usa genocide destroyed Iraqi federation + dictated permanent bases w Kurds; no reason for war to continue- 10 Iraqis die every hour…

usa genocide destroyed Iraqi federation + dictated permanent bases w Kurds; no reason for war to continue- 10 Iraqis die every hour…

Dear All,

Ni hao. I hope you and yours are well and will continue to be. I’ve been an advocate/activist on all issues, for all life, et al, for 32 years of my 48; please, do what you can for humanity. Dylan Thomas’ poem line comes to mind, "…and death (murder) shall have no dominion…"; as others might say, "we, the people…", can make it so! I, and so many others, have been logically and rationally deducing and communicating on how the irrationality of the supposed "Iraqi plan to win" is so clearly evidence of the GOP’s criminal intent and insanity; proof that they’re traitors committing treason every moment, etc.. So, what do the republican conspirators of every ilk do, they’ve graduated their counter truth, mis and disinformation processes, of their convolution at all costs, plans to every moment, taking the truths we evoke, and which we get assassinated astronomically more for communicating, and manufacturing the opposite of them and what reality says and is, in the perceptions of gov’t and media; so the multimedia conspiracy can project the latest acting, song and dance, smoke and mirrors shows to try and redirect the polities perception back to their delusions and convolution. We see this continually, everywhere, now. For e.g., for 2 years the Lou Dobbs show did a decent job of presenting itself as bipartisan, and more importantly, as interested in truth and reality, and, then, 1 year ago, Lou re-drank the cool aid, and from then on presented the remocratic delusional constructs most of the time; obviously graduating this retransformation back to convolutionary over time, hoping the audience wouldn’t notice- and would allow itself to be duped by Lou, in time to skew the imperial elections for the remocrats, etc.. An example, Lou used to keep the fact, in view at least, that the corporate structure of the southern states was responsible for continually engineering nothing ever happens on immigration for decades, keeping the status quo that everyone is hurt by, except the corporations that exploited everyone involved for their malicious uber greed, alone, which is escalating illegal immigration also. Yet, for the last 10 months Lou hardly places the responsibility for all of that on the republican corporations, Southern state gov’ts and politicians, and, instead, tends to place the blame squarely on the dempublicans, unfairly; when, if any political party is most responsible, it would have to be concluded that it was the remocrats. By the by, the current form of the ‘grand compromise’ immigration bill isn’t inclusive and humane enough, hopefully they’ll get it right before we the people have to stop the fascists from trying to kick out those they’ve been using to exploit all for the last 3 decades; for, "we,…" will not allow it! We see this transfixing the attention of the multimedia conspiracy, and they hope the polity, with the convolution’s show across the board, for e.g., General Petraeus was installed because he projects a sense of balance, sanity and rationality, in his manner, communication style, etc.; so, they deemed him perfect to head up the remocrat conspiracies disinformation processes against the populace and the world, at large. In fact, it is working to a degree, as General Petraeus is doing his act to the hilt; yet, the irrationality of much of what he projects for the GOP is too clear to not be heard and seen for what it is, irrational political projection to keep the war ongoing until the remocrat conspiracy can engineer it into an "unending" one (with concurrent unending astronomically increased delusional profits being ever increasingly centralized to the predominantly remocratic industrial complexes involved, your tax $), which they plan; as well as attempting to add plausibility to the insanity of the bush regime’s totally failed war policies (which they planned to fail at every step, all along), etc.. For e.g., Petraeus said today that "80 to 90 % of the insurgency is foreign fighters", which is simply preposterous, for, all one has to do is look at the make up of the detention centers across Iraq, as most of who are being "swept up" by the usa and Iraqi military are, by far, Iraqi, though, if the insurgency were so predominantly "foreign", then that would be reflected in the detention centers populaces make up; while the opposite is the case, the predominant demographic is male and Iraqi. As well, more proof, if that make up of the insurgency were true, then the detention centers would reflect a 100 % populace of foreigners, as the Iraqis would most certainly be better at avoiding: detention, being swept up, being caught, being snitched on, etc., because, they know the language, the people, the locals, the customs, the practices of the local police, etc.., more than the foreigners- not to forget that if it was, "80 to 90 % of the insurgency is foreign fighters", then the Iraqis of any kind would be against them in the extreme, and the foreigners populace of the detention centers would be higher than the percentage of them in the insurgency. Another irrational projection of his was that "Al Queda has ordered all Iraqis killed", which is absurdist, for, why would Sunni Al Queda kill Sunni Iraqi insurgents, who are fighting side by side with them against the coalition forces; it just doesn’t make any sense.

As well, I must give a little credit to the dempublicans, especially the best of them, Kucinich, etc., for insisting that the criminal insanity of the GOP be curtailed a bit, by allowing for a redeployment, bringing troops home plan to be part of policy language and discourse, everywhere, at least- for they realize the coalition is in the midst of an Iraqi civil war, etc., needing a political solution only. Also, they’ve allowed it to be more clear that the remocrats are more interested in politics than taking care of the troops because the supplemental BILL BEING PROPOSED FOR THE SECOND TIME BY THE DEMPUBLICANS, HAS 4 BILLION MORE DOLLARS FOR THE TROOPS, etc., and empress bush vetoed it once, and has promised vetoing it again to come. Also, the remocrats are whining that the dempublicans are supposedly cutting down operational readiness of forces, and other hogwash, because the bill seems to be being delayed by the process it is going through now, yet, the fact is that the same bill proposed by the remocratic congress last year wasn’t brought before bush until June- and the dempublicans had their bill before him in the first week of April, etc.. If it were up to the remocrat our troops would still not have armoring in vehicles and uniforms (extermination of vermin, removal of leaks and mold from V.A. Hospitals, etc.), as they still don’t have cushioning in their helmets and cougar anti-i.e.d. vehicles, etc.. So too, they deserve a little credit for pre and Earth Day successes this year (Al Gore and the oscar winning documentary of his, "An Inconvenient Truth", etc.). Of course, the latest is that the dempublicans have stated they will propose, withdrawal dates, and more exacting benchmarks in a future military spending bill in a few months, even though they backed down on the latest one; we’ll see.

While the GOP’s ludicrous projections of "winning; it’s turning the corner; victory is at hand; winning is necessary; it’ll be another 6 months; etc.", have lessened, which they’ve been proffering everywhere they can find a microphone for the last 4 years, the latest tweaks on them must continually be addressed by truth, so, here’s some of them: "if there is any kind of a plan that details an approximation of a draw troop levels down plan in the future, that is the day that the Iraqis will declare victory, for, they’ll just wait until we leave and take over"- one of the latest delusional construct of the GOP. Simply, it costs from $5. (Iraqi) to $50. (foreigner) for a replacement to join the insurgency, whereas, it costs about $500,000. (usa military) to 5 million (usa contractor personnel) for a usa person to be added to the Iraqi war. If the coalition leaves tomorrow, as sane people want, or a decade from now, as the GOP suggests is a minimum, the insurgency will continue to struggle, and sectarian strife will continue, within the ongoing civil war; as all involved know they are not only struggling for a country, they’re struggling for a gazillion $ in oil underground in Iraq- they don’t have a downside. This is why a real push in the whole diplomatic arenas, and political solutions, are the only possible outcome that’s sane; a military win being impossible and criminally insane, as it requires millions and millions of dead Iraqis- exponentially increasing those who hate into becoming criminally insane, and eventually they’ll want to kill anyone who works with the usa, and the usa, etc.. The remocrat engineered sectarian strife and civil war has been the front behind which the coalition forces have murdered 100,000’s of Iraqi men, women, and kids, civilians, blaming those same losses on Iraqi on Iraqi violence, which is the premise for their new line of fabrications they’ve been using against the dempublicans and usa populace for 1 year, "that if we leave there will be more sectarian strife, civil war, and genocide (they’ve only said for a few months)"; liars, as they can’t know there will be more strife, civil war, there may be less, as all indicators suggest. As well, threatening us with a potential genocide in Iraq is low even for the GOP, for, even though they engineered a genocide in East Asia by making their enemies so criminally insane that they murdered 2 million of each other after the usa left (usa having murdered 3 million before they left), that they’re projecting they’ll get Islamic brothers to murder 2 million of each other, is the height of religious bigotry, inhumanity, etc.; and will not happen.

10 Iraqis die every hour from the war. It’s been clear for awhile that the consensus growing against a multiple time repeat of the surge strategy would just be totally ignored by the republican conspiracy, as it has been tried numerous times and found to realize the opposite effects in the long term, each time. One of the symptoms of insanity, they say, is doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different result; it’s not going to happen. Empress georgie’s "going forward" is really devolving further through uber greed and hegemony, his "new strategies" are just the new "staying the course", while his remocrat conspiracy is purposely inching away from him and the war, because they know the usa will lose, as they planned; and to realize plausibility that remocrats aren’t all nazis, like their supposed Christian fuehrer, proliferator-in-chief, before the next imperial elections here, as engineering global sectarian Islamic wars is one of their desired short term goals, and the only possibility of it being achieved is if they give up one of their long-term goals of unending uber supposed Christian crusading unending global war, for awhile. This surge will not pan out, and the GOP has an answer for that, they’ve floated the idea that the coalition forces will stay in Iraq for 50 or so years, "like the usa has in Korea"; obviously suggesting that the dempublicans aren’t serious about leaving Iraq, or can’t get it done, both insults. Though, simply, the coalition engineered their desired civil war between Muslims, Shiite and Sunni predominantly, in order to establish permanent bases in the Kurdish North, as a divided country can’t unite to throw out the occupiers, etc., already. So, there is no reason to prolong this part of their desired "unending war", except for the facts that their original goals weren’t their supposed desire to export freedom to all countries, at the end of 2 months of carpet bombing and a five year war, etc., they were, rather, to steal astronomically more tax $, in the form of corporate welfare to predominantly remocrat industrial complexes and "manufacture exponentially more supposed terrorists, groups, and rogue states", in order to justify the unjustifiable, future "unending global war". Supposedly necessitated, while being premeditatedly manufactured, instead, like the manufactured false intelligence and prewar lies that the remocrats ‘used’ to supposedly justify the Iraqi war, in the first place. Where is the debate on how the usa should proceed in Iraq, on how the usa should leave and when, on what should be done to support the Iraqi people in the actual transition from having the usa nazi army there and it leaving immediately, etc., nowhere on CNN, etc., why, because the remocrat conspiracies motis operendi of exponentially to astronomically increasing their destruction and premeditated mass-murder to cower the Iraqi people, as they have cowered the usa citizenry, has not worked there; as it has here- and the media is doing all it can to keep the truth from you. Hopefully, the dempublicans will make a debate on Iraq part of their national pre-imperial election debates, which has been the case; although, only in a limited way. For example, not one has brought up the fact that the remocrat criticism of leaving, because, it will supposedly, increase violence, isn’t really a criticism of dempublicans, for, whenever the coalition leaves there will be a certain amount of violence; and no one could say that there would be less if we leaved in a decade instead of a year. The remocrats dictate that the old Christian adage, 2 wrongs don’t make a right, doesn’t exist in their nazi determined world, where they just increase the amount of murder and destruction against who ever disagree with them until they don’t disagree or are murdered. We see this most acutely in the latest nazi GOP plans to exponentially increase the nazi genocide of the Iraqi people by increasing the amount of usa troops deployed there, regardless of the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, the top commanders in Iraq, previous top commanders in Iraq, former Presidents like Ford, Carter, etc., Colin Powell, general Abhizaid, the people, the army personnel, the international community, et al! Why are they increasing the troops, because they continue to project that "they only have to commit exponentially more genocide in Iraq to break the Iraqi people". They don’t even get the fact that 2 million wrongs will also never make a right, they’re criminally insane!

As I stated for the longest, the 92 year old Ms. Johnston, who was murdered by the police, case is getting a measure of justice, as the police are being charged with murder, etc., as they should be; rightfully bringing into question the no knock SWAT team processes of breaking down people’s doors, etc., with no more than a supposed tip from a convict- which, in this case, was just a fabrication of the police. Police brutality being more in the fore’, as it should. A twig of poetree elucidates:




Addressing, not addressing them

have costs, the former is individual,

the later is global, as well.


The lying to the usa populace by the military is becoming as pervasive as the GOP’s, the female soldier who was rescued wasn’t a hero, Tillman was fragged to murder a future non-republican political leader, Haditha was a massacre, genocide was committed in Falluja, etc., as I said from the beginning of these stories, etc.. Do you agree that all the usa military have to do is increase: the amount of Muslim kids they sexually abuse and turn into spies against their families and neighbors; the amount of Muslim women they gang rape to death, then riddle their bodies with bullets and put a gun in their dead hands and call it justifiable defense; amount of Muslim male kids mass-murdered to make the genocide of Iraqis intergenerational so the future of Iraq is also destroyed; the death toll of Iraqis from over 700,000 to over 1 million; the wounded from over 1 million to over 2; the displaced, homeless, impoverished, in need of vital human needs, like food and water, and services from over 12 million to over 14; the civilians raped and tortured in supposed detention centers from millions to more millions; the going on 4000 coalition troops dead to 5000; the coalition wounded from 70,000 to 100,000; the coalition tax $ spent on the war from 1 trillion to 2 trillion; $ and weapons disappeared in Iraq from 3 billion and 1/2 million to 5 billion and 3/4 million; the $ stolen, squandered, lost to corruption from 40 billion to 50 billion; the losses in the usa’s global positions, respect, moral authority, etc., from low to lost; the losses in usa citizenry trust and respect in its gov’t and military from low to lost- in order to genocide Iraqis to the point where they be "Americanized" and a loyal colony of the usa? Let us not forget the going on 2 million Iraqis who have fled their country due to the war, which will, also, only increase. This will only continue to destabilize the entire region, and possibly determine other wars in the Middle East, regional ones, as well. Unbelievably, they project that they are Christians and commit genocide for Jesus Christ! Which is just the latest example in history of the Roman Catholic Empire’s committing, or influencing genocides and millions of dead; by 100’s of inquisitions, etc.; Pope Benedict’s namesake, the first Pope to choose the name Benedict committed extermination against the Cathars in France, as an inquisition, before he became Pope, and the current Pope Benedict was in charge of the latest inquisition, only, supposedly, ending in 1970. Yet, the most atrocious acts of the Roman Catholic Empire’s history of atrocity aren’t even known as such, one, the lie that Christianity is based on belief, when Jesus actually taught that its basis was study, not an iota of belief was involved; which is one of Jesus’ criticism of Hebraic teachings, etc.. For, if you base your studies on belief systems instead of studying, you can never actually realize your potential within that study, or yourself. As well, one’s faith will be built on sand. Which is exactly what the Pax Christi (Evangelical Christian and Roman empires, predominantly) wants, individuals who destroy and murder and pay their tithe, centralizing delusional power, profit, pleasure to the Pax, who controls and doles it, for the gov’t and corporate structure (of which both are puppets of); all part and parcel of the anti-Christian movement. The Protestant Reformation accurately identified the Papacy as the anti-Christian movement, and now, the Protestant movement, being headed up and directed by the Evangelicals has unbecome it too. It’s not only that the supposed Christian movement has become ‘la machine’, central to the united suck of assassins and all its mass destroying and murdering programs, a pillar of the new roman empire, the usa, it is fast becoming the new coin of the realm; the old one being destruction and murder itself. I’ve told any who would listen that, unlike the recommendations of most on the left, we must struggle with both supposed Christianity, and those who propagate it, or we’re not really struggling; as I’ve struggled with it for 32 years, and will always, and in all ways. Even now, as everyone is accurately surmising that this struggle must be embraced, supposed Christians are propagating their lies and false practices (which have more akin with satan worshipers practices than real Christians practices) more pervasively. I will post some extended Christian conversations from my past to give examples, on my blogs, in the future. Central idea, if one is off by a millimeter, on their path, unless they’re studying, soon they’ll be off by a mile; if one accepts the lies of the Evangelicals and Roman Catholic Empire, and the Roman Catholic Empire’s abridged, edited, and corrupted Bible, etc., how can one con themselves into thinking they’re walking the path Jesus suggested people can walk, experience, etc.? Supposed Christian leaders have always said there are such things as just wars, when war can only realize unending injustices, Christian wars, when war can only be described as antithetical to Jesus’ teachings and central to the anti-Christian movement; yet, these lies are propagated by supposed Christian politicians more now than I ever remember them being. Another quote of mine, the intellect can’t lead, as the life doesn’t follow. We are not sheep, nor, were we ever meant to be such as they say we should be.

Every hour 10 Iraqis die! We can’t allow these atrocities against humanity, war crimes, and genocide to continue; especially with no end in sight- and definitely not increase! You are responsible, your tax $ pay those gang rapists of Muslims, those pedophiles of Muslim kids, those mass-murderers of civilian Iraqis, war criminals, military doing atrocities against humanity, what the usa military and gov’t have trained and dictated your brothers, sons, fathers, uncles become to destroy Iraqis and Iraq! We need to leave Iraq now, not increase the genocide of the Iraqi people! Evoke, let your voice be heard, demand your public officials and representatives stop the funding of, and the war in Iraq, now! Demand that they have more debates, discussions, town meetings, and public forums, covered by the media, on the Iraq war, and how and why we must leave Iraq now, etc.! Demand that the media run more stories on Iraq and the war, the loss of Iraqi lives from it, which is over 600,000 now! Demand they cover the politicians efforts to bring these issues to the public! Don’t let them continue the black out on the civilian deaths in Iraq, the attempts at debating usa policy here, etc.! "We, the people…", need everyone of us to make their voice heard, to take responsibility for what their tax dollars, gov’t and military do! The future, soul and life of your country is in your hands, act now; before it’s too late! The nazi conception that "the usa is in Iraq to give them freedom" has clearly been proven to not be true by the usa purposely messing up the preparation for the Iraq war, not having a plan to prevent the looting of it, not having a plan to adequately reestablish an Iraqi governmental structure, the decommissioning and disbanding of the whole of the Iraqi army, not having adequate armoring for uniforms, vehicles, cushioning in helmets of coalition troops to lessen their death toll, no cougars, vehicles that can withstand i.e.d.’s, not having a plan to stem looting of cultural, artistic heritage and religious artifacts, etc., not having a plan to stem sectarian violence and, thereby, determining the current civil war in Iraq, etc.. As a matter of fact, the remocrat conspiracy is responsible for about 50 % of coalition troop losses by purposely going into it before they were prepared, and still not having what it would take to save troops lives, mainly to start the war before empress georgie’s re-enthronement bid, and to keep the war going long enough so it’s still going on during the ’08 imperial elections, so, the remocrats have the best chance of winning, as their party is in the office during a war (in their opinion), etc.. Like you, I can say, having a father (dead), brother, son and nephews in the military, and as someone who was raised in a military family, I take offense that someone would take HIGH offense at my referring to my family members, who gladly served their country in the forces, and are still, as fascists and nazis; because it is true- nazi is as nazi does, I don’t lie behind a flag because it’s convenient and/or plausible, and/or keeps me from being destroyed and murdered less by the remocrats, I’m reality!

Why are the organized religions and usa militaries pedocide programs predominantly aimed at male boys that are Caucasian, so, the remocrat conspiracy can mitigate the power of its largest competition, middle to lower class Caucasian males. Why do all conspiracies collaborate in this genocide of Caucasians run by the remocrat conspiracy for the corporate structure, because they all get their slices of the usa mass destroying and murdering pie enlarged! This is also one of the reasons why the dempublicans believing the remocrats lies that got the usa into this "unnecessary war", according to Kofi Annan, previous Secretary General of the U.N., in the first place, and they believed the emperor’s lies that he would only use military force as a last alternative, when, it’s been proven that, empress georgie wanted a war with Iraq before he stepped into the Whitehouse; to dictate he’d get re-enthroned, as the GOP is hoping for in ’08, and trillions of $ and astronomical amounts of power would be centralized to the remocrat dominated industrial complexes, like military, intelligence, crime and punishment, security, etc.., in corporate welfare- your tax $ stolen. According to the criminally insane, criminally insanity is reality, and the only thing worth having, the blood of life; what they call, "the only profit, the only thing that profits, and the only ones that profit", "the right attitude", "letting go and letting God", "dialectical materialism", etc.. They like to use the purposely not prevented attacks of 9-11 as an example of "loyalty and patriotism", see Guliani’s stumps, yet, the opposite is the truth, the only reason those attacks were successful was because the elite of the remocrat conspiracy purposely didn’t prevent the 9-11 attacks, and as to loyalty, our trillions of $ of gov’t apparatus and personnel purposely failed to prevent the attacks, while a few civilians on the PA crashed jetliner succeeded in downing a tool of attack before it met its intended target; and, of course the Bin Ladens are more loyal to the Bushes than usa citizens, those 2 families have been in business for decades! It’s not a coinky dink that the Islamic axis of power wants to rise the same way the other 2 did, following their historic examples, using their historic means; trying to achieve their historic ends.

Yes, the organized religions, usa militaries, etc., pedocide programs abuse of kids is to devolve the population by destroying the adults to come, "manufacture gays and lesbians", etc., yet, these are only one type of mass destroying and murdering programs, only part of the master plan to exterminate humanity on the way to dictating the extinction of the human species and large mammals, etc.; their attempts to engineer the Iraq war into an "unending" one, as a step to engineering an "unending" global uber war, is the perfect precursor to the dictation of the extinction processes, in their opinions; and must be stopped (let’s not forget war is the largest polluter).

Let them hear you, call, write, fax, email all: Phone, write, email your representatives, et al 🙂 ,

Look at the latest terrorist attack against the populace of the usa by a supposed Christian at Virginia Tech, like Columbine’s, he was programmed by the remocrat conspiracy, at least, psychically by the psychic terrorism, what’s called the "suck". There are numerous pieces of evidence, like the fact that he was allowed to kill everybody he wanted to, approximately, the police didn’t show up to where he was until he was almost out of ammo, making sure the body count was as high as possible to increase the terrorist effects on the polity (trying to scare them into voting remocratic), they waited until he killed himself so none of these facts would come to light, his methodology of assassinating the kids was precisely, and militarily calculated and carried out, and he had no such public training, etc.. It was not just another example of the remocrat conspiracies war on the middle class to poor (predominantly males). Will single women bother to vote?

Another example of the multimedia conspiracies constant propagation of remocratic lies for them and the corporate structure is the framing of the debates questions, if you want, check out how the questions given the dempublicans and remocrats are very different, as the questions given Obama, Kucinich and other dempublicans are also! Framing the perceptions of, and they’re hoping, forming the conception and consensus of the polity, etc.. While the dempublicans have a lot to prove to their polity (that they’re not just remocrat collaborators, etc.), and only a window in which to do it in, the Greens and other third parties continual contentions, truths, etc., have be shown to be true, in reality; and the duopoly is still no answer at all. Yet, the delusions (like the supposed existence of "materialism, sides", etc.) built into delusional constructs, the basis of the scarcity based systems (vacuum up economics only leaving a trickle down, dictated addiction to non-renewable fuels, Gingrich’s "contract for America" was really the contract on, etc.) of all kinds, etc., are readily dispelled nowadays, and the reality of abundance based natural systems, and their necessity, are most evident; though, not enough to actuate the evolution, again.

The modern historic division of the world into the duopoly of remocrat and totalitarian conspiracies, won’t allow for the ascendance of a third, Islam, if they have anything to do with it. Both of them dictating the extinctions of humanity, etc., as the end all and be all of all their plans; supposedly garnering them all along the way- they both estimate they’ll be able to keep their 100, 000’s alive, although, they won’t be able to. You see, the earth changes forced on the earth by them, permanently altering weather cycles, etc., won’t be able to be controlled; as they shouldn’t. Earthquakes, etc., will make nuclear power plants, armories leak and irradiate the earth; sadly, etc.. Coastal metropolises will be under water, etc., bees, butterflies, etc., will become extinct and the lands plants, etc., will not be pollinated and will all die out, forests will all be destroyed, flora, fauna, corral reefs destroyed, no oxygen, no crops on dried up land, no food, destroyed industrial plants making astronomically more pollution, no clean water, etc.. The delusional short term profits, pleasures, power that 400 years of supposed science, technology the technocracy’s panacea, and man supposedly garnered by centralizing in ever more cyclical patterns was nothing compared to the reality of nature’s abundance that would have been almost eternal if we didn’t destroy it, and augmented it, instead; which it took 30 billion years of evolution to create- now, if you don’t agree that’s insane, maybe you are. A twig of poetree elucidates:


ends or means


Neither do I embrace.

Rather, the struggle well run,

Which uplifts us uncrowned,

Every moment humans race!


This while, still, "la machine", the corporate structure, and their ever increasing and increasingly interlocking systems of premeditated mass-destruction-murdering programs are all just linx in the chains on humanity, attempting to stop us from breaking free, we can break the chain of murder, the chain of death; by abolishing the over use of fossil fuels and being most alive! That’s also why I think allowing evolution as a common language, as it’s the thread that links every, in the fabric of life, is a good place to start. For, the corporate structure has made a trap of this world, yet, all life is in it, so "we…" can’t underestimate our responsibility; that generations past have heaped on our heads and shoulders by not acting on theirs, then. Dylan Thomas’ poem’s line comes to mind 🙂 "…and death (murder) shall have no dominion…", as others might say, "we, the people…" can make it so! Will you? By the by, "In Germany they [the Nazis] came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up. – Pastor Martin Niemoeller, 1946", so the story goes, though, you might know that they actually came first for the mentally ill, elderly, handicapped, diffabled, foreigners, poor (Gypsies, Roma, et al); homeless, like the republicans are doing now. Defend yourself by defending them, one for all, all for one! Remember the lessons of WWII, if you’re not taking bullets, you’re making them, etc.; I’m bleeding every moment, are you? What do you think? From the heart in the heart of the heartland.

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"Painting is poetry which is seen and not heard, and poetry is a painting which is heard but not seen." ~ Leonardo da Vinci. Enjoy an estival eve’ as you can. Copy, share, as you will. Lest "we" forget, if you don’t exercise responsibility, its Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither like a muscle, as well. Sadly, now, it first needs to be exorcized, before its exercised. Viva la evolution, viva green party!

Matutinally Yours, james m nordlund reality (aja) 🙂

For those interested "of or pertaining to the morning, day: relating to or happening in the morning or in the early part of the day (formal), (Mid-16th century, from late Latin matutinalis, from Matuta, goddess of the dawn.)" Music is life’s song accompanying the abundance of joy’s Spring. I look forward to hearing from you. Au revoir. 


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