Environment CA Leg. Director: Presidential straw poll

Environment CA Leg. Director: Presidential straw poll
Here was my reply 🙂

This is the worst time in recent American history to be on the fence,
how can one be "neutral" when the republican conspiracy,
predominantly through pathological lying, has brought humanity far
along the corporate structure’s convolution’s devolutionary
direction, exterminating humanity on the way; while they say
they’re "not doing anything", etc.. For decades the republicans have
fabricated that global warming "doesn’t exist", "isn’t a bad thing",
etc., while tens of millions are ‘dying’ from the ‘natural disasters’
being more severe and more frequent, which the altering of weather
cycles has caused, from global warming, etc.; instead of the 1
million that used to die from it per year- and some will still say
that when it’s 100’s of millions ‘dying’ from it a year! If all you
can bring yourself, and/or your organization, to do is support
Barack, instead of a real change like Cynthia Mckinney and the Green
Party, then, by sanity, and all means, please do it! Tolerance and
cowardice aren’t the same thing.

reality (aja) 🙂

james m nordlund

Presidential straw poll
Before we make a decision on endorsing a candidate for president,
there’s one thing we need to know: Do you think we should endorse
Barack Obama or stay out of the presidential election?

Tell us today:


We’ve done our homework.

We think electing Barack Obama offers the best chance for advancing
the environmental progress we’ve worked so hard to achieve together.

As you might know, our national federation of state environmental
groups and Washington, D.C.-based staff has formed Environment
America Voter Action, the electoral arm of our network.

You can use this online form to send text comments or, if you prefer,
a video or audio file, to let us know what you think:


As you might imagine, we’re not making this decision lightly.

We’re proud of the progress our staff and supporters have made in
promoting clean energy, tackling global warming, and protecting the
rivers, lakes, forests and other places we know and love.

Yet, too often, the politicians in Washington, influenced by powerful
special interests, have stood in the way or even made matters worse.

Given the environmental challenges that are staring us in the face —
not least our dead-end dependence on oil and coal and the need to
break our fossil fuel addiction in order to solve global warming —
we can’t afford to sit on the sidelines this November.

Think about it:

If we had the right president now, he would be pushing Congress to
solve global warming and lay out a bold plan for a new energy future
that ends our dependence on coal and oil.
If we had the right president today, with the stroke of a pen he
could be raising gas mileage standards to 50 mpg or more by 2020.
If we had one more pro-environment vote in the U.S. Senate this year,
we would be on track to supply 15 percent of our electricity with
clean, renewable energy by 2020.
If we had one more pro-environment vote in the Senate, the wind and
solar power industries could depend on federal tax credits for new
clean energy production.
This November, we have a chance to get the political and
environmental winds blowing in a new direction.

That’s why, working together with the leaders of our national
federation, we decided to join forces and take a stand in this
election. And, as you might expect, if we’re in it, we’re in to win

Yet why Barack Obama?

We’ve studied the votes, the scorecards, the statements, the
platforms and the plans. Our conclusion: Barack Obama is the right
choice for our environment. Here’s some of what we learned:

In 2008, Sen. Obama earned a 90 percent score on the Environment
Illinois Congressional Scorecard. [1]
His pro-environment stands include adopting stronger gas mileage
standards, protection for a pristine Alaskan national forest, and co-
sponsorship of the most far-reaching global warming bill in the
Senate. [2, 3, 4]
He has said, in response to how we should judge his performance as
president: "If I haven’t… created a new energy policy that speaks
to our dependence on foreign oil and deals seriously with global
warming, then we’ve missed the boat." [5]
He has backed up this pledge with specifics, including a cap on
global warming pollution, making carbon emitters pay to pollute, a
$150 billion investment in renewable energy, and within 10 years more
oil saved than we currently import from the Middle East and Venezuela
combined. [6]
Make no mistake: John McCain is no George Bush.

He has, in the past, bucked his party’s leaders to support action
against global warming and to protect the Arctic National Wildlife

But he opposed making polluters pay for the cleanup of toxic waste
sites, opposed giving the public the right to know more about toxic
pollution in their environment, and opposed requirements to get more
of our energy from clean renewable sources. In fact, our analysis of
his voting record shows him on the wrong side of environmental
protection 70 percent of the time. [7]

In the last month, we’ve seen Sen. McCain soften, and even reverse,
some of the pro-environment positions he had, such as opposing the
federal moratorium on drilling in the last remaining coastal areas
that are protected. [8]

It’s disappointing. This could have been a contest between green and
greener. No more.

The closer we looked, the more convinced we became that Sen. Obama is
not only the right choice, but a clear choice.

We think the record is clear, but maybe there’s something we’re
missing. That’s why we want to hear from you. Do you think we should
endorse Barack Obama or stay out of the presidential election?


And in case you’re wondering if it’s worth your time or whether we
can make a difference, consider this:

We have a plan to hire thousands of organizers and canvassers to
reach out and help persuade undecided voters, register new voters
(especially younger voters who have the most at stake), and turn out
pro-environment voters in 11 key states that could make the
difference on Election Day.

Not only could this outreach effort help us elect the next president,
but we will also mobilize to support more pro-environment
congressional candidates, building a stronger majority for clean
energy, stopping global warming and protecting special places and
open spaces.

Of course, as you know from experience, we’ll still be here on
November 5, preparing to hold the feet of whomever wins to the fire
when it comes to the health and future of our environment.

Thank you, in advance, for sharing your thoughts with us.


And, as always: Thanks for making it all possible.


Dan Jacobson
Environment California Legislative Director

P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, we’re part of Sen. Obama’s
back story. As a young man, Sen. Obama worked as an organizer with
NYPIRG (the New York Public Interest Research Group). As you might
know, Environment California became the new home of CALPIRG’s
environmental work not long ago. Small world.
[1] You can access Environment Illinois’ scorecard at
[2] Read more about support for increasing gas mileage standards
here: http://www.barackobama.com/issues/energy/
[3] Sen. Obama voted in favor of Amendment 1026 to H.R. 2361, which
would have banned subsidies for road-building in the Tongass National
[4] Obama co-sponsored the Lieberman-Warner Climate Stewardship and
Innovation Act of 2007. http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?
[6] http://www.barackobama.com/issues/energy/
[7] McCain’s lifetime Environment Arizona score is 30 percent.
[8] http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-

Paid for by Environment America at http://www.EnvironmentAmerica.org and not
authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


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