Council for a Livable World: Vote in the Peace Primary

[CLW] Vote in the Peace Primary
Dear james m,
Click the logo to vote in the Peace Primary!
Issues of war and peace top the list of voters’ major concerns, but our
leaders in Washington have yet to offer a hopeful vision and the smart
solutions we need to make America and the planet safer.
That’s why the Ploughshares Fund is inviting people everywhere to vote on a
peace platform for the 2008 elections in the first-ever Peace Primary.
We are pleased to announce that Council for a Livable World’s sister
organization, the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, has been
selected to participate in this online campaign that allows you to vote for
the issues and organization that you think should be at the top of every
candidate’s campaign platform. Each vote costs only $1 and helps fund
important work to promote a more peaceful world.
Click here to vote for the Center.
This isn’t just a symbolic competition. The Peace Primary invites people
everywhere to vote for 12 leading peace organizations, each with a different
"peace agenda." The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation is using
this opportunity to focus the candidates’ attention on the spread of nuclear
weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.
Here’s the best part: The organization that receives the most votes will
receive a $100,000 grant from the Ploughshares Fund to promote its agenda
for peace over the next year.
Please help us spread the word about the dangers of nuclear weapons by
voting in the peace primary.
For twenty-seven years, the Center has been the heart of the peace and arms
control movement in Washington, DC. Their experts bring the latest research
and policy proposals to Congress, the President and activists across the
country. Among these experts are several Nobel Prize-winning scientists and
two retired Generals.
The Center is already working hard on a peace and arms control agenda for
the next President to take office in 2009 that will include the
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, expanded nuclear non-proliferation programs
and deep reductions toward the eventual elimination of all nuclear weapons.
The Ploughshares Fund has been a crucial supporter of this work and they
present us with an enormous opportunity to advance it through the Peace
Click here to vote in the Peace Primary and support our work to rid the
world of the scourge on nuclear weapons.
John Isaacs                 Guy Stevens
Executive Director       Chief Operating Officer
Council for a Livable World and Center for Arms Control and
PS – Every dollar donated is 100% tax deductible.
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