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                                                                         a longest day

On World Refugee Day we heard, saw, read, said, studies, events, reports testifying to the facts that since ’03 the # is up 21 %, mostly in Afghanistan (was the # 3 largest narco-state before the war, under usa supervision it’s become # 1), Iraq, countries we’ve war torn to shreds, Somalia, which we occasionally bomb, attack, and Sudan; millions premeditatedly mass-murdered by the corporate structure’s determining all global to national systems are based on scarcity, instead of abundance. This while, sadly, 5-07, was the deadliest month for usa troops, yet. A dozen Iraqis die from the war an hour. "We’re loosing a battalion a month", reports a top General. Out of every 5 killed by coalition forces, 1 is a civilian; when they figure this war, if it ends in 2 years, will cost us 2 trillion, they’re not figuring in war reparations, a minimum for the genocide we’ve caused. Meanwhile, the autocrats who rule almost all Middle Eastern countries, many of whom bought the usa military as their personal mercenary force to mass-murder their middle to lower class people into submission in the future, from the Bushes, are getting skittish because it seems the republican conspiracy can’t engineer the Iraq war into an unending one successfully, let alone the global unending supposed Christian crusading war they hoped for. Although, Bush did say, "the war in Iraq may last over 50 years, like in Korea", the other day. You must already know what they’re pre-imperial election continual refrains will be, "we’re turning the corner", "victory is at hand", "don’t be a defeatocrat", "the end’s ’round the bend", "we’re winning", "6 months more to success", "victory is around the corner", "just 1 more surge", etc.; being that you’ve heard it all before, for the last 4 years. They think they legitimize the remocrat conspiracy, as they have the corporate structure’s convolution, while that organized conglomeration of enumerable crime families and conspiracies, not only devolves all, it determines extermination of humanity and dictates the extinction of large mammals and human beings, but, they can’t; they just confess to being fascist collaborators, without whom fascists couldn’t do all they do, and don’t all they don’t. As well, if they think the false legitimization of unending, unnecessary war in Iraq, will legitimize, and be successfully engineered into, unnecessary global uber unending supposed Christian crusading war, just because the Bushes contracted that it would with the Middle Eastern countries autocrats, you’ve got another thing coming; namely, presidential and congressional elections. They say cliche, take back the night, when we never had the day; each one teach one, when we had to be real to reach one, first; closing the economic gap, when that chasm is demanded by scarcity being the basis for systems, undoing nature’s abundance, et al. Why, ’cause the knew catch word is real, so they sound it, mimic it, pretend to be, when all they’re doing is fashioning the next phase in what they project to be their realism show, schism in reality. While most supposed Christians are more like Satan worshippers than Christians, in their religious practices, actually, so too, all supposed are anti: scientists, artists, politicians (without dempublicans collaboration remocrats wouldn’t rule; without socialists collaboration totalitarians wouldn’t rule the left; independents, more republican conspiratorial than most in their pushing bipartisanship like a drug), academes, and most other religious practitioners. Why are republican conspiracies’ pitbulls, like Coulter, who just suggested "Edwards should be attacked by terrorists", turning rabid, chanting their mantra, "white water", like it’s the best rapids and they’re extreme sports fanatics, while the only white foam we’re seeing is from their mouths, ’cause, here and now, they see a ‘tunity, with this impending imperial election, to destroy any remnant of democracy in the united suck of assassins. The duopoly devolving into the duopolar axi of republican and totalitarian conspiracies, continually; whose powers increasingly dictate the extinction of human beings, large mammals, through the extermination of humanity. This day, at sun’s height, still, Happy Rhodes lyric, "There’s a beacon in the sky meant to catch your eye", a point to uplift our visions, and solar energy, aren’t. So, nihlistic narcissism, vampirism, cannibalism as sociological process; machinelike rote, sociological programmed memory, regurgitation as education; non-spiritual conformity to process, empty rites as religious study, life; organized conspiratorial crime as business, medicine, healthcare, science, art, which has determined people devolve into extremist automatons, addicted to much, yet, at least, to consumerism, loyal parts in "la machine", conspirators on a scale between corporate agent to assassin for the empire, almost all corporate agents, and, increasingly, supposed Christian assassins; unsustainable earth murder (the largest tool for supposedly garnering increasing delusional profits and pleasures in, increasingly, cyclical, centralizing patterns); extinction of species at a rate not seen since the last ice age ensued (including bees, butterflies, without which nothing is pollinated, nor grows); unending, they hope, unnecessary war (the second largest tool…) in Iraq, which will lead to, they hope, unnecessary global uber unending supposed Christian crusading war (a necessitated precursor to the militarization of the world to enforce the extinction processes and murder all people who, finally, stand against the extermination of humanity by destruction of ecosystems permanently altering weather cycles, which exponentially increases the number and severity of all supposedly natural disasters, and war) and the end of all democratic processes, everywhere. Delusional profits and pleasures, for, the destroying of eco-systems stops their creation of our food, water, oxygen, which will cost humanity astronomically more to produce, in the future, than the limited short term profits their destruction seems to garner, now. Still, "we, the people…" suffer the GOP’s criminal insanity, thousands dying from unnatural disasters, our forests going up in smoke, a battalion being lost a month; trillions to unnecessary war, no more for the poor, elderly, kids, college students, handicapped, homeless, homeowners, disabled, ill, small and organic farmers, small business owners, etc.; no amnesty for 12 million of our best (before borders bolstered), no national conversations on racial and religious profiling, national healthcare, teaching as opposed to preaching vacuous lies, global warming, the evolution, life; as their direction is devolutionary and death. Meanwhile, supposedly, Jesus, in most hearts, everyone’s friend, walks again. What would he say about the millions murdered in his name, his preacher in chief, Bush, purposely not preventing the attacks on 9-11, this supposed Christian gov’t purposely: not preventing unnatural disasters like New Orleans levees, which broke under the pressure of no repairs; reporting studies showing "acts of terrorism down", before the ’04 elections, and after the election, they "made an oopsy, it’s actually up"; reporting studies showing "poverty is down", before the ’06 elections, and after it, "it’s up, they were off by 40 %"; foreclosures, homelessness, poverty up, to highest level since before the ’29 crash? About the corporate structure’s war against the middle class to poor, the riches’ ravaging of humanity and earth, while unabashedly giving themselves an "unending tax breaks" during "unending war"? Many crusades, and 100,000’s of Islamic men, women and children savaged, later, the supposed Christian, crusaders assassinating with their crosses, knew nothing of Isa until he, the most merciful, Muhammed, forgave them the unforgivable, and they fled the Holy land, to crusade no more; ’til now. Not as then, the crosses they bore to behead children, bear them now, they pray and say they’re martyred as they did then, grace bandied about like crusaders give out candy, knowing nothing of Isa, or him. They will leave or die ’til they do, today, as it was a millennium ago, Islam is gathering, as well. For, the intellect can’t lead, as the life doesn’t follow, so too, clarity is a sword that cuts all ways, without, as there is no cutting, and a pointless point. The Sword of Islam, always, and in all ways, knows. Will "we,…" go the way of the dodo bird, just another species we devolved to extinction, unlike ants and roaches, being evolutionarily superior to us, as they can’t choose to be extinct like we did; or, will we rise to take back the day?


That’s also why I think allowing evolution as a common language, as it’s the thread that links every, in the fabric of life, is a good place to start. For, the corporate structure has made a trap of this world, yet, all life is in it, so "we…" can’t underestimate our responsibility; that generations past have heaped on our heads and shoulders by not acting on theirs, then. Dylan Thomas’ poem’s line comes to mind 🙂 "…and death (murder) shall have no dominion…", as others might say, "we, the people…" can make it so! Will you? By the by, "In Germany they [the Nazis] came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up. – Pastor Martin Niemoeller, 1946", so the story goes, though, you might know that they actually came first for the mentally ill, elderly, handicapped, diffabled, foreigners, poor (Gypsies, Roma, et al); homeless, like the republicans are doing now. Defend yourself by defending them, one for all, all for one! Remember the lessons of WWII, if you’re not taking bullets, you’re making them, etc.; I’m bleeding every moment, are you? What do you think? From the heart in the heart of the heartland. Some of the groups I moderate 🙂

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"Painting is poetry which is seen and not heard, and poetry is a painting which is heard but not seen." ~ Leonardo da Vinci Enjoy an estival eve’ as you can. Lest "we" forget, if you don’t exercise responsibility, its Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither, like a muscle, as well. Sadly, now, it first needs to be exorcized before its exercised. Viva la evolution!

Matutinally Yours,                 james m nordlund   reality (aja) 🙂

Music is life’s song accompanying the abundance of joy’s Spring. For those interested 🙂 "of or pertaining to the morning, day: relating to or happening in the morning or in the early part of the day (formal), (Mid-16th century, from late Latin matutinalis, from Matuta, goddess of the dawn.)". I look forward to hearing from you. Copy, share, as you will. Goodbye.



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