This month is pivotal to ending the war: Write Congress TODAY

Dear Supporter of a Just Foreign Policy,
This month will be pivotal in the effort to end the war in Iraq.
President Bush has asked Congress to approve nearly $200 billion more for the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Congress is not required to give Bush any of this money, or even to bring the request to a vote. Congress can also put restrictions, firm withdrawal timelines and other conditions on any funding in order to force an end to the occupation of Iraq.
Groups across the country are coming together TODAY to contact Congress, asking our Representatives and Senators to use their considerable power to rapidly end the occupation of Iraq and to prevent an attack on Iran. Please write today, if you can, and let as many of your friends know about this campaign as possible.
The war in Iraq has been, and continues to be, a disaster. Well over a million people have lost their lives, including nearly 4,000 U.S. soldiers.1 And more continue to be killed, as the occupation only seems to fuel the violence. In fact, Congress is now receiving reports on the failure of the troop increase launched earlier this year.2
At the same time, President Bush is escalating his war of words with Iran, announcing last week that he had authorized U.S. forces in Iraq to confront Iran militarily. Congress has many options to prevent the President from attacking Iran on his own say-so.
Please join your fellow citizens today by asking your Representative and Senators to end the war in Iraq and prevent a new war with Iran.
Thanks for all you do for a just foreign policy,
Patrick McElwee, Chelsea Mozen, and Robert Naiman
Just Foreign Policy
1. See our ongoing estimate of Iraqi deaths due to the invasion and occupation:
2. See, for example: David M. Herszenhorn and Brian Knowlton, "Independent Audit Finds Progress Lacking in Iraq," New York Times, September 4, 2007. 

About reality

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