“Is poetry capable of fighting as hard as an article of journalism?…”

"Is poetry capable of fighting as hard as an article of journalism?…"
A great and evolutionary topic, well treated and elucidated upon by your prosaic words; thanx.  All my life, even childhood, I’ve been about it, and, still, it is an ongoing struggle within me; life/art/advocacy/activism, where, what, when, how, who, and, sometimes, why, of all of them, any of them, in concert and alone.  How a painting’s frameless frame, not only allowing a perspective in its art, and arts, place and time, meanings, in the universe, yet, as well, inviting us to further explore the frameless frame within us; through their resonance, et al.  Three literary examples of poetice   🙂
In the East they say, "pen and sword in accord",
It is better to put down the sword
And pick up the pen; to be in accord. 
Something on, of a way of writing poetree   🙂
Tree’s leaves found,
Though, they empty be,
May utter profound, and
Image immeasurably.
Something on the topics ‘scape   🙂
Hustled and bustled,
Still, hands only put to heart,
Beings, only art.
Macroscopia allows a view,
Verdant brilliance, a star’s birth.
Yet, our microscopicness ignores,
The atom should not be split.
400 years of supposed "science"
Has stolen the earth’s richness,
Michaelangelos from the sky;
Is killing life as fast as
Before last ice age ensued.
Biophilia or necrophilia, choose!
Vie’s evolving song is as silent as
A stone’s ballad for being’s loss.
Yet, manifest destiny rag drags on,
Turtle Island’s shell won’t cover,
Approaching abyss on the horizon.
Vitae’s wail echoes crimson,
As acid rain from your closed eye
Falls, earth’s tears bleeding;
For, all you see is grey.
A couple on the entwining of art, self, life, journalism, et al   🙂
five easy pieces
To thine ownself be who, and
While you’re being what you are,
Remember this, to follow your path
Of heart: how, where, when, and,
Sometimes, why; forever unanswered.
Sword that cuts all ways,
Without, for, there’s no cutting;
And a pointless point.
As well, a couple twigs of the activism poetree   🙂
Addressing, not addressing them
have costs, the former is individual,
the latter is global, as well.
Is man deserted in the Middle East?
Does it bleed him as we bleed the earth,
The fouling of one sky always following?
How could the sons of Isaac and Ishmael,
So, not remember their way? Thinking
They’re choosing peacing and warring on
Each other for delusional profits, pleasures,
While sanguine sands mark their real loss
Of life, humanities’ loss of time.
Wasn’t it written, God is watching and
We are returning, as the home of heart
In a child beckons the man that becomes?
Isn’t it so, our souls call to us in silences?
Yet, the military machine rolls. What is,
Or could be, heard by any above this?
A woman martyr, 18, imploded by the lies
Taught to her from U.S. written, donated
Textbooks, explodes, taking hers and
Others lives from us. Same as the shining
Sun seems to divine famine.
Here, clouds relent, watering soil,
Cleansing spiritually, some mind’s eyes.
While the media’s constant chides of,
"You’re not the earth, reality isn’t your
Womb, rather, a tomb divined",
Though, only smoke and mirrors, divide.
Yet, the life, indivisible, defies, a flower
Blossoms, Michaelangelo’s… roll by,
An avian’s trill still rings true.
So, what of me and you.
Will we allow individual injustices to go
Unchallenged, devolving into global ones?
Our freedoms to wither, for, we didn’t
Exercise our responsibilities? Deaths
Dirge to purge our evolutionary calling?
Manifest destinies rag to drag us through
Their mud, determining the unactuation
Of life, our and large mammals extinction?
Or, will birdsong be sung
Of what we’ve done?
Let not the only tear to eye be their
Destined flood. Let our sojourns longing
Redefine the sublime in mornings
Awakening. Let life at humanities’ hearth
Grow, our being veracity and loving sow.
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"Painting is poetry which is seen and not heard, and poetry is a painting which is heard but not seen." ~ Leonardo da Vinci.  Copy, share, as you will. Lest "we,…", forget, if you don’t exercise responsibility, its Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither like a muscle, as well. Sadly, now, it first needs to be exorcized, before its exercised. 
Matutinally Yours,
                          james m nordlund           reality (aja) 🙂
For those interested "of or pertaining to the morning, day: relating to or happening in the morning or in the early part of the day (formal), (Mid-16th century, from late Latin matutinalis, from Matuta, goddess of the dawn.)" Music is life’s song accompanying the abundance of joy’s Spring. Enjoy a festive eve’ as you can.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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