Fiscal cliff or escalation of war against middle-class to poor?

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Sample writing, talking points: for letters to editors, representatives, phone calls, etc.:

Dear (Representative, Editor, etc.),

Subject: Fiscal cliff or escalation of war against middle-class to poor?

Hi. The current engineering of post non-remocrat electoral victory can be aptly described as more of the same, the dino-in-chief gave the ‘08 victories’ political capital to the rems for going on 3 years straight, almost recess appointing no one compared to what the republicans do (shirking is executive responsibility), regardless of the extreme republican obstruction across the whole of Gov’t, in the dems face, becoming the best thing for the rem conspiracy since Reagan. All this talk by the dems, of the dems wins as “not a mandate”, while the rems are saying their losses were “a mandate”, smacks of king George and his dick Cheney’s sky bluing us while he insisted up was down, etc.. He would state, at best, background truisms, like the sky is blue, with his projections, so, at least subconsciously, people might think there’s some truth to what he’s saying, while he pathologically lied. Now, we’re used to old dems pathologically half-truthing, while the good ole’ rems used to only pathologically lie; yet, this level of mindfkng has been made old by the S.S. tea party’s insisting that the old motifs operandi of the rems, “why tell a truth when you can lie”, be replaced by theirs, “why tell any ole’ lie when you can tell an extreme one”- this while the dems have had to throw a healthy smattering of whole truths in with their half-truthing for a decade now, this seems to be coming to an end, portended by the atmosphere of “lowering expectations” by the dems, even the progressive ones. Is it only an aspect of the fact that the dino-in-chief has been telegraphing that he will “cut spending”, even though it’s already been cut to the bone, for 2 years now, like he suggested in his Bluedog dem proposal to avoid the ‘fiscal cliff’ the last time, which was turned down by the rems, with an expiration of “only the 2 %‘s tax decrease”, that being a hat trick there’s no obvious way to execute- I don’t think so. It’s important to keep in mind that one of the dino-in-chief‘s, which, for abbreviation’s sake, will now be referred to as the d.i.c., goals, putting the con back in the corporate structure’s convolution, isn’t possible without pervasive collaboration to collusion by the multi-media conspiracy, for abbreviation’s sake, it will now be referred to as the m.m.c., which has determined a re-structuring of the m.m.c., itself; with more tolerance for b.s., also resembling the m.m.c. of old; trying to slowly but surely engineer out the truth telling trend of the last decade in it. Both are clear examples of another goal of the dic and the African-American supremacy, stop the evolutionary, green, truth-telling trend, in politics, and return us to a politics of the 80’s to 90’s, where almost no dem dared tell a truth that a rem lied, etc.; and, of course, to help in that end, the rems want to return politics to the 80’s, and the SS tea party, to the 50’s- so, as you guessed it, the dic‘s “centrist, fair and balanced, tri-partisan approach” (the dic‘s labeling of what Ralph Nader‘s made-up word of corporatism is, fascism, with a keinder and gentler one), would be the 80’s. To quote the dic’s favorite campaign line, “we’re not going back”, must apply here, and now; the proverbial buck stops here, with each individual citizen of this land- we must not only dispel the continual lies of the rems, and point out the lacking nature of the dem half-truths, we must decidedly double our efforts to stop dems in their tracks when they‘re carrying water for the rems, allowing rems to mold people‘s perceptions, defining the parameters of ‘norm’ thought, and, thereby, determining consensus! An example, Bill, on the Moyer’s + Co. show, had R. Salam and B. Herbert on to talk “post-election” direction, he would suggest, ‘two sides’ of the duopoly (of course to reinforce that fascist supposed political paradigm, and dualities supposed existence as central to it), the first, a motor mouth pundit for the staunch conservatives, the second, a tried and true liberal one. It truly was a portent of what can best be expected of the mmc from now on, the older lib couldn’t even address the extremist pathological lying constructs of the younger ss tea partier, he was trounced; and, to make matters worse, he came out for allowing all the king George and his dick Cheney’s reign on the American way of life’s tax decreases to expire, at best a conservative dem position- which supporters of the middle-class to poor will not allow, especially in this economy. This usual model of dems, even progressive ones having conservatives and ss tea partiers on their news programs to project “balance and bipartisanship” is doing the rems and ss’s work for them (kluckas, please!); making their ’news’ programs half-bad, instead of their usual good- this trend by dinos must be struggled with and understood to be what it is tripartisanshitting in the minds of the people and republicanism. We hear this carrying water for rems by dems across the board, supposedly rems are “for the rich”, the extended implication being dems are not; when all dems are for the rich too, and, actually want to be the rich also- yet, the dems let this fly because it implies they‘re for the middle-class to poor much more, when they are only more for them. Another example is the dics supposed “centrist, fair and balanced, tri-partisan approach” to the “fiscal cliff” dictated in 12-12, and the debt ceiling a few months later, “they’ll be spending cuts and the rich will have to pay the same tax rates as they did under Clinton“; a total obfuscation of the truth and revision of history by him- totally supported by the rem conspiracy, including dinos, and the mmc. For, as I said 3 decades ago, the war on the middle-class to poor by the middle-class (these middles determining the other middles to poor are going down, and thereby, these middles are going up) to rich, was only in a slow-motion blitzkrieg speed then, and had to be struggled with totally; this while the supposed left was only renaming schools, teams, etc., across the board- African-American, Native-American, Women’s, LGBTQ, etc., supremacies totally colluding with the republican conspiracy. Now, even though that’s evident and clear, the dems are flying old b.s. that couldn’t even fly then, like the dic’s pathological lying persistently when he states that “anyone can make it in America”, an ode to the duopolies grandiose lies of the 80’s to 90’s, while infant’s testicles are destroyed, others sucked to death in the crib by the rems psychic terrorism, ‘the suck’, kids, etc., mass-raped by pedocide programs, like the one in PA education system, and those who aren’t manufactured into gays by those rapes, attempted to be manufactured into gays by sociological programming and the psychic terrorism as teens (in order to murder heterosexual male non-rems with AIDS or Chagas‘, etc.), young adults murdered by attempting to socialize while middle-class to poor, walk while white, black, yellow or brown, drive while black, yellow or brown, self-medicate while poor, afford a roof overhead, food on table, etc.. With 70 % of the people of this nation earning less than $ 20,000 a year, a minimum wage for a dweller in a city, where’s the b.s. about “making it” actually, with the murderous middle-class to rich only, only the upper 30 %; the dic lies- and if you would suggest this is necessary vision or impetus, the following proves it‘s only legitimizing the war on the middle-class to poor! When the dinos followed the rems in deregulating the savings and loans in the 80’s, mostly in Southern and rem states, resulting in a half a tril theft of the taxpayer in $, devalued assets and real estate, etc., like contra-gate, the s + l gate was swept under the rug by both dems and rems. Then, again, both deregulated the commercial banks by revoking Glass-Steagle in the early 90’s, allowing the banksters, robber barons, to engineer the economic collapse of 6-08 to present, when the dic was handed a great depression he successfully turned into a great recession, and now only a recession. In between we had the routinely engineered bubble and bursting economic trends, Silicon valley start-ups, etc., and Y2K, in 2000, was an attempt at stealing billions we successfully turned into only the stealing of millions. All of these routinely engineered so the rich could con the gullible, then benefit on that con when it collapsed; called disaster economics- e.g., king George, his dick Cheney and the elite of the republican conspiracy’s purposeful non-prevention of the attacks on 9-11-01, premeditatedly murdering 3000 global citizens and costing half a tril; the unnecessary and “illegal”, according to Kofi Anan, etc., war in Iraq, projected to be necessary by the CLIA manufacturing of intelligence, etc., supposedly “Sadam could hit Wash., D.C., with a missile in 45 minutes”, etc., when he couldn’t find his ass with both hands in 45 minutes, the only “yellow cake” being sold in Africa was Duncan Hines, etc., the unnecessary rush to war premeditatedly murdering 30 % of all coalition personnel lost in that war, and costing 3 tril; Reagan “we got 300 buses but no drivers” Nagin’s, etc., politicians stealing the $ given to them by the fed and state Gov’ts to reinforce the levees, purposely non-preventing the level 2 storm’s rising waters of Katrina that hit NOLA, washing away the unions, mostly ethnic lower-middle-class to poor, elderly, handicapped, homeowners, nursing home residents, long-term hospitalized, homeless, mentally ill, diffabled, public schools, housing projects, hospitalized, medically ill, prisoners, mom + pop, local establishments (“the river taking what’s the rivers’”, supposedly), etc.- premeditatedly murdering over 4000, and destroying, stealing tax $ of, a half a tril. How can the premeditated mass-destruction to murder of lower middle-class to poor people by cuts in spending during a great recession be projected as “fiscal responsibility”? So, isn’t the dic’s “fair and balanced” approach of cutting spending to its marrow against the most vulnerable to, and hardest hit by, their supposed “economic collapse“, while only returning the rich’s taxes to Clinton years, only like FOX’s supposed “fair and balanced” news, just b.s.? How can those just feeding their families pay even more for the rich‘s crimes? Doesn’t ‘you broke it buy it’ apply?  Shouldn’t we raise the top 2 %’s taxes to the level they were under their hero Reagan’s era, 50 %, instead? As well, where’s the outcries about uber-storm Sandy and climate change dictating all natural disasters are more frequent and severe in the future, etc.; the need for smarting, protecting, and greening up the national electrical grids (which would be one of many immediate solutions to a supposed fiscal cliff, a national jobs program, economic stimulus, as well as a long-term stimulus by people spending the $ they save on their electric bills, on other stuff, cutting fossil fuel use, saving eco-systems, etc., as well); urgent need for universal election reform to prevent republican national conspiratorial extremist voter suppression, obstruction, and outright throwing away of non-rem votes; etc.. Goodbye.

Matutinally Yours,

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Sites to send out Advocacy from, etc.:


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Congress . org:


Rachel Maddow Show: Suggested topics and guests:



Uber-Storm Sandy Relief Resources, etc.:



F.D.L.: Can You Help #OccupySupply Send 1000 Blankets for Sandy Relief Before the Cold Front Hits?:


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Stop climate misinformation in the media:


Physicians for Social Responsibility: The right question in the wake of Sandy:

Write President Obama and your Members of Congress, telling them we need to invest in clean, safe, carbon-free fuels like solar, wind and geothermal:




AAUW . org: Because there is still much to talk about, we’re going to continue the It’s My Vote: I Will Be Heard campaign updates through the presidential inauguration in Jan.:

Elections undecided:



Moveon . org: Bury Power Lines in Cities and Towns, Prevent Long-Lasting Outages, Improve National Security:

Count Every Vote in Arizona Now!:


Color Of Change . org: ALEC’s voter ID laws are undemocratic, unjust and part of a longstanding right wing agenda to weaken the Black vote:


No More Stolen Elections!: We ask you to sign the Pledge of Action:


Responsibility, if you don’t exercise it, its Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither, like a muscle unexercised, as well. What do you think? Thanx for all you do. Copy, share as you will. Ciao, for now.

james m nordlund



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