March 2008 Update: Time Is Running Out

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Protect Corporate Tax Loopholes or Feed the Hungry?
"For most Americans the answer would be obvious, especially when soaring prices are forcing some families to choose between heating their homes or putting food on the table …"
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Do you know families who will need help getting their stimulus tax payment checks later this year? Join our free webinar on Thursday, March 20, at 3:00 p.m. Eastern. This webinar is part of the Citi Education Series on Family Economic Security.
Child care centers across the country are providing state-funded prekindergarten programs. Conference calls sponsored by the National Women’s Law Center and the Early Care and Education Consortium will discuss how this approach is working for child care centers. Register today for the first call on Tuesday, March 25, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern.
The National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association’s 2008 National Conference is will be held April 27-30 in Bethesda, Maryland. Register now.
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A new Center toolkit helps advocates take action when pharmacists refuse to fill prescriptions for women seeking contraceptives. Download the toolkit.
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  March 2008
Women Deserve Fair Pay — and Time Is Running Out
The Senate still hasn’t taken action on the Fair Pay Restoration Act, a key bill that would help women fight for equal pay. With just five weeks remaining until Equal Pay Day (April 22), the Center is urging the Senate to vote soon and help make fair pay a reality for all women. Please make sure your Senators support the Fair Pay Restoration Act — and ask your friends to do the same by sending them a Fair Pay eCard.
The Latest News from Capitol Hill
Here’s a round-up of some of the recent happenings in Congress:
The House and Senate are voting this week on a budget plan that rejects the deep cuts to domestic spending in President Bush’s budget and has the potential to make progress toward meeting the needs of women and their families. The congressional budget is an important statement of priorities, but separate legislation is required to appropriate funds for specific programs and make the other policy changes called for in the budget.
More than 25,000 advocates across the country joined us in the March Forth for Child Care and Head Start effort, urging Congress to increase funding for these vital programs. The Center sends a special thanks to these advocates, whose voices raised awareness on the Hill.
In last month’s NWLC Update, we told you about judicial nominee Richard Honaker and his record of unequivocal hostility to Roe v. Wade. A Senate committee is now preparing to vote on Honaker’s nomination — and there’s still time for you to take action to stop it.
The Center held a Capitol Hill briefing on Friday to share the results of its landmark report, Making the Grade on Women’s Health: A National and State-by-State Report Card.
A congressional hearing earlier this week considered the nomination of Grace Chung Becker to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Becker’s experience working in civil rights has been minimal, and the Center will be monitoring this nomination.
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When Health Care and Religion Don’t Mix
When two hospitals merge, it can mean more than just new names on the company letterhead. Mergers, sales and takeovers by religiously affiliated hospital chains can result in patients being denied abortions, sterilizations, infertility treatment, or emergency contraception in the ER. The Center is working to protect patients’ access to reproductive health care and make sure health care providers’ beliefs don’t prevent patients from getting the care they need.
Census Findings: Child Care is a Major Financial Burden
Child care develops America’s potential — helping children, families, and communities prosper. But according to the latest Census data, paying for this basic need can be a tremendous strain, particularly for low-income families. Families with incomes under 100 percent of the poverty level who pay for child care spend an average of 29 percent of their income on it. Tell Congress to ease this burden and make child care and early education a national priority.
Are You an Advocate for Low-Income Women?
2007 PLAN fellows
 If so, consider applying for the Center’s Progressive Leadership and Advocacy Network (PLAN). This program connects and supports a diverse group of emerging advocacy leaders working on issues that affect low-income women and children. At the heart of the PLAN fellowship is the Fall Institute, an intensive three-day leadership and policy institute for new fellows. After the Fall Institute, regular opportunities for strategic leadership, policy, and advocacy learning continue. The 2008 PLAN fellowship application deadline is May 15. Apply today! 
Decorate Your Desktop! Download Our Free Wallpaper
Each month, we offer you a chance to download a free wallpaper featuring the work of a teenage artist who entered the Center’s 35th anniversary youth art contest, themed “Expanding the Possibilities for Women and Girls.” Download your wallpaper featuring this month’s piece, by 18-year-old Perianne T. of Rolla, Missouri, or send it as an eCard to your family and friends.
Stay tuned for the April edition of NWLC’s Update for your opportunity to download the work of another teen artist.
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