North Coast Earth First! November 2008 Update

North Coast Earth First! November 2008 Update
North Coast Earth First!  No Compromise in the Defense of Mother Earth!
November 2008, in this issue
:: Mama Joy Belle Passes Away
:: CA Statewide Ban on Clearcutting Idea
:: Lots of Ways to Help Out!
:: NCEF! Media
Hello Friends!
Sorry for the lapse in communications, a family
member passed on to the spirit world, so I had to be
away for a few weeks and then needed time to
recover.  I’m back in Humboldt now, ready for the next
phase of Earth First! activism and organizing.  Read
on for details….~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mama Joy Belle Passes Away
September 23rd, 2008
On September 23rd, 2008, the mother of activist
Shunka Wakan, known in activist circles as "Mamma
Joy Belle," passed away.  Joy was known as one of
the nicest people you could ever meet, and was like a
mom to many of her childrens’ friends.  Joy was
initially apprehensive of activism, worried as many
mothers are, and then became a strong supporter
and even made a voyage to Humboldt County, CA, and
got to meet many Earth First!ers. 
Mamma Joy Belle also connected with other mothers
of activists, including the mothers of David "Gypsy"
Chain and Jamie "Root" McGuinn.  There was a bit of
a mothers’ coalition, for awhile, as a voice to remind
the lumber companies and authorities that activists
were the real children of real families, not "eco-
terrorists" to be objectified, brutalized, tortured, and
killed.  It was a great example of how perspectives can
change, as many activists have to perform their deeds
of conscience without the support of their families. 
Pacific Lumber Co. discontinued their "Earth First! as
eco-terrorists" ad campaign, and publicly apologized,
after family and community members raised their
voices in defense of their children, friends, and
neighbors, shortly after September 11th, 2001.
CA Statewide Ban on Clearcutting Idea
Possible focus for next EF! campaign
Now that the old growth on former Pacific Lumber
lands has been protected, and the new Humboldt
Redwood Co. has agreed to not clearcut, using
selective harvest only, local activists have been
working on formulating the next EF! campaign.
One idea that I’ve been exploring is a legislative bill to
ban clearcutting in CA.  The first challenge is to find
someone who knows how to write legislation, so if
you or anyone you know have that ability, please
contact us.
Clearcutting is a product of corporate industrial
liquidation logging, is a boom-and bust practice, and
should have no place in today’s world.  The recent
financial crisis and current recession proves that
boom-and-bust practices end in disaster.  A new law
that would require corporations and private citizens to
log selectively and responsibly would help to prevent
an ecological meltdown on the millions of acres of
timberland in CA.
The first hurdle is to find someone to write a draft of
the bill, then the next step would be to find a state
representative to carry it.  Fundraising could be done
to send activists to Sacramento to lobby for the bill,
and non-violent civil disobedience and direct action
could be used to block any clearcut, bring attention to
the issue, and to help push the bill.
This is still in the idea phase, at this point, as a
possible next campaign.  Your feedback is
appreciated, and, if you like the idea, any help would
be great!
Lots of Ways to Help Out!
We’re still at it, and still need your support to keep
going!  A phone line and DSL connection are being
maintained for NCEF!, and we’re still paying for the
last order of EF! shirts.  Our costs have been
minimized, now that the NCEF! Media office is in-
house and the tree-sits have ended, yet we still have
operating expenses in order to maintain a
We have men’s and women’s t-shirts on our website
(click on the pic), which are 100% organic cotton,
made in the USA.   You can also sign up for one of our
automatic monthly donation programs, for low-impact
long-term support; one-time donations are also
appreciated, and you can find all of the PayPal
donation buttons on our donations page (
We also have an affiliate program, with several
vendors who will give us a percentage for every
purchase or a flat fee for every free trial of Netflix.  If
you’re thinking about gifts for the holidays, please
consider using the links on our affiliates page.
NCEF! Media
We’ve just received the final version of the NCEF!
piece that aired on Free Speech TV, nationwide.  You
can check it out by clicking on the picture above, or by
visiting the "Videos" page at the link below.
I’ve been fine-tuning the NCEF! Media office, which is
now in a very small room in my home; I had to get a
smaller desk, so that it would be more accessible,
with a pull-out keyboard drawer for the multiple
computers.  Working with a very small space is a
challenge in an of itself, yet it’s good to be a
minimalist as an Earth First! principle.
We still get a lot of e-mails and I just did an interview
for a college paper, so there’s still a lot of work being
done.  Tree-sits are still being disassembled, and
other local affinity groups are beginning to work on
projects, as well.  We’ll keep you posted, and thanks
for all the love and support throughout the years! 
Earth First!
Earth First! has survived the Bush years, so now we’ll
see if things get any better for activists in America and
worldwide.  We have to continue to exert pressure on
our government to repeal laws that violate our rights
and create a hostile environment for legitimate
dissent.  There’s a lot of damage to be undone, and
much respect to everyone who continued to resist and
support through those very oppressive years.  We’ve
been promised "change," so let’s hold our
government to it and continue to resist global
government and coporatization!
Forever Wild,
Shunka WakanNorth Coast Earth First! & NCEF! Media
———————————————email: northcoastearthfirst1@yahoo.comphone: (707) 822-1513web:
North Coast Earth First! Media | P.O. Biox 4646 | Arcata | CA | 95518-4646

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