get out the: vote, rems, filibuster, fix; now!

get out the: vote, rems, filibuster, fix; now!


Actually, ‘the fix is in’ in Congress, the filibuster is just the show behind which dempublicans ask how far when remocrats tell them to bend over; we have to get the vote out and get the fix out of Congress- by getting rid of the filibuster, etc.. I’ve said it in the past, as well, dempublicans are the glove, the puppets, remocrats are the hand, the puppet masters; a dem is a rem whose still haggling over price, when they get it they become rems; if we wanted you to make sausage we wouldn’t have voted you into Congress; they almost sunk this country and the global economy with King George and his Dick Cheney’s insistence on “bipartisanship”, etc., we don’t need to finish the job, we need to get the rems out of office, so they can’t do much more damage; etc.. Yet, we must give the dems the credit that’s due them, and, even though they did practice some politics as usual, they’ve done a lot; and will do much more- if we get the vote out, get the rems out of office, and then get the filibuster out, as well, for starters. The non-rems deserve another shot, let’s get the vote out, for:


Talk the talk, walk the walk, and even
Be the be, but, if you don’t vote the vote,
You’ll never be livin’ in a democracy!

Only then can racial inequality, poverty, etc., truly be dealt with. Thanx. Goodbye.

Matutinally Yours,



This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion:

get out the: vote, rems, filibuster, fix:



What you can do: : 

Can you volunteer a couple hours of your time this week to call voters? All you need to participate is a phone and your computer (and you don’t need to make any long distance calls). Click here to get more info and sign up for a shift:



Forget the doom and gloom:

Forget the doom and gloom from the mainstream media about this year’s elections.

We’re doing what we need to do. And we have got to keep it going.

This week our goal is to make 20,000 phone calls to potential volunteers through our online calling program. With our handy calling tool, it’s super-easy. Can you spend 15 minutes making phone calls? Click to sign up:

If you haven’t yet gotten involved in this election, now’s the time. And if you have, it’s critical to keep going—and to get your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone you can get your hands on involved.



FDL activists stepped up for Russ big time: .


What if?:


It matters to a young woman finishing college or starting a career.

It matters to the family making ends meet.

It matters to the mothers and fathers who treasure the children they have.



Help Haiti in everyway:


Disability Rights, advocate now:


About reality

Also, thanx for signing my petitions, et al, please consider sharing them. Also, since Admin. of aren't allowing me to invite people to do my actions lately and are switching my urls for my petitions so when I invite people off their site they can't get to the petition either (ergo 3 possible urls for each petition), here's a few of my latest actions; do as few or as many as you'd like (there are 3 linx for each petition because admin. switches between the 3 of them so people trying to sign the petition can‘t get to it): This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Haiti disaster anniversary, please, do what you can: This petition on Haiti disaster anniversary:   This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Green, Indigenous, Native American, etc., actions: This petition on Green, Indigenous, Native American, acts:,_native_american_acts,_native_american_acts   This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Art/Act: celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, holiday: This petition on Art/Act: celebrate Dr. M.L. King, Jr.'s holiday:   This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Green; NA; the evolution; Civil, Human, LP, Prisoner's Rights; Poverty; etc..: This petition on Economically empower through advocacy:
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