Latinos face hotbed of hate in N.Y. county :)

Latinos face hotbed of hate in N.Y. county   🙂
This Action, on, the url   🙂
Latinos in NY county   🙂
Sept. 2, 2009
Last November, Marcelo Lucero, an Ecuadorian immigrant, was brutally murdered in the town of Patchogue, N.Y., by a group of teens who were prowling the streets looking for Latinos to attack. They called it "beaner jumping."
Today, as you may have seen in the news, we released a report, Climate of Fear: Latino Immigrants in Suffolk County, N.Y.,
showing that Lucero’s murder was not an isolated hate crime.
Instead, it was part of a shocking pattern of violence and intimidation against Latinos in that community. Things are so bad there that Latino parents often won’t let their children play outside.
The truly frightening thing about the Lucero case is that it could have happened anywhere. The high school students who killed him weren’t members of hate groups. Instead, they were average kids who had been inundated with dehumanizing, poisonous messages about "illegal" immigrants from pundits and politicians.
You know the kind of rhetoric I’m talking about. You hear it on the radio and television all the time.
When I look at the pictures of Lucero’s killers, I actually feel sorry for them. I just wish that some caring adult had gotten hold of them before it was too late — before Marcelo Lucero, a legal immigrant in our country, lay dying in the street.
That’s why we started our Teaching Tolerance program — to give teachers across the nation the tools they need to combat the poisonous rhetoric that we all too often hear, to help young people understand that we are all human beings, worthy of respect.
It’s a message that can’t be repeated too often in this day and time.
Thank you for making our work possible and for all that you do to promote the cause of justice in your community.
J. Richard Cohen
President, Southern Poverty Law Center
You can donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center online.
We welcome your feedback.
Contact us online.
Or by mail:
Southern Poverty Law Center
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Montgomery, AL 36104

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