gpva-discuss digest, Vol 1 #1051 – 3 msgs

gpva-discuss digest, Vol 1 #1051 – 3 msgs
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Today’s Topics:
   1. Acts: NOW STOP EXECUTION OF TROY DAVIS scheduled 10-27; etc.. (James M Nordlund)
   2. Big Big News: Live Al Gore Webcast! (James M Nordlund)
   3. AAUW Action Network: Protect Your Vote (James M Nordlund)
Message: 1
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 21:08:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: James M Nordlund <>
Subject: [gpva-discuss] Acts: NOW STOP EXECUTION OF TROY DAVIS scheduled 10-27; etc..
Please join the online campaign to STOP THE EXECUTION! FREE TROY DAVIS NOW!
Fill in Online Form
Tell Gov. Perdue and the Georgia Pardons and Parole Board:
On Monday, October 27, Troy Davis, an African American on death row in Georgia, is scheduled to be legally lynched by the state of Georgia. Davis was convicted in the 1989 killing of a police officer despite what Amnesty International calls "overwhelming doubts about his guilt." No physical forensic evidence was presented at Davis’ trial, and 7 of the 9 witnesses have recanted their testimony, with at least two saying they were pressured by police to finger Davis as the killer. Yet on October 14 the Supreme Court refused to allow a new hearing in his case. TAKE ACTION NOW using the link below to let the Georgia Parole Board, Governor, Legislature, and congressional delegation as well as President Bush, Senators Obama and McCain, U.N. Secretary-General Ban, Congressional leaders and members of the media know you demand No Execution of Troy Davis!
To fill in the online form, go to: 
Your messages will go to hundreds of public officials, including the Governor of Georgia, the entire Georgia legislature, each member of the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles, the full Georgia Congressional delegation, as well as President Bush, Senators Obama and McCain, Congressional leaders, U.N. Secretary-General Ban, and national and local media representatives.
The text of the message reads as follows (you will have the opportunity to edit it if you wish):
To: Governor Perdue, Georgia Pardons and Parole Board, Georgia Legislature, Georgia Congressional Delegation, Senators Obama and McCain, President Bush, Congressional Leaders, U.N. Secretary General Ban
cc: members of the media
On Monday, October 27, Troy Davis, an innocent man, is scheduled to be executed unless you act to prevent it. He was convicted solely on witness testimony, and 7 of the 9 witnesses have since recanted, many alleging that police coerced them into making false statements.
I join with millions in the US and around the world in demanding that you Stop the execution of Troy Davis. Innocence matters to me. Justice matters to everyone.
I urge you to act now.
International Action Center
c/o Solidarity Center
55 W 17th ST #5C
New York, NY 10011
Anyone can subscribe.
Send an email request to
Subscribing can also be done on the Web at
Troy Davis Global Action Day
Dear E-Abolitionists,
First, a correction.  In the message sent this past weekend, we applauded Iran for announcing that that country would stop executing juvenile offenders.  To clarify, Iran has banned the execution of minors for drug-related crimes, but will still allow the sentence to be imposed against juveniles convicted of murder, according to a statement made by Iran’s Assistant Attorney General for Judicial Affairs Hossein Zabhi on Saturday.
And now on to the Troy Davis update.
Activists and lawyers are working around the clock to stop the scheduled execution of Troy Davis from happening on October 27.  New appeals were filed yesterday.  The time is now to attend actions and contact public officials (contact info listed at the bottom of this message).
Amnesty International has issued a call for a Global Day of Action set for today (Thursday, October 23) in conjunction with a large rally at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta to stop the execution of Troy Davis. The rally will begin at 6 PM.
The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
supports this initiative and is encouraging all of our members, supporters and allies to participate in some way. 
If you can attend the rally in Atlanta, please do so. If not, find an action in your community and attend.  Those we know of are listed below.
Also scroll down to the bottom of this email for contact info of Georgia public officials you can contact.
Here is a list of scheduled actions:
206 Washington Street SW
*Reverend Al Sharpton, National Action Network
*Larry Cox, Executive Director Amnesty International
*Steve Hawkins, NAACP Executive Vice President
*MC’d by Lorraine Jacques White, radio host on WAOK
Sponsored by Amnesty International, NAACP and National Action Network
For more info call 404-876-5661 x13
SOLIDARITY ACTIONS (See below for full announcements):
*Washington, DC
*New Hampshire
*New York
Thursday, October 23, 4 PM
Solidarity Rally for Troy Davis
Memorial Union, Arizona State University
Contact  or
Solidarity Rally for Troy Davis
Desert Sun, 750 N. Gene Autry Trail
Thursday, Oct. 23 noon
More info:
Join the Global Day of Action for Troy Davis
Thursday, October 23rd
5:00 pm, Powell and Market, San Francisco
Help us gather petition signatures
Speak out on the day of the scheduled execution
Stand in solidarity with Troy
Monday, October 27th
3:00 pm, Federal Building, 450 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco
Stand in solidarity with Troy
For more info call: 510-394-8925
Sponsored by the CEDP and Death Penalty Focus
Action at Old Town Square, Fort Collins
Th. Oct. 23, 4 PM
More info:
Columbia Heights: Th. Oct. 23, 6 PM
STAND FIRM FOR JUSTICE: Solidarity Rally for Troy Davis
Corner of 14th St. and Park Rd. NW (the paved triangular area), right by the Columbia Heights Metro.
Howard University: Th. Oct. 23, 12:30 PM
Solidarity Rally for Troy Davis
Outside Douglass Jall, by flagpole
More info:
Atlanta: 10-26-08, 6 PM
Prayer rally for Troy Davis and Friends of God Concert
Immanuel Baptist Church, 644 Memorial Drive
More info: Pastor George,
Kennesaw: Oct. 23, noon
Emergency SpeakOut to Save Troy Davis
Campus green, Kennesaw State University
GET ON THE BUS! Passenger vans will be transporting students and others to/from Kennesaw State University to the 6
PM downtown rally at the capitol. Seats reserved on a first-come/first-served basis.
Call 607-280-4070 to reserve your seat now. More info: call Matt at 404-452-2697
Chicago: October 23, 5:30 PM
Speak-out for Troy Davis!
DePaul University Student Center, 2250 N. Sheffield
March to Quad for candlelight vigil
Sponsored by Amnesty International–DePaul Chapter and Midwest Regional Office; Campaign to End the Death Penalty; DePaul Students Against the Death Penalty; and National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression
Contact  for more info.
Monday, October 27 5 PM
Speak-out to Save Troy Davis!
Federal Plaza, Adams & Dearborn
For more info contact the Campaign to End the Death Penalty at  or 773-955-4841
Monday, October 27 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Protest the execution of Troy Davis on the campus of Muskegon Community College
Muskegon, MI
More info:
Th. Oct. 23, 3 PM
Vigil at the corner of Wheelock and Main, across from the Hanover Inn
Hanover, NH
More info: 603-448-4655 or
Day of Action NYC:
US Supreme Court denies justice for Troy Davis & lifts stay of execution!
What: Demonstration for Troy Davis
When: Thursday, October 23rd at 5.30 PM
Where: 33rd Street and 8th Avenue – SE corner (NYC)
Who: Campaign to End the Death Penalty, Amnesty International, American Civil Liberties Union.
Why: October 14th, the US Supreme Court denied Georgia death row prisoner Troy Davis’ request for a new trial. The
decision was a cruel answer to Troy and his family who were hoping the Court would review the facts and
circumstances surrounding his unjust conviction. Troy was convicted without physical evidence — instead, the case
against him relied on witness testimony. However, since his conviction 7 of the 9 witnesses have recanted their
testimony at trial.
Troy’s case has become an important battleground for all those who are concerned about the unfairness of a legal
system that routinely sends the poor and minorities to prison without due process. Concerns about Troy’s case have
prompted a wide range of individuals from across the world to call for a halt to his execution. From former President
Jimmy Carter to Rev. Desmond Tutu, people concerned with justice have been organizing on Troy’s behalf.
JOIN US! Join the tens of thousands who demand justice for Troy Davis!
Demonstration this Thursday, 33rd Street and 8th Avenue (NYC).
More info: Alyce Stark,; Jamie Wood,; or Lee Wengraf, .
Th. Oct. 23, 5:30 PM
Rally for Troy Davis
Lehigh University Bookstore (on Morton Street).
More info:
Th. Oct. 23, 2 PM
Candlelight Vigil for Troy Davis
Shippensburg University
In front of Ezra Lehman Memorial Library
Sponsored by Amnesty International–Shippensburg University
More info:
Sunday, October 26, 2 PM
Rally and demonstration in support of Troy Davis
Federal Courthouse, W. Brambleton Ave. between Granby and Monticello
Sponsored by Old Dominion University and Hampton Roads Amnesty International Group
For more info, call (757)515-9520 or email
Thursday, Oct. 23, 4 PM
Rally in support of Troy Davis
College of William & Mary, in front of the Wren Building
Sponsored by the William & Mary chapters of the Students for the Innocence Project, the Black Law Students
Association, Amnesty International and the American Civil Liberties Union.
More info:
Th. Oct. 23, 6:30 PM
Candlelight Vigil for Troy Davis
Westlake Plaza
Sponsored by Amnesty International Local Group 4
More info: 206-713-5685
Oct. 23, 4:30 PM
Solidarity vigil for Troy Davis
Court of Justice
Sponsored by Amnesty International
Th. Oct. 23, 5:30 PM
Vigil in front of US Embassy
More info: Aude Exertier, Anti Death Penalty Coordinator, AI Canada (French section)
Th. Oct. 23, 6 PM
Rally in front of the Belfort Court of Justice
Th., Oct. 23, 8:30 PM
Rally/Die-in at La Place Saint-Michel
Sa. Oct. 25
Candlelight vigil in front of the cathedral
Th. Oct. 23, 6 PM
Rally in front of the US Consulate
Th. Oct. 23
Vigil at the U.S. Embassy (Grosvenor Square)
Sponsored by Amnesty International
*Text message "TROY" to 90999 to send a message to the Board of Pardons and Paroles.
*Write a letter to the editor.
*Call on Georgia public officials to stop Troy’s execution
Chairman Gale Buckner
State Board of Pardons and Paroles
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, SE
Suite 458, Balcony Level, East Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4909
Telephone: (404) 657-9350; 404-656-5712 or 404-651-8502
Fax: 404-651-6670; (404)651-8502; (404) 651-5282; (404) 463-6627
Or fax or email a message through Amnesty’s Web site:
Thurbert E. Baker
Office of the Attorney General
40 Capitol Square, SW
Atlanta, Ga 30334
Phone:(404) 656-3300
Fax:(404) 657-8733
Spencer Lawton, Chatham County District Attorney
Chief Assistant District Attorney David Locke
133 Montgomery Street
Savannah, Georgia 31401
Phone: (912) 652-7308
Fax: (912) 652-7328 or (912) 447-5396
Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue
Office of the Governor
Georgia State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334
Thank you for taking this action.
Yours in the Struggle,
PS – Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has essentially said (once again) that evidence of innocence is irrelevant when it comes too late in the process, the challenges and opportunities faced by our movement could not be more clear.  Please help increase NCADP’s capacity to act by making a tax-deductible contribution right now.
PPS – ALSO, please remember that you can also support NCADP through workplace giving as well! The 2008 Combined Federal Campaign kicked off in September, and you can designate NCADP (through CFC code: 11946) to receive your support. Please see  for more details.
Message: 2
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 00:59:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: James M Nordlund <>
Subject: [gpva-discuss] Big Big News: Live Al Gore Webcast!
Big Big News: Live Al Gore Webcast!
On October 29th at 8pm Eastern, Al Gore will be speaking to Power Vote groups across the country in a live webcast! 
This is huge.
Gore will be acknowledging your incredible work on the Power Vote campaign, driving home the extraordinary importance of young people taking action to halt our Climate Crisis, and calling us to hold our elected officials accountable for repowering America through our voice and our VOTE on November 4.
Right now nothing is more important than seizing the opportunity to fight global warming at the most important possible battleground: the ballot box.  And no one understands this more than the world’s leading clean energy advocate and our favorite Nobel Peace Laureate.
We’re going to be kicking off 6 days of hard core Get Out the (Power) Vote campaigning between October 29 – November 4, and Gore’s talk with all of us will be an incredible and inspiring launch pad for action.  But even before the 29th, we have some work to do.  We need all of you to organize viewing parties in every city and on every campus in the United States.
Invite friends to your dorm room, reserve a classroom on campus, work with campus or local environmental groups, get a local movie theater to let you use it for the night, or find a projector and the side of a building…
When Mr. Gore is finished, take the opportunity with your captive audience to strategize your plan of attack for Getting Out the (Power) Vote in your local community in the days leading up to November 4.
We’ll have everything you need (including sexy Power Vote door hangers!), and for the first 100 viewing parties that register your pizza tab is going to be picked up by us! 
Please join us on our national conference call Wednesday, October 22nd, 9:00 PM EDT for all the details.  Number: (319) 279-1000, Code: 1050724*
We want to specifically say thank you to Al Gore and our great friends and partners at the Alliance for Climate Protection for making this happen.  We’re so excited to see the unprecended number of (Power) Votes cast this election and to truly begin to Repower America!
Very sincerely,
Jessy Tolkan
Director, Power Vote
Energy Action Coalition is a youth-led coalition of 49 organizations working together to fight for a clean, just and renewable energy future. For a list of Energy Action Coalition partners, please visit our Energy Action Partners page.
Message: 3
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 01:04:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: James M Nordlund <>
Subject: [gpva-discuss] AAUW Action Network: Protect Your Vote
Protect Your Vote More Info
Election Day is less than two weeks away. You have been preparing for months to ensure that women’s voices and issues are heard on November 4; now is the time to make sure your vote is counted.
Be Sure That You Are Registered to Vote
Be sure that you are registered to vote. Visit the National Association of Secretaries of State website at to check whether or not you are registered to vote at your current address. If you know that you are not registered to vote, or that your address needs to be updated, you can register to vote online. Voter registration deadlines in some states have already passed. See a list of voter registration deadlines for all states here.
If you won’t be able to make it to your polling place on Election Day, request an absentee ballot. The League of Women Voters Education Fund’s website has an online absentee ballot request tool. You can also visit for more information.
Some states have already begun early voting, where you can vote in person, without an excuse, in advance of Election Day. Contact your state election office to see if this is an option in your state, and avoid the lines on Election Day.
Be Prepared on Election Day
Find your polling place ahead of time. You can locate your local polling place using your zip code at or
Find out which forms of ID your state requires by visiting the Election Protection website at, and make sure to bring those forms of ID with you.
Know Your Rights
If you are an eligible voter, you have the following rights:
If your name is not on the official voter list but you believe you are eligible to vote in that precinct, even if an election official challenges your vote, you have the right to cast a provisional ballot.
If you are in line when the polls close, you are entitled to vote no matter how long it takes to get to the booth.
In many states, employers must allow you time to vote at some point during the day. You can’t be fired for being late due to long polling lines. Check your personnel policies with your employer.
You have the right to vote without being intimidated by anyone.
Visit the Election Protection website at for more information on your rights.
Know the Issues
Find out where the candidates stand on issues important to women and girls. AAUW’s voter guides will help voters make informed decisions on where candidates in the presidential race and in hot congressional races stand on AAUW issues.
AAUW’s Congressional Voting Record for the 110th Congress gives our members and the public critical information about how all members of Congress voted on AAUW priority issues.
Encourage Others to Vote
Make voting a social outing; bring your friends and neighbors with you to vote.
Wear your "I Voted" sticker the rest of the day to show your coworkers that you voted, and encourage them to vote, too.
Forward this alert to your friends and family.
What if Something Goes Wrong?
First, document it. If there are specific individuals challenging your right to vote, intimidating voters, or interfering with the process, try to get their names. Write down exactly what happened, including the time of day, descriptions of the people involved, and any other details you can remember. A cell phone camera could be very useful in this process, if you have one.
Then, report it. There are many organizations that will be working to respond quickly to complaints of voter intimidation, suppression, and fraud. Here’s who to call.
1-866-OUR-VOTE. This hotline has been set up by the nonpartisan Election Protection coalition to ensure that all voters have an equal opportunity to participate in the political process. They have hundreds of lawyers standing by to immediately respond to problems at the polls. Call as soon as possible after you encounter problems.
Voters who believe they have been the victim of racial discrimination in voting should contact the U.S. Department of Justice at 1-800-253-3931 in addition to the 866-OUR-VOTE number.
For more information, visit AAUW’s Voter Education Campaign. Together, we can ensure women’s voices and issues are heard on Election Day.
Washington Update is AAUW’s free, members-only weekly e-bulletin. It offers an insider’s view on the legislative process, the latest policy news, resources for advocates, programming ideas, and updates from the Public Policy and Government Relations Department. To stay up-to-date on all issues important to our mission, all AAUW members, including college and university partners, are encouraged to subscribe to Washington Update by emailing
AAUW’s blog, AAUW Dialog, provides timely commentary on current news and events and the way they relate to AAUW’s mission. Share your thoughts and stay up-to-date on all the latest news by subscribing to the AAUW blog RSS feed.
Read the 2007-2009 AAUW Public Policy Program.
Become a member of AAUW, and join a powerful network of educated women.
I want to strengthen AAUW’s voice with policy-makers! Contribute now.
The 2009 AAUW Convention is scheduled for June 26-28, 2009 in St. Louis, MO. Please remember to plan for convention in your 2009 budget, put it on your calendar, and join us in St. Louis!
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