Friends Digest Vol. 2, No. 14

Friends Digest Vol. 2, No. 14
"…it is immaterial whether facts exist to substantiate the
charge." — J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the Federal Bureau of
Investigation (FBI) from 1935 to 1972 (From a directive found in a
secret memorandum about a money-skimming allegation against Black
Panther activist David Hilliard)
* First 100 Days *
Scores of organizations are gearing up to influence the actions,
during its first 100 days, of the incoming Obama Administration.  We,
too, are drafting a formal document that will address our concerns
related to the investigation of the "Reign of Terror" on the Pine
Ridge Reservation and the tragic shootout on June 26, 1975; the
release of the 100,000+ documents regarding the Peltier case still
withheld by the FBI; and, of course, fair parole consideration for
Leonard Peltier.
Specifically, we’ll request that Obama issue an Executive Memorandum
to the heads of executive departments and agencies — including the
U.S. Department of Justice — that underscores the recognition of
tribal sovereignty.
In addition, we’ll urge the government to respect the sovereignty of
the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians in North Dakota, which
recently passed a resolution requesting the transfer by the Bureau of
Prisons of Leonard Peltier to their custody on his home reservation.
We plan to include other requests in support of Indigenous Rights.
For example, we’ll urge Obama to reverse the U.S. vote against the
U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples thereby joining
the nations of the world in supporting indigenous sovereignty. We’ll
strongly support inclusion of Indian Nations in policy decisions
important to us all, too –energy, climate change, law enforcement,
economic development, etc.
We invite you to participate in this effort. Provide input by writing
a brief description of the issue you want addressed and how you
think the government can best address that issue. Send an e-mail
to <> by December 21st. Please include your
name and contact information.
We’ll submit the document to Obama’s transition team by the end of
the year.
* Human Rights Day *
Wednesday, December 10, is the 60th anniversary of the adoption
and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Watch this Amnesty International video presentation on the
Declaration: <>. As can
plainly be seen, many of the Declaration’s Articles directly apply
to Leonard’s situation.
The Declaration, drafted in 1948 just two years after the founding of
the UN itself, was the world’s first expression of the inalienable
rights shared by all, regardless of color or creed, gender or
age. It established a common set of standards for human achievement
for all people: freedom, equality, solidarity, tolerance, respect
and shared responsibility. Today, according to the Guinness Book
of World Records, the Declaration is the most translated document
in the word, available in some 300 languages. Read the text at
Please write to the following to urge for continued advocacy on
Leonard’s behalf:
Amnesty International
International Secretariat
1 Easton Street
London WC1X 0DW
*You also may send correspondence to the national Amnesty
International office in your home country.
Amnesty International-USA
5 Penn Plaza, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10001
* Raffle for Freedom *
First Place, Painting by Leonard Peltier
Second Place, Poster-size Lithograph of Painting
Third Place, "Incident at Oglala" DVD, "Songs for Leonard Peltier" CD, and
(Drawing will be held at the end of the month).
Cost: $5 ea. or 5 tickets for $20. Send checks or money orders
(be sure to indicate it’s for raffle tickets) to: LP-DOC, Box 7488,
Fargo, ND 58106
* Reminder: Holiday Gift Drive *
Remember to ship your gift for a child at the Pine Ridge and/or
Turtle Mountain reservations. Send new (unwrapped) toys, warm
clothing, books, school supplies, etc., for children ages newborn
to 18 years. To ensure delivery by Christmas, mail your gift no
later than December 17. Mail gifts to:
Tamara Patneaud
PO Box 308
Rolla, ND 58367
Rosyln Jumping Bull
Box 207
Oglala, SD 57764
"Never cease in the fight for peace, justice, and equality for all
people. Be persistent in all that you do and don’t allow anyone to
sway you from your conscience." — Leonard Peltier
Please circulate to family and friends and otherwise widely
post our listserv announcements. Also frequently visit our
Blog at <> or receive our
blog postings by Web feed (download a free newsfeed reader at
Or register to receive e-mail announcements. It’s easy. Go to our
homepage at <>. Scroll
down the page until you see "Join Us" on the left sidebar. Enter
your e-mail address in the text box. Then point to and
click on "Subscribe". Or send a blank e-mail message to
You also can Bookmark our home page and/or blog. Click on the
Bookmark button provided at each of these sites to use any program
you wish by which to save the sites to your list of browser
favorites. Visit us often to learn more about efforts to win
Leonard’s freedom and find out what you can do to help.
We encourage other sites to link to our Web site and blog. No prior
permission is required. Feel free to use one of our banner ads at
<> to link to our resources.
Time to set him free… Because it is the RIGHT thing to do.
Friends of Peltier
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To contact the list owner, send your message to    1302 Waugh Dr. #438    Houston, Texas    77019    USA

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