China Labour Bulletin Action Update

CLB Publishes New Report on Child Labour in China
Child labour is now a widespread, systemic and increasingly serious problem
in China, according to a 40-page English language report released today by
China Labour Bulletin.
Small Hands: A survey report on Child Labour in China provides a timely,
detailed and insightful analysis of the growing problem of child labour in
China. Based on research carried out on the ground in 2005, the report
explores both the demand for child labour in China and the supply of child
labour stemming from serious failings in the rural school system.
Our researchers talked to government labour officials, school teachers and
administrators, factory owners, child workers and their parents to build up
a picture of the living and working conditions of child labourers and
explore the reasons why these children drop out of school early and go into
Because child workers have no ability to protect themselves, they are
generally paid less, work longer hours and live in poorer conditions than
adult workers. Moreover, because child labour is illegal, very often workers
and their employers will develop covert alliances to avoid detection by
government and law enforcement agencies, thus driving the problem further
While poverty is clearly an important factor in the creation of child
labour, the report identifies the failings of China’s school system as the
root cause of the problem. China’s investment in education is only 2.7 per
cent of its GDP, less than half the United Nations’ recommended level of
funding. Primary and secondary schools in poor rural counties receive
minimal, if any, government funding, and students’ parents have for many
years provided the bulk of the funding through the payment of various
"miscellaneous fees." This forces parents to make a cost/benefit analysis
between the cost of their child’s education, the potential benefits of
further education and the immediate benefits of dropping out of school early
finding work. Our researchers discovered the drop out rate for middle school
students in some areas was around 40 per cent or even higher.
The problem is exacerbated by a school curriculum at both primary and
secondary levels that emphasizes academic excellence over broad-based
vocational training. Many students drop out simply because they cannot
keep-up; while others are weeded out by schools anxious to show off high
examination pass rates. And even if rural students do make it all the way to
university, they now have very little chance of a good job on graduation,
making the benefits of continuing education even more questionable and
In the final section of the report, China Labour Bulletin recommends that
the laws on child labour be simplified and clarified and that officials are
both equipped and encouraged to effectively implement the law. In order to
limit and eventually eliminate the supply of child labour, CLB recommends
that the government provide sufficient funding to ensure that the compulsory
stages of education in China are genuinely free to all, and that a much
greater role be given to non-governmental organizations and social groups in
tackling and eroding the socio-economic foundations of child labour supply.
To read the report in full click here.

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