North Coast Earth First! August 2008 Update

North Coast Earth First! August 2008 Update
North Coast Earth First!  No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth!
August 2008
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:: Fern Gully
:: Nanning Creek
:: Fundraisers
:: NCEF! Media
Hello Friends!
Well, it seems pretty official now, the new
management for the Humobldt Redwood Co.(HRC),
previously Pacific Lumber Co., has met with activsts
and assured them that the old growth trees on their
land holdings will be permanently protected!  This is
wonderful news to many, many people, and we’re very
grateful to Mike Jani, the new president of HRC, for
meeting face-to-face with activists and his willingness
to protect old growth groves.  The new HRC has also
pledged to stop the destructive practice of clear-
cutting, and has promised to amend the current
clearcut timber harvest plans to selective harvest! 
What a victory for the forest and people, and what a
happy ending to the Maxxam saga in Humboldt Co.,
CA!Local activists are going to keep on organizing,
holding non-violence trainings and action camps, and
North Coast Earth First! Media will continue to exist,
releasing more videos and continuing to keep the
public awareness of local issues as high as
possible.  There are other local lumber companies
who are still clearcutting, and there may even be
some hidden old growth out there, so organizing and
actions will continue, until they are no longer needed. 
Many of us believe that it’s just a matter of time and
effort until corporate industrial liquidation logging
practices are no longer tolerated, and we sincerely
hope that the new HRC will be a model for other
companies to follow.  Earth First!
Fern Gully
On Tuesday, August 12th, 2008, the new president of
Humboldt Redwood Co.(HRC) visited the Fern Gully
tree-village and promised the tree-sitters, face-to-face,
that the old growth redwoods in the grove would be
permenently protected!  It’s pretty official, I’d say, Fern
Gully is saved!  Many thanks to all the activists who sat
in and supported Fern Gully, which will now stand as
a monument to the effectiveness of non-violent civil
disobedience and direct actions, and as a home to
the varied wildlife of the area.  A big thanks to all of you
who have supported over the years, too, you made so
many things possible and doing it without you would
have been much more difficult…thank you!
Direct action gets the goods!
Nanning Creek
As with Fern Gully, the old growth redwoods in the
Nanning Creek tree-village will be permanently
protected, according to new Humboldt Redwood Co.
president Mike Jani.  Old growth trees will be
designated as "wilderness trees" for permanent
protection, and will also have a buffer zone of
protected trees around them.  Once again, many
thanks to all who risked their lives to sit up in the
branches of Spooner and other trees in Nanning
Creek, and a sincere "Thank you!" to all who have
supported throughout the years.  Spooner and
Nanning Creek are saved!  Last but not least, thanks
to Mike Jani for his willingness to protect old growth,
as policy for the new HRC, and for being willing to
meet with activists in person, on such a friendly
New Earth First! shirts on their way!
We’re almost out of Earth First! shirts, yet we have
another order on the way!  The next batch will include
a slightly lighter shade of green, so that the Earth First!
print stands out more, and we’ll also be getting
women’s Earth First! shirts, in purple.  Contact us now
to reserve your Earth First! shirt, and we’ll contact you
as soon as they arrive!
On another note, our first check from Linkshare was
mailed out on the 13th of August, so it seems that the
affiliate programs are working.  The Netflix offier is
definitely the hottest one, paying us $18 for every
person who signs up for their free trial!  If you’ve never
signed up for Netflix before, please use the link on our
website to do so now; you’ll be donating to Earth First!
and you can enjoy some educational and/or
entertainment from Netflix while you’re at it!
We also have many other affiliates now, so if you’re
planning on buying a new hard drive, camera, sheet
music, songs on iTunes, environmental products from
Real Goods, satellite radio service, or want to have a
good laugh with Mike Hanson of Rifftrax, please use
our affiliates page ( to help Earth First!
We also have our one-time PayPal donation button, as
well as the automatic monthly donation services,
starting at just $1 per month!  Last but not least, our
physical mailing address is located on our donations page (–8s4M_-gZQsOGODEPZChuG5AzTjrgrcsesz9p-FGy9-ZsQ==), for those of you who
want to mail in your support.  Thanks so much!  Earth
NCEF! Media
More videos coming soon!
Keep an eye out for more videos soon to be released
from North Coast Earth First! Media.  There’s still a lot
of archival footage to be covered, and now that the
NCEF! Media center has settled into its new location,
with only the phone/DSL as overhead, our resources
can go a lot further and into many more educational
projects.  Having the office in a more habitable
location also means more productivity, since it’s not
such a stress to spend time in the center to get work
done.  Our previous office was definitely bigger, yet the
heat and poor ventilation finally took its toll, so NCEF!
Media had to move.
We’ll continue to add to the website, produce videos,
publish updates, and offer services to local activists. 
Thanks, again, to all who have supported the efforts of
NCEF! Media specifically, and know that we get a lot of
comments on our online videos, so we’re reaching
people all over the world. 
We look forward to working with our friends in the
broadcast media field, and will continue to fend off the
yellow journalists who cynically distort the truth for
their own sick agendas (such as the North Coast
Be sure to check out and subscribe to our channel on
YouTube, as well as our iTunes podcast.  We also
have streaming video, thanks to our good friends at Streamguys (, and a
channel on (<br
Thanks again to all who have supported the NCEF!
Media project, and know that your donations will be
able to go much further from now on!  Earth First!
Forever Wild,
Shunka WakanNorth Coast Earth First! & NCEF! Media
———————————————email: northcoastearthfirst1@yahoo.comphone: (707) 822-1513web:
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North Coast Earth First! Media | P.O. Box 4646 | Arcata | CA | 95518-4646

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