State of Confusion: Pol Manipulation + Assault on Amer Mind

State of Confusion: Pol Manipulation + Assault on Amer Mind
State of Confusion: Political Manipulation and the Assault on the
American Mind – Reactions to the New Book by Dr. Bryant Welch

Dear Colleagues,
A few weeks ago we advised you of the fascinating new book by Dr.
Bryant Welch entitled State of Confusion: Political Manipulation and
the Assault on the American Mind. We thought you should see the
reactions from some of those who have read this wonderful book to

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Advance Praise for State of Confusion

Laurence H. Tribe, Carl M. Loeb University Professor, Harvard Law
School "Bryant Welch was born to write this vitally important and
highly readable investigation of how a cadre of ethically challenged
political operatives and their religious and journalistic allies
have gradually distorted and disabled the minds of ordinary
Americans-and have all but crippled the once- extraordinary mind of
America. It is not too late for us to reclaim our identity, but we
will succeed only if we take to heart the lessons so lucidly laid
bare by the remarkable work of this insightful psychologist and
experienced political activist."

Nancy McWilliams, Ph.D., president of the Division of
Psychoanalysis, American Psychological Association, and professor,
Rutgers Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology "Dr.
Welch is a master of making complex psychological concepts
understandable and using them to explain the disturbing political
climate of our time. This beautifully written, urgently relevant
work should be on the bookshelf of everyone who cares about the
survival of American democracy."

Robert Shrum, senior strategist of the Gore and Kerry presidential
campaigns and author of No Excuses: Concessions of a Serial
Campaigner "Bryant Welch makes a fascinating and compelling case
that right-wing politics has subverted our democracy by infecting us
with a form of national political neurosis. This book unmasks the
politics of fear—the deeper chords touched by campaigns that
appeal to the dark side."

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Responses to our recent mailing announcing the publication of State
of Confusion

It is brilliant — what a wonderful application of psychology to
politics with a trumpet call to Americans to be more reflective and
thoughtful to protect themselves and the future of the country!
Bryant Welch’s emphasis on the need to face the true complexity of
our millennium reality is imperative for psychotherapists,
politicians, and voters alike.

Todd Walker, Psy.D.
Cincinnati, Ohio

All I can say is "Bravo!" – While reading State of Confusion I
remembered that when I decided to major in psychology (during the
Nixon Administration, the Vietnam War, political assassinations) I
wanted viable answers to why our nation was so crazy. Forty years
later I had all but given up hope that psychology could be of much
help countering the formidable power of self-serving politicos and
marketers. Reading Bryant Welch’s book rekindled my optimism.

Robert Welker, Ph.D.

"Dr. Bryant Welch’s book, State Of Confusion is one of the most
important books I have read in the last ten years. Dr. Welch
explains the public relations charade he calls gaslighting that is
making us as a nation crazy and leads citizens to begin to doubt
their own minds."

David G. Markham, L.C.S.W.
New York

Bryant Welch’s unique analysis reveals the underlying
unconscious "battleground states" of mind that have been so
successfully exploited by political and corporate interests. Scary,
compelling and ultimately hopeful, this book points the way to
reclaiming our ability to adapt, to think critically and to move
forward as a nation on a well-reasoned and logical course.

Lisa K. Weiss, Ph.D.
New York

Bryant Welch submits his comprehensive knowledge (both broad and
deep) of global and domestic conflicts to an incisive psychological
analysis so that we may understand the oft-times puzzling actions of
our leaders and our country. No matter your political persuasion,
this is a book for everyone to read – you will have more substance
to your arguments with Welch’s analysis behind them!

Andrea Celenza, Ph.D.
Boston, Mass.

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Book Description

Finally, the answer to the many questions that have been preying on
the minds of millions of Americans has arrived. Why are Americans so
vulnerable to divisive political tactics? Why did Americans get
dragged into such an unwise war in Iraq? Why do fundamentalist
religious groups, Fox News, and right- wing radio still play such
influential roles in America’s political landscape? And why are long-
accepted rational scientific ideas like evolution under siege?

These questions hold America’s future in the balance. Ultimately,
they are questions about the American mind. Psychologist-attorney
Dr. Bryant Welch has the answers.

If America is going to change the mind-set that led us to war in
Iraq and left us unable to confront our serious national problems,
this book is vitally important. Drawing on his unique experience
both as a clinical psychologist and a Washington, D.C., political
figure with the American Psychological Association, Dr. Welch shows
how the long-term effects of sophisticated new forms of political
manipulation have not only led to our debacle in Iraq but are also
currently undercutting America’s ability to address its very serious

In the 1944 movie Gaslight, a husband drives his wife to the brink
of insanity by playing games with her sense of reality. Just as in
the movie, America’s most recent political "gaslighters," such as
George W. Bush, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and many
religious leaders, have generated and exploited confusion in the
minds of countless Americans.

Gaslighters prey on their victim’s vulnerability to paranoia, sexual
perplexity, and envy to undermine the mind’s ability to function
rationally. Welch examines why millions of Americans, in response to
such assaults, subconsciously and dangerously create their own
simplistic reality, even if it is completely different from the more
complex reality of the world.

Most important, State of Confusion explains how and why Americans
must act now to fight back against this harmful manipulation before
it’s too late. Dr. Welch’s exploration of the American mind is both
fascinating and frightening, and State of Confusion is a must- read
for everyone who cares about the future of this great country.

Buy the book from Amazon

We hope that you will take the time to read more about this
wonderful new book.


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