You can end SOA/ WHINSEC secrecy today :)

You can end SOA/ WHINSEC secrecy today   🙂
This Action, on, the url    🙂
End Torture   🙂
End Torture of women and kids by Ending the training of Torturers   🙂
Congress to Vote to Force the SOA/ WHINSEC to Release the Names of Graduates and Instructors.   🙂
I just received confirmation that Congress will vote on an amendment to the Defense Authorization Act that would require the School of the Americas/ WHINSEC to release the names, ranks, country of origin, courses and dates attended of students and instructors at the Institute. As a person who has twice spent time in jail for protesting SOA activities, I know this is an important issue.
We expect Congress to vote on this amendment on Wednesday, June 24. Click here to send a message to your Representative. Start calling Congress NOW!
For the past few years, despite the WHINSEC public relations machine proclaiming an open and transparent school, the WHINSEC has been unwilling to provide information about the students and instructors. The Pentagon secrecy took effect after research revealed that the SOA/ WHINSEC continues to train known human rights abusers, and that instructors have been involved in numerous crimes. Freedom of Information Act requests since 2005 have all been denied, proof of WHINSEC’s unwillingness to submit to oversight from the public whose tax-payer dollars help fund the school.
Access to information regarding SOA/ WHINSEC graduates of previous years has been a valuable asset to human rights organizations who have been able to identify Latin American military officers and police who have committed human rights abuses or engaged in criminal activity in their home countries after attending the school as instructors or students. Gaining access to the names of SOA/ WHINSEC graduates and instructors is a crucial step toward closing the SOA/ WHINSEC for good.
We expect a close vote and it is crucial for the success of this amendment that you contact your Representative TODAY and TOMORROW! Send a message and then call toll free at 1-800-473-6711.
Ask to speak with the military legislative assistant. Here is a suggested message for you to convey:
"Hello, My name is __________, and as your constituent, I urge you to vote YES on the McGovern-Sestak-Bishop (GA)-Lewis (GA) amendment to the National Defense Authorization bill.
The amendment would release the names, country of origin, rank and dates of attendance at WHINSEC for graduates and instructors. This amendment is supported by Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, Congressman Ike Skelton.
As you may know the School of the Americas, renamed WHINSEC, has a notorious history linked to serious crimes and human rights abuses throughout Latin America. In the past few years, known human rights abusers have attended the school and WHINSEC instructors have been arrested in Colombia for aiding the drug cartels in their home country. None of this would be known if the basic information about enrollment at WHINSEC were not disclosed. This information is vital to the work of Congress and human rights organizations who seek protection of human rights and promoting transparency…however all FOIA requests for this information are now being denied. What is WHINSEC hiding?
Voting YES on the McGovern-Sestak-Bishop (GA)-Lewis (GA) amendment is a vote FOR human rights and FOR transparency. I urge your boss to vote YES!!!
As always, here at WFP we are honored to stand with you for peace, justice and sustainable economies in the Americas. Special thanks to our friends at SOA Watch for their support on this alert.
Ken Crowley
National Delegations Organizer and former SOA POC
P.S. WFP is able to work close the SOA thanks to the generous contributions of people like you. Please make a donation today to support this important work.
Witness for Peace
3628 12th Street NE. 1st Fl.,
Washington, DC 20017
202.547.6112 – 202.536.4708

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