PEN World Voices Festival of Intnl Literature kicks off next wk

PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature kicks off next week


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May 3 | The PEN Cabaret | 8 p.m.

Featuring Sebastian Horsley, John Wesley Harding, Aleksandar Hemon,

Bill T. Jones, Bea Palya, Erika Stucky, and special guests

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The Festival Online

Public Lives/Private Lives

Festival authors take on this year’s theme.

>> More

Photo Voyeurism

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what can we deduce from a

photograph of a basement filled with inflatable dolls?

>> More

PEN Confessional

Tell us a secret in 20 words or less.

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PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature kicks off next

week with 170 writers from 51 countries gathering in New York City

for 82 panels, lectures, tributes, readings, and one-on-one


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to get yours today.

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Wednesday, April 30 | Public Lives/Private Lives | 8 p.m.

Featuring: Ian McEwan, Annie Proulx, Péter Esterházy, A.B. Yehoshua,

Michael Ondaatje, Coral Bracho, Francine Prose, Rian Malan, Evelyn

Schlag; introduced by Salman Rushdie

What do we know about writers? That their creativity often comes from

the most private and fiercely guarded places? That they’re often

thrust into public roles, either by choice or circumstance? Join PEN

for the opening night of the 2008 World Voices Festival, as some of

the world’s most beloved and illustrious writers—novelists,

journalists, poets, and essayists—peel back the layers of their

literary selves in a rare group appearance at Town Hall.

Tickets: $15/$10 PEN members

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Thursday, May 1 | Gomorrah: Infiltrating the Mafia | 8 p.m.


With Antonio Monda & Roberto Saviano

When Roberto Saviano decided to investigate the Neapolitan mafia and

write a book about its illegal activities, he never believed he would

have an international best-seller on his hands, or that his name

would be placed at the top of the mafia’s hit list. Antonio Monda,

whose next novel is set in a very different Naples—that of the elite—

will discuss politics, corruption, and justice with this young

journalist whose reporting of the truth has put his own life in


Free and open to the public. No reservations.




Friday, May 2 | Writing the Story of Life in Fact and Fiction | 3:30


With Rabih Alameddine, A. M. Homes, Thant Myint-U, and P. F. Thomése;

moderated by Ben Schrank

The line between memoir and fiction has become ever more blurred in

recent years. But what goes into an author’s decision of what to

reveal and what to withhold, when to look within and when to set

stories in broader contexts? This panel of trailblazing authors has

juggled autobiographical genres in astonishing ways.

Free and open to the public. No reservations.




Friday, May 2 | Writing Sex and Sexuality | 5:30 p.m.

With Yael Hedaya, Amanda Michalopoulou, Catherine Millet, and Anja

Sicking; moderated by Rakesh Saytal

In an age when what goes on in the bedroom has made it out onto the

street, five female writers explore the stronger presence of sex in

literature, what to reveal and how to reveal it, and how much of

their own personal sexuality goes into their work.

Free and open to the public. No reservations.




Saturday, May 3 | News from The Hub | 1 p.m.

With Yousef Al-Mohaimeed, Thant Myint-U, and Biljana Srbljanoviæ;

moderated by Sameer Padania and introduced by former president of

Ireland Mary Robinson

PEN teams up with Witness, the international human-rights

organization know for its use of video, online media, and grassroots

reporting to expose human rights abuse around the world. Participants

from four countries will screen videos posted on The Hub, Witness’s

new online global platform for human-rights abuses, and then debate

the role of writing and new technologies in protecting and expanding

human rights.

Tickets: $12/$8 PEN/FIAF members and students

Purchase tickets from FIAF’s box office, or Ticketmaster: or (212) 307-4100.




Saturday, May 3 | The PEN Cabaret | 8 p.m.

With Sebastian Horsley, Bill T. Jones, Bea Palya, Erika Stucky, John

Wesley Harding, Aleksandar Hemon, and special guests

Swiss singer-songwriter Erika Stucky yodels like you’ve never heard

before, and, of all things, plays a spade. Hungarian singer Bea Palya

is making waves across the world with her brand of Hungarian and

Bulgarian folk music, with hints of jazz as well as Persian and Hindi

sung poems. Author Wesley Stace performs in his musical guise of John

Wesley Harding. Bosnian-born author Aleksandar Hemon reads from his

new novel, The Lazarus Project, while legendary dancer Bill T. Jones

performs a solo piece from his work Ballad. Sebastian Horsley

continues the honorable tradition of the eccentric dandyism of Lord

Byron, Oscar Wilde, and Quentin Crisp. He may just recount his own

personal crucifixion or other hilarious episodes from his new memoir

Dandy in the Underworld.

Tickets: $15/$10 PEN Members

Purchase tickets from Smarttix: or (212)868-4444




Sunday, May 4 | Conversation: Jeffrey Eugenides & Daniel Kehlmann | 2


About Jeffrey Eugenides’s novel Middlesex, The New York Times Book

Review said, "the book’s length feels like its author’s arms

stretching farther and farther to encompass more people, more

life . . . but mostly it is a colossal act of curiosity, of

imagination, and of love." Daniel Kehlmann’s Measuring the World was

hailed as "ravishing" by the German paper Der Spiegel. Both authors’

books were runaway international best-sellers and today these writers

come together, admirers of each other’s work, to talk about making

fiction from fact and much more.

Tickets: $15/$10 PEN Members, library donors, seniors & students

Purchase tickets from Smarttix: or (212) 868-4444




Sunday, May 4 | Conversation: Bernhard Schlink & André Aciman | 4 p.m.

Best known for his acclaimed 1999 novel The Reader, Bernhard

Schlink ‘s latest work, Homecoming, continues to examine ideas of

complicity and self-deception in postwar Germany. André Aciman is a

noted essayist and editor of The Proust Project. His 1994 memoir, Out

of Egypt, movingly evoked several generations of his Jewish family’s

roots in Alexandria, and his recent novel Call Me By Your Name is an

erotic coming-of-age saga soaked in Mediterranean sun and adolescent

yearning. Join us for a conversation with these two extraordinary

authors as they probe their own creative powers to weld secret memory

and history into some of the most exquisite and evocative literature


Tickets: $15/$10 PEN Members, library donors, seniors & students

Purchase tickets from Smarttix: or (212) 868-4444




May 4 | On the Advantages of Fiction for Life and Death:

The Arthur Miller Freedom to Write Lecture by Umberto Eco | 6:30 p.m.

Join Italian writer, philosopher, critic, and professor Umberto Eco

as he presents the third annual Arthur Miller Freedom to Write

Lecture. Author of the international bestsellers The Name of the Rose

and Foucault’s Pendulum, Eco has made invaluable contributions to the

fields of semiotics, aesthetics, medievalism, and literary theory.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear one of the world’s most acclaimed

writers in this rare New York appearance. Introduced by Francine

Prose and followed by an onstage discussion with Adam Gopnik.

Tickets: $20/$15 PEN Members

Purchase tickets from Smarttix: or (212) 868-4444

Visit for a complete schedule of events!


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