Citizen Direct: Supreme Court, Corporate Money in Politics

Citizen Direct: Supreme Court, Corporate Money in Politics
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Corporate $ in Politics   🙂
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Citizen Direct: Supreme Court, Corporate Money in Politics, and More    🙂
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Featured Story:
Don’t Get Rolled!
September 2009
Take Action!
Don’t let our elections get rolled by corporate power! On Wednesday, September 9, the U.S. Supreme Court will reopen the question of unlimited corporate money in our elections. Sound like a good idea? Sounds so very last, last century–except this time it wouldn’t be the robber barons–it would be the giant, multinational corporations buying our politicians outright.
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Public Interest Law
Truckers, ZZZZZs don’t mix. Public Citizen and other groups are petitioning a court to overturn a Bush-era rule that allows truckers to drive too many hours before taking a break. The groups are calling on the court to overturn the so-called hours-of-service rule, which allows truckers to drive up to 77 hours each week. That’s not safe. Learn more.
Health Clinic
How to save money and lives. Ten basic cost-cutting, patient safety measures would save an estimated 85,000 lives and $35 billion a year, Public Citizen has concluded. They are as simple as practitioners consistently washing their hands, sufficiently tending to patients to prevent bed sores and following checklists to prevent complications stemming from operations. Get the 10 steps here.
Stop rogue nurses. A database exists that contains disciplinary data on nurses and other health professionals. But most hospitals and nursing homes can’t get it, which makes it easier for bad nurses who are ousted from one institution to move to another and victimize more patients. Public Citizen is urging the government to open the database. Read our letter.
Bad Energy Deal
Say "no deal" to a bad energy deal. Public Citizen and the Chesapeake Safe Energy Coalition have asked Maryland regulators to review a deal between Constellation Energy and Electricite de France. They agreed! Tell them you think this deal, which would transfer nearly half of Constellation’s nuclear assets to a French government-owned company, is a bad idea.
From Our Blogs
Why we need government-run socialized health care. Who said health care reform is hard to understand? Check out a video by Andy Lubershane at Earthly Comics explaining how our system works (or doesn’t) and why opposing universal care because it is "socialism"– as if that’s a bad thing–is just plain silly. Watch the video.
FTAs limiting efforts to promote progress. The Government Accountability office released a report this month examining American "free trade" agreements with Morocco, Singapore, Chile and Jordan to see if the agreements were advancing U.S. commercial interests and strengthening trading partners’ labor and environmental laws. The report faulted U.S. agencies for uneven progress on environmental and labor goals and insufficient American involvement in promoting these goals. Learn more.
Houston’s "energy citizens" rally was company picnic. Public Citizen’s Texas team drove to Houston to attend the American Petroleum Institute’s Energy Citizen Event. While the event was called a "grassroots" rally against the cap-and-trade bill currently before Congress, the team found the event to be more like a company picnic. Learn more.
Press Room Updates
Chrysler assumes liability for post-bankruptcy claims. As a result of pressure from consumer advocacy groups such as Public Citizen, the new Chrysler, which just emerged from bankruptcy proceedings, has agreed to assume responsibility for product liability claims by people injured in post-Chrysler bankruptcy crashes. Still, not everyone is covered. Learn more.
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