World Can’t Wait: Bush: Set on Remaking the World

Bush: Set on Remaking the World
Dear World Can’t Wait Supporter,
George Bush tonight: "It is never too late to advance freedom. And it is
never too late to support our troops in a fight they can win."
The answer to Bush’s continuing war should be all over the place this
weekend: If you’re against endless war and occupation,
A Regime Still Set On Remaking the World. . . and the Need To Drive It Out
By Sunsara Taylor
"There is a radicalness brewing in this country. There’s a section of this
generation that is looking out on the world and sees nothing good and
nothing they want to have any part of. A section of this generation that is
ready to struggle and to question, that senses the need to be as radical as
the times, that gravitates to the need for struggle and even great sacrifice
to stop this whole direction. But somebody’s got to step out and DO IT."
There are many deadly lies and deceptions in America today, but one of the
deadliest is that the "Bush Regime is over."
The torture, the wars, the spying and theocratic measures and the toxic
waves of bigotry-against Black people today, gays tomorrow, immigrants or
women or dissenting professors the day after-isn’t "limping to the
 finish".it is intensifying. The crimes committed in our name pile up each
and every day. The planning at the very highest levels-to sustain the war in
Iraq, to very possibly launch a new one against Iran, to hammer in and
further legitimize the revocation of the most fundamental rights-not only
continues, but accelerates. The casting aside of high-level operatives like
Rove or Gonzales is not the dissolution of a regime, but preparation for a
"sprint to the finish." Bush himself is reported to be impervious to
criticism, "optimistic," and acting with his "historic legacy" in mind.
That "legacy" is not something for the history books, after we’re all dead.
It’s about locking in and pushing further the horrific crimes that have
become "the new normalcy" of this imperialist system. It’s about what we’re
willing to-and going to be forced to- live with; and what we’re willing to
see other people live-and die-with. And that’s what will happen if the tens
of millions who hate this regime and what it’s been doing continue on the
current passive-and, yes, complicit-course. George Bush aims to use his last
16 months in office to do everything he can to ensure the continued
existence and dominance of this empire, on even more horrific terms and with
exponentially greater ability to suffocate any fundamental resistance to it.
The Bush Regime must be driven out. For unless it is decisively repudiated
by the people, in massive visible political opposition, the outrages of
today will indeed become the norms of tomorrow, with terrible consequences.
Sunsara Taylor is on the World Can’t Wait Advisory Board, and writes for
Revolution newspaper .
Debra Sweet, Director, The World Can’t Wait – Drive Out the Bush Regime
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