ACT: Call Congress THIS WK: New Economic Recovery Package

ACT: Call Congress THIS WK: New Economic Recovery Package
ACTION ALERT: Call Congress THIS WEEK about a New Economic Recovery Package!
Call Congress THIS WEEK about a New Economic Recovery Package
Congress is returning next week (November 17) for a brief lame duck session. They are considering taking action on another economic recovery or stimulus package during this session. More and more pressure is being put on Congress to act, including from President-elect Obama, but it is not definite they will. One thing is for sure — they will not act unless they hear from us!
What is a stimulus package supposed to do? Consumer spending accounts for about seventy percent of U.S. economic activity. In the third quarter of this year, consumer spending dropped 3.1 percent, the sharpest drop in twenty years. To jump start the economy, consumer spending must increase in the short term.
Why invest in anti-poverty programs? A temporary increase in funds for anti-poverty programs is much more likely to be put into circulation quickly by the people receiving benefits. Temporary increases in unemployment benefits, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP benefits (formerly food stamps), and Medicaid assistance for states will quickly and effectively boost consumer spending. Estimates are that every dollar spent on unemployment and SNAP benefits produces almost $2 in economic activity. Also, with unemployment at its highest rate in 14 years and benefits running out, many displaced workers need help now. Finally, states are facing severe funding shortfalls and increased Medicaid enrollment, and will have to cut back services unless they get more federal assistance.
TAKE ACTION! Call Congress THIS WEEK! Use our online call-in
alert to call your Representative’s and Senators’ offices, urging them to pass an economic recovery package in November. Call and ask for the aide working on economic recovery issues. Remind him/her that more resources for the jobless (unemployment insurance), the hungry (SNAP) and the sick (Medicaid) will both help those most in need and also jump start the economy. Use our November laser talk, which now includes possible responses and counterarguments you might hear from congressional aides, to help with your calls.
You can also use our November action sheet for more background. If you are unable to call,
use our e-mail
alert to contact your members of Congress.

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