Art/Act, soul/social justice, and Happy Holidays!

Art/Act, soul/social justice, and Happy Holidays!  These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:

Art/Act, soul/social justice, and Happy Holidays!:

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Voices: Occupied with Hope!: As Hanukkah has begun, and Christmas and Kwanzaa are but days away. I’ve recently been thinking a great deal about the success of “mighty” organizations that started out small, but with an enormous cause, and have succeeded in helping us to think and act differently in the world: MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers), Teaching Tolerance, the Women’s Movement, Bread for the World and Greenpeace, just to name a few.

Act:   You know the work of Voices.  You know that peace-making is hard work.  Help us to keep the momentum going.  Through generous giving in 2011 we’ve raised over $40,000.  We need another $15,000 to reach our year end goal.  Will you raise your voice with ours?

As you plan your year-end charitable giving, donating online is the easiest way you can give to Voices:   You can also donate by check, made payable to Voices Education Project and sent to: 4669 Eastern Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98103, USA   Your gift is tax deductible and we welcome gifts large and small. Thank you for participating in the work of Voices, and may we all have a more compassionate, tolerant and peace-filled 2012.   Marilyn Turkovich, Director

Andrew Himes, President of the Voices Board

6710 NE Dapple Ct Seattle, WA 98110 United States   Tell a friend



WISDOMKEEPERS: Meetings with Native American Spiritual Elders~ 2: Wisdomkeepers takes you on an extraordinary spiritual journey into the lives, minds, and natural-world philosophy of Native American spiritual elders. The elders tell who they are, how they live, and what they believe. Magnificent portraits complement the soaring text. Among those profiled are Buffalo Jim, a Seminole who describes the Seminole story of creation as if the Everglades were Eden, talks of his people’s individual passage into the afterlife, and reveals that every field of wild plants is, to him, a medicine garden. You’ll also meet “Uncle” Frank Davis (Fancy Warrior), a Pawnee Elder who describes the “path to understanding” as a trial filled with scraps of paper, each one a piece of a puzzle. Also profiled is Mathew King, a Lakota who warns of punishments or those who would destroy the Earth Mother. Readers share the innernost thoughts and feelings, dreams and visions, laughter, healing remedies, and prophecies of the Wisdomkeepers, whose humanity shines through every page.

5.0 out of 5 stars Should be required reading,

By Camilla L Riley (Stillwater, OK) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Wisdomkeepers: Meetings With Native American Spiritual Elders (The Earthsong Collection) (Hardcover)

This is a book of incredible beauty – linguistically, visually, and spiritually. In an era which seems to skew more and more to the material and superficial, the Wisdomkeepers who are interviewed bring life and its challenges to the level of essence. Although I have walked in the daily company of Native Americans for more than fifty years, my understanding of the nobility of heritage and centered life grew immeasurably with the reading of every page. Anyone who passes this one up will be the lesser for doing so.

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5.0 out of 5 stars it’s an experience,a journey,words cannot describe this book,  By A Customer

This review is from: Wisdomkeepers: Meetings With Native American Spiritual Elders (The Earthsong Collection) (Hardcover)

I have recommended this book to anyone I know that is on a path of awakening and can hear the words with their heart.I have given this book as gifts numerous times, but I cannot find it anymore which greatly saddens me. I would love to turn the world on to this book as it so beautifully depicts our Native Americans – OUR indigenous people. This book does justice to out Native Americans which they so very much deserve. I do not know how to thank Steve Wall and Harvey Arden – they have touched my life with this richly textured, genuine and moving piece. No words can express the power behind the span of the eagle’s wings, the moving wisdom of a redwood forest or the joy inside to which this book has brought me.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wisdom, May 21, 2007

By Mr. Randy I. Tyler “Okwari” (Canaan, VT United States

This review is from: Wisdomkeepers: Meetings with Native American Spiritual Elders (Paperback)

She:Kon (Sago)(Hello) To all who read this and hope you are all well. I personally know some of the Wisdom Keepers, Elders whose words are in this book and know them to be of good mind and person. I am Mohawk and Odawa and I come from upstate New York near some of the Reservations and I fully recommend this book for any person who needs to come back to the reality of the living world around them and bring them back to the basic relation between humankind and all the life that is on this earth and surrounds us in the cosmos.



Ecotone – Holiday Newsletter 2011: What would bring you happiness this holiday season? A Bing Crosby record on the hi-fi? Maybe a glass of eggnog and a warming fire. Or gathering with your friends and loved ones. Whatever your holiday plans, our “Happiness” issue is full of wonderful writing and art that we’re sure will bring you comfort and joy.

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Twigs of my poetree on soul:




Timeless, sublime, tonal, Melodious sojourn into life, self. River banks, as petal and thorn Roll, filled by agua’s flow; Entwining on her bed, Know, love is. Mauna, Silence, echoes its song; Which no words could trace. Thus ananda, bliss, intimates The eternal, and details Living shantih, peace.




One lived as prayer, Their light adding To the well of light, Their every step in grace, They left no footprints; That will echo always.




Feeling with your spirits hands, See with the eye of your heart, Hear with the ear of your soul, And know with the body Of life’s knowledge, We can be prayer; Being forever answered.




While feeling sacred on This All Hallow’s Day, I also feel pangs of the Hungry, so wrought by The profane; for the food Wasted by us could feed All the world’s…. Yet, Betwixt, in the mundane It’s only hurled.




You, a joyous lake. Me, the mountain, underground, Which, you fill, That holds you always. Within and without us, Is this love.




Were it a cause that Opened those tiny arms, Alighting brilliance, a smile, As I hugged him back, then, It could not be known. For, this child towards The divine leads goes. Would it be that we say, It is not the life; Rather, we know?



V.E. Day

Denatured, this first, Still, inside life’s waters rise To Spring’s tides. We feel, Below emotions ebbs and flows, “…Go On”‘s vernal Raison d’etre, to not know!



Will of life’s wind howls There is no fear. Being all the way live, ’til.



Ring Unbroken

The way open, Beyond time and bone of space, In front of nose, original face.




Fire in the sky And your art, Entering my eye,




Life’s signs and meanings Perceived by all our senses and Being’s foci of attention, can Divine from within and without. That’s if our inner-eye Isn’t clouded by false-ego, Self-conscious self, or doubt.




As my breath is the one, prana, And the life’s pulse, pala, Reaching angelic source, sura, So is this mind, manas, a Flowering unfoldment, Unendingly touching The eye that would it see; Unbeckoning unto thee. As well, this Bodhi, a temple, Of the four and fifth, nur, So entered by atma, a ray of thy sun, Thus being winged, and As such with wind; Flying only in dharma’s dance, Is returning to, Brahma, you. For, there yet, by thy grace, go I.




Like the wind moves, Not love, nor hate, Only everything and nothing At all; at once.




The depth of one’s sorrow Is the well’s fathom, Of meanings and moments Shared with them.




As acid rain from your closed eye, An acre of rainforest falls each Second, earth’s tears bleeding; For, all you see is grey.



My latest, social justice:




Addressing, not addressing them Have costs, the former is individual, The later is global, as well.



what, when, where, how, why, who

Here it’s said the pen is mightier than the sword. In the East, pen and sword in accord. The latest great equalizer, multi-media, In its ever more myriad forms, in the hands of Media whores, has helped put the con back in the Convolution.  One of its en vogue ‘realisms‘, Unnecessary, unending war is all good if you Continually win, as long as its continually whined About, allowing cover for the supposed left Marketeers.  Destruction to extinction are not Profit, pleasure, power, for, clarity, is a sword That cuts all ways, without, as there’s no cutting, And a pointless point.  We must put down the Sword, and pick up the pen, to be in accord.


united suck of assassins

Corporate structures convolutions latest Dictating the gutting of the economy, Increasing its blitzkrieging speed, in the Devolutionary direction, warring on the Middle-class to poor globally through Economic attrition and extermination to Extinction of humanity, large mammals, Their ‘final solution’, must be stopped. They think with spooned nose, speak with Forked tongue, will “We,”, be undone?



Log Cabins

Liked building them at X-Mas, when I was a kid, and not Workaholicing, BUT, they liked me too much, as in the Republican conspiracies ‘leave no child’s behind alone’ Program, part of their numerous pedocide programs (also Dictating the central dependence on rote was increased, Decreasing education, and it was under funded); a Cornerstone of their genocide against non-remocrat Caucasian boys- destroying their competition before it even Becomes it, usually they subcontract out this ’work’ to all Conspirators of all conspiracies, liquidating our assets and Asses all our lives, “keeping what they kill“.  According to The rems this is “perfect murder”, as military, (supposed) Religious extremists, etc., make good “amoral professionals”; And with the aiding and abetting of the cops, all are assured Of “getting away with it”- the only law in the land.  Where, Anywhere they can, schools, Churches, temples, colleges, Homes; kids who work, with parents who overwork, are ’Easily accessed’- the cliché, “no good deed goes Unpunished”, in the extreme, etc..  One of the military’s Pedocide program’s favorites, oldest son raping all his Siblings in one night; he‘s in, they‘re out- another, training Of animals to suck, destroy and murder.  One might ask, How do they get plausible deniability for the gov’t’s total Involvement‘, simply, they import pedophiles from other Lands; paying them with green cards, careers, advancements, Etc.-  so, the united suck of assassins can assert, “they didn‘t Do it all“.  One might ask, why, for example, would the Supposed civil rights movement (only part of the African- American republican conspiracy) go along with this genocide, Because they see it as ‘reparations, every white man they’re Allowed to destroy is one they’re never going to have Competition from‘; either.  Why the supposed feminists…, They don’t think of it as ’rape of boys, rather, it’s controlling Men, for, a denatured boy is more easily separated from his Realization of potential, ass, then assets, by any and all women‘.  Why women…, the majority in every way, have long sided With the remocrat conspiracy in it’s spearheading the corp. Structure’s convolutions’ war on the middle-class to poor men; Hear about rape of women a lot, rape of men never, that while The number of both is close- the pedocide of kids programs are Never allowed to be talked about, even the known ones like the Roman Catholic Empire‘s.  Why the totalitarian LGBTQ Conspiracy…, they consider ’humans as clay, you want Gay People, make them Gay, for, gays are more probably not going To go along with larger societal norms, more likely to react to Them, and more probably materialistic out of defensive needs, At minimum, therefore, more accessible, readily recruited, And monetarily fruitful’.  Why rem Gays…, Nazism, some of Them think it’s their right to have sex with boys, reparations, The fact that raped kids have a far greater probability of Becoming non-heterosexual; all do it to give astronomically More power to the republication of the populace processes, As any conspiracy enables all conspiracies, especially the Biggest- requiring a reactive totalitarian conspiracy to fight Against it, supposedly, etc..   Not to forget, some are leaders Of the anti-gay, amoral minority supposed Christian Conspiracy, movement, destroying and murdering out of self- Loathing, subconscious or otherwise; uber-hypocrites.  All Conspirators find it irresistible to destroy Caucasian non-rem Kids, just because they’re heterosexual, male (the target group), White, etc..  This genocide is one of the main reasons why Empire’s like Roman and British rose, fell, why the rems, 20 % Of the population, control the other 80 %; like Apartheid South Africa used to be- except, here it’s mostly economic Apartheid.  The bi-polar axi of supposed power for the last half A century, the republican and totalitarian conspiracies, the rem Being fascist, at minimum, and totalitarian, the totalitarians Being that, at minimum, and corporate agents, had successfully Divided and conquered the world between them with their Dictate, “if you‘re not us you‘re the enemy“; yet, not quite, After the fall of the “Berlin Wall”- and even less now.   That’s Why King George and his Dick Cheney tried to manufacture Astronomically more Islamic extremists through their and the Elite of the rem conspiracies’ purposely not preventing the Attacks on 9-11-2001 and the unnecessary war in Iraq, etc., a ‘Boogeyman’ to replace the U.S.S.R..   To dictate an Exponentially increased amount of tax dollars vacuumed-up, Centralized to the rem dominated military, etc., industrial Complexes, at minimum, and, over my dead body, an “Unending unnecessary war against terror“, to make it, Astronomically, instead.  Every demographics controlling Conspiracy conspiring with the rem conspiracy to replicate Conspiracy as a replacement for humanity; the exigency of the Delusional construct of materialism, and its twin, nihilism, … For sanity.  Never hear “rage against the machine”, and it’s Replication of machine parts, anymore, seldom, “fight the Powers”, that unbe, even, why, because they’re all collect Ively, the machine and supposed power; “centrism” was naz- Ism in Nazi Germany- popularityism=vampirism=cannibal-Ism=centrism=fascism=nazism=extermination=extinction. No One was ever perfect, nor, born this way, unbeing extremely Narcissistically requires pathological lying; which only rems Do, while dems pathologically half-truth- destruction and Murder are of no profit or pleasure. Whereas, you’re a soma, Organically and (w)holistically growing, your solutions with Reality concentrating or diluting over time through your foci Of attention; every person is illimitable in their realization of Potential- and life is indivisible, be.  Ghandi said, “Abhaya, Fearlessness, is most important for an individual and a Nation”.  A pop song, “…I will go down, with this ship, I Won’t throw my hands in the air and give up, (there’s more Light in this world than exists)…, I”m in love and always Will be….  …I will go down, with this ship, I won’t throw My hands in the air and give up, (there’s more light in this World than exists)…, I’m in love and …(all ways) will be …..”  Will you?  Viva la evolution, viva Green Party.

(In Memoriam, good Memorial Day to All)



“What’s Love Got To Do With It…”

They say, a rose by any other…, Would still smell as sweet. Every 9 seconds a woman is raped By someone who says he loves her. Give a real gift to sisters, And brothers, all, reach one, And teach one, to not be a Link in that patriarchal chain, Not adding to that number of Humanities bane, not a statistic in la machine’s game, ever; From this Valentine’s Day on.

(For 100th anniversary of Int’l Women’s Day, and celebrating Women’s History Month; reality)



off the ass’s back, onto the elephant’s

Without their toes touching the ground, will Be their latest trick, to astound. Chris said it, “They want some of that destroying $, like Cigarettes, liquor industries“; as if he never Heard of crack?   On Traci’s show, ‘Scare Tactics’, he says, “we do what we want!”, One of the most devolutionary series the Corporate structure’s convolutions multi- Media conspiracy has aired, aiding in the Sociological programming of destruction, And murder into the coin of the realm. They Sure do!, like Reagan Nagin’s committing Genocide against predominantly poor African-Americans for the remocrats, the Premeditated murder of about 5000, etc.; as “The river taking what‘s the rivers“, because They purposely didn‘t prevent the flooding Done by ‘Katrina’ in New Orleans- through Not reinforcing the levees for 30 years.

Barack has been the best person for the Remocrats conspiracy since Ronald Reagan, Continually insisting on bipartisanship and How “honorable“, “patriotic”, “good”, etc., Remocrats are, etc., as they pathologically Lie, divide, conquer this country into the Ground, etc.; moving to the right so much He’s almost not a dem. He’s putting the con Back into the convolution, devolving into Remocrat lite, the remocrats are moving Right to avoid him, becoming tea baggers.  If he chose to be a tea bagger, all the rems Would give that up and resurrect the Whig Party. Now, does anyone want to see him in A wig, I guess he’s not Black enough; is Any dem? While he and MA dem leaders Purposely lost Ted’s seat to a tea bagger,  Dems are losing ground all the way around.

Barack insists, “I want you to believe”, He’ll realize, “change you can believe in”, Etc., while anyone who asks anyone to Believe anything, ever, is a conman.  Just what the convolution ordered, a Machiavellian dempublican that makes Believe he isn’t; same as it ever was- Don’t accept his “change”, what’s left in Your pocket after the remocrat’s vacuum- Up economics ’sucks’ up all your dollars, Leaving only change trickling down. A Spending freeze is what the remocrats Ordered, Barack delivered, and it will Dictate the deaths of thousands of lower Middle-class to poor. All Kings, Queens, Divas, Goddesses, have no problem with The remocrats slave/master paradigm, now That they get to be the masters; don’t let Them liquidate your assets and asses.

Little girls sexually abused by older boys, Possessed by remocrat conspiracies ‘suck’, Psychic terrorism, in third grade. Several Times a week, mugging boys. A kid stabbed To death over a pickle. Being thrown down Flights of stairs, exactly timed anatomical Destruction of feet, ankles, knees, legs, etc., To destroy potential future competition for Sports contracts, et al. Assaults, insults, Intimidation, routine; etc..  That’s some of What they did in public schools before high, 40 years ago.  They insist the country goes Down in their bipartisanship contract with The remocrats. Genocide against non-rem Caucasian boys with potential, to destroy Remocrats future competition, etc..

Barack’s went to “The Families” annual National Prayer Breakfast (of champions?), The supposed Christian conspiracies world Dominionism cult, “fashioned on the mafia”, Whose rem political leaders commit adultery There, are being investigated for fraud, as It‘s tax-exempt status as a Church is; whose Event set the stage for Uganda’s “kill the Gays” bill to be rolled out? The African American conspiracy‘s, which everyone Knows doesn’t exist, because, Al says, ” There are no conspiracies”, just like they, “Can’t be racist or criminal”, job is to hand The end of humanity and the evolution to The rem conspiracy; because the remocrats, Having destroyed their brand name, the Country, and the global economy, almost, Can’t get it on their own. “It’s all about the Benjamins”, extinction of large mammals Humanity; we can’t let them- act, now!



infanticide, pedocide, genocide, oh my

Republican conspiracies Nazi programs: infanticide, “suck” ing infants to death in The crib, with their psychic terrorism; Feeding on their souls.  The destroying of Infant’s testicles, dictating who won’t be The uber-class, remocrats, dempublicans. Determining an underclass; systematically Deep sixed before they can even crawl.

Pedocide, Roman Catholic Empire, many Hindi Sects, military, etc., systematic Sexualizing, abusing, assaulting, raping of Mostly boys, determining under achievers, Criminals, institutionalized, addicts; those Who may not stop the cycles of ill, taking Others with them- down.  Target group, Caucasian, dictating who won’t be the Uber-class; who won’t strive, thrive, or, Even be alive, to avoid having their asses And assets liquidated- loved ones undone. Parents, your taxes, pay your kids rapists!

All genocides, I’ve struggled with all my Life, yet, never mentioning this one, tea Baggers were manufactured to organize on, Caucasian.  Target group, Caucasian boys, Who are dictated to not be uber-class, by Programs mentioned above; their undoing, Assassinations subcontracted out to every Other conspiracy, to silence victims and Dictate destruction, murder as profit and Pleasure are the coin of the realm- for, the Largest conspiracy only grows when any Conspirator does their bidding.  Every Remocrat aids and abets all pedociders, Infanticiders, genociders, at minimum, While most dempublicans do too.  Many Of these Nazi machine parts, say “they do It for Jesus”, only multiplying their Atrocities- they’re abominations, one, all. What shall be done, act, if not you, then Who, now, then when, here, then where?



“all is fair in love and war”

If you hear it, flee, no matter how invincible you be.  Real feminists are evolutionary, like me, and don’t Destroy, murder; while our struggles must advance, For e.g., healthscare industry, etc., attempting to Impose remocratic Gov’t into our lives, cutting Women’s access, rights to healthcare, reproductive Rights, civil and human rights- they suggesting “Being a woman is a pre-existing condition”, etc..  Yet, it doesn’t hurt to remember that, while women Are over 51 % of the world, and some of them gave Birth to 100 %- there’s a global war against middle- Class to poor men.  Also, critical of the women’s Conspiracy, we see these progressive societal signs As indicators that women’s permanent victim-hood, And supposed concurrent lack of responsibility for Society embracing the devolutionary direction can Be considered officially coming to a close; ergo, Excuses for their Nazism should also lessen over Time- not lessen getting equality, just assassin Superiority in the united suck of assassins food- Chain.  Here, women are 53 % of the population, Have more $, as a whole, are the voting majority And purposely don’t run for office or vote for Women (as the interlocking, interlaced societal Systems, unnaturally based on the convolutions Scarcity, have placed women on a higher rung On assassins, $ and baring kids worth, ladders hierarchy), have more entering college and univ., Girls have closed gap in test scores with boys in Pre-high school, live 5 years longer, etc..  Ergo, Women’s roles in the corporate structure’s war Against middle-class to poor men must stop, As the war must; otherwise, the dictation of the Extinction of humanity and large mammals, the Corporate structure’s ‘final solution’, is the only Possible result.  Therefore, assassins fraternities, Other college, professional assassins groups, train Women to destroy, murder men for delusional Profit and pleasure, should be struggled with.  As Should the using of all healing arts as destroying, Murdering sciences, for e.g., Kali directed ‘use‘ of Kamasutra to destroy men, usually in conjunction With the republicans psychic-terrorism, ‘the suck‘; Similarly, Taoist use of  Tantric sex therapy, “great Draw“ techniques, etc., to do the same; TM, etc., Techniques, stop themselves from having orgasms To sexually devolve, destroy men; Reich’s “orgone Therapy” disciplines; positions where ‘the suck’ Removes extreme amounts of energy from a man, And a woman is potato mashing before he knows it, Etc..  Other conservative sects, supposed: Christian, Wiccan, Santiera, Yoruba, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Satan Worshippers, etc., mostly using forms of vampirism With the suck, cannibalism, etc.; also collaborating In the mass-rape of those Caucasian boys (the target Group) chosen to be non-remocrat.  Infanticide, Assassination by suck, stealing souls.  Targeted Infants, whose testicles they destroy.  Many of them Work in helping professions, prisons, where they Have stationary prey.  Spike in violence against boys By girls, and men by women, they counting on male Embarrassment, etc., self-censoring to avoid stigma, So, they don’t report the attacks, etc..  Personally, For e.g., at the height of my physical prowess, I was Repeatedly assaulted by a Native-American Roman Catholic lesbian, and a Canadian immigrant actress, Viciously, they hoping I’d reply in anyway, so, they Could just lie and get the police state to murder me For them; I didn’t- the immigrant used her acting Skills to cry and lie on demand to get me attacked By the police anyway, repeatedly.  Lower middle- Class to poor women destroying lower middle-class To poor men with potential scam, purposely lying, Going out with them, having kids, without marriage, Kids even being mentioned; giving society body bag Filler, one of their jobs, and them a ‘poor women’s Retirement program’, must be stopped- the men do The ‘right thing‘, “no good deed goes unpunished“.  Not to forget the Irish, Italian fascists favorite,  Getting life insurance policies on their 19, fit, Husband’s, then assassinating them, collecting the Insurance.  Supposed feminist movement’s doing Genocide of non-remocrat conspiracy Caucasian Men, for the remocrat conspiracy; murdering their Main competition.  Everyone must keep in mind That Carl Jung says 80 % of all action, thought, Emotion are compensatory, part of our reactions to Our pasts, etc.; no one should falsely criticize, Etc..  The less targeted, war on women, must be Stopped.  Fastest growing group of AIDS infected Is African-American women, for 2 decades; why?  One of the dwindling, and aging out providers of Choice in women’s healthcare, Dr. Tiller, has been Cut, again, his assassin may get parole, someday, Why?  If you don’t exercise responsibility, its Siamese twin sister, freedom, Will wither, like a Muscle, as well.  Sadly, now, it first needs to be Exorcized before its exercised.  It’s not too late, Evoke, act, be.  Viva la evolution and Green Party.




A 60 th: birth of Israel, and Al Nakba, mournful Remembrance of atrocities in Palestine; you and I. Two sides of the same coin? Spoils of war, what’s Left for.., after all has been..? Coin of the realm, The destruction, murder that made it, and sides. At 16 I said USSR and USA were these sides, racing Towards each other, the closer they got, the more Alike…, exigency replacing humanity, globally; They’re them in the Middle East, a mix of la Machine, beast, et al; extinction incarnate. Why there won’t be anything but their peacing on Each other, til they can war, waring pays 10 times More and they broke the sky; as everybody knows?! They just have to keep the convolutions show going Long enough, deluding enough, so, you don’t be Change evolution needs; to stop the extermination Of humanity they dictate. When 100 million are Dying annually from unnatural disasters, instead Of 10, when war over food, water, is more common, And only military rules everywhere; peace will be A notion, like love conquering all, dwindling moms Tell kids, only when dads aren’t around. Then, Humanity will be dead, after that, human species, Large mammals extinct. Why, `cause you believed Their cons now, like sides existing, to destroy, Kill, is profit, pleasure, etc.. If they wanted Peace there would be. Why do the convolutions lies Fly, `cause you let them. The life is indivisible, Divide and conquer only works on the divided. Be.



Hunger strike against Iraqi War funding Going strong, with Medea and Codepink. “No more funds for war and occupation, “We…” need healthcare and education”. “12 billion wasted on this war a month, That’s $5000. every second”; trillions Your grandkids will pay higher taxes for Their whole lives! Supplemental war Bill will be voted on in a few days, Bush wants another 184 million for it, An unnecessary one, they hope to make “Unending”, Kofi Annan called “illegal”; McCain says, “it may last a 100 years”- Don’t let remocrats rob you, your kids, Grandkids of their livelihoods, stop war Funding, stop the war, now, bring our Troops home; if you support them. Liz Yelled across the street, “time to go”, Then cops arrested her, we were going Home, it didn’t matter, more police Crime against free speech. Unlike the Cries of 10 year old boys not let out of Fallujah with their families so the next 2 generations of Iraqi men can be killed Now, “We,…”, will not be silenced. They can’t silence the global thundering Cry for justice, “We, the people…”, Won’t let them; tell Congress we want Our families home. Stop the war, now!



Assbackwards, just the way the terrible twos, Bipolar axi, remocrat/totalitarian conspiracies Like it. The gloves, their collaborators, Dempublicans, socialists, making humanities Extermination now, extinction later, reality. Supposedly, they’re diametrically opposed, While they collaborate in genocide, etc.. War On every nonremocrat male, from middle-class To poor, you must be one side, or the other; Not them, you’re the enemy. In capitalist Society, totalitarians play a supporting role, As money plays in totalitarian ones; the ol’ Cold war fix still in. Their rabid militarist Jaws locked on, humanity can’t exist until They’re gone. Pedocide programs, remocrats Pride and joy, one, where military sexually Abuse kids with potential, who they deem Won’t grow up to be remocrat; target group, White boys- destroy their competition before They become it, and adults. All conspiracies Collaborate with them to varying degrees, Manufacturing rule by most nazi conspiracy; And nazism as way of life. We, the people, Shouldn’t grind up the seeds. How did this Happen, by almost all embracing their Devolutionary direction, the corporate Structures, la machines, convolution. Only Way to change that, is to change everything, Uplifting all life, devaluing conspiracy in Everyway, every moment, everyday; feeling. Thinking through their bricks of illusions, That make their walls of delusions, in their Mental cells, their personal hell; human, Being alival, not, la machines survival- now.



Saddam Barack Osama Hussein Obama Bin Laden’s

As the remocrats call him, train that could, Hope, change, their bipartisanship that sailed, Almost destroying the world economy, this Nation, now turned into a tri-partisanship, With the tea partiers steering it into the rock, Not the Plymouth Rock that landed on us, we Not landing on it, but, rather, their piece of The rock, everyone wants to increase, their Crack, delusional profit and pleasure from Mass-destruction and murders‘, crash is Coming, or it’ll sink the country with it.  He Squandered the real lefts’ gift of the majority, Hillary as V.P., Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, Governorships, he made the rem wave; he Built the rems up in every way, his caving has Led dempublicans to cave, he colluded in loss Of the House- he’s better for rems than dems.

How: the dems who now pathologically half- Truth, asking how far when the rems tell them To bend over; the rems, whose motto is why tell A truth when you can lie, still pathologically Lying; and the TP’s, their motto, why tell a lie When you can extremely lie, have conspired, As supposed Christians, since the 80’s, to war On the middle-class to poor- thru unnecessary Wars, deregulation of s + ls and banks, not Overseeing and policing the real estate markets, Demonization of the poor and labor, control Of the multi-media conspiracy, unending war, Fake financial derivatives, corruption, vice, Voter fraud, Citizen’s United, etc., Supremacy Court rulings, intelligence, etc., operations Against all people, guised by Patriot Acts, etc., Engineering fixes and locks to dictate centrist Caving (implosions), like Hitler took over Germany, ‘using’ locks, file clerks, cops, Secretaries destroying, the duopolies’ Barack Being the lock, the worse the dems do, the More they depend on him winning, like the Better the rems do, the better the totalitarians.

All supposed, business of every kind, religion, Art, science, education, are denominations Of their actual religion of mammon and Mollock, fake twin gods of greed, war, all Tools of Machiavellians’ divide and conquer; Lobbyists insist not be separated from the state. Those unnatural disasters, like the purposeful None prevention of: the attacks on 9-11-2001 And Reagan Nagin’s flooding of New Orleans With Katrina, not reinforcing the levees (for 30 years, washing away public housing, poor, Unions), are part of vampirism, cannibalism, Murder of all life by the corporate structure’s Elite and their convolution’s enforcers, the Rems, etc..  Engineered in advance, like the Premeditated murder of 8 billion humans, Through humanity and large mammals Exterminations they‘re engineering now, Dictating their extinctions.  Some call it Disaster economics, etc., I, rems scorched- Earth programs, slash and burn politics; Seen most clearly in their flip-flops five Minutes after the dems take the Blackhouse.

Remember all the references to the supposed Necessity of ‘sausage-making’ between the 2 Diametrically opposed supposed Christian Conspirator bedfellows?  Barack just had to: Follow through with King George and his Dick Cheney’s reign on the ‘American way Of life’, hand trillions to the rich and richest Corps., make healthcare reform a healthscare Industry bail-out bill, give the extremely rich Extremely large tax cuts while raising them On the poor, then “the deficit‘s too high, they Must cut payments to elderly, take formula Out of infants mouths, decrease heating help For the poor, etc.; and now, he supposedly has To destroy in order to keep them from closing The gov’t for 2 weeks, and in 2 weeks he’ll Have to, again, continually caving to rems Demands to increase speed of their supposed Christian blitzkrieg of all life, through their War on the middle-class to poor and the earth.

American dreamism=extremism=centrism= Fascism.  They don’t need to make the Sausage they screw us with, no legislation Is better than bad, don’t allow them to tri- Partisanshit on us, if the rems close the gov’t And it costs the nation 500 million then they’ll Lose in 2012; but, the dems insist on playing Boy scout- like Al Gore’s not struggling to Prove he won in 2000 by a million popular Votes, 100,000 in FL, he won electorally.  We see it now in Barack’s hedging, on the Side of the dictator Mubarak against the up- Rising democracy protestors in Egypt until They already won, when they needed to hear Keep the circle in the Square; in his not “Walking with labor” in WI, yet, he promised He would in his campaign, who needed to Keep in the peoples’ State Capital building.

An African-American leading conspirator not Struggling against merit pay, vouchers, charter Schools for special supposed Christians, kids Need teachers salaries raised, public schools Improved, never separate and unequal.  In his insisting everyone believes, when, if Anyone asks anyone to believe anything, They’re a conman.  Anyone running for the Office lacks the prerequisite character for The office of President; for, power corrupts And absolute power corrupts absolutely. We Need someone to really un-run for the Un-presidency of these un-ited states, it Would be unprecedented; they need to Guaranty they must replace themselves with An executive branch coalition or committee Of at least 12 people- that would replace the President, Vice President, in their first term.

Corporate lobbyists are anti-humanity, anti- Life, although not pro-choice, by definition.  Destruction and murder are of no profit or Pleasure.  They can’t con the honest, are you?  The life is indivisible, only the divided can be Conquered.  A lesson from WWII, if you’re not Taking the bullets, you’re making them to kill All.  Responsibility can’t be abdicated when One abdicates their power to the gov’t.  If You don’t exercise your responsibility, its Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither like An unused muscle, as well.  Only when your Rights are exercised, are they.  Demand dems Be real and dems, not just dinos, democrats in Name only, what the rems need to make you Silent, sukcumb, collude, conspire, decay, die. Only moving, in a unifying direction, onward. 14all41, we stand together or all fall forever; Be, or humanity will not, viva la evolution.



C’est La Unvie

A million monarchs lie dead, though, No less sociological programming of Upper-middle to rich classes with Decadence, affluence, inclusion, is. No less societal determination of Middle to lower, being excluded by Division and conquering, privation. Yet, they, on wing no more, still fly In our spirit’s eye, heal humanities’ Heart. While their silent cry echoes The 33,000 species extinct each year, A rate not seen since the last ice age Ensued; does it move you? Does your curiosity ask why? Will you, on this 33rd Earth Day, allow A tear for all life’s fallen? Consider The losses economic apartheid incurs, Mirrored by the divide human-centricity Has levied? Our underlying duplicitous Disregard for life, greed and oil fueled, Won’t abate for our existence, will you?

( For the beautiful butterflies )




Talk the talk, walk the walk, and even Be the be, but, if you don’t vote the vote, You won’t ever be livin’ in a democracy!



Copy, share, as you will!  Thanx for all you do.



About reality

Also, thanx for signing my petitions, et al, please consider sharing them. Also, since Admin. of aren't allowing me to invite people to do my actions lately and are switching my urls for my petitions so when I invite people off their site they can't get to the petition either (ergo 3 possible urls for each petition), here's a few of my latest actions; do as few or as many as you'd like (there are 3 linx for each petition because admin. switches between the 3 of them so people trying to sign the petition can‘t get to it): This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Haiti disaster anniversary, please, do what you can: This petition on Haiti disaster anniversary:   This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Green, Indigenous, Native American, etc., actions: This petition on Green, Indigenous, Native American, acts:,_native_american_acts,_native_american_acts   This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Art/Act: celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, holiday: This petition on Art/Act: celebrate Dr. M.L. King, Jr.'s holiday:   This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Green; NA; the evolution; Civil, Human, LP, Prisoner's Rights; Poverty; etc..: This petition on Economically empower through advocacy:
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