DIRECT Fax: Obama, Renounce Trigger For Public Health Care

DIRECT Fax: Obama, Renounce Trigger For Public Health Care
This Action, on, the url   🙂
fax Obama, no trigger   🙂
"Send A Fax To President Obama To Make Sure The Trigger Is Off The
Table 🙂
Dear Friends and Activists,
Just how serious do you think WE are about real policy change? … To
show you, we just made a commitment for a quarter of a MILLION fax
minutes, and all we are asking you do to is use them up to make real
health care change happen.
Thanks to a burst of citizen activism over the weekend, the momentum
is now swinging in our direction for a strong public health care
option. But even though Harry Reid today finally promised to bring
forward a partial public option in the Senate, there is no assurance
the trigger ruse, intended to make sure none of this ever really
happens, won’t be revived. In short, we need to speak out now more
than ever.
Indeed, there were reports over the weekend that President Obama
himself was pushing for the trigger scheme behind the scenes. And not
even a relatively progressive senator like Sherrod Brown was willing
to declare the trigger a deal-breaker. And that is why we created a
brand new dedicated fax server to send your fax direct to President
Obama at the White House on this, along with messages to all your
regular members of Congress.
Fax President Obama To Renounce The Trigger 🙂
Now that the stonewall against good public health care policy is
starting to crack, now is NOT the time to lay back and take it for
granted. Rather now is the most important time ever to really pour it
on. Let’s flood the White House with more faxes than they’ve seen in
their lives. And when you go through the first 250,000 fax minutes we
now control, we’ll get more.
And because of the extra expense of sending so many faxes like this,
and for maximum impact in that format, we are doing something else we
have never done before. In this case there is a pre-drafted petition
text we’ve prepared, calling on President Obama to demonstrate the
leadership to renounce the trigger gimmick once and for all, and
pressing again for passage of true Medicare for All. You can add your
own personal comments if you like as well.
So please go to the page below. Read the petition text. Yes, it’s a
strong statement, but it is also suitably respectful. And then with
one click at no cost to yourself you can send a personal fax to the
White House, and the same message to all your members of Congress
Fax President Obama To Renounce The Trigger 🙂
The progressive activist community has never had such a robust fax
sending capability before. Some of you may have come across right
wing sites offering to do a "fax blast" for a charge to you of 25 or
50 dollars PER MESSAGE. We’re not charging anything for this. But if
you can make a contribution of any amount to help support this work,
please pick a wonderful activist gift from the return page after you
submit the fax action page.
There you will find the "Single Payer Health Care" caps we are using
to demonstrate our ongoing, long term commitment to Medicare for All.
Pick up the dramatic peace play on audio CD, featuring an
extraordinary performance by Ed Asner. There is no donation
whatsoever required for that one. Just submit the form and we’ll send
you one. And here is a link direct to the gift page.
All Activist Gifts:
And we have a new "350 ppm" cap to support the worldwide movement to
bring carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere back down to a safe and
sustainable level. We still have the "Convict Dick & W" caps and we
promise we’ll keep them in stock until the last statute of
limitations runs out. Pick up a pocket constitutions commemorative of
Dennis Kucinich’s valiant presidential primary run while they last,
or the DVD of the Bush/Cheney impeachment play produced last summer
as a full stage production.
It’s time to swing for the fences. It’s time to set our leaders
straight once and for all, that public policy must serve the PUBLIC,
not just self-serving corporations out to bribe the system. When they
tried to take single payer off the table, they were counting on us
not jumping up and howling. And when they tried to tell us that some
kind of weak impersonation of a public option was the best they could
do they were holding their breath that we wouldn’t howl about that.
But when we heard this weekend that President Obama himself was
favoring and himself pushing for a trigger scheme, designed to make
sure no real change of any substance would happen, for a WHOLE lot of
people that was the last straw. We’re howling now and we’re going to
keep on howling, louder and louder. And any elected official who
thinks they can just keep ignoring the voice of the people will find
out very different in their next primary, if not in the general
And here is the one click Facebook page for this action, if you are
already active over there.
Renounce A Trigger Action 🙂
And the Twitter reply to send, to send this message to all your
members of Congress (and President Obama) that way, is
@cxs #p1016
Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.
If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at 🙂
Good Day to you, and thanx for all you do and don’t, All. Some sample talking points, etc.. 🙂
No trigger, exactly, because the reality of what happens with triggers, or should I say doesn’t happen with triggers, they don’t get pulled. It just gives years, or decades, to the healthcare and medical industrial complexes, as well as the Congress and the President to varying degrees, to figure out, and do what they deem they have to, in order to stop the trigger from being pulled; or,
delay it being pulled until there’s no longer the support for it being pulled, etc.. This is a favorite with the remocrat conspiracy, because the corporate structure will pay whatever they have to, donating to the politicians, healthscare public relations, so, they can determine the trigger doesn’t get pulled. As well, please, advocate for single-payer healthcare, with Community First Choice Option and CLASS Act (Community Choice Act for the handicapped,
elderly, autistic, disabled, etc.); H.R. 676 & S. 703, are the best of the lot, so far. Thanks. Goodbye.
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