturing of consent, and consensus, that they, and he, don’t "only lie"). So, we’ve had another 4 months where the emperor has told us that the sky is blue, in a myriad and unending number of ways, in his speechifying of the populace. An example is that he, at first, didn’t want to even talk about a possibility of troop withdrawals, "’cause (according to him), if you say you’re going to withdraw the troops by a date, then, the "enemy" will just wait until that date, and you’ve left, and jump everybody". Which is absurd, because the process of having an insurgency, which the remocrats still refuse to call it, is to grow it; for, if they just waited for US troops to leave, then they wouldn’t have grown an insurgency, and there wouldn’t be one. Yet, after awhile, the remocrats realized that the trillions they plan on spending in Iraq, etc., which is mostly just corporate welfare to the remocrat conspiracies’ various industrial complexes, are draining the economy, jeopardizing their tax cut to the rich, decreasing gov’t’s programs helping voters, quadrupling the deficit and increasing the trade imbalances dramatically, etc., all of which will be deleterious to their midterm re-election campaigns; while removing vital foundation cards in their house of cards. So, they, wanting to seem to be bipartisan and bowing to the will of the people, have come out with the 20,000 troop reduction by midterm election time plan; presented in the framework of Cheney’s continual lies, that "we’re", supposedly, "winning the war", and, they, therefore, "have it like that", and can start the supposed continual slow reduction plan, etc.. Which is a pack of lies, because, they can only get away with a troop reduction show, temporarily, based on their getting better at what they do, militarily, over time; yet, that minimally reduced force would have to be permanent, contrary to all their lies. So, the lose, lose more, reality that the remocrat conspiracy has premeditatedly constructed in Iraq, can only continually, "unendingly", cost trillions, and take 10,000’s of Americans lives, and millions of Iraqis lives; until, the people of this country have had enough of the remocrat conspiracies’ uber-greed, and say enough, forcing the remocrat conspiracy to stop their show, forestalling their lose, and withdraw, instead. The fact that there will be a partitioning, or a civil, sectarian, war (as the supposed Christian remocrats want), is so, whether we leave now, with 3000 dead Americans, 100,000 wounded, 1/2 a million Iraqi’s dead, a million Iraqis wounded, half a trillion dollars wasted (funneled to the remocrat conspiracies, here and abroad), or whether we leave in a decade, and those losses are multiplied by 20 (and extremists, of most kinds, numbers, multiplied by 1000)!

I know, that doesn’t address their purposefully not preparing for the “illegal” war, though, there was no reason for them to rush, except for the fact that the emperor wanted to be a sitting president during wartime, so, he would be exponentially more likely to win re-enthronement, that rushing to war directly determined at least 50 % of all coalition losses, from the militaries’ not bothering to supply them with body armor, armoring for their vehicles, cushioning their helmets (which they still haven’t done completely), etc., and not having broad and well prepared plans, etc.. Nor, does it speak to the reasons for those purposeful lack of prevention of loss of Americans lives, which was to realize a bloodlust in the US populace, etc., and the desire on their part to manufacture astronomically more "terrorists", as they call them, and exponentially more "rogue" states; which would supposedly, justify the next remocrat conspiratorial supposed Christian blitzkrieg of the world in the future, after they destroy the opposition to the draft in the US, and make one mandatory, they hope. Some of that I will speak to later, yet, I feel obliged to digress, to re-interpret recent calamitous events, etc., to give further hue to the events on which the emperor will most likely avoid speaking of in the next months (pre-election); ergo, giving the reader a better perspective from which to draw from; that doesn’t want anything from them, not even their agreement. The purposeful non-prevention of attacks and disasters by the remocrat conspiracy, is a good place to start. While most of what was portrayed in the media, especially early (press conferences, compassionate portrayals, stories of hope, etc.), on the national disaster, was obviously a cover story, lead in material for the cover-up stories to follow, terrorist propaganda to organize military and police over responses (which will later facilitate any and all cover-up attempts), they couldn’t keep the truth from shining through; and thanks to people like the 360 guy, Mr. Anderson Cooper, who insisted on staying there to keep the story more "real" and alive, some of the more telling truths are being aired. An example, a day before georgie’s Katrina hit, the Mayor turned away an Amtrak train that seats 900, offered by Amtrak, to evacuate residents of N.O.; while he contends the hundreds of buses that weren’t used to evacuate residents, weren’t because "he couldn’t find drivers", supposedly. The Homeland Security Czar lied and stated "he wasn’t aware of the potentiality of the levee breaks", while his dept. was part of brainstorming scenarios project to determine what would take place and when over a year before, if a hurricane of 2 or more hit N.O.; and his dept. was part of the finalized versions that determined that "thousands would be stranded, possibly dead", and plans were supposedly put into place to address just that, etc..

Yet, the media was and is still playing possum to the status-quos need to fabricate that this wasn’t another case of national premeditated mass-murder; possibly unequaled in our history, yet, the 9-11 attacks would be a close second. This is evident in the total lack of information they had, have and share on the stories they purport to be covering, etc.. For example, for days we heard of "a nursing home where 35 dead were found", and "a hospital where 45 dead were found", (at first no names of institutions even), yet, in those 2 days, they added little flesh to the stories, and had only communicated the "party lines" of those they had interviewed (who still went unnamed). So, then, 1 story had ‘developed’ to include this, "the hospital administration says most of the 45 died before the storm hit, and that’s why they weren’t evacuated", and that’s it? Apparently they’re operating under the old southern adage that it doesn’t matter what they say, ’cause, "we all know what the river takes is the river’s", or, as the Governor has updated it, supposedly, "water don’t know if you’re rich or poor…"(nothing)! Well, I suggest her supposedly even handed half-truism was little more than a projection of plausible deniability for the fact that the water does know who to kill, who the Mayor, Congress persons, Governor purposely don’t provide transportation to, so they could evacuate and avoid drowning- the poor. Why haven’t the journalists who are supposedly continually interviewing these people ask more questions, like, how is it possible that 20 % of the patients in your hospital "died before the storm even hit"?, and at least communicate to their audience’s that there was "no comment", or some such…, as response from the hospital admin.? Because they’re helping the powers that be (or unbe, in this case), flesh out plausible scenarios, and any possible concurrent plausible deniability for them, etc.- in effect, aiding and abetting in their crimes! Surely, the hospital administration knows that perjury will only compound their sentences; so, they’re operating under the conspiratorial impression that "if they all stick to the same stories, they’ll all get away with it"; and they may be right- yet, not if I can help it! Clearly, the vastness of the inter: locking and laced conspiracies suggests that "we, the people…" won’t have either the political will, nor, the inner fortitude to see that they’re prosecuted for their premeditated mass-murder; and, since southern democrats are about the same as northern republicans, always collaborating anyway, working hand in glove, they’re projecting that’s exactly what will take place! The latest, "we…", see the ultimate goals of the remocrat conspiracies’ purposely not preventing this unnatural disaster: not only the 1/2 a trill to predominantly remocrat businesses and people, tens of billions in graft, bribes, robbed, given for nothing, overpayments, payments for 100,000 temporary houses that can’t be used, etc., they’ve gutted the preexisting Teacher’s and other unions in N.O., and the schools rebuilding plans, substituting their supposed Christian schooling systems, buildings, and teachers for them. Gutting dempublican infrastructures, and replacing them with remocrat ones, etc.; in every aspect of N.O. life, in almost every way they can. Another example, the populist fascist premeditated mass-murderer of middle to poor class, predominantly ethnic, N.O. residents, ‘reagan’ Nagin, won re-election, because he said he "liked chocolate", and, would "keep N.O. a chocolate town"; maybe the remocrats underestimating their electorate works for them, yet, it will never work for "we…"! Also, he has been allocated billions he "hasn’t decided how to spend, yet"; same as it ever was.

Yet, there’s hope: the half a trill that it will cost might spark the people’s interest in the republican conspiracy not getting "away with it" next time; as well as spark the people to insist on them actually doing their jobs; the supposed accusations and counter accusations of the supposed "blame game" (while projecting that this will all be able to be just pigeon holed in the supposed "partisan politics" historical box, of which nothing actually, real and lasting, emerges from, or happens as result of), may not be allowed to be swept by the wayside this time (and the people not accept their conspiratorial chant of patriotic togetherness: "can’t we all just murder together"); the people may finally begin to realize if they don’t defend themselves they’re going to be part of the next premeditated act of republican uber: treason and theft; etc.. For "we…", aren’t as ignorant as they want us to be, since they purposely didn’t prevent the 9-11 attacks, and stole a couple trill, and killed 3000. "We…", know that the first through last responders are mostly republicans who get time and half, etc.; and the astronomical amount of $ spent on oil will only increase, excusing higher prices at the pump; in turn, determining more frequent and more severe supposed ‘natural’ disasters (which are actually man-made), from our furthering the problem of global warming, furthering the altering of weather cycles; which demand more trillions for disaster response, relief, etc.; and on and on, ad nauseum, etc..


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