Nader Team Acts: on Bill Maher Fri, Nat. Day of Act Thurs; etc..

Nader Team Acts: on Bill Maher Fri, Nat. Day of Act Thurs; etc..
See Ralph Nader speaking on the economic crisis now!
September 25, 2008

Yesterday in West Virginia, Ralph made no bones about what he thinks
of the current crisis, its origins — and Paulson’s bailout plan.

He’s been shut out of the major news media (he was on Democracy Now!
this morning) but I’ve made this video for you all to watch and to
promote. Please take a minute to subscribe to our YouTube channel as

Watch this video and send it to everyone you’ve been talking to about
the potential massive taxpayer bailout of Wall Street. This is why we
need Ralph Nader on the Presidential debates! Go to and get involved today.

Finally, thank you to everyone who packed the house at the University
of West Virginia’s Gluck Theater to participate in this event, and to
the hard working volunteers who made it possible.


Karen Kilroy
The Nader Team

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Nader on Bill Maher Friday, National Day of Action Thursday
September 24, 2008

While Obama and McCain squabble about whether to participate in the
two party-controlled CPD debate this Friday, we are moving forward
with our campaign to Let Ralph Debate. Since we know the national
media will cover every minor detail of the Obama/McCain squabble, we
are relying on your grassroots support to help get out our message of
opening up the debates.

See Action Items Below:

Our YouTube video of Nader debating McCain and Obama is #2 today on
news and politics, help forward it to everyone you know to drive it
to number 1.

Thursday we will have an op-ed from Ralph in USA Today calling for
opening up the debates. Please show it to your friends, relatives,
and neighbors.

We are also launching our national day of action tomorrow with phone
calls, letters and protests all across the country (please help us
forward the national day of action alert below).

On Friday, Ralph is scheduled to be on Real Time with Bill Maher at
11pm EST, 8pm Pacific giving his analysis on the debates.

Thanks to everyone who called Obama and McCain’s headquarters over
the last few days, their phone lines have been swamped, let’s work
together to ratchet up the pressure even more over the coming days.


Emily Przekwas
The Nader Team

ACTION ALERT: Help Open the Debates this Thursday, September 25th

The National Day of Action is going to happen across the country
tomorrow. Nader/Gonzalez supporters are setting up protests and
events in Colorado, California, Vermont, Ohio, Iowa, Arkansas,
Wisconsin, Georgia, New York and many other states.

Inform your community that the corporately funded Commission on
Presidential Debates discriminates against third party candidates and
independents. Visit for more information and
sample letters.

There’s still time to organize an event in your community and pass
out fliers. Check out our new National Day of Action Fliers by
clicking here.

Everyone can do something.
Here’s what you can do from your home state:

Make Phone Calls from 10a-2p Pacific/1p-5p Eastern to:

AT&T 1 800 283 6407 (Main corporate sponsor of the first debate)
Jim Lehrer 703-998-2170 (Moderator for First Debate)
PBS 703-739-5290 (Request for them to hold a REAL debate)
Commission on Presidential Debates 202-872-1020
Obama/Biden ’08 866-675-2008
McCain/Palin ’08 703-418-2008

Call and tell 5 friends to make these calls too!

Write a Letter to the Editor

Your Local Community Newspaper
The New York Times e-mail:
The New York Times fax line: (212) 556-3622
The New York Times US Mail: Letters to the Editor, The New York
Times, 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018

Organize a Protest at High Profile Locations

Media Headquarters (Local Newspaper, TV, Radio)
Financial Headquarters (Anything Related to Recent $700 billion
government bailout)
Government Building (Protest particularly ineffective
Democratic or Republican Headquarters
Make Posters, Flyers, or Handouts (You can print them out at

Please Send us pictures, or media from your day of action event to

Ralph Nader on Democracy Now! and … Exposing McCain’s Political
September 24, 2008

News Flash: Ralph Nader on Democracy Now! on Thursday. That’s this
coming morning, folks!

Ralph Nader will be Amy Goodman’s guest on Democracy Now! between
8:10 AM and 8:30 AM Eastern time on Thursday, September 25th. It
will be viewable live at or available via
podcast by 10 AM Eastern. Be sure to tune in!

Dear Nader/Gonzalez Supporter,

The campaign released this statement to the press on Wednesday,
September 24th. It’s Ralph’s reaction to the postponement of the
first CPD "debate." We thought you might be interested in reading it.


Senator John McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign and
participation in the first presidential debate is pure and simple
showboating. The Washington DC bailout by Bush and his Congressional
allies of the Wall Street crooks and speculators is not dependent on
Senator McCain’s return to Washington.

He has been an advocate of the deregulation that caused this debacle
and offers nothing significant to address it. However, tens of
millions of Americans depended on Senator McCain to show up at
Friday’s debate in Old Mississippi.

They expected him to do so and have arranged their plans to watch him
interact with Barack Obama. By turning his back on at least 50
million American voters anticipating Friday’s debate, he has
dishonored his commitment and undermined the respect which he hoped
the American people would accord him during his presidential campaign.

I urge him to restore his honor and self-respect by ending this
political stunt and maturely fulfilling his commitment on the
presidential debate stage this Friday.

Should he choose to maintain his present, impulsive course and leave
an empty chair on the stage, I would be most pleased to take his
place as the number three Presidential candidate in the race.

Limited Edition Autographed Nader ’08 Buffalo Shirts
September 23, 2008

Before the NFL season kicked off three weeks ago, we here at the
Nader Team decided that our mascot was going to be the American



Native American.

And we designed a campaign shirt (pictured here) with the buffalo on
the front.

And Nader 08 on the back.

Then, low and behold, we watched as the Buffalo Bills started their
season 3 and 0.

And we said to ourselves — this must have meaning.

We choose the Buffalo as our mascot.

The Buffalo Bills go 3 and 0.

And we’re looking for a three way Presidential race.

So today, we’re launching an exclusive offer for you — our loyal

For a donation of $100 to our campaign, we will ship to you the
Official Nader 08 Heavyweight 100 Percent Cotton Buffalo Campaign

Signed by the man himself — Ralph Nader.

The Nader Buffalo shirts come in all men’s and women’s sizes.

(To get the signed Buffalo t-shirt, you must choose your size and
make the purchase from our merchandise section here.)

It’s a limited edition offer.

The Nader Buffalo Shirts are destined to become a collector’s item.
So, act now.

And we’ll ship you this beautiful, heavyweight cotton t-shirt, so you
can wear it during the stretch drive to the election.

Say it loud.

Say it proud.

Ralph Nader in 2008.

Onward to November.

The Nader Team

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Paid for by Nader for President 2008

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Nader for President 2008 P.O. Box 34103 Washington, D.C. 20043 (202)
471 5833


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