more: Exterminating humanity, remocrats + nazis final solution, unending

That ‘show’s’ increasing their clouding of the minds of the populace,

at minimum, is evident in everything, everywhere, now. I said they’d

be selling toothpaste with half naked women, 30 years ago, and it’s

coming to pass. The fact that in many movies the new patriarchal

invincible heroes that are supposed to be societal models, and save,

not only the day, but humanity, as well, are 20 something white

women, half, or sexually alluringly, dressed, predominantly, is a

clear indicator of the increase in the rapidity of the blitzkrieg of

the populace’s minds, from slow to mo’. One positive thing I can say

is that, since my continual chiding of the advertisement industry for

a decade, they’ve decreased the use of kids in sexually suggestive

manners in advertising. So too, sadly salient points of the Vick

case, the increasing of mass, destruction and murder, use of dogs to

terrorize, gamble, and be abused and murdered, and the collateral

increases in crime and fascism, aren’t "a cultural thing", it’s part

and parcel of the corporate structure’s convolutions direction of

devolution, determining the extermination of humanity; dictating the

extinction of humanity and large mammals- and must be stopped now. As

consciousness raising groups like PETA are a voice for, defense for

all living, any and all life must grow to meet the challenges that la

muerte, the remocrat conspiracy has yoked us with; for genocide that

animals face, not afforded their skins, is more than just akin to the

genocides humanity face, in the corporate structure’s, la machine’s,

convolutions final solution for it, extermination; enforced by the

remocrat conspiracy- who’ve determined and dictated "we,…." are not

afforded, safe and allowed to be in, our skins. All life is integral

to humanities evolution, as they’re the threads that link every, in

the fabric of life, and protecting them is a good place to start.

For, the corporate structure has made a trap of this world, yet, all

life is in it, so "we…" can’t underestimate our responsibility;

that generations past have heaped on our heads and shoulders by not

acting on theirs, then. Be this day, what it is to be this day!

I’ve advocated in support of these issues since the beginning. Yet,

most supporters of an end to genocide, etc., in Darfur, and Sudan,

don’t realize that one of the main reasons it hasn’t been stopped is

that it provides a massive distraction to the genocide happening in

Iraq, etc., for the West, as well as providing a continual bad press

coverage scenario for Islam, which helps the supposed Christian

conspiracies bolster their ability to get young men to jump in to

body bags, and provide positive reinforcement for their supposed

reasons for enlarging their destroying Islam supposed Christian

global blitzkrieg unnecessary and unending war, etc..


It’s up to our military brothers, sons, uncles, fathers, sisters to

not continue collaborating with those who destroyed them into being

fascist cowards when they were kids, who now murder civilians at

least 20 % of the time in Iraq, to not accept criminally insane

orders, even if they must defend themselves by force, after refusing

them, etc.. The VAI, Veterans Against the Iraqi War, and other

groups with predominantly military personnel as membership, past and

present, are stepping up to testify in front of Congress, etc., about

the atrocities they witnessed, were forced to commit, and committed

against Iraqi civilians, their own, etc.. With the remocrat

conspiracies’ hoped for "unending unnecessary war" in imperialist

semi-colonization processes, regionally, for the corporate structure

(as opposed to the older model of national imperative at the

forefront) seeming to be more accepted, torture, genocide, etc., less

distasteful to the populace, and, especially the polity,

technocracies advances in the antisepticizing of those

genocidal processes, and the mercenizing of the military forces

involved, while overtly stealing exponentially more tax dollars they

provide the lessening of pressure to dictate a draft, smaller united

suck of assassins body counts, etc., we are seeing a sociological

programming to processing of humanity, especially in the usa,






this first stage of the extermination of humanity processes that the

corporate structure’s convolutions devolutionary directions

escalation of rate is wedded to, and the remocrat conspiracies

unending unnecessary supposed Christian global blitzkrieging war the

spike and front of, that rate of multiplicity and acceptance is

escalating beyond the evolutions capacity to struggle with, and,

therefore, second stage extermination is seriously begun, and the

dictated, ever increasing, unnatural disasters, whose increase in

number and severity are directly controlled and caused by the

remocrat conspiracy and all corporate agents and agencies who

collaborate in any and all of those processes, dividing and

conquering any and all populaces, while efficaciously militarizing

the world, e.g., the supposed "war on terror", by which they can just

exterminate, the old fashioned way, the future evolutionary rise in

humanities struggle against that totality of absolutist extermination

that never had to be, and could, still, even be stopped; which, in

conclusion, means, we have to struggle in every way, ever more, every

moment- for, this is the end they planned and determined, which they

think won’t cause the extinction of humanity and large mammals,

though, it will. A model that allows that potential for humanity to

rise, and, possibly, increases it, is the only one that can be

embraced, etc.. The fact that many states moved their caucuses up to

uber Tuesday, soon after the traditional first 4 caucuses, is a clear

indication of the conspiratorial denature of imperial politics, not

to forget a sign of the unreal times, etc.. Recently, predominantly,

the choice of each supposed side in the duopoly, for emperor or

empress, will be decided by then, about 9 months before the sham

election; making the processes more elitist, imperialist,

patriarchal, racist, classist, in totality, for the richest to have

the most chances of success and influence on all aspects on all the

processes- sadly. Yet, the increasing extremism of remocrats only

makes dempublicans look less insane, and, while it does a little

swing, taking away 3rd party voters, the dempublicans must shy away

from legitimizing the duopoly + collaboration with remocrats

more, ‘bipartisanship’, is what the remocrats hope for, legitimizing

them; don’t be their dope- fight ‘la machine’, be the human being.

All life are needed threads in the fabric of life. It’s almost too

late, the extinction of humanity and large mammals is racing towards

us from the future, determined by the path we’re on, seen on the

horizon, we must dispel ‘la machine’s’ survival and awaken to alival,

to be the evolution; dismantling the corporate structure’s

convolution’s direction of devolution. So, too, we keep in mind that,

you’ve paid for the extinction the corporate structure is dictating

take place by collaborating in their plans, with your tax dollars at

minimum, and by thinking you’re abdicating your responsibility when

you continually abdicate your power to politicians, although you

can’t. It’s not too late to take back the day, by turning 360 degrees

around, back to the evolution, dispelling the convolutions

devolutionary direction; and getting back to the future, we’ll only

have if you do! The multimedia conspiracy is doing their part in

other ways, as well, every 3 rd movie hitting the screens for wide

scale distribution is a police, intelligence community, or military

movie, some of them comedies, an odd combination, one would think, if

they didn’t see deeply enough; for, this is Hollywood’s way of adding

to the devolutionary sociological programming of young people to

revel in, or, at least, accept war and violence as good, if not

preferable, or, at minimum, necessary, etc., and the concurrent mixing of it with sex, s+m, bondage, rape, etc.. You can dispel that to a degree by communicating reality in every way, every moment of

everyday; will you?


Anyone who doesn’t know that the united suck of assassins gave the go

ahead to execute their plan for Georgia to goad Russia into military

action against Georgia, and, therefore, Georgia murdered Russian

Advisors, doesn’t know; this gives the remocrats the reinventing of

the ‘red menace’ before the elections; one of the gimmicks they’d

stoop to, I mentioned a couple of years ago. The longer Russia stays

in Georgia, the more effective it will be for the remocrats in the

elections, etc.. As well, the usa plans to place missile silos

surrounding Russia is obviously a plan to destroy it, and/or China,

Vietnam, etc.; what supposed rogue countries are they supposedly

protecting Europe from, Iran; please, they’re way to civilized to do

such a thing- and, we, are, obviously, not. We must continue to

pressure our gov’t as they might be able to switch from

the "unnecessary war" in Iraq to one they deem they can more readily

project as ‘necessary’, a war with Russia, etc.; although, the

stretching of our military too thin with the "unnecessary war"

suggests that they couldn’t fight a ‘necessary’ one now, anyway-

which is another big reason to not have unnecessary wars.

Again, if Barak were “being the change he wished to see in the world”, Mahatma Ghandi, wouldn’t he, this time, not follow the historical remocratic model of uber centralization of supposed power, where the parties choice for presidential hopeful chooses his running mate, when it was so clear that half the dempublican party chose Hillary for that spot, I said it 2 years ago, they both need each other; and won’t succeed without each other- please, don’t choose to loose, be the candidate that can.  The epitome of what is wrong with this country and Western civilization is, individually, in a word, false-ego, nihilistic narcissism, or narcissistic nihilism; at this point, bordering on criminal insanity, if not it- the undoing of humanity.  When will someone show they’re worthy to be a president by un-running for the un-presidency of the un-ited un-states of un-america; it would be unprecedented- they would promise to abolish the presidency, replacing it with an altered and more functional Congress?  That would insure to put an end to the imperial road to hell the united suck of assassins has paved for humanity so far!  As I stated only weeks after the anthrax attacks followed the purposely un-prevented 9-11-01 attacks, like military timed support for hurrying the usa into a war, it was the usa military who did it, Mr. Ivins, probably orchestrated it, threatened to expose this, and either the military threatened him back and he actually committed suicide, or, they murdered him and made it look like a suicide.  These are my thoughts, shared with a CA environmental group, Environment CA’s Leg. Director, when he inquired about his Presidential straw poll: “Should we not endorse, or endorse Obama?”  This is the worst time in recent American history to be on the fence, how can one be "neutral" when the republican conspiracy,

predominantly through pathological lying, has brought humanity far

along the corporate structure’s convolution’s devolutionary

direction, exterminating humanity on the way; while they say

they’re "not doing anything", etc.. For decades the republicans have

fabricated that global warming "doesn’t exist", "isn’t a bad thing",

etc., while tens of millions are ‘dying’ from the ‘natural disasters’

being more severe and more frequent, which the altering of weather

cycles has caused, from global warming, etc.; instead of the 1

million that used to die from it per year- and some will still say

that when it’s 100’s of millions ‘dying’ from it a year! If all you

can bring yourself, and/or your organization, to do is support

Barack, instead of a real change like Cynthia Mckinney, the Green

Party’s candidate for President, then, by sanity, and all means, please do it! Tolerance and cowardice aren’t the same thing.


Regardless of the avid and real criticism psychiatry has been getting from most quarters, supposed psychiatry, remocrats behaviorism, neuro-psychiatry, genetic psychiatry, etc., (as opposed to real psychology based on therapeutic interventions) is trying to stand firm with their criminal insane supposed business parading as medicine!  The remocrats are still trying to diagnose every kid, and would like to do that to everyone, the pharmacological industrial complex is aggressively seeking to brainwash everyone they can into taking chemical band-aids, at best, and, at worst, poison, more than ever.  Can you believe, some gamblers came up with "restless leg syndrome" to explain to their wives why they can’t sleep and have to get up and do things, like gamble; and some supposed psychiatrists and doctors jumped on the bandwagon.  Now they have a drug to prevent it, marketed on TV, although, no alcohol or prescription drugs should be, and guess what some of the side effects are, "may realize severe need to satisfy cravings and urges like gambling, hyper sexuality, etc..  So when hubby looses the nest egg on gambling, whoring and alcohol, and/or drugs, he now can blame his ‘disease’, his ‘restless leg syndrome’ (must be the third one); are any wives or girlfriends buying this shit that the pharmaceutical industries, psychiatrists, doctors and their cohorts, gamblers and adulterers, are selling?  As well, the latest double to triple speak coming out of those supposed psychiatrists are as follows: the 70’s psycho babblers were convinced they could find the "evil genes" that made people refuse to devolve into good and normal parts in la machine, and cut them out, etc., ergo labotomies, electric shock treatments, restraints, seclusion, etc., were on the rise- their actual thought processes were, ‘if they could just destroy the person enough, they would devolve into a homeostatic state of just functioning, which would be manageable by supposed society, etc..  For the last 2 decades they’ve been trying to bring back all those atrocious supposed interventions, albeit in "kinder and gentler forms"; with much success.  Also, ‘predisposition’ to, has been followed by ‘susceptibility’ to, trying any con they can come up with to get people to be complicit in their own destruction, by going along with those purveyors of states of autonomic living, coma and death.  It’s absolutely abhorrent, so much so that the usage of the medical business, instead of the medical profession, I’ve communicated for a few decades, no longer is appropriate, as they’re too criminal to able to be called businessmen, even.


As well, I and so many others, have been logically and rationally deducing and communicating on how the irrationality of the supposed "Iraqi plan to win" is so clearly evidence of the GOP’s criminal intent and insanity, proof that they’re traitors committing treason every moment, etc.; the latest most prominent proof of this is the coalition leadership proving it’s little more than a mercenary force for the autocratic, Sunni majority, led, Middle Eastern countries, bought and paid for in the decades long business relationship between the Bin Laden and Bush families, etc.; for, they’re arming and directing Sunni insurgent hit and death squads who are responsible for the atrocities against coalition, Sunni, Shiite troops and civilians for years. Because Iraq’s Arab neighbors want the Iraqi federation undermined, so, they can arm Sunni insurgent troops to try and take over the country now and after the coalition leaves, as well as force the coalition to leave if it doesn’t- a scenario becoming more unlikely over time. The continual, and undermining, attacks on many elements of the Al-Maliki led federation by the republican conspiracy here and abroad, are more proof, especially since they have concurred with the dempublicans for the immediate need for a plan of coalition troop withdrawal, etc., as are the usa arms shipments of 100’s of billions planned for Iraq’s Arab neighbors, Saudi Arabia, etc., even though it is well proven that these countries provide manpower, military arms, intelligence, financial aid, etc., to the Sunni insurgent groups that are killing coalition, etc., troops and civilians, etc.. Not to mention the fact that these arms shipments also prove that our mercenary purpose in the region is to dictate the continuous oppression of the Shiite minorities in those countries by the Sunni majority, and keep the autocratic dictators, monarchs, etc., in power through their premeditated mass-destroying and murdering of their own populaces middle to lower classes; as is well documented in the horrendous human and civil rights reviews those countries get from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, etc., every year, for decades, etc.. This is also part of the remocrat conspiracies grander plan to engineer unending, unnecessary war in the whole region, which they hope to morph into an uber global "unending" one against Islam, etc.; all from their success in making the unnecessary and "illegal" war in Iraq into an "unending" one- which, it’s beginning to seem like the usa populace is going to give them. Just like the usa populace knew it

wasn’t wise to sell most of our ports to those nations, etc., "we…"

hope they’ll struggle with the increasingly hawk accepting Congress

to stop these criminally insane arms and nuclear shipments; those

countries have no enemies to speak of, and no need for uber

militarization- their leaders hope to dictate on their countries,

like the remocrat conspiracy successfully dictated on ours, etc..


About reality

Also, thanx for signing my petitions, et al, please consider sharing them. Also, since Admin. of aren't allowing me to invite people to do my actions lately and are switching my urls for my petitions so when I invite people off their site they can't get to the petition either (ergo 3 possible urls for each petition), here's a few of my latest actions; do as few or as many as you'd like (there are 3 linx for each petition because admin. switches between the 3 of them so people trying to sign the petition can‘t get to it): This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Haiti disaster anniversary, please, do what you can: This petition on Haiti disaster anniversary:   This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Green, Indigenous, Native American, etc., actions: This petition on Green, Indigenous, Native American, acts:,_native_american_acts,_native_american_acts   This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Art/Act: celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, holiday: This petition on Art/Act: celebrate Dr. M.L. King, Jr.'s holiday:   This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Green; NA; the evolution; Civil, Human, LP, Prisoner's Rights; Poverty; etc..: This petition on Economically empower through advocacy:
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