Greens encamp in D.C. and L.A. for Troops Out Now Gatherings

All out for D.C. and L.A., September 22-29th
Over four years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Greens continue to call for
an immediate end to this war, and accountability at home. Our Gulf Coast
remains in shambles, nooses are hung by white children in school yards to
intimidate black children, and immigrant families are rounded up in the
middle of the night.
As Greens, we must come together to say – the United States needs to get its
priorities straight, clean house, and we must bring the troops home NOW!
Beginning Saturday, September 22, the Green Party of the United States have
a tent set up at the Troops Out Now Coalition’s week-long encampment to end
the war, on the lawn in front of the Capitol building. We invite all Greens
to come to D.C. and L.A. to join with others to resist the continuing war
abroad and demand accountability at home.
Jared Ball of the DC Statehood Green Party will speak at the rally on the
29th ( Ball is a nominee for the Green
Party Presidential candidacy. Green Party of the U.S. Co-Chair, Echo Steiner
(FL), will co-emcee the rally in Washington D.C. In Los Angeles, GPAX
co-chair, Deanna Taylor (UT), and SKCM-Curry of the California Green Party
will speak at the rally September 29 in front of the Federal Building.
During the D.C. Encampment on Wednesday, September 26 at 5pm, the DC
Statehood Party will lead a discussion on D.C. statehood, affordable
housing, and preserving neighborhood libraries.
We honor the courage of those thousands who converged this week in Jena,
Louisiana, to call out injustice — we seek to continue in that spirit by
calling on Greens to assemble at the halls of power, to speak, to act, and
to work together to take our country back for the people.
For information on transportation centers, events like the week of hip hop
shows, the youth and student day of action, Impeachment Rally, Stop the War
at Home Day, and more, visit
To support the Green Party presence at the Encampment and rally, visit the
GPAX website at — and use it to let us know
you’re coming!
Ballot Access Committee has goal of 51 ballot lines
The Ballot Access Committee has prepared a Green Paper on the National and
State Parties partnership in the struggle for Ballot Access. In the end the
question is asked: How can the Ballot Access Committee partner with your
state party to secure your ballot line? GPUS is a place where shared
resources can bypass artificial state boundaries, and help Green Parties
everywhere thrive.
You can read the entire Green Paper by clicking here:
The Ballot Access Committee web page has been updated with a donation link.
Donations made through that link are earmarked for the Ballot Access
Committee and their work to establish 51 ballot lines. Donate to the Ballot
Access Committe click here:
Arkansas files Signatures for Ballot Status
State Co-ordinator, Mark Jenkins reports:
At 8:30 this morning the Green Party submitted 17,197 signatures to the
Secretary of State. I wish you all could’ve seen the "shock and awe" on
their faces, but more than that, I wish I could thank every one of you in
person. And as long as I’m getting mushy, I’d like to send an enormous
"Thank You" to the Green Party of the U.S. and to all the individual Greens
around the country who contributed to our effort.
We exceeded our goal of 16,000 signatures – accomplished largely with a last
minute surge of volunteer help. I attribute that both to better weather and,
more importantly, the inspiration derived from knowing that we’re not in
this alone. Thanks to all.
2 Greens Running in Tucson
Tucson AZ, a city of half a million, will elect a new mayor in November, and
fill three council seats. Ward 4 is an open seat, and, has only two
contenders: a Dem, and the Green Party contender, Beryl Baker. The primary
was by Ward, but the seat is voted in city-wide, so we have to campaign
Meanwhile, the mayor’s seat will also have only two contenders: The R
incumbent, and Green Party challenger Dave Croteau. Dave pulled 16% in a
sheriff’s race a few years back, without passing the $500 spending
threshold. In this election, he is running full out, and has garnered some
impressive individual endorsements.
Our two Green candidates are running on a platform that emphasizes
sustainability, relocalization, and particularly, water issues. Tucson draws
ever deeper from an aquifer that was created in geologic time, and the only
water not imported in perrier bottles is through the overcommitted,
nonsustainable and contaminated CAP allotments, channeled hundreds of miles
from the north.
Candidate Croteau is a Native American who is a construction craftsman. He
has served on the City of Tucson Police Review Board, has represented the
Neighborhood Associations in negotiating with the University, and is a
longtime Green. Candidate Beryl Baker, a recent Green, has also been a
longtime activist with neighborhoods, particularly dealing with water and
drainage issues. She has worked as an urban farmer, a library aide, a
jewelry maker, a lab assistant, and currently has a Fish & Game grant to
study pond ecology. Both have lived in Tucson for over 50 years, grew up
here, went to the schools, are known in the community.
Both candidates are close to qualifying for city matching money, and when
they do, any contributions [until they max out] will be doubled,
retroactively. So please support these two great candidates with a
contribution, sent to PO Box 6014 Tucson AZ 85703. "Beryl Baker for City
Council." "Dave Croteau for Mayor."
And, in the same envelope, a third check ["Arizona Green Party"] will help
pay for the ballot access campaign here in Arizona. This will help us hire
professional signature gatherers at $1 signature. The state Party recently
agreed to use these funds to help with signature gathering in rural
counties, where we have a local Party organized, so as to boost our growth
there, at the same time that we continue with volunteer signature gatherers
in the metro areas.
Tell Green Line about your local races:
Now is the time to order Green Holiday Gifts.
Get ready for the holidays. The Merchandise Committee is pleased to offer an
array of t-shirts, hats, totebags, buttons, embroidered patches and more.
Check out our brand new union made baseball caps and our new Sunflower
shirts with the four pillars on the back, en espanol. Get ready for fall
campaigns with our brand new campaign kits and tabling kits. Available at
Green Online Store:
Register Green. Vote Green. Give Green.
The Green Party does not accept corporate donations. We depend entirely on
donations from people who are committed to building a powerful and
progressive alternative to the two corporate parties.
We ask you to challenge corporate influence in politics by supporting the
Green Party of the United States! Show your resistance to the status quo by
enabling us to continue organizing and mobilizing for real change. Please
help us get out our positive, progressive values to new communities, and to
deepen our involvement where we’re already anchored.
Support us today and please consider becoming a sustainer (look for the
recurring donation option).
Green Party online shopping just got easier! Visit our improved online
Americans are ready for Change
America is ready for the Green Party’s message. But we need your help in
bringing the message to the American people!
Make your friends GREEN with envy. Become a card-carrying Green today!
The latest, coolest item in the wallets of progressives is the personalized
Green Party Card. For $36.00 a year* you can be a card-carrying Green. When
you become an active supporter of the Green Party of the United States,
you’ll receive our spanking-new card, which shows the world that you stand
committed to time-honored progressive values like liberty, equality,
democracy, social justice, personal responsibility and focus on the future.
In addition, you will receive a Green Party button and bumper sticker, a
one-year subscription to Green Pages, plus all of the information you need
to get involved and active as a Green. Half of your contribution will be
shared with your state’s Green Party. The Future is Green!
Federal law requires political committees to use their best effort to
collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and employer for
each individual whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year.
Contributions form the following individuals and entities are prohibited:
corporations, labor organizations, national banks, government contractors,
people under 18 years of age, and foreign nationals.
*$36.00 is roughly equivalent to the $1.00 paid for a one-year membership in
the Populist Party of the 1890s. The Populist Party was a multiracial,
progressive, grassroots third party of working people which agitated for
many popular progressive reforms. The Green Party of the 21st century
continues the Populist’s fight for citizen empowerment and progressive
reforms at all levels today.
All comments, feedback and content suggestions should be sent to:
You’ve been reading Green Line, the monthly e-newsletter of the Green Party
of the United States. Subscribe for free at
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Green Line is the monthly e-newsletter of the Green Party of the United States
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866-41GREEN or 202-319-7191

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