“Freedom Cages” in Beijing? No, in Denver!

"Freedom Cages" in Beijing? No, in Denver! 
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Come to DENVER — Protests August 23-28
While searching for this photo of Ron Kovic disrupting Richard Nixon’s acceptance speech at the Republican Convention in 1972 by shouting "stop the war!", I found a fascinating archive by UC Berkeley of the  Chicago Democratic Convention protests in 1968.  See it here.
Ron will be speaking Sunday 8/24 at the anti-war march, and afterward at:
7:00 pm World Can’t Wait sponsors a program NO ATTACK ON IRAN!  It was wrong to go into Iraq.  It has been wrong to stay in Iraq.  It is wrong not to get out now. It is wrong to escalate the war in Afghanistan and to threaten war with Iran.
Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater  119 Park Ave West, Denver. Tickets and Info: (303) 295-1759
See the CALENDAR of events here
You can’t be in Denver?  Organize a screening of Iran Is Not the Problem, a 60 minute film released last month.
How to organize a screening
Get support from World Can’t Wait
Get a copy of "Iran is Not the Problem" DVD for $25. donation to World C
james m
DENVER Protest News: A U.S. District Court judge ruled last week in Denver that, even though protesters’ free speech rights will be damaged, "national security" justifies the government’s plan to restrict parade permits to end 3 hours before the Democratic Party convention begins.  Thousands of police and 400 national guard will be on duty, in a city where, four years ago, activists exposed and fought a widespread, illegal, program of local police surveillance on political activists.
Further, protesters will be kept away from the convention center, allowed only into chain link fenced cages 700 feet from the center’s door.  Reportedly, the cages won’t be wrapped over the top with barbed wire, as they were at the last DNC in Boston.  The "freedom cages" will be ringed by police and concrete barriers, and, as of today, huge media tents are being erected between the cages and the convention.  Some comments on recent blog posts about the suppression of protest:
    "Watch them almost break all of the rules, and get down and dirty!  Order now and get your free AT&T/telecom immunity tote bag!"
     "’Protest Zones?’  I’m an unabashed Obama supporter, but as much as I like him, I like the rights to free speech and free association even more.  The Dems should’ve rejected the idea of free speech zones outright, as a symbol of the Constitution-hating Bush."
     "What about the ‘security concerns’ of the protesters?  They want to secure the bill of rights, they want to secure peace and an end to foreign occupations, they want to secure themselves from arrest for bullsh*t crimes…I guess these are the rare cases where the freedom to tyranize trumps ‘security’."
We have all watched George Bush express indignance about the suppression of protest in China, while justifying increasing repression in the "land of the free".  Now we have the Democrats attempting to hold a political convention with dissenting opinions blocked by barricades.
World Can’t Wait will be joining thousands of people in the Denver protests who want to send a different message to the world.  Bring the whole Bush program of lying to start illegitimate wars, and threatening other countries, spying on citizens, justifying torture — to a HALT!
Ron Kovic, Mark Ruffalo, Cindy Sheehan, Howard Zinn Ask You to Come to Denver!  Add your name to the Call! 
Sign and circulate the call to Denver!  Excerpts:
"This war now belongs to the Democrats no less than the Republicans.  If it is left to McCain and Obama, the occupation will continue for years.  It was wrong to go into Iraq, it’s wrong to stay in Iraq, it’s wrong not to get out now!
If there is not a strong showing from the anti-war movement against this whole direction outside the convention, it will signal those who make war and the victims of these wars around the world that the people of this country will go along with continued occupation, with McCain or Obama sending many more troops to Afghanistan, and with threats to Iran.  The Bush regime promised a war to last generations.  Are we against this, or not?
The anti-war movement must set a standard of resistance, not accommodate what is intolerable.  Only the people – not the politicians – can force open debate over why the U.S. occupation must end now.  Only we can act on our convictions, letting others know that an end to the illegal, unjust and immoral wars and occupations will not happen without massive mobilization of the people, and that putting all your hopes and energies into the elections will not bring the change millions desire…."
Missy Beattie, Fr. Bob Bossie, SCJ, Elaine Brower, Barbara Cohen, Mark Cohen, Larry Everest, C. Clark Kissinger, Ron Kovic, Dennis Loo, Cynthia McKinney, Dede Miller, Mark Ruffalo, Cindy Sheehan, David Swanson, Debra Sweet, Sunsara Taylor, Kevin Zeese, Howard Zinn
Add your name to the letter here. 
Debra Sweet, Director, The World Can’t Wait – Drive Out the Bush Regime
World Can’t Wait – info@worldcantwait.org – 866.973.4463 – 305 W. Broadway #185, NY, NY 10013

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