Green Acts: DC Party: Reality Check @ Busboys & Poets 10-15; etc..

Green Acts: DC Party: Reality Check @ Busboys & Poets 10-15; etc..

DC ADVISORY Statehood Green Party hosts ‘Reality Check’ event at Busboys & Poets, Wed. Oct. 15


For immediate release:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Scott McLarty, DC Statehood Green Party Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624, cell 202-904-7614,

DC Statehood Greens to host ‘Reality Check’ party at Busboys & Poets for Statehood Green candidates, Wednesday, Oct. 15

• Meet candidates from DC’s ‘Second Party’; live music & food; reporters are invited

• Washington City Paper political blog gives David Schwartzman the highest rating of all At-Large Council candidates


WASHINGTON, DC — The DC Statehood Green Party will hold a campaign party on Wednesday, October 15, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Busboys & Poets restaurant, 14th Street and V Street NW (near the U Street Metro Station on the Green line).

Titled ‘Reality Check… for Nov. 4’, the event will be an opportunity to meet DC Statehood Green candidates and enjoy live music and refreshments.

Members of the media are invited. There is no admission charge. The event is not a fundraiser, although donations will be encouraged from supporters of the Statehood Green ticket.

Party activist Jenefer Ellingston, who organized the event, said "Come to hear solutions to DC’s misbegotten government from the alternative party not indebted to the corporate paymasters!"

The four Statehood Green candidates for local partisan office are:

• Louise Thundercloud, for Delegate to the US House of Representatives

• Joyce Robinson Paul, for US Statehood Representative

• Keith Ware, for US Statehood Senator

• David Schwartzman, for Council, At-Large

Also on the DC ballot will be the Green Party’s presidential nominees:

• Cynthia McKinney, for President of the United States

• Rosa Clemente, for Vice President of the United States

On October 8, Washington City Paper columnist ‘Loose Lips’ (Mike DeBonis) gave David Schwartzman the highest rating, an A, out of all seven candidates for the two At-Large seats on City Council for his performance at a recent candidates’ forum ( Mr. Schwartzman also received a positive write-up from The Washington Post on Sunday, October 12 (

The DC Statehood Green Party is now the District’s ‘Second Party’ in terms of electoral clout. Statehood Green candidates have collectively received more votes than Republicans in recent general elections for partisan office, even when the two parties have run the same number of candidates. In the 2006 election, the five Statehood Green candidates received a total of 47,421 votes, while the five Republican candidates received 32,658 votes (


DC Statehood Green Party

2008 Statehood Green candidates index

Green Party of the United States

Cynthia McKinney & Rosa Clemente on video

• Press conference, September 10 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC

• Speech in Denver, August 24:

• Music video (highly recommended):

• Rosa Clemente interview: Current TV/Rock the Vote





GP RELEASE On health care, Obama & McCain are bad news, McKinney & Green slate offer hope


For Immediate Release:

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624, cell 202-904-7614,

Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805,

Greens speak out on health care, comparing Obama & McCain’s rejection of Single-Payer/Medicare For All with their endorsement of the $700 billion bailout for Wall Street

• Only votes for Cynthia McKinney and other Green candidates will bring real health care reform closer to reality; Greens blast Obama ad for misrepresenting Single-Payer

WASHINGTON, DC — Green candidates and leaders, encouraged by an open letter from Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), called the Green Party the only hope for guaranteed health care for all Americans.

On October 6, PNHP ( published "Doctors to Candidates: Enact Single-Payer Health Reform," announcing that 5,000 physicians have signed an open letter challenging candidates to endorse the Single-Payer plan, also called Medicare For All (

• Joshua Drake, Arkansas Green candidate for Congress, 4th district ( "The Green Party’s presidential ticket and slate of candidates for Congress represent America’s best and only hope for real universal health care. Green nominees Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente support the Single-Payer/Medicare For All health plan. Barack Obama and John McCain don’t support it, because they’re dedicated to the same Wall Street interests that led them to endorse the taxpayer-funded $700 billion bailout for financial corporations. We’re telling voters, if you want real health care reform, the Green Party offers the only hope for guaranteed quality health care in America. Greens will fight for it long after the 2008 election ends, until we get Congress to enact a Single-Payer bill."

• Joyce Robinson Paul, DC Statehood Green Party candidate for US Statehood Representative ( "Barack Obama and John McCain would leave health care for most Americans under the control of corporate HMOs and insurance companies, which limit treatment in order to maximize their own profits. That’s why so many Americans with private health coverage wind up paying out of pocket anyway. Whether or not you have private health insurance, you can still suffer financial ruin because of a health emergency. Under Single-Payer, no one will go bankrupt because of illness or injury."

• Nan Garrett, co-chair of the Green Party National Women’s Caucus and a Georgia Green ( "Mr. Obama claims in a campaign ad that his health care plan avoids government-administered coverage, which would require higher taxes. This ad is misleading. It leaves out the fact that working people will pay far less for Single-Payer than for private coverage, because Single-Payer does away with profits for insurance and HMO middlemen, saving more than $300 billion every year. That’s enough to cover the uninsured and eliminate co-payments and deductibles for all Americans. Even more important, no American would be denied treatment because of inability to pay, employment, age, or a prior medical condition."

• Bob Kinsey, Green candidate for the US Senate in Colorado ( "It’s time to make health care a right for all Americans. Unfortunately, Obama and McCain insist on the right of the powerful insurance industry to make big money off our health. John McCain wants to end employer-based health coverage and replace it with private accounts, and his tax exemptions are in reality government subsidies for insurance firms and HMOs. Barack Obama wants heavy regulation of the insurance industry to expand coverage, but would compensate by establishing a health insurance ‘marketplace’ that would sustain the industry. Mandates, tax credits and incentives, and indirect subsidies are all based on appeasement of the private insurance lobbies, which contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to both Democrats and Republicans to make sure that corporate profits prevail over human needs. Neither Obama nor McCain will admit that private

insurance and HMO coverage is expensive, inefficient, inadequate, and unnecessary. No other country allows the profit-based insurance industry to control the health care system as the US does. Private health insurance is the core of the problem and must be eliminated, not subsidized, mandated, and protected as McCain and Obama propose.

• Rodger Jennings, Illinois Green candidate for Congress, 12th District ( "Whenever people who favor Single-Payer throw their support to anti-Single-Payer Democrats like Barack Obama, they are selling themselves and the health of our nation short. America will get true universal health care when a political party dedicated to Single-Payer — the Green Party — achieves major-party status. If a few Greens were elected to Congress, it would change the whole political landscape and put Single-Payer on the table, because Democrats and Republicans would no longer only be competing with each other. The real problem facing America isn’t the Republican Party, it’s the bipartisan pursuit of campaign dollars without concern for the health of all Americans."


Green Party of the United States

202-319-7191, 866-41GREEN

Fax 202-319-7193

• Green candidate database for 2008 and other campaign information:

• Green Party News Center

• Green Party Speakers Bureau

• Green Party ballot access page

Green Party information page on health care and the Single-Payer plan

Canadian study: ""Eroding Public Medicare: Lessons and Consequences of For-Profit Health Care Across Canada"






Help bring Cynthia McKinney to Washington, DC!

Green Party presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney has been invited to appear on NPR’s Weekend Edition with Scott Simon on Saturday, October 25, which would involve a visit to Washington, DC. Her trip will be an excellent opportunity for some campaign events in the DC area, as well as other interviews in the local and national media.

Since the McKinney/Clemente campaign doesn’t accept corporate contributions and doesn’t have the big campaign treasury that the Democrats & Republicans have, we need to raise some money for Cynthia McKinney’s travel expenses whenever she accepts an offer to do campaign appearances and interviews somewhere.

Can you help with a contribution that will bring Cynthia McKinney to Washington, DC? A campaign stop in DC will boost our numbers in the week before Election Day.

The DC Statehood Green Party is DC’s SECOND PARTY in elections now — we get more votes than the Republicans. There’s a chance for Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente to make history by coming in second in DC, ahead of Republican candidate John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Please contribute whatever you can to the Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clementer Power to the People campaign. You can contribute on line by visiting this page:

Or visit the McKinney/Clemente campaign web site and click on the DONATE link:

Thank you! Please forward this message to friends and other potential supporters of Cynthia McKinney, Rosa Clemente, and the DC Statehood Green Party’s slate of candidates.


PS Watch this music video on Cynthia McKinney and the Green Party featuring the Hip Hop group Some of All Parts

Here are some more videos of Ms. McKinney and Ms. Clemente:

Cynthia McKinney on video

• Music video:

Rosa Clemente on video

• Interview: Current TV/Rock the Vote


DC Statehood Green Party

Join the DC Statehood Green discussion & news list:

Join the list to receive press releases and important party announcements:

2008 DC Statehood Green candidates

• Joyce Robinson Paul, for US Representative

• David Schwartzman, for Council, At-Large

• Louise Thundercloud, for Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives

• Keith Ware, for US Senator

• Cynthia McKinney, for President of the United States

• Rosa Clemente, for Vice President of the United States





Sierra Club endorses Green Party candidate Jesse Johnson for WV Gov.

Forwarded by the Green Party of the United States

Jesse Johnson for Governor of West Virginia

West Virginia Mountain Party

Sierra Club News Release



Regina Hendrix, 304-343-5211

Jim Sconyers, 603-969-6712



Conservation Group Highlights Opposition to Mountaintop Removal, Praises Work to Protect West Virginia’s Environment

"We are very pleased to announce today that the Sierra Club WV Chapter endorses Jesse Johnson for West Virginia Governor," said Political Chair Regina Hendrix. "As the only gubernatorial candidate working for a statewide ban on mountaintop removal, we believe his candidacy will give West Virginians a chance to vote for a governor who is dedicated to helping West Virginia’s workers by promoting renewable energy and keeping our state clean.”

“Johnson showed how seriously he takes this issue by speaking to tens of thousands of people nationwide during the last year about the harsh realities of mountaintop removal. His plan for the economy proposes tax breaks and incentives for businesses using renewable energy technology and he has urged that citizens be given a dividend from taxes generated from non-renewables such as coal and natural gas. Unfortunately, Governor Manchin’s support of mountaintop removal has kept West Virginia from moving towards a clean energy future that would benefit the economy and the environment.”

Mountaintop removal mining is a destructive form of coal mining that has already buried more than 1,200 miles of streams and threatens to destroy 1.4 million acres of land by 2020. The mining poisons drinking water, lays waste to wildlife habitat, increases the risk of flooding and wipes out entire communities.

“Johnson shares many of the conservation principles that the WV Sierra Club stands for,” said WV Conservation Chair Jim Sconyers. “He understands the energy crisis, the need to transition from coal to renewable energy, and the looming threat of global – and local – climate change. And he is dead set against taking away West Virginia citizens’ land for the sake of building huge power lines that do not benefit West Virginia in any way.”

“The Sierra Club also praises Johnson’s opposition to proposed new electric transmission lines,” said Jim Kotcon, Chair of the WV Sierra Club’s Energy Committee. “These lines would allow private, out-of-state electric companies to take private property from West Virginia citizens primarily so those companies can make exorbitant profits by gouging local electric ratepayers. Unfortunately Governor Manchin supports this bad deal for West Virginia. Is that what Manchin means by "Open For Business"? Instead of supporting environmental destruction and higher taxes, Johnson says he will work to derail these lines. That is what West Virginia needs.”

Along with the endorsement, the Sierra Club will lend its volunteer strength to Johnson’s campaign. We look forward to a victory party for the environment on election night and to many years of Jesse Johnson fighting for the environment as Governor of West Virginia."


About reality

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