EARTHWORKS: NRC skip public debate on dangerous uranium mining?

Don’t let NRC skip public debate on dangerous uranium mining
NRC Proposes to Skip Public Debate on Dangerous Uranium Mining Proposals
Act Now! Tell NRC that "one-size-fits-all" permitting for in-situ uranium
mines doesn’t fit our communities, or our water
Dear ,
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is writing a "generic" environmental
impact statement (GEIS) for all "in-situ" uranium mining proposals. They’re
accepting comments through September 4th.
Please act now to tell the NRC a GEIS is a bad idea for communities and our
If adopted, the GEIS would:
restrict public comment on future uranium licenses
prevent the environmental review now required for individual mining
force a one-size-fits-all approach on communities faced by this type of
uranium mining
100% certain water pollution
In-situ mining is the intentional pollution of ground water with toxic
chemicals that strip uranium from the ground without actually moving earth.
Imagine a company injecting a toxic solution into the ground with a huge
syringe in one place, and sucking it out of the ground (along with dissolved
uranium) with a huge straw in another place, and you have the general idea.
Mining companies hope they can clean up the toxics not sucked from the
ground after the mining is complete. To date, no in-situ mine has restored
pre-mining water quality.
In-situ mining uranium mining is on the rise
In-situ mining is the most common form of new uranium mining proposals in
the U.S. As the price of uranium continues to rise, more and more
corporations are trying to get in on the profits by applying for licenses
for in situ mining.
Please act now. Tell the NRC that there should be no generic environmental
impact statement for in-situ uranium mining.
Thank you for your support,
Roger Featherstone & Alan Septoff, EARTHWORKS
Go to the action page.
Read the sample letter on the action page and modify if you can.
Personalized subject lines and/or letter text will increase the impact your
letter has on your Senator.
Clicking "Send My Message" on the action page will send your letter via
email to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 

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