Acts/Arts: Evoke, notseeism isn’t freedom, on Dr. M.L.K., Jr. Day

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Acts/Arts: Evoke, notseeism isn’t freedom, on Dr. M.L.K., Jr. Day:

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I Am Not ‘Charlie’

If you’ll allow an irreverent non-conformity

In this land of the wee, home of the knave,

Where we gave up the right to even live

Decades ago, but, no one will ever know

‘Cause the show goes on, as the war,

‘Ebdo’ and ‘Interview’ are engineering to be,

Unending, must. You see that’s the easier

Way rems get to steal astronomically more

Taxpayers dollas, while most of humanity

Are dictated to live in squalas, they being

Funneled throw military/intelligence industrial

Complexes to mostly rems, and some dinos.

On the egregiousness we concur, and a

Mourning period to which I defer, yet,

The supposed Islamic extremists are only

Taking their cues from the supposed Christian

Extremists. The U.S.A. took its eye off the

Terror ball for 6 to 8 months, determining ISIS

Growth in strength, extremisms spread, and

The inevitable conformist reactions of most.

They did the same thing with ebola, instead

Of squashing it at its inception they waited ’til

A continual military response was “required”.

More politics as usual, while the dino-in-chief

Was making speeches like he’s a civil rights

Leader on the African-American and white

Supremacies latest haggling over “more

Policing jobs for Blacks” now and more for

Other Blacks later, he was not vetoing

A Bill that gutted the Dodd-Frank Bill which,

Remedied the gutting of the economy in 2007

To 2008, thereby setting up the gutting of the

Economy by Wall St. in 10 to 15 years and

The loss of millions of homes, jobs by Blacks,

Same as it ever was. Yes the civil wrongs

Movement, conspiring with the rems, get

More jobs for Blacks, yet they provide the

Smoke + mirrors, song + dance, political

Theatre through multi-media conspiracy.

Providing cover for the rems and dinos

Agendas, like militarization of all gov’ts

And countries as a necessary preface

To the extermination to extinction of large

Mammals, humanity, and total destruction

Of the Earth. So the premeditated murder

Of 8 billion people through climate change

Isn’t exigent enough to get coverage, action,

Advocacy, etc., thereby giving the white

Supremacy the extinction they want, their

Hitlerian “final solution”, etc.. Yet, I digress,

Why isn’t the definition of freedom as you

Doing whatever you want, being challenged

Universally? Usually that extremist nihilistic

Narcissism is grown out of by 3 years old,

C’est la unvie, no? Everybody knows there

Are things you can do, BUT, should not,

Like calling African-Americans the ‘n’ word

In Harlem, Italians kusheins in Bensonhurst,

Latinos spiks in Spanish Harlem, and live.

Should we have a national politically

Correct war against racists in the U.S.A., or,

Against the anti-racists? No, we understand

That what we project as superior is just that,

Our projections, and if they’re evolutionarily

Better, our example and actions will assist

In them eventually prevailing. This was

Always understood, cultures, countries,

Religions change as they do, not as we want,

Nor, should they. Anti-Islamist, Semitic

Extremists are being manufactured at an

Astronomically greater rate, as duality based

Projections, like ‘sides’, are, if we choose, it’s

Our responsibility to not denigrate others

Gods, Prophets, like printing that SCA’s

Are subhuman sheep, biological machines,

That have swallowed the Roman Catholic

Imperial lies about Jesus whole and are

Actually more like fake Satanists in their

Actions effects, than students of Jesus.

And our responsibility to not be tools of the

Illegal united suck of assassins central lack

Of intelligence agencies rogue attempts to

Legitimize king george and his dick, cheney’s

“Axis of evil” list’s, of dozens of countries that

Aren’t, agenda of destroying all those nations

And assassination of heads of states. Even

Supposed secularists, who actually worship

The dualistic false-Gods of mammon, extreme

Wealth, and moloch, extreme destruction, like

Most, are jumping on the falsely legitimized

Supposed Christian global unending blitzkrieg

War against all life, art, science, culture, et al,

Bandwagon. I won’t depict The Prophet

Mohammad, Peace be upon him, in anyway,

Because it’s an accurate teaching in Islam,

Correcting the uber-idolatry of other supposed

Students of The Book, like Jews, Christians.

And I will not see, ’cause I’m not a notsee,

The latest stupid white guy movie, because

It’s hollywood’s work for CLIA, same as they

Always do. As well, I will continue to exercise

My responsibility to evoke, even though their

Attempts to assassinate me now include full

Blown heart attacks instead of just mini ones,

Etc., by the rems/dems psychic terrorism, the

Suck, vampires are actually no fun at all.

For, if I stopped exercising my responsibility,

Its Siamese twin sister, freedom would wither

Like an unexercised muscle, as well. The

Duopoly, imperial rems/dems, need you to

Replicate la machine, unbe an autonomic

Part in it, thereby replicating their military

Machine, that’s oiled by the blood of non:

Caucasian, rich, Christian, US citizens, by

Not dispelling their delusions, not being

Humane. I’ll continue to struggle, strive,

Thrive, evolve and refuse, I Am Not ‘Charlie’,

Et tu? Viva France, viva la Evolution.

(republicans: remocrats, rems; democrats: dempublicans, dems; supposed Christian a’s: SCA’s.)

They Try, Homogeni, Pasteuri, I And I

But, I’m not their white milk,

Nor their white bread destroying

Growing bodies in 12 ways.

They speak with ‘forked tongue’,

Think with spooned nose,

Will “…wee,…” be undone?

While foliticians, ‘smooth as silk’,

‘Thick as thieves’, all ask for “a fiver,

If you please”, thousands of kids die

Everyday from hunger, disease.

Life is indivisible, are you?

Remember, it’s quixotic to ’tilt at windmills’,

Yet, cosmological to stand up to skyscrapers,

Climate change will murder everyone,

No issue is larger, all issues worsened by it.

And, while you’re playing your ‘ace in the hole’,

Watch, you don’t get your ass in one.

Another Thanx/Mourning Day

I am thankful for,

The wonder of our

Morning star’s rise,

And it’s setting

Within our eyes,

On this Beauty Way

We build each day

With great surprise.

Natives’ compassion taught Pilgrims at Plymouth How to live within, give to, Natures’ abundance.

That providence sowed Reaped graces’ harvest, Fraternity, bearing Fruits to this day.

We gave Native America Genocide, Earthocide. Chief Seattle said, No one can own the land.

Bowing to Above and Below, For gifts bestowed, Giving, may we again, Walk that way.

While giving thanx on this

Full Moon’s day for it,

There, but for the grace of

God and Great Spirit, go I.

“…Suffer The Children…”

“…For theirs is

The Kingdom of…”, (Heaven).

Here they say, “right

Quick, get ‘er done.”

In the West, “kill ’em

Before they grow.”

In the city, “stick a fork

In ’em, turn ’em over

They’re done.” The Brits,

“They’ll be sorted.”

Anyone saying, ‘believe’,

Or, ‘trust’, anyone,

Is a conman, and ‘you can’t

Con an honest man’.

Life’s indivisible, are you?

Jesus said, you can

Walk this way, not

As sheep, led to sleep,

Then slaughter, rather,

As man, led by, “…I am.”

Vote As If Your Life Depends On It Because It Does

Bleeding for All,

‘Cause I take bullets,

Therefore aint making them,

Laying in this hospital bed,

I know, “…death (murder)

Shall have no dominion…”,

‘…Wee, the people…’,

Can stop them!

Slide To Oeuvre

We shutter to think of what our lenses miss,

Within Sky above, Earth below, as we walk towards know.

The camera isn’t pointed, the point cameras, as

We wander, share the wonder, ephemerally gleaned.

(Dedicated to Ansel Adams’ life and work)

Gotta Have Heart…

…And hearth. Even nomadism bows to the Bedouin rule,

Diya’fa, hospitality, a way to be, including poetry sung

By bards, elder and young, a calling and answer from reality,

Rahim. Sephardic, being no less bardic, find this too.

Yes, sons of Isaac and Ishmael, remembering their way,

As man, not deserted in the Middle East, seeks peace.

An eliatic twist, from experience to philosophic introspection,

Then evocation, isn’t only found in non-arable land. There,

The making of parables demand, can’t be met by a versifier,

Rhymester, alone. The commons being everywhere, the eldest,

A commoner too, …while first among the few, would bristle

At the thought, show spine. For the Sun doesn’t bleed him

As we bleed the Earth, the fouling of one sky doesn’t follow

His wordsmithing or mirth. As theirs is no sauntering, as they

Being itinerant, have a wanderer’s mind, not rambling, ambling,

No wayfaring, while meandering, nomadic. With this vestige,

Anthropologically traced, and poetically chased, as a garnish,

If you’ll allow, we have a taste, and can know they’ve not

Sown the wind, and most certainly won’t reap the whirlwind.

The Hardening Sun…

Can be shine again,

Our allowing false-egos

To join shadows, the past’

Din, can be, only if we

Choose to. This choosing

One, not two, not being

Dualities’ fool, was done

Once, we were conceived

Once. Weather cycles,

Permanently altered,

Beat down Africa,

The Middle East,

Ravaging Asia. Our

Being solar, Earth energy,

As we are, putting

Non-renewables in the past,

At last, has to be, if we

Ever were, are, or Earth,

Humanity won’t be. An

Abundance based Cosmos

Can’t stop us from not being it,

Basing global society on

Inter: locking, laced systems

Of scarcity, instead.

Delusionally raping

Mountaintops for supposed

Short-term gains,

Causing unending loss, pain,

Instead, is symptomatic

Of what’s not going on

Inside your head. Gaia,

Being denatured, like me

And you, struggles, as

We do, with extremely more

Powerful forces than it.

Losing, slowly, its orbit

Around the Sun degrading,

It needs to be given a break,

Now, or humanity won’t

Get one when…, then.

Stop Judgment Day You Dictated, Burning You Before The Sun

Don’t become the midnight madness. As your abominations gravity,

You tried to spaceship escape, drags you back through the

Solar-system you destroyed, change, begin again, learn, chance, for everyone, Turn 360 degrees around, back to the future, the evolution.

A Raggedy Edge Of Reality Blues

A long night’s journey into day, without,

Doesn’t bring about awakening all around.

As the RalphiNader’s cloistered political past’s

Projections of a fix for yore, which left me aghast

The night before, still abhor. For, you give a rem

An inch, they continually demand seven more.

The only struggle ever worth the full measure of

Humanities’ blood, guts, is the one to the death.

A new, “good”, tripartisanshiting on us, like the

Tea partiers, rems and (their pet dinos) dems

Sausage-making is doing now, by Libertarians,

Conservatives and Progressives conciliaries,

Will never happen, because Progressives

Brains could never be ‘sucked’ to that point

Of vacuity, without them imploding, first.

(Republican = remocrat, Democrat = dempublican, ergo, rems and dems.)

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