Green Line: Chicago hosts National Green Party ’08 Convention

Chicago to host 2008 National Green Party Convention
Delegates from state Green Parties and caucuses in the party’s National Committee completed their vote Tuesday, August 28th, with Chicago taking the lead over Detroit, Minneapolis, and Oakland.  Chicago’s proposal can be read at  The convention will take place July 10 to 13, 2008.
The Blackstone Hotel in Chicago has a storied political convention
tradition. It’s where many a political campaign set up headquarters during convention week. It was in "smoke-filled room" at the Blackstone where a deal was cut to end a deadlock that made Warren Harding the 1920 Republican nominee. And Eisenhower watched the 1952 Republican convention from his room at the Blackstone (the first time the networks covered a convention gavel-to-gavel). Over the years, it has hosted at least 12 presidents on their visits to Chicago.
Just as Greens are working to rehabilitate that old style of politics, the Blackstone Hotel is also undergoing a process of top-to-bottom renewal. When
it reopens later this fall, the Blackstone will be the most green-friendly
hotel in the city, complete with a green roof.  And when it opens this Fall
the Blackstone will be non-smoking and a union shop.
One of the city’s recognizable landmarks located in the heart of Chicago,
the Chicago Theatre would be a spectacular setting for the convention. It
would allow us to put the "Green Party" name on one of the most
eye-catching, most photographed marquees in the city, and it’s sure to be
noticed by the thousands of residents and tourists alike.  The Chicago
Theatre is located directly on transit lines, close to everything, and is
one of the larger venues which we could pack with up to 3,600 enthusiastic
delegates, observers and media. The Chicago Theatre is also a union shop.
The combination of the world-class Blackstone Hotel and the historic Chicago
Theatre will help the Green Party to attract celebrity guest speakers?not to
mention the media?for our events and fundraisers.
In 2006, the Illinois Green Party did what many pundits said was
impossible.. Greens got on the ballot in one of the worst states for ballot
access. Green candidates broke through to the media to receive more coverage
than ever, even earning the endorsements of several major newspapers
throughout the state. And the Green candidate for governor, Rich Whitney,
was the choice of more than 350,000 voters, 10% statewide, twice the
percentage needed to establish the party for the next four years!
We Will Run
Green National Committee Proposal 305 the "We Will Run Resolution" passed
with 113 yes votes, 10 no votes and 3 abstentions.
The resolution states in part that the Green Party will be conducting a
contested presidential nomination process and that we will be nominating a
presidential ticket at our 2008 convention. It also resolves to strengthen
our eventual ticket by generating and applying resources to ensure, among
other things, that we will maximize the number of ballot lines on which our
nominees will appear.
Green Party to Appear on List of MLK Memorial Supporters
Thanks to DC Statehood Green T. E. Smith, the Green Party will now be listed
among the organizations supporting the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial to
be built on the National Mall in Washington, DC. "I felt that it was
important that the Green Party provide tangible support for this project.
People of Color, particularly Black People, are ignored and taken for
granted by the two corporate parties – except on election day. The Green
Party platform supports racial justice, the Democrats have not come out in
favor of reparations for slavery, but the Green Party has supported
reparations since 1998. The only way people will know about this is if we
work together to support projects like the MLK Memorial".
According to memorial organizers, the Green Party of the United States is
the only political party to date to have made a financial contribution to
the project. For more information about the MLK Memorial go to:
US/Canadian Green Party SPP Counter Summit
On Aug. 19th, a perfect late summer day in Ottawa, Canada, we joined our
Canadian colleagues in a rally at the Parliament followed by a march to the
U..S. and Mexican embassies to protest the Security and Prosperity
Partnership (SPP) meeting of Bush, Calderon and Harper.  A meeting the
mainstream media in the U.S. has totally blacked out.
Later we attended the Council of Canadians Forum on the hidden consequences
of the SPP Leaders summit in Montebello. More than 500 activist[S] heard
Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada leader, condemn the SPP and promote a
vision of a more just and sustainable North America. In her talk she cited
the ongoing changes in national environmental, health and labor regulations.
These changes increase the number of chemicals permitted, lower standards
and quality of life in many areas, such as food security, air safety,
environmental norms, health care and labor rights. For example, Canada is
raising pesticide limits on hundreds of fruits and vegetables to merge its
policies with the United States. And these changes are being made at the
behest of transnational corporations. The SPP is about letting big
businesses set their own rules and having the public bear all the
environmental and health risks of a deregulated market.
On August 20th the Canadian Green Party organized a counter summit at which
the USGP was represented by Justine McCabe and Julia Willebrand, Co-chairs
of the USGP International Committee. Justine brought greetings from USGP and
informed the meeting of the USGP position in opposition to SPP.
Julia was asked to present a US perspective on SPP. Since our Canadian
colleagues are well aware of the dangers of a race to the bottom, they know that the SPP is about increasing corporate profits by limiting what
governments can do to protect its citizens from corporate abuse. So as a
cautionary tale, Julia presented a picture of the ongoing privatization of community resources and services occurring in the US.  As one example she
cited the ever-increasing prison population and the concomitant growth of
private prisons in the US as a dangerous precedent Canadians would wish to
avoid and which SPP could make possible.

Janet Eaton, GP Canada International Trade critic who first raised USGP
member¹s awareness about the menace of SPP provided a vivid historical
presentation of the initiation and development of SPP.
Since the SPP is not a formal treaty or agreement between countries but
instead an ongoing dialogue¹, it is not accountable to legislative
oversight.. Despite the fact that high-level government meetings, which
include CEOs of the largest corporations, have been held for three years,
the mainstream media has rarely covered any aspect being planned and
executed.  Since the U.S. public is kept ignorant of these plans for its
future it is effectively removed from the decision-making process. The Green
Party of the US must change that by bringing the fact of this dangerous
descent into fascism to public awareness.
For more information on SPP and ways to take action:
"Behind Closed Doors: What they’re not telling us about the Security and
Prosperity Partnership (SPP)
This cooperative effort by the US and Canadian Greens was publicly initiated
by joint press releases highlighting that this collaboration not only
furthers the national interests of both parties but as members of the Global
Green movement, extends common Green values of social and economic justice,
environmental sustainability, participatory democracy and nonviolence.
National Green parties join forces to fight North American Union
Canadian and US Green Parties blast secretive NAFTA-Plus trade-security deal
This report prepared and presented by:
Justine McCabe
Julia Willebrand
Co-chairs United States Green Party International Committee
Wear Your Poltics on Your Sleeve!
The Merchandise Committee is pleased offer an array of t-shirts, hats,
totebags, buttons, embroidered patches and more. Check out our brand new
union made baseball caps and our new Sunflower shirts with the four pillars
on the back, en espanol. Get ready for fall campaigns with our brand new
campaign kits and tabling kits. Available at
Ballot Access
Arkansas has only two months to collect signatures as time goes beyond the
two month periodsignatures drop off the petition – it is vital that Arkansas
get help to finish the job within the two month period. Saturday, July 28th
was the start date for gathering signatures – they have until September 27th
to gather signatures.
The following States are currently collecting signatures to place the Green
Party on the ballot:
Arizona – 20449 needed, 5500 collected so far;
Arkansas – 10000 needed, 7000 collected so far;
Georgia – 44089 needed, 5000  collected so far;
Montana – 5000 needed, 600 collected so far;
North Carolina – 69734 needed, 14000 collected so far.
Numbers from Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:
Register Green. Vote Green. Give Green.
The Green Party does not accept corporate donations. We depend entirely on
donations from people who are committed to building a powerful and
progressive alternative to the two corporate parties.
We ask you to challenge corporate influence in politics by supporting the
Green Party of the United States! Show your resistance to the status quo by
enabling us to continue organizing and mobilizing for real change. Please
help us get out our positive, progressive values to new communities, and to
deepen our involvement where we’re already anchored.
Support us today and please consider becoming a sustainer (look for the
recurring donation option).
Green Party online shopping just got easier! Visit our improved online
Americans are ready for Change
America is ready for the Green Party’s message. But we need your help in
bringing the message to the American people!
Make your friends GREEN with envy. Become a card-carrying Green today!
The latest, coolest item in the wallets of progressives is the personalized
Green Party Card. For $36.00 a year* you can be a card-carrying Green. When
you become an active supporter of the Green Party of the United States,
you’ll receive our spanking-new card, which shows the world that you stand
committed to time-honored progressive values like liberty, equality,
democracy, social justice, personal responsibility and focus on the future.
In addition, you will receive a Green Party button and bumper sticker, a
one-year subscription to Green Pages, plus all of the information you need
to get involved and active as a Green. Half of your contribution will be
shared with your state’s Green Party. The Future is Green!
Federal law requires political committees to use their best effort to
collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and employer for
each individual whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year.
Contributions form the following individuals and entities are prohibited: corporations, labor organizations, national banks, government contractors, people under 18 years of age, and foreign nationals.
*$36.00 is roughly equivalent to the $1.00 paid for a one-year membership in
the Populist Party of the 1890s. The Populist Party was a multiracial,
progressive, grassroots third party of working people which agitated for
many popular progressive reforms. The Green Party of the 21st century
continues the Populist’s fight for citizen empowerment and progressive
reforms at all levels today.
All comments, feedback and content suggestions should be sent to:
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of the United States. Subscribe for free at
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