Jim Crow is Back

Jim Crow is Back

Dear James,

Jim Crow is back.


The sinister spirit of hateful Jim Crow laws, established in the previous century to keep African Americans in the South from voting, is resurfacing across the country. A new generation of partisan special interests is working to disenfranchise people they view as a threat to their political power in the 2008 elections.

That is why I am writing to you with great urgency and asking you to help us fight back against this assault on our democracy by joining the League of Women Voters, with a gift of $25, $35, $55 or more today.

It is critical for the League — as the number one advocate for your voting rights — to take immediate action to ensure the integrity of your vote and the 2008 elections.

So I’m reaching out to citizens like you all across the country because at this very moment, some politicians are engaged in an orchestrated, election year effort to cut many Americans out of the democratic process. In Congress, state legislatures, and at the local level, the powers that be are attempting to pass discriminatory laws that require voters to show photo identification at the polls. And now the U.S. Supreme Court has joined in these efforts, with its recent decision to uphold Indiana’s blatantly discriminatory voter ID law.

Heralded by its supporters as a much-needed defense against voter fraud, the photo ID requirement is the 21st century version of Jim Crow.

With the 2008 elections looming, only the League has the independence, credibility, and grassroots strength to take on the entrenched political interests that are trying to hijack the election process for their own partisan ends.

Our opponents will only succeed if people of principle like you and me sit on the sidelines and let them win. It’s time to put Jim Crow back where he belongs — in the history books. Please help the League get the job done by becoming part of the League of Women Voters today.


Mary G. Wilson

President, LWVUS

P.S. By becoming part of the League of Women Voters today, you will send a powerful message to the powerbrokers and government insiders who are working to manipulate the vote for partisan gain. Please join today!

Copyright © 2008 League of Women Voters, 1730 M Street NW, Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20036-4508.

All Rights Reserved.


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