Department of Peace Actions :)

Department of Peace Actions    🙂
Dept of Peace Actions   🙂
These Actions on, the url   🙂
1-Minute Action–Ask President Obama about a Dept of Peace
Ask the President
Dear james m,
President Obama has called for questions from the public about the economy. He’ll be answering some on national TV tomorrow night.
We know that reducing and preventing violence has the potential of saving hundreds of billions of dollars each year, so we want him to answer a question about the Department of Peace.
Carol Hillson of New York has posted a question on Go there today and vote up her question. It’s simple:
   1. Go to
   2. Search on Department of Peace and vote YES (click on the check box to the right of the question; you may need to log in/create an account, which is really simple!)
   3. Spread the word
Try to do this today–Wednesday, March 25–as the President will be on TV tomorrow. Even if you can’t to it today, do it anyway; we want this issue to continue to be in front of the White House as much as possible.
Thank you for taking action for peace!
In gratitude,
Wendy Signature
Wendy Greene
Managing Director
There is currently a bill before Congress to establish a federal Department of Peace to reduce and prevent violence in the United States and abroad. It will work to expand the nation’s capacity to strategically develop and apply practical, cost-effective and proven means of resolving conflict before it erupts into violence. It will provide unprecedented financial and institutional heft to strengthen and complement our current approaches to violence, focusing on prevention through multi-layered nonviolent strategies.
Domestically, the Department will develop policies and allocate resources to support local communities in finding, funding and replicating effective violence-reduction and prevention programs. Internationally, the Department will focus on understanding and addressing the root causes of violence, providing the President and Congress with expert resources for nonviolently defusing international crises and conflicts. A Peace Academy, on par with the military service academies, will provide a four-year course of instruction after which graduates will serve five years in public service programs dedicated to domestic or international nonviolent conflict resolution.
Learn more at The Peace Alliance website:
Join us now. Create a Department of Peace. Help make history.
Together, we can do this.
  *  Develop a coordinated, strategic, sophisticated approach to expanding our nation’s ability to nonviolently resolve conflict before it erupts into violence
  *  Provide much-needed assistance to city, county and state governments in finding, funding and expanding programs that are proven effective at reducing and preventing violence
  *  Teach violence prevention and mediation to America’s school children and teachers
  *  Support the use of programs proven to reduce prison re-offending (recidivism) rates
  *  Support our military with new peacebuilding capabilities desperately needed in the war on terror
  *  Create and administer a U.S. Peace Academy to ensure the development and application of the very best nonviolent resources in conflict resolution
  *  And more?
Building the Bedrock for Peace
Peace Partner Campaign Launch
March 22nd ? May 31st
Dear james m,
Greetings from our national conference in the Washington, D.C. area, where hundreds of peace supporters from around the country are meeting to take concrete steps to promote a culture of peace.  The camaraderie, conversation and commitment of our grassroots network this weekend has been truly inspiring.
Watch our Conference Blog for updates and check out the Conference YouTube Playlist for lots of video clips from conference activities.  We will be posting the first photos in on our Picasa Gallery today.  
We are looking forward to our meetings with elected officials on Capitol Hill on Monday.
Peace Partners
Building the Bedrock for Peace
A Special Video Message from Lynn McMullen, The Peace Alliance Executive Director.
This morning, right here at our conference in the nation’s capital, we are excited to kick-off our Peace Partner Campaign.
If we are to succeed in this great mission to create a culture of peace, it is crucial for us to establish a sustained funding base for our own organization.  All social movements cost money, from civil rights, voting rights for women and protection of endangered species. Lack of funds have killed countless dreams and programs. That is why, today, we are launching a campaign to build a stronger sustainable funding base, to fulfill our mission and the goals of our strategic plan.
We believe that your financial investment in The Peace Alliance, as well as your help recruiting others to support us, is one of the most highly leveraged ways you can help manifest a culture of peace.  Here is why:
1.    Our Volunteers:  With a small but highly skilled staff to support our national network, we have been able to train and activate thousands of committed grassroots volunteers across all 50 states that  perform the bulk of the campaign’s work. With your financial support, we can expand our efforts into new districts, strengthen our public education, as well as increase volunteer training and support services.
2.    Federal Spending:  Your investment in our organization helps fund our lobbying and education efforts — which in turn creates the leverage to channel billions of dollars in federal spending towards violence prevention initiatives on the ground. 
3.    Violence Prevention Benefits: Funding successful programs will reduce violence and yield enormous savings, not only in the inestimable toll on human lives, but also in the costs of prisons, courts, schools, healthcare and more.  These expenses currently total in the hundreds of billions of dollars per year.
We believe that The Peace Alliance provides a critical and unique contribution to our culture.  With your support, we are creating the political will to direct our government investment towards solution oriented peacebuilding initiatives, as well as cultivating on-the-ground community collaboration and cohesion that form the pillars that will allow the unfolding of a culture of peace.  We can only do it with your continued support.
Are you a monthly contributor, a Peace Partner?  We invite you to seriously consider becoming one  today < >.  Our Peace Partners are regular monthly and quarterly donors who form the financial bedrock of the organization.  A gift of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more a month provides us with the reliable, steady funding stream around which we can plan our ongoing work.  If you are already a Peace Partner, would you consider increasing your contribution by $5, $10, $15, $50 or more?
In addition, we are launching a "commitment raising" challenge to our network to recruit new Peace Partners. Our goal is for at least 100 of our supporters to recruit three or more new Peace Partners between March 22nd and May 31st . It could be a family member, a friend, a colleague or anyone else. 
We have a support team in place to work with you, including many members of The Student Peace Alliance who are also taking on this challenge.  Join us this recruitment project by sending an email to and someone on our coaching team will call you.
Thank you so much for all you do for peace.
With Gratitude,
Lynn McMullen and
The Peace Alliance Staff
The Peace Alliance
Washington, DC
Tel 202-239-9673
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