Action Page: Investigate Cheney’s Assassination Ring

Action Page: Investigate Cheney’s Assassination Ring
Action Page: Investigate Cheney’s Personal Assassination Ring
Remember when former Vice President used to claim that he constituted
a peculiar fourth branch of government unto himself, claiming
executive privilege as part of the executive branch, while with the
next breath refusing to obey executive branch record keeping laws?
Now we beginning to find out what that fourth branch of government
actually was . . . his own private worldwide assassination ring.
Somehow we don’t recall the U.S. Constitution providing for such a
fourth co-equal branch of our government.
Even those who argue that the president has the power as "commander
in chief" to commit war crimes with impunity, do not argue that the
Vice President should be able to order operate his own war crimes
franchise independent of the president. And yet, according to Seymour
Hersh, a most reliable source, that is exactly what took place.
Cheney was running his own personal assassination squad, reporting
directly to himself.
Is there no level of treason outrageous enough to get one of the
other two branches of government to confront these crimes against the
Constitution? The justice department must immediately appoint a
special prosecutor. Failing that, Congress must launch its own
investigation, as called for by the always heroic Dennis Kucinich, to
get to the bottom of this. Please submit this action page to speak
out to them all.
We are doing alerts on many other issues as you all know. For
example, continuing to press for single payer health care which the
overwhelming majority favor if asked, and to derail proposals that
would actually harm the safety of our food supply even more, while we
work on our own positive alternatives. But the staggering criminality
of the previous administration cannot be swept under the rug without
endorsing even worse abuses for the future, so we must stay on that
as well.
One need only observe how quickly Congress can move when there is
real public outrage, like over the AIG bonus scandal, to realize that
all we need to do is speak out in sufficient numbers to instantly
have any policy change we want. We did not even have to do an alert
on that one. They say these were "retention" bonuses. We happen to
think the kind of retention those recipients deserve is arrest and
incarceration, for fraud on a scale that dwarfs even Madoff.
This is just a way of saying the purpose of this resource has always
been to encourage more people to speak out more often. When we are
most successful in doing that, we DO have policy victories. All we
have to do to achieve more such victories is to believe that our
voices really can have an impact, and to act on that belief.
From time to time we will get an email from someone including
language like "they’ll never listen to us" or something equally
defeatist as that. What we must understand is that we have only one
real enemy, our OWN defeatism, for that is all that stands between us
and generating policy moving numbers with every alert. Those evil
forces that work against the people’s interest DEPEND on such voices
of despair and resignation to do most of their dirty work for them.
So let us take advantage of every possible opportunity to speak out.
We created this resource so that with one click you can register your
voice with all your members of Congress and other pressure points at
the same time. The more you use the resource the more we will win.
And we WILL win more and more.
We are working to pack up the next bulk shipment of the new "Convict
Dick & W" caps to go out by the end of the week, so if you have not
requested yours yet, you can use this link, and we’ll get it out to
you as fast as we can.
Thank you for your participation.
Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.
If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at

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