Art/Act: Celebrate Poetry Mth with actions, write on

Art/Act: Celebrate Poetry Mth with actions, write on
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Art/Act: Celebrate Poetry Mth with actions, write on:

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Hi. I hope you and yours are well and will continue to be.  This Poetry Month celebrate with writing, creating, advocacy and actions, write on!!!  This is a great time to engage in creativity, advocacy and activism for all life and women because this month, on March 8, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, and this Month, Womens History, in USA.  Yet, it doesn’t hurt to remember that, while women are 53 % of the world, and some of them gave birth to the other 47 %, as well, there’s a global war against middle-class to poor men; and, in Western societies, women side with the corporate structure.  I might not get to write another essay before I’m fully assassinated, so, the below twigs of my poetree, from 4-2008 to present, might just have to do.  It’s great that the WI 14 Democrat State Senators won’t just cave by scurrying back to Madison, as heir Walker’s illegal legislative prank was engineered to attempt; stay strong, we’re all with you.  I almost can’t wait to read about how the “vagazing” on the world’s bridges went on Tuesday, ooohhhh, wait a minute, I think a universal entity is trying to channel that news to me, they say it went extremely well, all the adherents of the global mutual admiration societies all admired each other and concluded they are great and men suck and are the problem; glad that was finally straightened out- now, I’m sure, they’ll be able to slow down the increasing speed of the global republican blitzkrieg against all life, stop humanity and large mammals extermination, which would’ve dictated their extinction, and we can all live happily ever after.  Oops, lapsed into American dreaming (current corp. code word that must be ‘used’ with anything they want to make belive is progress) for a second, back to reality.  I’m told, that our fearless changer-in-chief leader, who reminds me of Mr. Smith, no, not the one from the fairytale matrix (a movie trilogy that makes believe if you let la machine dictate the extinction, some 9 year old girl’s American dreaming will magically delicious bring humanity back, fix the world’s eco-systems, etc., and make everyone happy), rather, the one who always messed everything up, usually on purpose, while declaring “there’s no need to fear Smith is here”, the one always “‘protecting’ Will Robinson”, while actually cowering behind the kid, yeah, from Lost In Space, the original sci-fi series, would have preferred that I name my below poem “about him” (which will only be referred to in the future as S.B.O.H.O.B.L., for brevities sake), “Caddying Mr. Boehner”; yet, after giving his request to the Caddying Mr. Boehner Committee in Geneva, Switzerland, they felt that Barack’s body of caving to the rems work wasn’t substantive enough to warant such a prestigious global award, at this time- while, they did note his caving so far marked a new centrist re-direction of the ‘shift the political paradigm to the right by force’ tripartisanship, they suggested he had a ways to go before it would realize that trend to uber-fascism globally, and sink the united suck of assassins ship, though, they’ll review his request again next year.  So great to see the “million woman march” in Cairo, Egypt, 2 days ago, of course, there were far less than 10,000 there, Egyptian women are learning fast from their counterparts in the West; many there were only hecklers, though.  Yet, we know that the excellent conversations, that eventually followed, between the young racous men and women were productive.  While the next day, there, in Tahrir Square, 100’s were hacked by machetes and cut with knives; we hope they keep the circle in the square- and the evolution continues to take hold.  The Utah Gov’na pasted the most fascist of the blitzkrieging state legislative innitiatives yesterday, making it possible for him to dissolve county and municipal gov’ts by engineering a fiscal crisis (by let’s say increasing the deficit by half a trillion dollars, through giving extremely large tax cuts to the extremely rich, while increasing taxes on the poor, like Barack did, or, giving half a billion in tax cuts to the richest and corps. to increase the deficit like heir Walker did), or, making believe there is one, and replacing those gov’t’s with corp.; thereby, throwing worker’s, and almost all other rights, and environmental protections, potentially, back a century, to when our great grandfathers worked in company towns, for 18 hours a day, and got stale bread and beans as pay, from the company store, their kids working 14 hours for nothing, living in a company shack that didn’t even keep the rain out- they “loading 16 tons and whatt’ya get, another day older and deeper in debt, Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I casn’t go, I owe my soul to the company store.”  On a brighter note, the dems haven’t caved all the way to the rems, yet, in Congress, in order to keep the Gov’t open for just another 2 more weeks, Barack and them were going to cut 41 billion from the non- defense Dept. related, medicare and Social Security budget, which comprises of only 2%, as their opening offer, before negotiations started, only a partial cave, as the rems wanted to cut it by 102 billion; although, now the dems are caving to cut it by 55 billion, instead- yet, they insist they’re standing strong on that number.  So, that only means a real decrease in budgetary funds for infant formula for poor mother’s infants, less economic help for heating for the elderly and poor, decreases in Pell grants for college kids and nutrition programs for pre-natal women, PBS, NPR, NEA, etc., decreasing funds for numerous other necessary programs; yet, don’t be blue, they haven’t eviscerated women’s healthcare, yet, through their unceasing attempts to illegally shut down Planned Parenthood, like they succeeded in doing to ACORN.  Heah, we can still breath air, and therefore, we’re not paying for oxygen, yet; that’s something!  Are you willing to awaken from your “American dreaming”, and get writing, creating, advocating, actuating your and other’s self-actuation; let’s hope so?  Twigs of poetree por vous, et al:

off the ass’s back, onto the elephant’s                            

Without their toes touching the ground, will
Be their latest trick, to astound. Chris said it,
“They want some of that destroying $, like
Cigarettes, liquor industries“; as if he never
Heard of crack?   On Traci’s show, ‘Scare
Tactics’, he says, “we do what we want!”,
One of the most devolutionary series the
Corporate structure’s convolutions multi-
Media conspiracy has aired, aiding in the
Sociological programming of destruction,
And murder into the coin of the realm. They
Sure do!, like Reagan Nagin’s committing
Genocide against predominantly poor
African-Americans for the remocrats, the
Premeditated murder of about 5000, etc.; as
“The river taking what‘s the rivers“, because
They purposely didn‘t prevent the flooding
Done by ‘Katrina’ in New Orleans- through
Not reinforcing the levees for 30 years. 

Barack has been the best person for the
Remocrats conspiracy since Ronald Reagan,
Continually insisting on bipartisanship and
How “honorable“, “patriotic”, “good”, etc.,
Remocrats are, etc., as they pathologically
Lie, divide, conquer this country into the
Ground, etc.; moving to the right so much
He’s almost not a dem. He’s putting the con
Back into the convolution, devolving into
Remocrat lite, the remocrats are moving
Right to avoid him, becoming tea baggers. 
If he chose to be a tea bagger, all the rems
Would give that up and resurrect the Whig
Party. Now, does anyone want to see him in
A wig, I guess he’s not Black enough; is
Any dem? While he and MA dem leaders
Purposely lost Ted’s seat to a tea bagger, 
Dems are losing ground all the way around.

Barack insists, “I want you to believe”,
He’ll realize, “change you can believe in”,
Etc., while anyone who asks anyone to
Believe anything, ever, is a conman. 
Just what the convolution ordered, a
Machiavellian dempublican that makes
Believe he isn’t; same as it ever was-
Don’t accept his “change”, what’s left in
Your pocket after the remocrat’s vacuum-
Up economics ’sucks’ up all your dollars,
Leaving only change trickling down. A
Spending freeze is what the remocrats
Ordered, Barack delivered, and it will
Dictate the deaths of thousands of lower
Middle-class to poor. All Kings, Queens,
Divas, Goddesses, have no problem with
The remocrats slave/master paradigm, now
That they get to be the masters; don’t let
Them liquidate your assets and asses.

Little girls sexually abused by older boys,
Possessed by remocrat conspiracies ‘suck’,
Psychic terrorism, in third grade. Several
Times a week, mugging boys. A kid stabbed
To death over a pickle. Being thrown down
Flights of stairs, exactly timed anatomical
Destruction of feet, ankles, knees, legs, etc.,
To destroy potential future competition for
Sports contracts, et al. Assaults, insults,
Intimidation, routine; etc..  That’s some of
What they did in public schools before high,
40 years ago.  They insist the country goes
Down in their bipartisanship contract with
The remocrats. Genocide against non-rem
Caucasian boys with potential, to destroy
Remocrats future competition, etc..

Barack’s went to “The Families” annual
National Prayer Breakfast (of champions?),
The supposed Christian conspiracies world
Dominionism cult, “fashioned on the mafia”,
Whose rem political leaders commit adultery
There, are being investigated for fraud, as
It‘s tax-exempt status as a Church is; whose
Event set the stage for Uganda’s “kill the
Gays” bill to be rolled out? The African
American conspiracy‘s, which everyone
Knows doesn’t exist, because, Al says, ”
There are no conspiracies”, just like they,
“Can’t be racist or criminal”, job is to hand
The end of humanity and the evolution to
The rem conspiracy; because the remocrats,
Having destroyed their brand name, the
Country, and the global economy, almost,
Can’t get it on their own. “It’s all about the
Benjamins”, extinction of large mammals
Humanity; we can’t let them- act, now! 
                                                                     Saddam Barack Osama Hussein Obama Bin Laden’s    

As the remocrats call him, train that could,
Hope, change, their bipartisanship that sailed,
Almost destroying the world economy, this
Nation, now turned into a tri-partisanship,
With the tea partiers steering it into the rock,
Not the Plymouth Rock that landed on us, we
Not landing on it, but, rather, their piece of
The rock, everyone wants to increase, their
Crack, delusional profit and pleasure from
Mass-destruction and murders‘, crash is
Coming, or it’ll sink the country with it.  He
Squandered the real lefts’ gift of the majority,
Hillary as V.P., Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat,
Governorships, he made the rem wave; he
Built the rems up in every way, his caving has
Led dempublicans to cave, he colluded in loss
Of the House- he’s better for rems than dems.

How: the dems who now pathologically half-
Truth, asking how far when the rems tell them
To bend over; the rems, whose motto is why tell
A truth when you can lie, still pathologically
Lying; and the TP’s, their motto, why tell a lie
When you can extremely lie, have conspired,
As supposed Christians, since the 80’s, to war
On the middle-class to poor- thru unnecessary
Wars, deregulation of s + ls and banks, not
Overseeing and policing the real estate markets,
Demonization of the poor and labor, control
Of the multi-media conspiracy, unending war,
Fake financial derivatives, corruption, vice,
Voter fraud, Citizen’s United, etc., Supremacy
Court rulings, intelligence, etc., operations
Against all people, guised by Patriot Acts, etc.,
Engineering fixes and locks to dictate centrist
Caving (implosions), like Hitler took over
Germany, ‘using’ locks, file clerks, cops,
Secretaries destroying, the duopolies’ Barack
Being the lock, the worse the dems do, the
More they depend on him winning, like the
Better the rems do, the better the totalitarians.

All supposed, business of every kind, religion,
Art, science, education, are denominations
Of their actual religion of mammon and
Mollock, fake twin gods of greed, war, all
Tools of Machiavellians’ divide and conquer;
Lobbyists insist not be separated from the state.
Those unnatural disasters, like the purposeful
None prevention of: the attacks on 9-11-2001
And Reagan Nagin’s flooding of New Orleans
With Katrina, not reinforcing the levees (for
30 years, washing away public housing, poor,
Unions), are part of vampirism, cannibalism,
Murder of all life by the corporate structure’s
Elite and their convolution’s enforcers, the
Rems, etc..  Engineered in advance, like the
Premeditated murder of 8 billion humans,
Through humanity and large mammals
Exterminations they‘re engineering now,
Dictating their extinctions.  Some call it
Disaster economics, etc., I, rems scorched-
Earth programs, slash and burn politics;
Seen most clearly in their flip-flops five
Minutes after the dems take the Blackhouse.

Remember all the references to the supposed
Necessity of ‘sausage-making’ between the 2
Diametrically opposed supposed Christian
Conspirator bedfellows?  Barack just had to:
Follow through with King George and his
Dick Cheney’s reign on the ‘American way
Of life’, hand trillions to the rich and richest
Corps., make healthcare reform a healthscare
Industry bail-out bill, give the extremely rich
Extremely large tax cuts while raising them
On the poor, then “the deficit‘s too high, they
Must cut payments to elderly, take formula
Out of infants mouths, decrease heating help
For the poor, etc.; and now, he supposedly has
To destroy in order to keep them from closing
The gov’t for 2 weeks, and in 2 weeks he’ll
Have to, again, continually caving to rems
Demands to increase speed of their supposed
Christian blitzkrieg of all life, through their
War on the middle-class to poor and the earth.

American dreamism=extremism=centrism=
Fascism.  They don’t need to make the
Sausage they screw us with, no legislation
Is better than bad, don’t allow them to tri-
Partisanshit on us, if the rems close the gov’t
And it costs the nation 500 million then they’ll
Lose in 2012; but, the dems insist on playing
Boy scout- like Al Gore’s not struggling to
Prove he won in 2000 by a million popular
Votes, 100,000 in FL, he won electorally. 
We see it now in Barack’s hedging, on the
Side of the dictator Mubarak against the up-
Rising democracy protestors in Egypt until
They already won, when they needed to hear
Keep the circle in the Square; in his not
“Walking with labor” in WI, yet, he promised
He would in his campaign, who needed to
Keep in the peoples’ State Capital building.

An African-American leading conspirator not
Struggling against merit pay, vouchers, charter
Schools for special supposed Christians, kids
Need teachers salaries raised, public schools
Improved, never separate and unequal. 
In his insisting everyone believes, when, if
Anyone asks anyone to believe anything,
They’re a conman.  Anyone running for the
Office lacks the prerequisite character for
The office of President; for, power corrupts
And absolute power corrupts absolutely. We
Need someone to really un-run for the
Un-presidency of these un-ited states, it
Would be unprecedented; they need to
Guaranty they must replace themselves with
An executive branch coalition or committee
Of at least 12 people- that would replace the
President, Vice President, in their first term.

Corporate lobbyists are anti-humanity, anti-
Life, although not pro-choice, by definition. 
Destruction and murder are of no profit or
Pleasure.  They can’t con the honest, are you? 
The life is indivisible, only the divided can be
Conquered.  A lesson from WWII, if you’re not
Taking the bullets, you’re making them to kill
All.  Responsibility can’t be abdicated when
One abdicates their power to the gov’t.  If
You don’t exercise your responsibility, its
Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither like
An unused muscle, as well.  Only when your
Rights are exercised, are they.  Demand dems
Be real and dems, not just dinos, democrats in
Name only, what the rems need to make you
Silent, sukcumb, collude, conspire, decay, die.
Only moving, in a unifying direction, onward.
14all41, we stand together or all fall forever;
Be, or humanity will not, viva la evolution. 

temples of doom, twins rebuilt, for future’s broom

Remocrat conspiratorial elite’s, hand, by purposely
Not preventing the attacks on 9-11, holding the gun,
The suppose Christian extremists mirrored image,
In Islam, reinvented, reprogrammed, re-manned, by
Dempublicans and their only got hope leader, who put
The con back in the corporate structure’s convolution,
Not idling, to avoid the “devil’s workshop”, have re-
Fashioned the united suck of assassins global Christo-
Blitzkrieg against all life; it’s now, not only “keinder
And gentler”, “not anti-Islam”, gangrene and power
Magnet mild, it’s also going to run its vacuum-up
Economics on medium, for awhile, allowing a larger
“Trickle down effect”, left on the ground, which,
With “volunteers“, marketeers to be, will, purportedly,
“Portend the survival of ”We,…” and the resurrection
Of “He“, into the future, you’ll see”- not.  He tried to
Put healthcare in every pot, cap emissions, will me-
Diate the crisis between “pro-life” anti-lifers and pro-
Choicers, switch “don’t ask, don’t tell” with don’t
Ask, it’s ok to say, strike down DOMA; yet, the “war
On terror”, that’s unnecessary, and the destruction of
“the axis of evil” countries, that aren’t, have only gone
From the lexicon, now covert, though still “unending”.

This while the growing need for real change of all,
Only possible through changing directions, from the
Remocrat conspiracies devolutionary one, based on
Destruction, murder being profit, pleasure, in a word,
Scarcity, based systems, to evolutionary, abundance,
Based ones, isn’t, individually, communally, globally;
Nor, somatic, (w)holistic, organic, conscious, green.
To begin, again, only knowing where you’ve been,
Informs where you’re at, and only then can one direct
Where they go, yet, it must begin within, self-actuate,
Turning 360 degrees around, back to the future and
The evolution- a supplanting of everything, evolving.
No Newt is good Newts’ contract on America must
Be undone, as must be pathological lying and high
Treason as politics, a trust, agreement, covenant with
Us, be reformed, as Christianity needs reformation,
Really, only then can “we,…”, path find humanities
Way to undo the highway paved in militarisms wake;
Deschooling, without rote, progeny, who can realize,
Illimitable potential, practice unscorched earth policy
Of all kinds, instead, dispelling delusional constructs:
Materialism, separation, sides, use, have nots for
Haves, narcissism, nihilism, vampirism, cannibalism.

Humanities and large mammals extinction, racing
Towards us from our future, seen on the horizon,
Dictated by corporate structure, must be stopped,
First; now- you ask how?  If you don’t build it, they
Won’t come,  For years, from a decade before the
World Trade Center was undone, by “planes that
Flew into buildings“, Ms. Rice said “they didn‘t
Know could happen“, as she never saw a kid play,
I warned of their doom, in twigs of poetree, et al.
As I told of the terrible two’s, the axi of supposed
Power, the remocrat and totalitarian conspiracies
Dividing and conquering the world between them,
Like two sides of a materialist coin (un)becoming
Like one another, racing towards each other, life and
Humanity, the coin between them, disappearing as
They go, decades before.  Those twigs told of the
False gods, mammon, of avarice (the real religion
behind all studies), and mollock, of war; neither able
To realize their exigent supposed potential without
The other- and how each of The Twin Towers was a
Temple to one, western civilization worshipped in. 

Those false gods feed, humanity, sacrificed more,
Constantly, at the altar of mammon, and life at
Mollock‘s, only death’s dirge heard from supposed
Christian abominations, proclaiming “it is all done
For Jesus“, forced extermination of humanity, large
Mammals; dictating their “final solution”, extinction,
For all.  How, addressing, not addressing injustices
Has costs, former is individual, the later is global,
As well, if you don’t stand up for yourself, exercise
Your responsibility, you lose power, also, those real
Deficits (consequence of delusional gains), in lost
Power taken from us, or abdicated willingly to the
Gov‘t, individually, communally, globally, add up;
Manifesting autocratic power, which corrupts
Until it’s absolute power- that corrupts absolutely.
Yet, one can’t abdicate their responsibility, so, one
Suffers the consequences of what those false leaders
Do, and don’t.  That’s why “Abhaya”, fearlessness,
Is the only solution, betwixt one and reality, which,
If continually concentrated, evolves one, all- if not
You, then who, now, when, here, where, this, what?


Above…, and beyond…, they fly,
Betwixt earth and sky,
Feathers fully feeling the wind,
Reality, on high, at once message, messenger,
As betwixt the profane and sacred,
In the mundane, realism, we walk.


Hunger strike against Iraqi War funding
Going strong, with Medea and Codepink.
“No more funds for war and occupation,
“We…” need healthcare and education”.
“12 billion wasted on this war a month,
That’s $5000. every second”; trillions
Your grandkids will pay higher taxes for
Their whole lives! Supplemental war
Bill will be voted on in a few days,
Bush wants another 184 million for it,
An unnecessary one, they hope to make
“Unending”, Kofi Annan called “illegal”;
McCain says, “it may last a 100 years”-
Don’t let remocrats rob you, your kids,
Grandkids of their livelihoods, stop war
Funding, stop the war, now, bring our
Troops home; if you support them. Liz
Yelled across the street, “time to go”,
Then cops arrested her, we were going
Home, it didn’t matter, more police
Crime against free speech. Unlike the
Cries of 10 year old boys not let out of
Fallujah with their families so the next
2 generations of Iraqi men can be killed
Now, “We,…”, will not be silenced.
They can’t silence the global thundering
Cry for justice, “We, the people…”,
Won’t let them; tell Congress we want
Our families home. Stop the war, now!

9-11 Allowed Attacks, Was It Our Reichstag?

The united suck of assassins, 95 % fascist,
Switches from wonder bread, destroying bones
In 12 ways, to whole wheat, in the Blackhouse;
Giving a new hue to the rich’s middle-class
To poor sandwich. Will the condiments change,
A Cinqo de Mayo to a dollop of mustard; one
Taste of supposed Christianity for another-
Will the surprises never cease? An answer,
Faint, echoing, ‘where’s the beef’?, implores.

Weimar Republic, Germany, got its eugenics
Programs from CA, first they came for elderly,
Medically and mentally ill, handicapped,
Disabled, then the rest; like the republicans
Are doing now. Defend yourself by defending
Them, one for all, all for one; “we…”, stand
Together, or fall separately! Burning of the
Reichstag by Hitler, blaming others, was his
Excuse to take over; their fall. Remember a
WWII lesson, if you’re not taking bullets you’re
Making them. A heart in the heart of the
Heartland is bleeding every moment, are you?

Those Germans thought they ‘had it like that’
Too, mass destruction and murder were profit,
Pleasure, ‘liberties’. Patriotism, a supposed
Excuse for Nazism. Now that almost all here
Have been sociologically programmed into
Lowest common denominator, uber-consuming
Replications of vacuums, heads made of tape
Recorders with cash registers attached,
La machine, the convolutions devolution of
Humanity into exigency, is almost complete.
It only took 450 years of supposed science
And religion, extermination to extinction.

Man, the nexus of 35 billion years of evolution,
Doesn’t have to be wiped out in two decades;
It, evoked, as a common language, the thread
That links every…, in the fabric of life,
Can dispel the corporate structures trap,
Worldly trappings, that fill every orifice
And eye. Civic irresponsibility, past
Generations have heaped on our heads and
Shoulders, only able to be borne on wings of
Compassion, must be exorcised through our
Only acting on it; realizing the growth of
Responsibilities Siamese twin sister, freedoms,
Flight- to the extent that we exercised it.

What of the hand, remocrats, sky is bluing
US, when they’re not pathologically lying,
The glove, dempublicans, liberal spread
Of half truths, although, the lesser of the two?
Saddam Barack Osama Hussein Obama Bin
Laden’s, as the remocrats call him, train that
Could, hope, change, bipartisanship? Pope’s,
New, indulgences for the rich, no condoms for
The poor, dictated? Normalcy, I don’t suffer,
Or, suffer from, nor, Euro-centrism, northern
Malaise, academia, a blood disease. He may
Have put the con back in their convolution,
Yet, has anyone been fooled by the temporary
Changes the `good cop’ will put in place, the
`Bad cop’ will wipe away when the Blackhouse
Is white washed, again? Where’s real change?

The audacity of nope resounds, that duopolies
‘Bipartisan’ ship has sailed, and gotten us into
The economic blackhole we’re in, and will be, it
Couldn’t, possibly, get us out. Not even light,
Nor, truth, escapes it. Without changing from
Remocrat dictated scarcity based society, to
Nature’s, abundance based reality, they’re just
Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. All
Changes every moment, “we, …”, need real
Change of direction, knowing where you’ve been,
Informs where you’re at, and, only then, can one
Direct where they go, yet, it must begin within,
Self-actuation, turning 360 degrees around,
Back to the future and the evolution- a
Supplanting of everything, evolving.

infanticide, pedocide, genocide, oh my

Republican conspiracies Nazi programs:
infanticide, “suck” ing infants to death in
The crib, with their psychic terrorism;
Feeding on their souls.  The destroying of
Infant’s testicles, dictating who won’t be
The uber-class, remocrats, dempublicans.
Determining an underclass; systematically
Deep sixed before they can even crawl. 

Pedocide, Roman Catholic Empire, many
Hindi Sects, military, etc., systematic
Sexualizing, abusing, assaulting, raping of
Mostly boys, determining under achievers,
Criminals, institutionalized, addicts; those
Who may not stop the cycles of ill, taking
Others with them- down.  Target group,
Caucasian, dictating who won’t be the
Uber-class; who won’t strive, thrive, or,
Even be alive, to avoid having their asses
And assets liquidated- loved ones undone.
Parents, your taxes, pay your kids rapists!

All genocides, I’ve struggled with all my
Life, yet, never mentioning this one, tea
Baggers were manufactured to organize on,
Caucasian.  Target group, Caucasian boys,
Who are dictated to not be uber-class, by
Programs mentioned above; their undoing,
Assassinations subcontracted out to every
Other conspiracy, to silence victims and
Dictate destruction, murder as profit and
Pleasure are the coin of the realm- for, the
Largest conspiracy only grows when any
Conspirator does their bidding.  Every
Remocrat aids and abets all pedociders,
Infanticiders, genociders, at minimum,
While most dempublicans do too.  Many
Of these Nazi machine parts, say “they do
It for Jesus”, only multiplying their
Atrocities- they’re abominations, one, all.
What shall be done, act, if not you, then
Who, now, then when, here, then where?

          “all is fair in love and war”

If you hear it, flee, no matter how invincible you be. 
Real feminists are evolutionary, like me, and don’t
Destroy, murder; while our struggles must advance,
For e.g., healthscare industry, etc., attempting to
Impose remocratic Gov’t into our lives, cutting
Women’s access, rights to healthcare, reproductive
Rights, civil and human rights- they suggesting
“Being a woman is a pre-existing condition”, etc.. 
Yet, it doesn’t hurt to remember that, while women
Are over 51 % of the world, and some of them gave
Birth to 100 %- there’s a global war against middle-
Class to poor men.  Also, critical of the women’s
Conspiracy, we see these progressive societal signs
As indicators that women’s permanent victim-hood,
And supposed concurrent lack of responsibility for
Society embracing the devolutionary direction can
Be considered officially coming to a close; ergo,
Excuses for their Nazism should also lessen over
Time- not lessen getting equality, just assassin
Superiority in the united suck of assassins food-
Chain.  Here, women are 53 % of the population,
Have more $, as a whole, are the voting majority
And purposely don’t run for office or vote for
Women (as the interlocking, interlaced societal
Systems, unnaturally based on the convolutions
Scarcity, have placed women on a higher rung
On assassins, $ and baring kids worth, ladders
hierarchy), have more entering college and univ.,
Girls have closed gap in test scores with boys in
Pre-high school, live 5 years longer, etc..  Ergo,
Women’s roles in the corporate structure’s war
Against middle-class to poor men must stop,
As the war must; otherwise, the dictation of the
Extinction of humanity and large mammals, the
Corporate structure’s ‘final solution’, is the only
Possible result.  Therefore, assassins fraternities,
Other college, professional assassins groups, train
Women to destroy, murder men for delusional
Profit and pleasure, should be struggled with.  As
Should the using of all healing arts as destroying,
Murdering sciences, for e.g., Kali directed ‘use‘ of
Kamasutra to destroy men, usually in conjunction
With the republicans psychic-terrorism, ‘the suck‘;
Similarly, Taoist use of  Tantric sex therapy, “great
Draw“ techniques, etc., to do the same; TM, etc.,
Techniques, stop themselves from having orgasms
To sexually devolve, destroy men; Reich’s “orgone
Therapy” disciplines; positions where ‘the suck’
Removes extreme amounts of energy from a man,
And a woman is potato mashing before he knows it,
Etc..  Other conservative sects, supposed: Christian,
Wiccan, Santiera, Yoruba, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Satan
Worshippers, etc., mostly using forms of vampirism
With the suck, cannibalism, etc.; also collaborating
In the mass-rape of those Caucasian boys (the target
Group) chosen to be non-remocrat.  Infanticide,
Assassination by suck, stealing souls.  Targeted
Infants, whose testicles they destroy.  Many of them
Work in helping professions, prisons, where they
Have stationary prey.  Spike in violence against boys
By girls, and men by women, they counting on male
Embarrassment, etc., self-censoring to avoid stigma,
So, they don’t report the attacks, etc..  Personally,
For e.g., at the height of my physical prowess, I was
Repeatedly assaulted by a Native-American Roman
Catholic lesbian, and a Canadian immigrant actress,
Viciously, they hoping I’d reply in anyway, so, they
Could just lie and get the police state to murder me
For them; I didn’t- the immigrant used her acting
Skills to cry and lie on demand to get me attacked
By the police anyway, repeatedly.  Lower middle-
Class to poor women destroying lower middle-class
To poor men with potential scam, purposely lying,
Going out with them, having kids, without marriage,
Kids even being mentioned; giving society body bag
Filler, one of their jobs, and them a ‘poor women’s
Retirement program’, must be stopped- the men do
The ‘right thing‘, “no good deed goes unpunished“. 
Not to forget the Irish, Italian fascists favorite, 
Getting life insurance policies on their 19, fit,
Husband’s, then assassinating them, collecting the
Insurance.  Supposed feminist movement’s doing
Genocide of non-remocrat conspiracy Caucasian
Men, for the remocrat conspiracy; murdering their
Main competition.  Everyone must keep in mind
That Carl Jung says 80 % of all action, thought,
Emotion are compensatory, part of our reactions to
Our pasts, etc.; no one should falsely criticize,
Etc..  The less targeted, war on women, must be
Stopped.  Fastest growing group of AIDS infected
Is African-American women, for 2 decades; why? 
One of the dwindling, and aging out providers of
Choice in women’s healthcare, Dr. Tiller, has been
Cut, again, his assassin may get parole, someday,
Why?  If you don’t exercise responsibility, its
Siamese twin sister, freedom, Will wither, like a
Muscle, as well.  Sadly, now, it first needs to be
Exorcized before its exercised.  It’s not too late,
Evoke, act, be.  Viva la evolution and Green Party.


A 60 th: birth of Israel, and Al Nakba, mournful
Remembrance of atrocities in Palestine; you and I.
Two sides of the same coin? Spoils of war, what’s
Left for.., after all has been..? Coin of the realm,
The destruction, murder that made it, and sides.
At 16 I said USSR and USA were these sides, racing
Towards each other, the closer they got, the more
Alike…, exigency replacing humanity, globally;
They’re them in the Middle East, a mix of la
Machine, beast, et al; extinction incarnate.
Why there won’t be anything but their peacing on
Each other, til they can war, waring pays 10 times
More and they broke the sky; as everybody knows?!
They just have to keep the convolutions show going
Long enough, deluding enough, so, you don’t be
Change evolution needs; to stop the extermination
Of humanity they dictate. When 100 million are
Dying annually from unnatural disasters, instead
Of 10, when war over food, water, is more common,
And only military rules everywhere; peace will be
A notion, like love conquering all, dwindling moms
Tell kids, only when dads aren’t around. Then,
Humanity will be dead, after that, human species,
Large mammals extinct. Why, `cause you believed
Their cons now, like sides existing, to destroy,
Kill, is profit, pleasure, etc.. If they wanted
Peace there would be. Why do the convolutions lies
Fly, `cause you let them. The life is indivisible,
Divide and conquer only works on the divided. Be.


Assbackwards, just the way the terrible twos,
Bipolar axi, remocrat/totalitarian conspiracy
Like it. The gloves, their collaborators,
Dempublicans, socialists, making humanities
Extermination now, extinction later, reality.
Supposedly, they’re diametrically opposed,
While they collaborate in genocide, etc.. War
On every nonremocrat male, from middle-class
To poor, you must be one side, or the other;
Not them, you’re the enemy. In capitalist
Society, totalitarians play a supporting role,
As money plays in totalitarian ones; the ol’
Cold war fix still in. Their rabid militarist
Jaws locked on, humanity can’t exist until
They’re gone. Pedocide programs, remocrats
Pride and joy, one, where military sexually
Abuse kids with potential, who they deem
Won’t grow up to be remocrat; target group,
White boys- destroy their competition before
They become it, and adults. All conspiracies
Collaborate with them to varying degrees,
Manufacturing rule by most nazi conspiracy;
And nazism as way of life. We, the people,
Shouldn’t grind up the seeds. How did this
Happen, by almost all embracing their
Devolutionary direction, the corporate
Structures, la machines, convolution. Only
Way to change that, is to change everything,
Uplifting all life, devaluing conspiracy in
Everyway, every moment, everyday; feeling.
Thinking through their bricks of illusions,
That make their walls of delusions, in their
Mental cells, their personal hell; human,
Being alival, not, la machines survival- now.

“What’s Love Got To Do With It…”

They say, a rose by any other…,
Would still smell as sweet.
Every 9 seconds a woman is raped
By someone who says he loves her.
Give a real gift to sisters,
And brothers, all, reach one,
And teach one, to not be a
Link in that patriarchal chain,
Not adding to that number of
Humanities bane, not a statistic
in la machine’s game, ever;
From this Valentine Day on.
and an old one for good measure:

five easy pieces

To thine ownself be who, and
While you’re being what you are,
Remember this, to follow your path
Of heart: how, where, when, and,
Sometimes, why; forever unanswered.

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What do you think?  “Painting is poetry which is seen and not heard, and poetry is a painting which is heard but not seen.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci.  For those interested 🙂 “of or pertaining to the morning, day 🙂 relating to or happening in the morning or in the early part of the day ( formal ), (Mid-16th century, from late Latin matutinalis, from Matuta, goddess of the dawn.)”.  As always, feel free to copy and share, as you will.  Thanx for all you do!  Enjoy a festive eve’ as you can.  Ciao, for now.

Matutinally Yours,

james m nordlund


About reality

Also, thanx for signing my petitions, et al, please consider sharing them. Also, since Admin. of aren't allowing me to invite people to do my actions lately and are switching my urls for my petitions so when I invite people off their site they can't get to the petition either (ergo 3 possible urls for each petition), here's a few of my latest actions; do as few or as many as you'd like (there are 3 linx for each petition because admin. switches between the 3 of them so people trying to sign the petition can‘t get to it): This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Haiti disaster anniversary, please, do what you can: This petition on Haiti disaster anniversary:   This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Green, Indigenous, Native American, etc., actions: This petition on Green, Indigenous, Native American, acts:,_native_american_acts,_native_american_acts   This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Art/Act: celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, holiday: This petition on Art/Act: celebrate Dr. M.L. King, Jr.'s holiday:   This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Green; NA; the evolution; Civil, Human, LP, Prisoner's Rights; Poverty; etc..: This petition on Economically empower through advocacy:
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