Actx: southern black supremacists, (only) black lives matter, abusing elderly

Actx: southern black supremacists, (only) black lives matter, abusing elderly

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Actx: southern black supremacists, (only) black lives matter, abusing elderly:
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Southern Black Supremacists, (Only) Black Lives Matter, Abusing The Elderly


Isn’t non-violent or activism, it’s sexist, sexualityist, ageist, racist, classist. Just because Barack and the civil wrongs leaders want Hillary, the Goldwater admiring, darling of wall st., war friendly corporate structure moderate dem to be the dem’s nominee, instead of the most progressive person to ever run for the nomination, Bernie, doesn’t mean their abuse shouldn’t be stood up to. Those 20 something, infants, in terms of activism, shouted that Bernie’s crowd was racist, which is a lie, black supremacists are racists, not the most progressive people in the nation, Bernie’s mostly elderly event ended without him getting to speak. By the way, if you say someone has to say or do something in order for you to stop abusing them, that’s, at minimum, totalitarianism, or notseeism, as well, if you take a mic from someone that is crime. They make believe they’re struggling against the white supremacy while they’re actually struggling for it, as usual. If they were struggling with the klueless kluking klan, instead of doing a circle jerk around a burning cross like them, they would have been abusing the 21 rem candidates for the remocrat nomination, who are all white supremacists, regardless of race, sex, etc., and/or the moderate dempublicans running, not almost exclusively Bernie, who, as the next president of the united suck of assassins, will be 3 times better for African-Americans than Barack was, and twice as good as Hillary would have been for women’s issues, etc.! I’ve been an African-American activist/advocate since 16 years old, on the front line of killer cop demonstrations, social justice, organizing, etc., and also work on all issues for all life, and for the latest 2 of my 57 years as an advocate/activist only, due to continually worsening diffabilities (being assassinated by the white supremacy), and I’ve never seen such an extreme grab for power by supposed christian taliban, the African-American supremacy, and supposed christian al-queda, the white supremacy, ebony and ivory supremacies, working together in perfect harmony, to divide and conquer the nation between them, not much more than mercenaries for more. Now that this 1 year old group, who I’m hoping doesn’t represent, Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, I Can’t Breathe, regional social justice groups that have arisen to meet the overt need, has turned notsee, we must re-evaluate their actions more accurately. Older and historical groups which I’m a member of, 100’s, do activism and advocate through, donate to are actually non-violent, instead of pathological liars. For e.g., we’ve only a month to get the Iran Deal passed, why isn’t Cornel’s Group, Jewish Voice for Peace, doing advocacy to support it? Yes, it’s courageous for him to be arrested in Ferguson, and we’re with him in Spirit, yet, why must it be now, and not a month from now? Is the JVP really working for the Israeli Gov’t, supposed Hebrew al-queda and taliban, like my on again off again decade long membership and support of their work has informed me, they actually just supporting the status quo while supposedly struggling for peace, for the Iran Deal will take away a war with Iran from the war machine profiteers of every ilk, and potentially save humanity from itself. Bernie represents a devastating blow to la machine’s, the corporate structure’s, convolution’s war machine (and devolutionary direction), that is oiled by the blood of millions of non: upper to rich, white, Christian, USA citizens, and they will have the black supremacists do anything they can to stop him. It’s nothing new, southern black supremacists sent north by the white supremacy to genocide progressive Caucasians, yet, we can’t let it happen to the next president of the USA. Also, the African-American supremacy has overtly stated continually their support for Hillary over Bernie, is it the “once you go Black you never go back” strategy they use in larger cities to get political office for African-Americans more by secretly collaborating with the rems, purposely not supporting non-African-American progressive candidates for office, and thereby almost ensuring that the only non-rem candidates that get the office are African-Americans through their continual collaboration with the rems, like Al’s famous for in NYC mayoral politics? As well, we can’t forget that the African-American polity in Ferguson, MI, voted 70 % for the white racist D.A. who had previously got off serial murdering cops, like he got Michael Brown’s murderer, who was a cop, off from even being indicted, only 1 week before Mr. Brown’s murder, they were voting white supremacist because they were getting paid, or something, for it, and now, only a year later they’re making believe they’re the leaders of the left, and should dictate what the rest of the left should say, do, and when…, b.s.. They remind me of Reagan “we’ve got 300 buses, but no drivers” Nagin, whose sitting in federal prison as he should be, who murdered over a 1000 African-Americans for the white supremacy while he acted like he was African-Americans impassioned leader, savior, as mayor of NOLA, on this almost tenth anniversary of the Katrina scam and genocide. We’ve also had an immediate fake forgiveness frenzy for the white supremacist terrorist who assassinated 9 present and future political and otherwise leaders of the African-American community and our nation 6 weeks ago, with the preacher-in-chief directly propagating one of the biggest and most notsee lies of the Roman Catholic Imperial Church on the teachings of Jesus, when he said that “Roof (the white supremacist terrorist) was an instrument of God”, a despicable lie. That terrorist attack, to take revenge on State Senator Rev. Clementa Pinckney, was probably orchestrated by the Police, who were white supremacist supporter’s of the serial murdering cop who murdered Walter Scott 2 months before that, for the Rev. helped get their cop body cam bill passed, should be investigated and prosecuted as such, yet, no one mentions this truth about the political assassinations, the conspiracy of silence still alive and well, sadly. So too, the Roman Catholic empire’s pope is coming in a month, near the anniversary of king George and his dick, Cheney’s, purposeful non-prevention of the 9-11-01 attacks, and Barack and the Dems just lobbied to get all Dems to promise to watch the first Rem adult table debate, giving the rems the highest amount of viewers for any debate ever, ’cause that’s what dinos do, conspire with the rems, coinky dinks, I think not, the sleeper must awaken. I’m every panther, it’s only me, I do whatever the Earth needs done, naturally, pink panther for the LGBTQ community, grey panther for the elderly, black, red, bisque, teak, teal, chartreuse, even blue for the smurfs, and I will not allow the elderly, Bernie, to be abused, will you? Viva la evolution. reality


Thanx for all you do, copy, share as you will. 

james m nordlund   reality (aja) 🙂


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