Nuke news bad news: India deal passes * WAND Bulletin 10-08

Nuke news bad news: India deal passes * WAND Bulletin 10-08

Nuke news is bad news: India deal passes * WAND Bulletin Oct. 2008

Women’s Action for New Directions | Women. Power. Peace | October 2008

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The Great American Pie Campaign is on the road again! Here’s Bobbie Wrenn Banks at the International Peace Museum in Dayton, OH.


Double your donation, double your impact for women, power, and peace.

A dollar for dollar match! THANK YOU!

Until the end of 2008, double every dollar of your donation to WAND.


Capitol Hill Update, October 2008 WAND public policy director Marie Rietmann reports on the sad news of the passage of the India nuclear deal:

Thank you to the many WAND and WiLL members who responded to our requests to contact Congress. The arms control community was a significant speed bump on the road to passage.

More information about the deal here.

Send a message to your Senators and Representative: Thanks or no thanks

WAND and the arms control community did a great deal of work on the India deal. Staff in one Hill office that we work closely with said, "We all worked our hearts out on this, and for a very long time. Thanks for all that you folks did, I think we have a lot to be proud of."


Marie would also like you to know about one of our favorite documents:

The Unified Security Budget

A new version just hit the streets; it’s a great, fresh, and wise take on what it means to make a country "secure."

The summary: A non-partisan task force of military, homeland security, and foreign policy experts laid out the facts of the imbalance between military and non-military spending. The ratio of funding for military forces vs. non-military international engagement in the Bush administration’s proposed budget for the 2009 fiscal year has widened to 18:1 from 16:1 in the 2008 fiscal year.

Find the full report here. From the executive summary:

Since 2004, the annual Unified Security Budget report has outlined and promoted a rebalancing of resources funding offense (military forces), defense (homeland security), and prevention (non-military international engagement, including diplomacy, nonproliferation, foreign aid, peacekeeping, and contributions to international organizations.)

FINDING: This year that goal has entered the realm of conventional wisdom. During the past year, the foreign policy establishments representing defense, diplomacy, and development have all converged to support a rebalancing of security spending.


Federal Budget


The bailout. The rescue. The financial meltdown.

It’s been a fun ride. Watching the Democrats and the Republicans jockey for credit and lay blame; watching the stock market careen up and (mostly) down; watching people suddenly realize that these things matter: federal budget unwatched, capitalism unregulated…

Our immediate reactions: yes, $700 billion is a lot! And it’s about what we spend on our military EVERY YEAR. Pay attention!

And when we spend that on our military, we’re messing up the economy even more. We’re investing in permanent war; wasting money on outmoded weapons systems that don’t help with today’s threats; ruining the environment; and NOT investing in the things that make us healtheir and more prosperous.

So all of a sudden, we can find $700 billion for this crisis. How many other dire needs have we tried to get funded — to no avail? Childhood obesity, which leads to chronic diseases; bridges and levies that fall down and kill people; people who can’t afford to visit the doctor; and you know the rest…

We can change this. YOU can change this. Take action this November.

Yikes! The media has perked up its ears when it comes to the economy; the federal budget; and the outrageous military budget. We’re trying to keep up with it all — happily. More about these articles here.

– Insider’s Projects Drained Missile-Defense Millions Thanks to allies in Congress, a midlevel worker extracted nearly $350 million for items the Pentagon did not want.

– Palin’s Kind of Patriotism

– Let’s Just Say You Had $700 Billion to Spend

– The American Empire’s $650 Billion Bailout Already Passed Congress

– Making some sense of $700b

– Saving the U.S. Economy Through "Trickle Up" Economics

– Pentagon Wants $450 Billion Increase Over Next Five Years

– Personnel Shortfall Slows State Department

– Amusing, but Not Funny

A country that refuses to properly educate its young people or to maintain its physical plant is one that has clearly lost its way. Add in the myriad problems associated with unnecessary warfare and a clueless central government that wastes taxpayer dollars by the trillions, and you’ve got a society in danger of becoming completely unhinged.

– US generals planning for resource wars


Women’s voices


November 4: Here it comes!

Get out the vote. Host a party. Spread the word. Take action!

Host a house party to watch the last debate.

Domestic and Economic Issues | Wednesday, Oct. 15, 9pm EDT

Download "How to host a party: A quick guide"

A house party is a great way to bring together friends, family and neighbors to discuss important and urgent issues.

Voter Guide: Comparing the Candidates on Foreign Policy

Download the one-page guide to comparing candidates’ views

Join the conversation on our election blog!

WAND Election08 Blog

And, some election resources on our web site

For more that you can do to help empower women’s vote for peace, see


A wonderful visit from Helen Caldicott, October 1, 2008

WAND was delighted to host an intimate evening with the woman who was the original inspiration for the organization. We gathered to mingle, share our stories, and hear some words from Helen on the occasion of her 70th birthday.

It was a wonderful evening full of laughter, outrage, and hope. More photos here!


Oregon WAND Sponsors Atomic Bomb Photo Exhibit

Hiroshima/Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Photo Exhibit | Oct. 1- Nov. 30

Portsmouth, OR

The exhibit features photos from Hiroshima and Nagasaki — "Vanished Cities." This ad is running in local papers to announce the exhibit. Funding for the ads is provided by the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

The evening reception drew 45 folks to hear Hideko Tamura Snider, a survivor of the bombing. Tamura gave a first-hand account about surviving the horrors of this weapon. Reports say "There was not a dry eye in the crowd." Mayor Kitty Piercy described the Mayors for Peace campaign.

Here are the stars of Saturday evening. Hideko Tamura Snider, our Mayor Kitty Piercy, and Oregon WAND chair, Susan Cundiff. More photos here.


WAND participated in Million Doors for Peace on 9/20/08

Atlanta WAND knocked on its share of the Million Doors for Peace campaign,a national day of action on September 20, 2008. Here are Darci from the WAND office and Lydia Cornelius.


More voter registering!

WAND took voter registration canvassing to the Pittsburgh community, Atlanta, GA on September 27, 2008.


The Pie is on the road and headed to Mississippi!

Bobbie Wrenn is on the road again with the Great American Pie Campaign in Mississippi from October 26-30. She will be in Oxford, Tupelo, Columbus and Jackson. For more information on planned events, please contact Kathy Robinson, (202) 544-5055 ext. 2605

The Great American Pie Campaign traveled through Ohio

More photos from the Ohio trip!


Nuclear Notes


All about the India nuclear deal this month. Sadly. More about these articles here.

– A Bad India Deal

– Senate Backs Far-Reaching Nuclear Trade Deal With India

– Debate on Indo-US nuclear deal in US House: Who said what (Compilation of Congressional comments on the deal)

– NPR runs series on current state of Missile Defense

– New and Unnecessary

…The Pentagon became concerned about “aging” warheads only after it could not persuade Congress to finance a new “bunker buster” weapon to go after deeply buried targets. The nation’s nuclear weapons labs have long been lobbying for a new challenge to lure a new generation of nuclear scientists. But nuclear weapons cannot be a jobs project.


Iraq’s endless war…

More about these articles here.

– Nearing the End

– New US Intelligence Report Warns ‘Victory’ Not Certain in Iraq



More about these articles here.

While this piece reports good news, WAND public policy director Marie Rietmann comments: "After the statements were made that are in the article, the prime sponsor of H.Con.Res. 362, Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY), proclaimed his intention to reintroduce the bill in the next Congress. So we’re not out of the woods yet!"

– In Reversal, Democrats Shelve Iran Resolution

– The President Who Will Deal With Iran


Faith in Action


At WAND we have been working hard to create a new resource for people of faith that helps them to discern the roles that congregations can play in legal, non-partisan election activities.

We are pleased to announce that "In Times of Great Decision: How Congregations Can Take Part in Legal, Non-Partisan Election Activities" is now available for use in your community of faith. Click here to check it out.



WiLL President Sen. Nan Grogan Orrock Named "Best Local Politician"!

Nan’s a State Senator in Georgia, and a spitfire with a long history in fighting the good fight — civil rights, women’s rights, labor, and more. We congratulate her on being the best of Atlanta 2008!

Ideas, visions, resources for a better world

Are new nuclear bargains attainable?

A new report by Deepti Choubey of the Carnegie Endowment

Through discussions with sixteen foreign ministries of important non–nuclear-weapon states, Choubey provides a “reality check” on the environment in which U.S. officials seek to advance their nonproliferation agenda, offers a step-by-step approach to engage states without weapons, and explains what non–nuclear-weapon states want and how they can maximize their own agenda by responding to positive signals from the United States.


Be part of a powerful community of women and men leading our country to a secure future!

* To join using a credit card online, click here.

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In the Field: Chapter and Partner Events across the country

For more information, go to the Chapter Page of the News Bulletin on the WAND site.


















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Washington, DC



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