Neocon Counterattack Begun :)

Neocon Counterattack Begun   🙂
"The neo-con counterattack has begun", please, it began when the remocratic dempublicans, in remocratic States, were told by the remocrat leadership to support Obama, because they knew they’d lose against Hillary, if Barack didn’t beat her in the primaries; their longer term thinking was that if Barack won, the race, class, religious, North vs. South, literate vs. il…, ‘good ole’ boy’ divide and conquer politics would be far more effective against a Saddam Barack Osama Hussein Obama Bin Laden (as they did, do, and will, try and project that he is) then a "Goldwater leaning" dempublican (even if she is a woman during wartime), in 2012, or 2016- for, they knew over 2 years ago that they were going to lose in 2008.  Yet, the remocrats usual scorched earth politics, which they rev up ‘use’ of upon knowing they’ll lose, or have lost, the Blackhouse, where they sell, giveaway, slash and burn everything they deem they can, with plausible deniability in mind, was sent into overdrive, even during the presidential campaign- and has only been continually escalated since then.
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Neocon Counterattack Begun   🙂
Indictment of Bush Officials May Come in Days   🙂
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I mean, it couldn’t possibly be any clearer, Barack is trying to bring some sanity to our foreign policy, especially when it comes to nuclear weapons, and the remocrat spin doctors are calling him "delusional", etc., ‘using’ these ‘weapons of mass-distraction’ to attempt to confuse the populace, when all he wants to do is return the US to the time before the remocrat controlled Congressional pulling out of International nuclear treaties in 1997; and progress forward from there.  The dempublicans reintroducing a little sanity to foreign policy has received such a reactionary response from the remocrats across the board, because they’re going to lose a lot of money from less 100’s of billions of taxpayer dollars being centralized to remocrat dominated industrial complexes, like the military, when they’re substitute for domestic economic policy, and foreign policy, uber-militarization, unnecessary wars, etc., is replaced. 
Urge President Obama to stop protecting Bush’s crimes   🙂
Remember how, throughout the Clinton years, and for years after, a lot of what we’d hear from the remocrats was, "white water“ this, “white water" that, concerning the Clinton’s losing $ on a legitimate land deal, while the only white water of any consequence we ever saw was the foam continually emanating from remocrats rabid mouths.  Well, they’re doing the same with the Obama’s, without even waiting for the pretense of an investigation to hide their rabid partisanship and obstructionism behind.
Prevent Accidental War with Iran   🙂
It’s almost hilarious, how, two months after we get rid of King George, and three years since the multimedia sent into overdrive its forced feeding of the populace with a constant bad diet of "God bless the Queen" T.V. series, movies, stories, interviews, documentaries, etc., the Tories, the remocrats, who would prefer to be her subjects rather then live in a democracy, have all become "teabaggers", according to Rachel Maddox on MSNBC, etc.; maybe, some of them are, actually, at least, subconsciously, trying to ease on out of their closets, at last- or, at least, there is hope.
[CLW] The neo-con counterattack has begun   🙂
“We, the people,…” must make ourselves heard, that’s you too, and not stop, for, the remocrat control of the multimedia, especially now that the remocrats are riding a smallish wave of successful spinning themselves as ‘independents’ (which has been going on for several years, due to their need for another name, after King George’s ruining of their ‘brand‘ name), has been, is, and will only continue to be, a real threat to any kind of freedom of thought and expression of the polity; voters must be empowered, instead of corralled- we stand together, or we’ll fall separately.
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