This World AIDS Day, Commit to driving out the Bush Regime

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Today, December 1, is World Aids Day.
I am filled with outrage at the nerve the Bush administration had in hanging a giant AIDS awareness ribbon in front of the white house. This is a regime that has done more than fan the fires of this deadly pandemic with their codification of fundamentalist Christian morality through United States policy.
There are 40 million people living with HIV worldwide and in this year alone there have been 2.1 million AIDS related deaths.
It’s clear: The World Can’t Wait for a movement to bring the Bush Regime’s program to a halt! Let us take this opportunity to commit ourselves to stopping the Bush Regime’s perpetuation of crimes against humanity.
In 2006, International Commission of Inquiry On Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration considered these indictments concerning HIV/AIDS:
Count 1: The Bush Administration is using its political influence, aid, and funding in the sphere of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment to advance policies and programs that worsen the AIDS pandemic. Guided by a Christian fundamentalist ideological agenda, the administration is promoting and forcing deadly abstinence-only HIV prevention and sex education programs instead of proven comprehensive programs that comprise consistent and correct use of condoms.
Count 2: The Bush Administration has re-instated the "gag-rule" restricts foreign organizations that receive US funds from using their own, non-US. Funds to provide legal abortion services or even provide accurate medical counseling of reproductive health clinics dependent on international funding in very poor parts of the world. In man areas, these clinics have also been the only source of HIV/AIDS prevention and care, including the supply of much-needed and life saving condoms.
Count 3: The Bush Administration and its political operatives have distorted sound science and attempted to suppress medical research studies in HIV prevention when it conflicts with the ideology of the Christian Right.
Count 4: The Bush Administration has used its political and economic power to coerce other countries into agreements that severely restrict and manufacture and supply of generic drugs, the only affordable option for most HIV positive people in the Third World.
The Commission found the Bush regime culpable on all counts, and the story only gets worse.  You can learn more on video, and help people understand why, really, the World Can’t Wait.
We’re having a Holiday special and making copies of "The Bush Record" available for $25, or $20 for 5 copies.
You can get them online here.  If they are a gift, don’t forget to let us know where to send them by entering the correct shipping address and include any special instructions you might have for us while checking out.
Debra Sweet,
Director, The World Can’t Wait – Drive Out the Bush Regime
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