Acts: Elect Alert 2- SNAFU; etc.. Acts: Elect Alert 2- SNAFU; etc..
Election Day Alert 2 – SNAFU
"Dire warnings of chaos at ballot boxes, fueled by weeks of legal
battles and political skirmishing, largely evaporated yesterday as
voting proceeded with relatively few problems and only limited
disputes at polling places nationwide."

That is what the Washington Post initially reported four years ago on
Election Day, 2004. The story changed very quickly.

This time around, the news media are again downplaying voting rights
violations. Yet the truth is, whoever wins the presidency tonight
(and it certainly looks like Obama will be the victor), today’s
election was deeply flawed. Here are some of the early reports . . .

FLORIDA: Optical Scanning Machines are Malfunctioning
Well, it’s election day and that means there are problems in
Florida. This year’s issue: optical scanning machines. There are
numerous reports going into Election Protection about optical
scanning machines not working, and ballots having to be fed into
secure boxes that will be counted later. See:

VIRGINIA: Election monitors call for extension of VA voting hours
An election monitoring group is asking officials in Virginia to
address reports of massive voting machine failures and voters being
turned away from polls, and it may go to court if no action is taken.

PHILADELPHIA: Reports Of Voting Problems At Penn State
A voting rights advocate says hundreds of Penn State students are
being forced to vote by provisional ballot. James Browning of Common
Cause said Tuesday that election workers are not checking
supplemental registration books for the names of Penn State students
who registered just before the deadline. Someone who votes by
provisional ballot could be required to appear at the courthouse at a
later date to vouch for their identity if they want their vote to

OHIO: Machines reported flipping votes
In 2004 Ohio became famous for long lines and problems with
machines. A critical state in the 2004 eleciton, and again this year
it appears that there are again problems with the machines. Ben
Marrison and Jill Riepenhoff of the Columbus Dispatch have a story of
vote flipping around the state.

NEW YORK: Spanish Language Announcement Declares Election Day Nov 9
We’ve discussed before that flyers were widely distributed in
Virginia baring false seals of the state legislature and declaring
that there would be two days of voting. Well, it seems that
something similar is happening in Westchester County, New York, which
covers the northern suburbs of New York City. The key difference in
the Westchester County instance is that these are not false documents
from a government office; no, the county’s Board of Elections has
actually sent out election notices with bad information. See:

PENNSYLVANIA: Lawyers Head to Court On Behalf of Pennsylvania Voters
Lawyers for the NAACP-Philadelphia Branch and its member-voters are
filing an emergency lawsuit against Philadelphia County this
afternoon, seeking a court ruling requiring county election officials
to count emergency paper ballots cast today at the close of polls.
Despite orders from the Secretary of State, election officials have
stated they do not plan to count these emergency ballots until
Friday. See:

For the longer, regularly updated list of voting rights violations,
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Election Day Alert 1 – Sign up for Text Alerts
Good morning! This is the first in a series of updates you will
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We’re all on the edge of our seats as we receive report after report
of Election Day voting machine malfunction, long lines, election
misinformation, and unfortunately, more. We are compiling these
reports and will be posting them on our website all day, so please
check back in every few hours at

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