Act/Art: Good Independence Mth All, create for liberty, write on :)

Act/Art: Good Independence Mth All, create for liberty, write on 🙂

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“All The News That’s Fit (Not) To Print”, But,

Doesn’t Fit Because Adv., Etc., Has Dibs




The real left is being exterminated at a greater rate


Than ever in the united suck of assassins, there are


So many ways to know, one, the media 5 ring circus


Is in def con 3 mode, with the supposed progressive


Dems, like MSNBC, leading the corporate structure’s


Convolution’s devolutionary directions coning charge


Against the people for the first time, usually that’s fox


+ friends job- providing excellent cover to keep reality,


Etc., out of the news. A closer look at a few rings,


Chris and Rachel keep talking about how they can’t


Get enough of the part of the tea party who are for


Solar power, supposedly, on their shows, so I guess


If Hitler was for solar power they would have joined


The majority of homosexuals at that time, in Nazi


Germany, in support of his genociding the Jews, like


They‘re genociding non-rem, hetero, Caucasian


Infants to men now, here? Next, the Trayvon Martin


Ring, it surpassing the civil wrongs movement’s


Sherrod charade, where they legitimized the Tea


Party for the republiconspiracy, already. I didn’t think


Acquittal of zimmerman was a possibility because


The evidence supported a 1st degree murder con-


Viction possibly, 2nd degree murder one definitely,


And, knowing the state of the State of FL, and our


Criminal, injustice system, I thought, he would’ve


Received the last minute manslaughter charge


Conviction, at least, by the all female jury, which


Prosecution may have not met all the prosecutorial


Requirements for a conviction on. Yes, it’s a tragic


Travesty, one which the Justice Dept. is looking into


Rectifying, yet, it doesn’t mean that, as Shaka bs,


A respected radio host, said on MSNBC, “racially,


Things are 8 times worse now than during Jim Crow”.


Apparently, he hasn’t bothered to Google Jim Crow


Yet, so, to give a hand to the brother, I’ll explain here


How that’s not true, for e.g., then, there was a few


Actual ‘lynchings’ of African-Americans a week, at


Minimum, now there aren’t. Every million $ spent


Now for show protests across the nation is a million


We won’t have 6 months from now when we need to


Protect and get out the vote, to change the legislators,


Who can then change legislation, like, ‘stand your


Ground’, which is devolving our streets into a paradise


For premeditated murderers. MHP is doing an ad for


MSNBC which basically says, while we’re struggling


With it, of course, ‘we like us some inequality’.


A highly respected Professor at Brown Univ., whose


Name escapes me, so we’ll just call her Professor


Crakomias, also extolling on the lack of progress


And the surrendering to it in apathy by her and her


Fellow African-American supremacists. Just one line


Of her con will be addressed here, as she’s a pro


Academia supremacist, and we haven’t the space


Or time. She said, “the fantasmagorically successful


African-Americans are discriminated against by their


Inclusion”. Which immediately reminded me of Sir


Charles Barkley’s whining for a decade about how,


After he spent his 50 million $ on alcohol, whores, etc.,


“African-Americans aren’t getting the right amount of


Team management, ownership opportunities”, which


Was accurate to a degree, though, there was nothing


About Latinos not getting them in baseball, etc., yet,


He came across as detached from reality, in a have-a-


Lot bubble, for, most multi-millionaires are smart


Enough to not whine about how they don’t have it like


That, when they actually do. Her realism was that the


Poor world famous, young, healthy, multi-millionaires,


Moguls of the celebrity supremacy, “can’t lead on, or


Even publicly talk about, issues that are of import to


African-Americans, because they will lose something,


Possibly”. For the last half a century, if a non-rem


Caucasian, heterosexual man said this he would be


Called a sellout, yet, since the genocide of non-rem


Caucasian infants to men is a cornerstone of u.s.a.’s


Entire notsee global empire and war machine, the


Rules that apply to non-rem males don’t apply to any


Other demographic, therefore, when “a N…. can’t be


Separated from a nickel”, as Chris Rock relates, to


Evolve, save society, he’s, an exceptional exception,


A “victim of inclusion discrimination“, regardless of


Him being a billionaire, etc.. This would be similar to


The top 1 % crying, during king george and his dick,


Cheney’s, reign on the American way of life, that if we


Just give them more they could turn the trickle-down


Economics (which is really vacuum-up) pissing on the


Middle-class to poor into a shower. Yes, African-


American supremacists “Loves them some inequality“,


MHP, don’t they? That’s one reason they’re ‘all in’ on


Backsliding against civil rights, called “kids first”,


Which will turn out to be worse than king george and


His dick, Cheney’s ‘leave no kids behind alone’ prog.,


Taking place in engineering of numerous education


Systems for special, their, kids, which they want to be


Paid for with your tax $, taking more $ then their share


From the public one, and having the corp. $ also. This


Societal re-engineering into existence of the pre-


Plessey vs. Ferguson supremacy court decided


Education system, that being ‘separate and unequal’,


Is a central example of how progressive dems have


Caved to dinos, who’ve caved to rems, who’ve caved


To teabaggers. Making our country run by the white


Supremacy permanently, for, the supremacists might


Wear different color hoods or hoodies, but, they all do


The bidding of the white one. “Ebony and Ivory


Working together in perfect harmony” for tri-partisan


Sausage-making, to screw the people with. So, now


The white-supremacist, (a)moral majority, which is a


Minority, the bad cop of the supposed Christians,


Has their voucher, religious, and prep schools paid for


By you, and the African-American supremacists,


A minority too, good cop of the supposed Christian


Supremacy, have their charter schools paid for by


You too (as well as Churches, corps., etc.), privatizing


Corporatizing, theocratizing (to get around that pesky


Constitution, separation of Church and State) of the


Public education system, which the majority of kids


Must attend, to steal tax $, destroy the education


System, is almost complete. The African-American


Supremacy “loves them some inequality”, MHP,


Don’t they? Or, is it that the dinos have joined white


Supremacists in vampirizing to cannibalizing the


Nation in every way, the dino-in-chief, a duo to


Seven grand-wizard of those many supremacies


(Revelations), leading with his caving, being the best


Thing for the republiconspiracy since one of his idols,


Reagan’s constant high treason almost destroyed this


Nation? Albeit, he’s not a reagan-Nagin, BUT, he’s not


Only delivered this country to a legitimized white


Supremacy, the teabaggers, he’s handed extinction


Of humanity and large mammals to the corporate


Structure, and that’s just his first 5 of 8 years- do you


Really think ebony/ivory are going to allow real reform


On immigration, etc.? For e.g., economic cannibalism:


Detroit, it being the largest u.s.a. city to go bankrupt,


Today; and there being no clean coal, oil or nuclear


Waste, while even worse “natural gas is frakin’ crackin’


The Earth, the resulting earthquake will level L.A.,


Cost trillions, etc.” (from the epic movie, ‘Gasland Part


II‘), are indicators of our lack of any future at all under


Ebony/ivory rule. We can’t allow the centrist-in-chief to


Bail out bankrupt cities, those unnatural disasters not


Being prevented, purposely, like the levees not being


Reinforced in N.O., LA, and king george and his dick,


Cheney, along with the elite of the republiconspiracy,


Non-prevention of the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001,


To steal every citizen’s tax $, ebony and ivory dividing,


Conquering, liquidating all lifes assets, asses in perfect


Harmony. Addressing one lie from Barack’s fiscal


Speech today, “we can stop the partisanship to raise


The debt ceiling”, partisanship isn’t a problem, the


Rems practicing ‘scorched Earth’ politics 5 minutes


After they lose the Presidency, ‘slashing and burning’,


Politically, as they go, is. Their extremist obstruction,


Which is unending treason, doesn’t allow the dems a


Choice, they must stand up to them, or the nation’s


Destruction would be near. Not paying our bills as a


Nation, by not raising it, would economically destroy


Us, the uber-fascism=centrism-in-chief’s caving to the


White supremacy would totally destroy us. Before the


Decoupling of SNAP from the Farm Bill, the dems


Were half caving to the rems by suggesting that Food


Stamps, be cut by 4.1 billion $, which would have killed


Thousands of lower-middle-class to poor, intolerable.


Every year the dinos will cave more and it will only get


Worse, unless we stop them. Our struggling with dinos


To be dempublicans is reversing itself, progressive


Dems are backsliding into dems, dems to dinos, dinos


Are turning into remocrats. Before this nation devolves


Into a Baskin and Robbins of 21 flavors of supremacy,


We must exercise our rights, if not they’ll wither like


An unused muscle, as will our freedom if we don’t


Exercise it’s Siamese twin brother, responsibility, for


We’re the life indivisible, individuals with illimitable


Potential, lifelong students, ever-evolving, or witnesses


Of humanities’ extinction with a whimper being forced


Down all our throats by the one-world gov‘t- not


The U.N., rather, the U.S.. If not you, then who, now,


Then when, here, where? Viva la evolution. Be well.












An Advance on Perdition’s Pay




What will be the burning bush


On that day, when the nature


Of relations are understood?


Who our Moses, leading us


Through the sea of fire,


Our future pyre piling high?


It burning, consuming,


Our remaining delusions, leaving


Despair or purifying minds ’til


Our questions again can arise,


As their somatic sense is


Finally surmised. Will we


Then knowing, soothe


The grieving, calm fears,


Allow for the tears. Be so,


Our well’s light fills memories.


Though life’s nexus may have


Been rare within us, we only


Gloried in grandeur.


Instead of gloating


We could’ve been emoting!


Yet, we won’t have time for growth,


Somatically, until we are


The answers living the questions!


Then, in the last days,


One may know earth-murder,


Denial of reality,


Could’ve been stopped,


As the nuclear ages’ being borne,


Again, should’ve. Must I be a last


Of the humanes before


The extinction, less than


The length of one life away,


A lone writer on the storm? Will


The conspiracy of silence end?


Will we take back the day?




( 97′, before nuclear test ban treaty fell )












A Mystery?




It’s been said, the heart must be


As a clay vessel, broken, then


Its contents flow to the ocean.


How about oceans,


Need they be broken by the


38,000 tons of nuclear waste


Dumped in them everyday and


Their last 2, of 17, fisheries


Being depleted, for their life


To fly to the heavens?


What of Kosovo, Iraq, Rwanda,


Does our denial of our


Narcissistic nihilism demand


We turn a blind eye to


The cycles of militarism,


That first build up the sides


Needed for war, then


Dictate one’s destruction,


At all life’s cost and


Necrophilia’s gain?


What of Littleton, do kids need


To be sociologically programmed


By psychic terrorism five years


In advance, to mirror the worst


Of us, in order to further the


Republican conspiracies’ making


Its mask of morality more


Ornate and profusely adorned?


Aren’t the 13 kids killed everyday


By guns too high a price to pay


For the convenience of blinders?


Have we forgotten, it takes


A village to raise a child, and


Biophilia to educate, that


It took a universe to create?


Isn’t the salience of social


Division’s results to high


A price for our delusions


Of control and hierarchy, and


Will furthering them remedy or


Just delude us more?


Still, they corrupt absolutely,


Their technocracies’ cults


Of science and greed


Aren’t separated from the ‘state’!


Isn’t the extinction of 50,000


Species annually a denial of


Our perdition, and thus


Humanities’ future death knell


Ringing now, silently?


Still, what do they say of


Icarus on wing, sky bound,


Excess emotion, lack of foresight,


The vanity of youth’s folly?


Does death really need


To ride on the young’s backs?!


I say, reveal the devil in


Its details; yet, judge not.


Be the life and, as


The caged bird, sing, because…


(In memoriam, a month after the Littleton H.S. massacre)












Take Back The Day




Freud suggests dreams are our wish fulfillment run amok,


Jung states dreams are a virtual window to our sub and


Unconsciousness’s, yes and yes, yet, also so much more.


Putting the remocrat conspiracies’ psychic terrorism aside


For a second, although, it makes dreaming a deadly liability,


One can’t imagine the possibilities that lay within dreamscape.


Since we’re all narcissistic/nihilists, or better, nihilistic/narcissists


Personality sufferers, as Freud said, healthy neurotics, at best,


Our false-egos determine inabilities to concentrate our solutions


With reality, to be real, while our societies warring on the middle-


Class to poor, exterminating humanity and large mammals


To their extinction, dictate ever-increasing mechanization


Of life, which makes it ever harder to be in touch with reality,


Or even ourselves. That road of life-long ignorance, paved


With the blood of countless beings, species, determines


An oppositional mass-delusional construct, collective non-


Consciousness, which is attempting to realize an antithetical


To reality paradigm, forcing the universe to turn its back


On the united suck of assassins, as it’s the epicenter of


The corporate structure’s convolution’s devolutionary direction’s


Emanations, as, individually, our souls have turned their back


On us. As well, the intellectual elites panacea of mind-


Engineering dualities, dichotomies, supposed sides, separation


As a delusion, and ‘mental compartmentalization’, replacing


Our consciousness and its evolution with computerization


Of the brain for uber-functioning, supposed sukcess, has herded


The majority into being not much more than extinction incarnate.


That devastation of our psyches, which began with illimitable


Potential, with its mirror-imaged machine brain details


Individually the same ever more vacuous processes of tech


Advance as panacea in technocracies murder of the Earth,


That being the largest b-line to the supposed ever-increasing


Garnering of delusional profits, pleasures, and supposed


Power, in ever-increasingly cyclical and centralizing patterns.


Simply, the universe abhors a vacuum, so, it’s quickly filled,


Individually, in our mind’s and bodies increasingly not being,


Communally in vampirism, societal, in crisis management,


Cannibalistic economics, and their hoped for unnecessary,


‘Unending war’ (the second largest b-line to delusional profits


In the short-term, determining astronomically larger real


Deficits in the long run) and planetary, the extreme use of non-


Renewable fuels determining the permanent altering of weather


Cycles and global warming, realizing not only the increasing


Frequency, severity, of supposed natural disasters, but, also,


The greatly increased probability of all life ending events like


The reversal of Earth’s polarity, and/or movement of Earth’s


Poles, as well as the degradation of the Earth’s orbit around


The Sun, astronomically increasing the Earth’s fever, global


Scorching. You see, the same as society murders individuals


With vampirism, the rems ‘suck’, etc., they’re doing the Earth,


Determining the delusional construct of scarcity replace the


The Universes’ reality of abundance, the Solar System


Collapsing instead of expanding when the Earth is destroyed,


Etc.. So, the dream world is supposed to be where our slothful


False-ego selves (as we are self-possessed and possession


Is nineteenth’s of the law) are put on the bench, and our inner,


Higher, true selves somatically take the reins, realizing much


More growth in our beings than we allow in our supposedly


Awakened states. Sharing a dream used to be the brilliance


Of being humane, and now it’s our utter devastation we must


Awaken from, if humanity is to have a future at all. For, as


Reagononomics, voodoo, disaster economics, ‘trickle down’,


Which was actually vacuum-up (only leaving that little dust that


Trickled down when you turned off the vacuum), detailed


Gingrich’s ‘contract with America’ was actually a contract on


America, so too ‘the American dream’ of lifelong business


Hard work supposedly allowing a middle-class to exist, and


‘Having a dream’, supposedly focusing the ‘passion’ of one’s


Life to fruition, when it’s really specialization dictating that all


Go along to get along with unbeing into humanities’ extinction,


As well as ‘El Norte, the dream of the north’, vacuuming South


And Central America to North America, are only fancier


Aspects of their convolution‘s devolutionary direction,


We all must be awakened from if we are to be the evolution,


And, only if we evolve, exist, individually, nationally, planetarily.












Supposed Christian Al-Queda and their Taliban




The Teabaggers and their remocrats, control their dinos,


Libertarians, dempublicans, and are the republican conspiracy,


Half of the bi-polar axi of supposed power, globally, with


The totalitarian conspiracy, and their socialists and anarchists


The other half, all deluded by the construct of materialism,


Adhering to the supposed definition of profit, pleasure, power


As destruction to extinction, universally, anyone who isn’t


Them is the enemy, a non-conspirator, non-supremacist, food,


At best. In the united suck of assassins, the republican half


Rules, the Teabaggers and rems, the bad cop, dinos and dems,


Etc., the good cops of the supposed Christian conspiracy, the


(A)moral majority, that’s a minority, and the civil wrongs


Movement (the African-American supremacy and their bosses,


The white supremacy, being minorities too), are their leaders.


All terrorist attacks are being committed by either supposed


Christian Al-Queda or supposed Islamic Al-Queda, all traitors


Committing high to very low treason every moment, everyday,


Against self, family, friends, community, employers, peers,


Humanity, life, Earth, Great Spirit, Buddha, God, Vishnu,


The Tao, Yahweh, Confucius, Marx, Atheism, agnosticism,


Existentialism, all art and science, he evolution, and the


Universe. This is how Hitler rose to power, not by corrupting


The generals, by converting file clerks, secretaries, police,


Receptionists to notsyism, they doing the opposite of their


Jobs, life, to destroy all non: fastcists and notsees, committed


Treason constantly. In the Weimar Republic of Germany


There was a supposed sexual liberation going on that also


Turned into pedocide programs mass-raping the non-rem


Male kids into or out of notsyism, into or out of society.


There it was also led by the LGBTQ community, it destroying


All they were ordered to for Hitler, until he was done using


Them and killed them all in the “night of the long knives”,


Which the rems will also do here. As well, the closest thing to


The ancient Hebrews made up ‘devil’, that doesn’t exist, is the


Remocrats genocide’s, (of non-remocrat conspirator infants to


Men, who are heterosexual) produced demons, which lead


Their psychic army, called ‘the suck’, the psychic terrorism.


The pedocide corrupting kids astral bodies into demons,


Wooed into being stolen away from them in their dreams,


That feed on the souls of all the infants that the suck


Assassinates in the crib, as well as all those murdered.


Since the millennium, the ebony and ivory supremacies,


Have worked together in perfect harmony, the African-


American supremacy almost replacing the totalitarian one


In the axi of supposed power. All supremacies, including


Women’s, LGBTQ’s, are subcontractors doing the mass-


Rape of non-rem kids, and their subsequent destruction


To murder, for the white, male, heterosexual, supposed


Christian and academic supremacies, who’ve historically


Ruled in the usa, ‘you keep what you suck, kill’, they


Say. That genocide of the demographic with the most


Evolutionary growth in the last fifty years, non-rem boys


To men, who are Caucasian and heterosexual, is the


Extinction of humanity, large mammals, and murder


Of Earth. This has been engineered by universal conspiracy


To replace nature‘s abundance with la machine‘s scarcity.


Uber-ruled by the corporate structure’s oligarchic, rich,


Supremacy’s, and their enforcers, plutocratic, politician,


Supremacy’s, their convolution’s devolutionary direction,


Dividing, conquering people into 1 or more of the 21 Baskin


And Robbins flavors of supremacy. How can we forget,


We were supposed to be getting rid of the supremacies, not


Conspiring with, and multiplying them, equality of fastcism


To notsyism is no equality at all, only the divided can be


Conquered, for life is indivisible, and we’re responsible?


Universal truths have been buried, like, one only deserves


The rights they afford others, and a lesson from WWII, if


You’re not taking bullets, you’re making them, light is way.


How have the rems and dems, the duopoly, changed their


Political theater to meet the needs of king george and his


Dick, Cheney’s, high treason of purposely not preventing


The attacks on 9-11-01, along with the elite of the remocrat


Conspiracy, and the dems need to project that they weren’t


Conspiring with the rems to gut the economy in order to


Escalate the war against the middle-class to poor in 2008?


Simply by the more extreme use of duality, the first African-


American President rides into the Whitehouse, instantly


Attacked by the white supremacy, you’re either the good


Black supremacy, or the Bad, white supremacy, now,


The ebony and ivory of the supposed Christian conspiracy,


Supposed Christian Taliban and Al-Queda, doing the terror


Attacks or covering up for them by projecting that gun


Control could stop a terrorist attack, working together in


Perfect harmony. For e.g., the Sandy Hook Elementary


School was chosen because I ‘told the world that uber-storm


Sandy was engineered by the weather machine’s to cut the


Vote, to advantage rems’ and to show me that, ‘rems don’t


Have to rape kids anymore, they can just murder them’. The


Civil wrongs leaders immediately called the Newtown, CT


Terrorist attack, ‘the Sandy Hook shooting’, to diminish the


Rage it caused as much as possible, in its effecting change,


And ‘called for gun control’, the bad cop, rems, said, as


Usual, it’s ‘a couple bad apples perfect stormin” and ‘gun


Control would be the death of liberty’. Setting the stage for


The extreme, supposedly, opposed views to clash and not


Even meet in the middle. Yes, we want gun control, and


Liberty, yet, neither of them really wanted either. Gun


Control would set the dinos up for possible losses in 2014,


Liberty would demand gun control, so, the more extreme


Can’t as easily not afford those same liberties they demand,


To others, therefore, the status-quo, snafu, was in order, by


The dinos not changing the filibuster when they could’ve


And giving their political capital to the rems, and the rems


Extremely obstructing in Congress with the filibuster, etc..


When the silence speaks to you, will you listen and stand?












‘Kids First’ Lies Must Give Way To Truth, Reality




That ‘leave no childs behind alone’ was divide and conquer.


The war on youth’s latest terrorist attack in Newtown, CT,


Not called that for white supremacists did it and guns were


Used, and “we love us some guns“, should have shaken all


The supremacies, especially the academic and plutocratic


Ones, out of their complacency, yet, the status quo has


Managed it by going the extra 100 miles, using the five ring


Circus instead of the three. Usually, remocrat/dempublican/


Multi-media, rings can massage the populace into accepting


Anything. Rems, never having an interest in representing


Their constituencies, as they really represent the corporate


Structure, make believe that 85 % of rems aren’t in support


Of assault rifle ban, background checks for gun purchases,


Etc., saying that they’re tantamount to a losing of freedom,


Etc., hyperbole, when they are just salesmen for the NRA,


Who are gun runners. Then the reasonable dems broadly


And deeply, cover all the bases, the progressive ones even


Continually dispel the rems pathological lying, and it comes


Down to the dino-in-chief, Congress, media not being able


To get even weak background check legislation passed.


The rems gave great show, for them, totally ignoring reality,


The massacre of 20 kids, 6 teachers and admin. of Sandy


Hook Elementary, projecting a fake realism instead, with


Fox‘, etc., ample help. The dems, superb, tears to eye


Nightly, The Consoler-in-chief, brought us to our knees,


Eyes raised to the sky. The ‘news, cult of personality,


Casters’ were evolutionary even. The rems won, ‘cause


The dems want them to, for, if rems win then the dems


Have an excuse to ‘have to’ conspire with the corporate


Structure more than their constituencies would allow,


Ergo, they get ‘paid’ more, just not as much as the rems


Get from the corporations. You see conciliary-in-chief, told


Harry, the Man, Reid to not unfix the filibuster, as the fix


Has been in for years, nothing gets passed without 60 vote


ubermajority in the Senate, so, almost nothing, except dems


Selling rems proposals, gets passed. That way everybody


Has plausible deniability, all pointing fingers at the other guy,


While they all just get paid more and more from the corps.,


For getting less and less done, a bureaucrat’s pipedream.


Everybody swearing they’re for stopping the obstruction that has


Caused such partisan divide, and they’re doing everything they


Can about it, bipartisanship, the demand of the day, when they


Have it now, its just called sausage making, and you know who


Gets the sausage that they make, and where we get it, hard.


Did you vote for a butcher, I was hoping I voted for a leader,


Or, at least a politician, not a sausage maker. So, of course


Harry didn’t stop predominantly rem obstruction, with real


Filibuster reform, he could have done it with just the dems.


Though, one might ask, why does the 3 ring circus want there


To be not weaker monthly terrorist attacks, to slowly subjugate


The people, instead of such a horrific and vile one that might


Stir parents to act, the only logical conclusion is they think


They’ll profit from the uber-terrorism, just as the terrorists


Think they will. How, many ways, multi-media manufacturing


Perception, then concepts, then consensus, then consent, or,


At least apathy, surrender, in a word, soft-brainwashing.


More centralizing profit, pleasure, power in ever increasing


Cyclical patterns, $, and getting more of it, by oppressing


The voters, (like the Supremacy Court just did, because the


Status-quo-in-chief’s choice of Kagen as a supremacy Court


Unjustice was equal to picking a moderate rem because she


Just has to play girl scout and constantly recuse herself,


When the rightwing Unjustices never recuse themselves,


Another example of why dems mostly lose, rems only play


Hardball, dems only play softball) increasing the vacuum-up


Economics that only leaves a trickle down after, so if


You’re born middle-class to poor, and aren’t rem, you die


Middle-class to poor, they’re all keepers of the status-quo.


80 % of us are downwardly mobile, 20 % up, determining


An only increasing chasm between the have lots/haves and


Have nots. Why are ‘…we, the people…’ believing their song,


Dance, smoke, mirrors, it’s easier, yet, we must remember,


Convenience doesn’t further, perseverance does. Still,


They say, “there’s those pesky parents, thinking they’re


The only people to ever lose a kid for the team, who just


Won‘t go away“. So, the 3 wouldn’t do, so, they brought in


The religious ring, and the supposed left ring, peaceniks.


Now we got spells spun that are mentally binding, soon


Those parents knew how much, deeply, not only the rems,


White supposed Christian supremacists, dems, African-


American, etc., supposed Christian supremacists (the good


And bad cops of the supposed Christian conspiracy), care,


There’s most other patriarchal orthodox religions, ethical


Groups chiming in. Also the supposed left, progressive


Dems, occupiers, civil wrongs movement, human rights groups,


Etc., testifying, pontificating. Now, those parents know


They’re being helped, everyone’s trying for real, onboard,


The machine of democracy is grinding and grinding. Wait,


But, there isn’t even any sausage coming out, whose fooling


Who? All five rings sighed in relief when we had the Boston,


MA, terrorist attack, and the West, TX, near Waco, potential


Terrorist attack, perfect segue to snafu, as military would


Say. You see without the engineering of the status-quo,


Societies game wouldn’t be as fixed, the corporate structure’s


Convolution would make lots less $, the potential for people


Wanting to stop the extermination to extinction of humanity


And large mammals and Earth-murder would increase, the


Convolutionaries won’t allow that, especially not plutocratic


Supremacists, politicians, who, in united suck of assassins,


Have more centralized power than any monarchy. For e.g.,


The pedocide programs that genocide non-rem Caucasian


Boys to men for the republican conspiracy destroying and


Raping them, etc., to give sports contracts, etc., to rems


And African-Americans, etc., supremacies males, etc., like


Pharaoh genociding the Jews first born males of olde. Non-


White males aren‘t worse athletes, they‘re genocided more.


Another example, for 20 years the White, African-American


Supremacies have conspired to legitimize “voucherizing”


Schools for the Whites, as they already had their ‘special’


Schools for their special kids, preps, etc., yet, they wanted


Every tax payer to pay for them. Though, the real left, even


The supposed left had to nod their heads, were successfully


Struggling to stop them, so, the ebony and ivory supremacies


Working together in perfect harmony came up with a long-term


Plan as the basis for this conspiracy, ebony will legitimize white


Special schools getting paid for by all if they get special ones


Like ivory has for their special supposed Christian, and well off,


Kids too. The basis of it had to be a subtle disinformation prog.,


Thus enters their code exceptionalism. You see it’s basis was


In the truisms of the 70’s, African-American kids were universally


Subjected to their parents previously being genocided, losses,


Disadvantages, etc., and their effects, so, the civil wrongs


Movement, etc., could make arguments that weren’t sound as


Long as they were couched in the necessary (and continuing


To this day) redressing of that immense historical inequity, etc..


So, special programs, special consideration when dealing with


Their terrorism against non-rem whites (for the kluckaz), etc.,


Were in order, and came about. For decades that went on


And society segregated under ebony, ivories’ direction, and


Ebony grew in power, predominantly from their alternative


Economies (crime, control of streets for ivory and business)


Unending growth. Which led to symposiums, projects, etc.,


On the wants of equality giving way to wants of power, greed.


Until it became the b.s. of ebonies superiority, which only


Comes to the fore’ “when they’re not around ivory”, ergo,


Charters, and the corporatizing, privatizing of the public school


System, the wants of the chosen minorities, ebony and ivory,


Outweighing the needs of the majority, the current destruction


Of public education we’ve been unable to stop, followed. They


enforce, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Gandhi said, “…be the change you wish to see in the


World”. If you don’t want terrorists to think destruction


To extinction is profit, pleasure, power, you don’t allow that


Delusional construct to get continually ’used’ by all five


Rings, same as the silence is golden crowd, who are running


All the way to the bank and depositing it, for “shutting t…


F…u…”. In times of struggle, do we accept unacceptable,


Hoping to survive, and giving up our lives in the process,


Like sand grasped too tightly isn‘t there when you have a look,


Or do we continue to be alival, feeling, thinking, evoking more,


Not less? Gandhi also said, ‘…Abhaya, fearlessness, is most


Important for an individual, and a nation’. With lifted voice,


Will we demand all exercise their civic responsibility, our


Leaders lead, stop their legacy building for the dino-in-chief,


Sausage making, act for real change, or will we not only be


Content with our kids being second to fourth class citizens


In the future, also, accept their continual mass slaughter?












silent siren = totalitarianism/notseeism




With PRISM/AAP, the gov’t’s collecting


All communication, obsolescence of rights,


Liberty’s torch scorched, bell cracked,


Knell snatched, how can she go on.


Gaia’s silence implores, humanity


Be not my stillbirth.














Sitting While Medicine Wheel’s Flute Plays




Listening to a song sung and un, without words


And nature’s sing me, I’m naught, but, it’s echo


And the mountain which does not rise as that eagle’s


Talon leaves a rock perched in its eyre, I,


At the top. Singing, this voiceless rock that isn’t,


Resounds a universe’s song, which leaving as


A talon did, is felt sky bound, for, it ever plays on.


Now, a galactic wind weaves me through that


Stormless storm, on this unspeck of dust, to here.


When breath is stilled, thoughts calmed, there’s one


Mind, walking nature’s abundant balance. All


Beings are needed threads in the fabric of life,


We can’t allow to be torn asunder by scarcity.


















In the rear view mirror, I think not. Since its roots in the


Abolition and Suffragette Movements, with Harriet Tubman,


Sojourner Truth, Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Stanton, Susan B.


Anthony, etc., the women’s movement “…came a long way…”,


Before becoming the feminist movement with great works by


Simone de Beauvoir, ‘The Second Sex’ and Betty Freidan,


‘Feminine Mystique’, to this era’s Gloria Steinem, etc.. Still,


Globally, real feminists have been evolutionary, as well,


Not female supremacists mostly interested in getting what


They can for women, themselves, girls and families, how, a


Collateral detail, equality of fastcism/notsyism is no equality


At all, that having spawned a backlash, they’re seeing with


Resurgence of the patriarchy/matriarchy, pushed globally,


And the war on middle-class to poor men spilling over to


Women in the last decade. We see this in the multi-media


Conspiracy, female supremacists of our day jumping at the


‘Toonity to attack Julian Assange, to “…advance their


Issues…”, etc.. Yet, women having more than closed


The gap in most areas, are leaving female supremacists,


And their projections of women in permanent victimhood,


Who must, therefore be continually compensated, behind.


Though, as long as dino-in-chiefs, dems play pussy and


Watch while the people get fkd, continually, the republican


Conspiracies increasing their supposed Christian blitzkrieg


Against all life will continue, increasing in speed and scope.


The real left, feminists, must bother to keep demanding dems


Be dems, not just dinos licking rems from head to toe when


They see them, like Dino did in the Flintstones. Dr. Tiller’s


Assassination, and the constant broad national attacks on


Women’s reproductive rights must only be struggled with


More, until they’re no more. Barack’s lunching, wining and


Dining rems for the last month has spurred on the terrorist


Attack on the Boston, MA, Marathon, with 3 dead and 103


Wounded, which they’re at least calling that, whereas,


The anti: women, kid, union, public education movement’s


Terrorist attack on Newtown, CT, assassinated 20 kids, and


6 school staff, is still being just projected as only a “Sandy


Hook shooting”, executed by the rems because I told all


That the uber-storm Sandy was engineered by the Gov‘t‘s


HAARP, etc., weather machine program to decrease voting


And terrorize voters in dem States, etc.. As the latest attack


Was purposely executed on Tax day by the teabaggers. If


A USA citizen is murdered anywhere in the world, there’s a


Strong response, terrorist attacks happening 1 per month,


Here for years are swept under the rug, because they’re


Planned, organized, timed, and executed by teabaggers,


Supposed Christian rems, white supremacists. President,


We need gun legislation, BUT, that won’t even diminish the


Terrorist attacks that you take in stride because they’re not


Happening in Chicago, NYC. There’s other great work that


Still needs doing: global rape’s rise, not just in the military;


Global female infanticide; glass ceiling; need more supremacist


Plutocrats, women; dinos caving on cuts to economic stimulating


Progs. that support women and their families; castration of


Girls, teens globally; dems opening the door to cuts in Social


Security to mostly elderly Caucasian women who the White


And African-American supremacies don’t give a hoot about,


Also disabled Veterans, etc. (as those two are dividing


And conquering the nation amongst themselves, like the


Totalitarian and republican bi-polar axi of supposed global


Power used to, ebony and ivory oligarchic and plutocratic


Supremacists, who are ageists, working together in perfect


Harmony); realizing the promise of the equal pay legislation;


African-American women still have the largest rate of HIV


Infections; women still occupy most of the minimum and


Lower wage jobs; etc.. Remember, if you’re not taking


Bullets, you’re making them, and if you don’t exercise your


Responsibility, its Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither


Like an unused muscle, as well. Sadly, now, it first needs


To be exorcized before its exercised. Ghandi said, “…be


The change you wish to see in the world…”, and, “…abhaya,


Fearlessness, is most important for an individual, and a


Nation…”. If not now, when, here, where, you, who?


Feel, think, evoke, be! Viva la evolution, viva Green Party.









Chameleon Karma


(Karma isn’t history, is real cause, effect to the x th

degree, what goes around comes around, immediately

and eventually, possibly, yet, more intricately.

When one might suggest that anything is a result

of karma, or one’s karma, that’s not truth,

even though we also can’t say that it isn’t true.

To begin to understand karma one needs

to study both Hindu and Buddhist perspectives

on it, as well as Dharma, which isn’t weaved

within the karmic wheel, and is the path we strive….

An ideal. It’s said, a butterfly fluttered trivial breeze

south of the Equator can become a gale north of it,

with poetic license. This gives an inkling

of the intricacy in discerning what is, or could be

karmic. Those who say everything is, are mistaken,

while we can’t say something is not. It’s said only

Buddhas, and possibly Prophets, can discern

the true nature of an event back to its beginning,

seeing into past lives, et al. That gives a clue

to the impossibility of one abusing another

and suggesting it’s their karma, accurately;

or trying to manipulate another with the same,

although, sadly, this is done constantly.

As one sows, so shall one reap.)




Chameleon Karma


Darkness plummets a man’s mind

As he deflowers a girl before her time,

Against her will, a heinous crime.

The River Ganges sees, rushing,

Reflecting, as it flows to the sky.

Brings Rama and Shiva tears to eye.

His soul turned its back on him,

Now, third eye blind, he’s just

Doing time, out of, or in a jail,

The prison of his crime. In India,

What can we do, the shout anew.

Echoing back on a Summer’s breeze,

Who can we be, in nature’s balance,

Harmony, if we don’t do

What we must do?













“What’s Love Got To Do With It…”


They say, a rose by any other…,

Would still be as sweet….

Every 9 seconds a woman is raped

By someone who says he loves her.

Give a real gift to sisters,

And brothers, all, reach one,

And teach one, to not be a

Link in that patriarchal chain,

Not adding to that number of

Humanities bane, not a statistic

in la machine’s game, ever;

From this Valentine Day on.






one’s mental cell


Delusional walls,

Built with illusional bricks;

One’s personal hell.









As machinations of

Travailing winds,

Miraging, veil and mirror

Narcissistic nihilistic

False-ego, as self,

We evince to be!







“…Of…, By…, For…?”


Pondering the nature of

Some peoples character

Has led me to conclude,

Their despicable actions,

Though masked by

Purported concern, therapeutic

Intervention, are what’s so.

Stories about the one legged

Baseball player, or

The man without a face,

While inspiring

In and of themselves,

Are poor masks for

The premeditated malpractice

That takes place within these walls.

A woman raped in the very

Corridor she must walk

Up and down; day in day out!

A man-child grew up here

Stories to tell, they, supposedly,

Allow to curse, intimidate and

Dominate others. Giving him

All the rope he wants, then

Snapping the noose;

Strapping down, drugging,

Seclusion. Without boundaries

What client wouldn’t become

Out of hand; where’s the care?

Their fabrications told over and

Over, manufacturing psych.

Histories, means to ends,

Political, social, religious to

Discriminate for delusional profits

And pleasures; remove competition.

Their best, counter-transference,

The opposite of mental health!

A heart can be killed, yet,

Heart never murdered!

Did they ever know the

First tenet of all helping

Professions, “do no harm”?








While feeling sacred on

This All Hallow’s Day,

I also feel pangs of the

Hungry, so wrought by

The profane; for the food

Wasted by us could feed

All the world’s…. Yet,

Betwixt, in the mundane

It’s only hurled.






Sword that cuts all ways,

Without, for, there’s no cutting;

And a pointless point.









One lived as prayer,

Their light adding

To the well of light,

Their every step in grace,

They left no footprints;

That will echo always.

(With Mother Theresa in mind)








Is man deserted in the Middle East?

Does it bleed him as we bleed the earth,

The fouling of one sky always following?

How could the sons of Isaac and Ishmael,

So, not remember their way? Thinking

They’re choosing peacing and warring on

Each other for delusional profits, pleasures,

While sanguine sands mark their real loss

Of life, humanities’ loss of time.

Wasn’t it written, God is watching and

We are returning, as the home of heart

In a child beckons the man that becomes?

Isn’t it so, our souls call to us in silences?

Yet, the military machine rolls. What is,

Or could be, heard by any above this?

A woman martyr, 18, imploded by the lies

Taught to her from U.S. written, donated

Textbooks, explodes, taking hers and

Others lives from us. Same as the shining

Sun seems to divine famine.

Here, clouds relent, sustaining earth,

Cleansing spiritually, some mind’s eyes.

While the media’s constant chides of,

“You’re not the earth, reality isn’t your

Womb, rather, a tomb divined”,

Though, only smoke and mirrors, divide.

Yet, the life, indivisible, defies, a flower

Blossoms, Michaelangelo’s… roll by,

An avian’s trill still rings true.

So, what of me and you.

Will we allow individual injustices to go

Unchallenged, devolving into global ones?

Our freedoms to wither, for, we didn’t

Exercise our responsibilities? Deaths

Dirge to purge our evolutionary calling?

Manifest destinies rag to drag us through

Their mud, determining the unactuation

Of life, our and large mammals extinction?

Or, will birdsong be sung

Of what we’ve done?

Let not the only tear to eye be their

Destined flood. Let our sojourns longing

Redefine the sublime in mornings

Awakening. Let life at humanities’ hearth

Grow, our being veracity and loving sow.

(Title means returning to our eternal home)






Going Sane, Or In?


The F.B.I. knew, but, didn’t tell. The military,

No response until an hour after initial attack.

No air force jets scrambled, to shoot the

Commandeered ones down. Soon, the Central Lack

Of Intelligence Agency will dictate, it wasn’t known.

According to the Emperor, in his new threads, he

Will be “victorious in this Christian Crusade against

All terrorists and their supporters”, to the 4 corners.

This while the British empire couldn’t take the I.R.A.,

Even on their best day. Yes, he really meant,

Non-Christian, non-whites, especially the ones who’ve

Been pounded for hundreds of years by war with the

Brits, Russians, et al; and eventually, all who disagree.

For, we can’t forget his edict to the world,

“Either you’re on our side, or you’re terrorists”.

As if this weren’t criminal enough, they’re talking

About using nuclear weapons. So, we’ve W.W.III

Against one of the poorest countries, already in rubble,

Getting famine relief, who practice the fastest growing

Religion, Islam, to kill them and cut OPEC’s edge on

US oil; while making radioactive dust?

Then, a chorus of supposed feminists chime in,

“They’ve oppressed women and children for years.

War is good, as long as women are in leadership after.”

Have we forgotten, destruction and murder are

Of no value, they just reinforce the effects of cyclical

Deprivation? There are no “sides”, that is a delusion?

How could “we” be so lost, or let them lead us astray?






Carry On


“…We will never stop

‘Til we get our freedom…”

The song sings, while them that kill it,

Greed driven, avarice ridden, never

Filling their enlarging hole inside, for,

They can’t be, nor hide

Their poverty or deathly stride,

Murder to die.

These murderers of life

For delusional profits and pleasures,

Why aren’t they tried?

Delusions are sweet,

Illusions sweeter.

So, what do we do?

Their choosing is losing their potential

To grow, and personal power in the

Moment so, we show the growth, and

Walk towards the dream,

We’re realizing for both.

While life, here and now, is the point

Made with art, in our hearts,

Our beings are the heart of the point.

So, it is I stand and say,

The murder stops here.

Turning our back to the convolution,

We walk, evolution’s way.







silent siren


As embryo brought to not know,

With ancient forests gone,

Obsolescence of rights,

Liberty’s torch scorched, bell cracked,

Knell snatched, how could she go on.

Yet, borne in arms drawn

From beyond man’s loss,

Though, bearing that cross,

We, midwived through the body of blue, go!

For, we hear the call resounding from earth,

As the sun illumines and springs burst,

Gaia’s silence implores, humanity

Be not my stillbirth!






“all is fair in love and war”

If you hear it, flee, no matter how invincible you be.

Real feminists are evolutionary, like me, and don’t

Destroy, murder; while our struggles must advance,

For e.g., healthscare industry, etc., attempting to

Impose remocratic Gov’t into our lives, cutting

Women’s access, rights to healthcare, reproductive

Rights, civil and human rights- they suggesting

“Being a woman is a pre-existing condition”, etc..

Yet, it doesn’t hurt to remember that, while women

Are over 51 % of the world, and some of them gave

Birth to 100 %- there’s a global war against middle-

Class to poor men. Also, critical of the women’s

Conspiracy, we see these progressive societal signs

As indicators that women’s permanent victim-hood,

And supposed concurrent lack of responsibility for

Society embracing the devolutionary direction can

Be considered officially coming to a close; ergo,

Excuses for their Nazism should also lessen over

Time- not lessen getting equality, just assassin

Superiority in the united suck of assassins food-

Chain. Here, women are 53 % of the population,

Have more $, as a whole, are the voting majority

And purposely don’t run for office or vote for

Women (as the interlocking, interlaced societal

Systems, unnaturally based on the convolutions

Scarcity, have placed women on a higher rung

On assassins, $ and baring kids worth, ladders

hierarchy), have more entering college and univ.,

Girls have closed gap in test scores with boys in

Pre-high school, live 5 years longer, etc.. Ergo,

Women’s roles in the corporate structure’s war

Against middle-class to poor men must stop,

As the war must; otherwise, the dictation of the

Extinction of humanity and large mammals, the

Corporate structure’s ‘final solution’, is the only

Possible result. Therefore, assassins fraternities,

Other college, professional assassins groups, train

Women to destroy, murder men for delusional

Profit and pleasure, should be struggled with. As

Should the using of all healing arts as destroying,

Murdering sciences, for e.g., Kali directed ‘use‘ of

Kamasutra to destroy men, usually in conjunction

With the republicans psychic-terrorism, ‘the suck‘;

Similarly, Taoist use of Tantric sex therapy, “great

Draw“ techniques, etc., to do the same; TM, etc.,

Techniques, stop themselves from having orgasms

To sexually devolve, destroy men; Reich’s “orgone

Therapy” disciplines; positions where ‘the suck’

Removes extreme amounts of energy from a man,

And a woman is potato mashing before he knows it,

Etc.. Other conservative sects, supposed: Christian,

Wiccan, Santiera, Yoruba, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Satan

Worshippers, etc., mostly using forms of vampirism

With the suck, cannibalism, etc.; also collaborating

In the mass-rape of those Caucasian boys (the target

Group) chosen to be non-remocrat. Infanticide,

Assassination by suck, stealing souls. Targeted

Infants, whose testicles they destroy. Many of them

Work in helping professions, prisons, where they

Have stationary prey. Spike in violence against boys

By girls, and men by women, they counting on male

Embarrassment, etc., self-censoring to avoid stigma,

So, they don’t report the attacks, etc.. Personally,

For e.g., at the height of my physical prowess, I was

Repeatedly assaulted by a Native-American Roman

Catholic lesbian, and a Canadian immigrant actress,

Viciously, they hoping I’d reply in anyway, so, they

Could just lie and get the police state to murder me

For them; I didn’t- the immigrant used her acting

Skills to cry and lie on demand to get me attacked

By the police anyway, repeatedly. Lower middle-

Class to poor women destroying lower middle-class

To poor men with potential scam, purposely lying,

Going out with them, having kids, without marriage,

Kids even being mentioned; giving society body bag

Filler, one of their jobs, and them a ‘poor women’s

Retirement program’, must be stopped- the men do

The ‘right thing‘, “no good deed goes unpunished“.

Not to forget the Irish, Italian fascists favorite,

Getting life insurance policies on their 19, fit,

Husband’s, then assassinating them, collecting the

Insurance. Supposed feminist movement’s doing

Genocide of non-remocrat conspiracy Caucasian

Men, for the remocrat conspiracy; murdering their

Main competition. Everyone must keep in mind

That Carl Jung says 80 % of all action, thought,

Emotion are compensatory, part of our reactions to

Our pasts, etc.; no one should falsely criticize,

Etc.. The less targeted, war on women, must be

Stopped. Fastest growing group of AIDS infected

Is African-American women, for 2 decades; why?

One of the dwindling, and aging out providers of

Choice in women’s healthcare, Dr. Tiller, has been

Cut, again, his assassin may get parole, someday,

Why? If you don’t exercise responsibility, its

Siamese twin sister, freedom, Will wither, like a

Muscle, as well. Sadly, now, it first needs to be

Exorcized before its exercised. It’s not too late,

Evoke, act, be. Viva la evolution and Green Party.







Resounding From Earth


As sun burns, springs burst,

Gaia’s silence implores,

Be not my stillbirth!









‘…One Man, One Vote…’, (Clegg)


Republican conspiratorial voter fraud of all kinds, are the latest

Steps in the nazification of the united suck of assassins citizenry.

Remocrat Gov’nas dissolving democratically elected, cities, Mayors,

Like some usa supported South American junta. Gerrymandering

Voting districts to turn majority dempublican ones into political

Office wins for the rem minority. Statewide restrictions on voting;

Lessening voting days, hours; rem thugs at polls harassing dem

Voters; multi-media conspiratorial TV ads, mailings, billboards,

Flyers, robo-calls misinforming, threatening voters, lying about

Candidates and ballot issues; fraudulent collecting of signatures

For candidates, ballot issues, placing undue time constrictions on

Collecting signatures, etc., to get candidates on the ballot, etc.;

Military and intelligence elites using HAARP and other weather

Machines to engineer supposed natural disasters to greatly lessen

Dem voter turnout, like uber-storm Sandy; voter i.d. requirements

That are oppressive, and tantamount to a poll tax, especially in a

Bad economy; abuse of third parties, candidates, denial of their

Participation in debates, etc.; voting machine computer fraud and

Lack of paper ballots; hinky designed ballots; etc.. Southerners

Voting more than once, even the dead. ‘We, the people’, must

Struggle ever more to protect voting, or there won’t be any, really.

Remember, you can talk the talk, walk the walk, and even be the be,

But, if you don’t vote the vote, you’ll never be livin’ in a democracy!

The tea party tories want to return us to king george and his dick

Cheney’s reign on the American way of life, don’t you let them!

If not now, when, here, where, you, who? Viva la evolution!
















Talk the talk, walk the walk, and even

Be the be, but, if you don’t vote the vote,

You’ll never be livin’ in a democracy!






Heading Home


While Joan Baez’s rebel yell still resonates off

Austin City Limits’ walls, everywhere echoes

its vibe. Yet, ‘la machine’s’ daymare mass-

murders and rapes on, causing extinction. As

Elton John sings, “it’s funny how one insect can

damage so much grain”, you ask how humanity,

a nexus of 35 billion years of the evolution, was

undone: with 400 years of supposed: science,

religion, which are naught, but, denominations

of their lowest common denominator cult:

greed, war: mammon and mollock, their marital

bed, Gaia’s half dead hide, raped by divide,

conquered with survive; and lies.

Corporate conspiracies’ convolution’s socio-

logically programmed determinism defined by:

destruction and murder are power; there’s no

truth nor reality, only: winners, losers; prey,

predators; users, used; professionals are tools;

feelings are for fools; humanities’ extinction is

inevitable and racing towards it will keep its

management fueling the oligarchies’ rule, even

while billions are murdered, by not allowing

humanity enough time to defend; etc.; are the

delusional mental cells, made up of delusional

constructs like: materialism, built with

delusional bricks like: possession, using,

which they live in and want you to; don’t exist.

This pen’s unending point, though pointless, a

blade of grass uncut and uncutting, realities’

rapier, allows those projected hells while

breaking them up with Happy Rhodes’ lyrics,

“there’s a beacon in the sky meant to catch your

eye”, and “words weren’t meant for cowards”;

so, “we” can begin again, learning: feelings are

power and the basis of all thought and action;

survival unwinds alival; exigency dispenses with

humanity; their scarcity based economic system

built on non-renewable fuels and earth-murder,

they mean to undo abundance with, will; oil

slavery must be abolished; all the unnatural

death and disasters they’ve planned for their

delusional profit and pleasure can be stopped.

The nuclear age they want to raise from

the dead to fuel their supposed Christian

blitzkrieg doesn’t have to be borne again;

their “unending war” only manufactures

more terrorists, rogue states, necessitating

itself. “We” can stand and stop them, only

if you be the life and again embark on your

“road to find out”, Cat Stevens’ refrain! As

heart’s tattoo is heard off in the distance,

Ruby Dee’s twig of poetree recited on Def’s

Poetry Jam awakens, “we” feel her words,

“…’naries fight with rats for cheese…”, and

uplift all threads in the fabric of life, on the

move in mending the whole of it, as it ever was

and ever will be; for, “we” can’t allow them to

tear it asunder. “We” can turn 360 degrees

around, back to the evolution and the future,

before it’s too late; viva la evolution! (9-11-04)






no winners or losers, in reality, a delusional construct


In minds stricken by

Spiritual poverty.

Winning is losing

Without benefits.

There’s no how you’re playing the gaming,

If you’re playing the gaming,

Gaming is playing you.

They think with spooned nose,

Speak with forked tongue,

Will ‘…we,…’, be undone?








Another quarter million celebrate women against violence against

Women, children, and elderly, as participating was a self lost

To life, in Washington, D.C., the humanity bringing it back.

For, hearing between the lines gleaned without its communication,

The ability of Democrats to meet futures need for societal

Elemental individual and group thought change, is nil.

These women, most under thirty, held the knowledge that the issues

Before them were all linked by a need for a deeper appreciation

Of people’s common humanity, and the reality that this directions’

Evolvement necessitates the attention and participation of all,

So it won’t be laid by the wayside.

For the contract on Americas agenda was only thought feasible

Because of Democrats recent history of separate issue organizing

Missing integrally the fundamental realism that,

Even in politics, there is no separation.

Being participating in all issues, it is for me, one issue,

A choice of two directions which are: evolutionary, abundance, life,

Creation, existence, or convolutionary, scarcity, destruction, murder,

Extinction. There, knowing, when a woman’s beaten down

Every nine seconds, its our humanity which is murdered,

I reveled in feeling that so many women will it not.

Here now, I feel as always, we’ll bring our will to fruition.

For, it is so in reality, that this must be.








A. Butterfly


Sitting on this moonlit night,

Not able to forget when,

At our height, we were one and three.

Two hearts overflowed with love.

Being with you I knew was meant to be.

Nothing could separate us.

Or compare to thee.

A whirlwind of endless days and nights

Full of caring, grace, and art,

Would stretch, I thought, forever on.

Still, nothing can ever, ever replace

You in my heart. Then we

Separated, I slowly flew afar,

Losing myself while you moved on.

We can never be who we were,

Our time together now is proof.

How could we stray so far

From the you and me in living truth.

Now, the Sun and Moon may arise anew,

An eagle stretch above a dew, yet,

Nothing will compare, with you!

(written years before the

great S.O. song came out)








Be Well


Delusions are easy to manufacture,

Destruction is easy to dole.

Reality is easier to know,

Even easier, life is to grow.

So we walk, allowing the way

To find we, finding we

On the way. Hanging there,

That crystal heart and the Sun’s

Unending rays filled my eyes

With a mandala of red glistening light,

Then green and blue. As my ears were

Full of, ‘Earth Songs‘, compiled by Narada.

Like those multi-colors emanate

From the one heart, multifaceted

Are the paths that lead to the way.

Through the art of living and giving,

We can discern those paths with heart.

So while walking and being walked,

We are gathered within and gathering without.

Now at the well we drink of life’s abundance,

Sharing with others of its fullness,

As with ease we walk in grace.








I was lucky with you.

The tears, pain you endure, bare

I shed into mothers sea.

Forever harking the song that

Ripples its way

From a drop to cover all,

Marked, heard, by me.

Comfort I would give you,

And as a son, alone

Would stand and say,

Night be as day,

Dark be lighted and sing

A song of life and wonder.

Yet, I only bay I love you.








Though nights step has surpassed days

And Falls chill did still this Summers rage,

Perceptions portals stage does grow.

With it, enhanced sight of their cage blight,

Let’s know, yet, the pillars upheld are three

and the one most pressed upon in thee,

Will not by way of shadow go,

For, humanity is life’s ebb and flow!








Filling life, flesh, bone

and breath, a snowflake!






tsk, tsk, too


Broadening frown, it’s to look down,

Upon multicultural, religious, students,

Perspectives, appreciation, even poetry?

We can’t be influenced by closed eye, heart,

Mind, it’s time to embrace a shining,

Shielding, rainbow, all hues from one,

Never undone, by diversity, inclusion.








” …Not Just Dreaming… Again”


The rain welcomed me, as it was

I am, to be this gray day.

Unendingly unraveling, seemingly,

They are as the concrete, grey.

My roots, always reaching

The rich brown earth beneath,

Strengthen my stride,

As walking through them am I.

To where or what, I do not know,

For, discovery of life is stalking.

Yet, I’ll be in the moment so,

If and when, I can, I will fly.

In each day I pray to be that I,

What, where, how, when,

And, somtimes, why.

So, though the suns light is masked,

This night, that is their day, won’t last.

For, its direction, clear and bright,

Does glean through

The clouded cover of their night.

Still, this walk that’s walking me,

Is what reality is to be.

And while these flaming embers glow,

I’ll walk this road with reality, so.

Yet, to you I do entreat,

If and when, you two meet,

will you allow for the you to be,

And not recede from reality.

So, that to this day, all that have gone,

Leaving you this to carry on,

Will have their potential realized, as well,

Let evolution be the bell.


(Forsoothed by All, and thanx to Flaming Embers,

and Orleans for the title lyric, on 4-17-97.)






9-11 Allowed Attacks, Was It Our Reichstag?

The united suck of assassins, 95 % fascist,

Switches from wonder bread, destroying bones

In 12 ways, to whole wheat, in the Blackhouse;

Giving a new hue to the rich’s middle-class

To poor sandwich. Will the condiments change,

A Cinqo de Mayo to a dollop of mustard; one

Taste of supposed Christianity for another-

Will the surprises never cease? An answer,

Faint, echoing, ‘where’s the beef’?, implores.

Weimar Republic, Germany, got its eugenics

Programs from CA, first they came for elderly,

Medically and mentally ill, handicapped,

Disabled, then the rest; like the republicans

Are doing now. Defend yourself by defending

Them, one for all, all for one; “we…”, stand

Together, or fall separately! Burning of the

Reichstag by Hitler, blaming others, was his

Excuse to take over; their fall. Remember a

WWII lesson, if you’re not taking bullets you’re

Making them. A heart in the heart of the

Heartland is bleeding every moment, are you?

Those Germans thought they ‘had it like that’

Too, mass destruction and murder were profit,

Pleasure, ‘liberties’. Patriotism, a supposed

Excuse for Nazism. Now that almost all here

Have been sociologically programmed into

Lowest common denominator, uber-consuming

Replications of vacuums, heads made of tape

Recorders with cash registers attached,

La machine, the convolutions devolution of

Humanity into exigency, is almost complete.

It only took 450 years of supposed science

And religion, extermination to extinction.

Man, the nexus of 35 billion years of evolution,

Doesn’t have to be wiped out in two decades;

It, evoked, as a common language, the thread

That links every…, in the fabric of life,

Can dispel the corporate structures trap,

Worldly trappings, that fill every orifice

And eye. Civic irresponsibility, past

Generations have heaped on our heads and

Shoulders, only able to be borne on wings of

Compassion, must be exorcised through our

Only acting on it; realizing the growth of

Responsibilities Siamese twin sister, freedoms,

Flight- to the extent that we exercised it.

What of the hand, remocrats, sky is bluing

US, when they’re not pathologically lying,

The glove, dempublicans, liberal spread

Of half truths, although, the lesser of the two?

Saddam Barack Osama Hussein Obama Bin

Laden’s, as the remocrats call him, train that

Could, hope, change, bipartisanship? Pope’s,

New, indulgences for the rich, no condoms for

The poor, dictated? Normalcy, I don’t suffer,

Or, suffer from, nor, Euro-centrism, northern

:Malaise, academia, a blood disease. He may

Have put the con back in their convolution,

Yet, has anyone been fooled by the temporary

Changes the ‘good cop’ will put in place, the

‘Bad cop’ will wipe away when the Blackhouse

Is white washed, again? Where’s real change?

The audacity of nope resounds, that duopolies

‘Bipartisan’ ship has sailed, and gotten us into

The economic blackhole we’re in, and will be, it

Couldn’t, possibly, get us out. Not even light,

Nor, truth, escapes it. Without changing from

Remocrat dictated scarcity based society, to

Nature’s, abundance based reality, they’re just

Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. All

Changes every moment, “we, …”, need real

Change of direction, knowing where you’ve been,

Informs where you’re at, and, only then, can one

Direct where they go, yet, it must begin within,

Self-actuation, turning 360 degrees around,

Back to the future and the evolution- a

Supplanting of everything, evolving.







C’est La Unvie


A million monarchs lie dead, though,

No less sociological programming of

Upper-middle to rich classes with

Decadence, affluence, inclusion, is.

No less societal determination of

Middle to lower, being excluded by

Division and conquering, privation.

Yet, they, on wing no more, still fly

In our spirit’s eye, heal humanities’

Heart. While their silent cry echoes

The 33,000 species extinct each year,

A rate not seen since the last ice age

Ensued; does it move you?

Does your curiosity ask why?

Will you, on this 33rd Earth Day, allow

A tear for all life’s fallen? Consider

The losses economic apartheid incurs,

Mirrored by the divide human-centricity

Has levied? Our underlying duplicitous

Disregard for life, greed and oil fueled,

Won’t abate for our existence, will you?

( For the beautiful butterflies )






A Sign Of The Times Too


King George says, ‘you’re either with WWIII, or again’

Us’, proving, ‘from the mouth of babes comes wisdom.’;

Just not theirs. Soothes say, here’s where it all has to

Happen, seems so; for, if not us, who, here, where,

Now, when, or possibly never? Following la machine’s

Fearless lead, Tim Robbins chimes out, ‘Let us war on

Violence’. With enemies like these, the republican’s

Convolution’s direction of devolution doesn’t need

Friends, sure why not be a waron, instead of a moron;

The resemblance, striking, literally. Yet, like PBS,

It’s the best we have, and unlike hbo, it’s not b.o. A

Chorus, unchiming, that having’s an illusion, drowned

Out by their show, is still. ‘Cause, isn’t the delusion

Built on it, possession, it 9/10 ths of the law, a corner-

Stone of that most vacuum up economic tool of mollock,

War? They hark, what about take away game theory.

This, while the U.S. sucks up 80% of earth’s riches,

Being only 5% of its population, causing permanently

Altered weather cycles, determining unnatural disasters

That kill millions, and will billions. C’est la unvie,

They must die so the autocracy ever-concentrates at the

Top, unnatural selection, user, used, predator, prey,

They say? Yet, using is illusion, evolutionary accordance,

reality. Though, the suck: lack of investment in youth,

Innercities, unschools programming memory skills, the

Prison industrial complexes defacto-slavery, the injust-

Ice systems premeditated massmurdering death penalty,

Make believe Christianities antilife unchoices, splitting

Of atom, earth-murder causing extinction, could be the

Start of an eventual blackhole; after they trash Gaia

And flee the collapsing solar system, a losing race to

Escape their ignoring, if responsibility isn’t exor-

Cised, its Siamese sister, freedom, will wither, as well.

Now, the Oracle of Tevi illumines, Bishop Desmond

Tutu’s ‘co-creation’ is beautiful. But, won’t the last

Guy be watching the best show the corporates could

Produce before he dies and humanity is nevermore;

‘Cause it chose it wasn’t by ignoring destruction is of

No value, murder is suicide stretched over ones future?

Or, will we allow nature’s abundance to re-balance

Our ways, and walk in consciousness’ universal grace?






“…fruited plains…”


Transplanted here, only one of Gaia’s fruits,

What is my twinkle among the countless stars?

In the USA, over a billion have come to pass

Not to stay, imbuing us with their place of origin,

Their souls dancing, nay flying, in a universal way.

For over 60 years Americans to be came through

Ellis Island, headed to who knows where West,

My grandfather, a Finn, Uru, which means hero,

One of three who left a concentration camp that

Fifteen thousand entered, did too; to NYC, NY.

Following freedom’s beacon, its first light he saw,

The Statue of Liberties still unscorched torch, thanx

To Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, and the French. Of

Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom and a

‘…Tabula ansata, a tablet evoking the law, upon

Which is inscribed the date of the American

Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.’

The broken chain of tyranny lies at her feet,

Upon a pedestal, wherein etched words are,

From Emma Lazurus’ sonnet, ‘The New Colossus’,

Which may rise again, only if we embrace them:

‘…Her name Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand

Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command

The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

‘Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!’ cries she

With silent lips. ‘Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!’

Only 151 feet tall, she will ever stand taller, or

Be turned to dust with us, all of humanity and

Large mammals, as well as the Earth, tragic

Members of extinctions annals, if we don’t stop

The permanent altering of weather cycles through

Overuse of fossil fuels, the degradation of the

Earth’s orbit around the Sun. We can walk in

Nature’s abundant balance again, humane beings.

Still, she gives hues to the vast canvas of what

The Big Apple, and its beautiful mosaics’ art, can be.






infantcide, pedocide, genocide, oh my


Republican conspiracies Nazi programs:

Infantcide, “suck” ing infants to death in

The crib, with their psychic-terrorism,

Feeding on their souls. The destroying of

Infant’s testicles, dictating who won’t be

The uber-class, remocrats, dempublicans.

Determining an underclass, systematically

Deep sixed before they can even crawl.

The military raping kids to grow demons in

Them, who steal their astral bodies and are

Feed on souls, to lead their psychic armies.

Have you noticed, whites do terrorist attacks,

Assassinating 20 kids, 6 teachers, in nonBlack

‘Hood, Blacks call it, ‘Sandy Hook Shooting’,

Like it’s just another, crying out for gun, mag

Control to stop murder for profit in Chicago,

White supremacy even gave lip service to it,

Although gun control never once could stop

A terrorist, if it happened in a Black ‘hood,

They’d cry revolution, and that’s why it won’t.

Now, the talk of doing lil’ gun control is gone!

Pedocide, Roman Catholic Empire, many

Hindi Sects, military, etc., ongoing systematic

Sexualizing, abusing, assaulting, raping of

Mostly boys, determining under achievers,

Criminals, institutionalized, addicts, those

Who may not stop the cycles of ill, taking

Others with them, down. Target group,

Caucasian, non-republican, heterosexual,

Dictating who won’t live, strive, thrive, or,

Even survive, to avoid having their asses

And assets liquidated, loved ones undone.

Parents, your taxes, pay your kids rapists!

In this Winter of humanities’ discontent,

Dylan Thomas’ line does chime, “Death

(Murder), shall have no dominion!” What

Grace, to speak such truth to the world of

Lies! If his poetic line be not divined, then

Humankind, large mammals, the Earth,

Nay, the Solar System, shall be no more!

How can we destroy the air our kids breath,

Water they drink, make arid the land they’ll

Need to grow crops, and say we “love them”,

Or, even ourselves? Jesus also taught, any

Destruction is of no profit, pleasure, and not

Power, isn’t the hour for real power nigh?

All genocides, I’ve struggled with all my

Life, yet, seldom writing on this one, tea

Baggers were manufactured to organize on,

Caucasians, so murdered by all supremacies,

They join those who raped them as kids. Like

In the prison industrial complex, you’re in a

Supremacy or you’re food for them. If they

Don’t, then can’t be middle-class and up, by

Programs mentioned above; their undoing,

Assassinations subcontracted out to every

Other conspiracy, and supremacy, including

Women’s, to silence victims and dictate any

Destruction, murder as profit, pleasure, and

Supposed power, the coin of the realm for

The largest conspiracy only grows when any

Conspirator does their bidding. Remocrats,

Dempublicans, all aid and abet all pedociders,

Infantciders, genociders, at least, while 97

% of the adult populace, all fascists, do too.

Those Nazi machine parts, pathologically lie,

Saying they do it for “Jesus”, “the majority”,

Or, “greater good”, when they are mostly

The white and Black supremacies, conspiring,

Which are minorities, only multiplying their

Atrocities, they’re abominations, one, all.

What shall be done, act, if not you, then

Who, now, then when, here, then where?

(Thanx to Dylan Thomas’ poem’s line above,

“Death (Murder), shall have no dominion!”)









off the ass’s back, onto the elephant’s


Without their toes touching the ground, will

Be their latest trick, to astound. Chris said it,

“They want some of that destroying $, like

Cigarettes, liquor industries“; as if he never

Heard of crack? On Traci’s show, ‘Scare

Tactics’, he says, “we do what we want!!!”,

One of the most devolutionary series the

Corporate structure’s convolutions multi-

Media conspiracy has aired, aiding in the

Sociological programming of destruction,

And murder into the coin of the realm. They

Sure do!, like Reagan Nagin’s committing

Genocide against predominantly poor

African Americans for the remocrats, the

Premeditated murder of about 6000, etc.; as

“The river taking what‘s the rivers“, because

They purposely didn‘t prevent the flooding

Done by ‘Katrina’ in New Orleans- through

Not reinforcing the levees for 30 years.

Barack has been the best person for the

Remocrats conspiracy since Ronald Reagan,

Continually insisting on bipartisanship and

How “honorable“, “patriotic”, “good”, etc.,

Remocrats are, etc., as they pathologically

Lie, divide, conquer this country into the

Ground, etc.; moving to the right so much

He’s almost not a dem. He’s putting the con

Back into the convolution, devolving into

Remocrat lite, the remocrats are moving

Right to avoid him, becoming tea baggers.

If he chose to be a tea bagger, all the rems

Would give that up and resurrect the Whig

Party. Now, does anyone want to see him in

A wig, I guess he’s not Black enough; is

Any dem? While he and MA dem leaders

Purposely lost Ted’s seat to a tea bagger,

Dems are losing ground all the way around.

Barack insists, “I want you to believe”,

He’ll realize, “change you can believe in”,

Etc., while anyone who asks anyone to

Believe anything, ever, is a conman.

Just what the convolution ordered, a

Machiavellian dempublican that makes

Believe he isn’t; same as it ever was-

Don’t accept his “change”, what’s left in

Your pocket after the remocrat’s vacuum-

Up economics ’sucks’ up all your dollars,

Leaving only change trickling down. A

Spending freeze is what the remocrats

Ordered, Barack delivered, and it will

Dictate the deaths of thousands of lower

Middle-class to poor. All Kings, Queens,

Divas, Goddesses, have no problem with

The remocrats slave/master paradigm, now

That they get to be the masters; don’t let

Them liquidate your assets and asses.

Little girls sexually abused by older boys,

Possessed by remocrat conspiracies ‘suck’,

Psychic terrorism, in third grade. Several

Times a week, mugging boys. A kid stabbed

To death over a pickle. Being thrown down

Flights of stairs, exactly timed anatomical

Destruction of feet, ankles, knees, legs, etc.,

To destroy potential future competition for

Sports contracts, et al. Assaults, insults,

Intimidation, routine; etc.. That’s some of

What they did in public schools before high,

40 years ago. They insist the country goes

Down in their bipartisanship contract with

The remocrats. Genocide against non-rem

Caucasian boys with potential, to destroy

Remocrats future competition, etc..

Barack’s went to “The Families” annual

National Prayer Breakfast (of champions?),

The supposed Christian conspiracies world

Dominionism cult, “fashioned on the mafia”,

Whose rem political leaders commit adultery

There, are being investigated for fraud, as

It‘s tax-exempt status as a Church is; whose

Event set the stage for Uganda’s “kill the

Gays” bill to be rolled out? The African

American conspiracy‘s, which everyone

Knows doesn’t exist, because, Al says, ”

There are no conspiracies”, just like they,

“Can’t be racist or criminal”, job is to hand

The end of humanity and the evolution to

The rem conspiracy; because the remocrats,

Having destroyed their brand name, the

Country, and the global economy, almost,

Can’t get it on their own. “It’s all about the

Benjamins”, extinction of large mammals

Humanity; we can’t let them- act, now!






Thinkin’ Outside The Ass


We don’t need to do a 180,

Changing direction won’t do.

We can’t turn back time, for,

Climate change determines,

It’s way, way too late to.

We need to turn 360 degrees

Around, back to the evolution,

And the future, humanity

Will only have, if we do.

Artistry transcendent, betwixt

The sacred and profane,

We rain in the mundane.

Prismatic, strolling through

The looking glass, gesturing

With broad strokes, on that

Frameless frame, the world.

Never believe in yourself,

Know through experience.

Who needs to organize,

We aren’t files, unizing orgas

Is where it’s at. Experiencing

The full-circling of life,

As all issues are one, we are,

And aren’t ourselves,

Where we were and weren’t,

Doing what we were

And not doing it, at once,

Not just back to original self,

Rather, self inconceivable,

Selfless, and illimitable

In one’s potential, as well,

“…A flower is opening.”,

Basho. Yesterday’s colors

Only giving hue, to view anew.






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