Arts/Actx: Struggling against serial murderers masquerading as cops

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Arts/Actx: Struggling against serial murderers masquerading as cops:
This petition on change . org: Struggle Against Cops Serial Murdering:
Twigs of activism poetree   🙂
Serial Murderers Masquerading As Cops, Unending Unnecessary Global War Against Men
Barack, tpping on lower… to poor, calling it rain, part of the convolution’s $ war, crime
Or army, jail or join equals crypt, bodybag filler galore, only merx/more, mercs/war, live.
If You’re Not Taking Bullets, You’re Making Them, Lesson From WWII
Sadly, “…it’s funny how one insect can damage
So much grain…”, how 400 years of religion
Of scientism, one instant, evolutionarily, in the life
Of the Universe, can extinct all life, Earth,
Destroy all grace.  Finally, humanity without a trace.
Or, will you leave no footprints, that followed
None, which will echo in all ways, always?
Mothball NASA now, before it ends all.   reality
(Thanx to Elton John for the above quote from his great song, ‘Empty Garden’, a tribute to John Lennon)
Oligarchy Doesn’t Need You, To Kill All Life, The Evolution Does To Stop Them
Christian ISIS, Taliban leaders met, Christian Pope, 12 headed (supremacies)
Beast of Revelations, Dino-In-Chief, concurring on their continuing king george
And his dick, cheney’s, global, “crusading, unending, war against axis of evil
Nations”, that aren’t.  Roman Catholic imperial lies swallowed whole, death of
All, US, if you’re not taking bullets, you’re making them to be ‘used’ against Life.
Years later, The D.I.C., still TPPing on “…we(e),…” and calling it rain, machinated
In his last S.O.T.U. that the united suck of assassins is, “…unarmed truth and
Unconditional love…”, for the corporate structure’s convolution, the biggest lie
Since the religion of scientism dictated that, “it will save US”, when it’s ending
All advanced life in the Cosmos, that we know of, and the Earth, instead.
‘La machine’, unpowers that unbe, divining vacuity through their closest thing
To a devil that has ever existed, the remocrats/dempublicans psychic terrorism,
“The suck”, won’t undo the Cosmoses abundance with their scarcity based inter:
Locking, laced societal systems, will ebony and ivory supremacies working in
Perfect harmony, divide, life indivisible, conquer, potential illimitable, you?
Humanity Has Devolved Into The Tool, Technology The Hand, It’s Our Last Stand
We’re not mecha, we’re orga, you can’t quid pro quo us into being your merxs for more, mercs for war, anymore.  Climbing down this cliff wall, wading river, climbing up the other side, I go across the bridge, without, for, we don’t ‘cross bridges when we come to them’, we blow them up, as convenience doesn’t further.  They tell you to make your mark, dream,.get your piece of the plymouth crack rock, their missive, ‘the future waits for no man’, is inapplicable, as their linear, first conclusion, superficial thought processes are inexplicable, while it does eagerly await the evolving of the evolution.  Ignorance or being sheep isn’t next to Godliness, cowering to the notsees who raped you as kids won’t lead to go along to get along mediocre success, it’s suicide you’re stretching over your future, survival will never be alival,  The intellect can’t lead for the life doesn’t follow.  Being growing more day by day, a lifelong student, is the only requirement for an unending sojourn of wonder, filled with the “art of feeling awe, discipline” (Castaneda).  Stalking oneself can lead to stalking reality, that “razor’s edge” of co-creation, grace, which one can’t seek, as it seeks you, for, there are no un or mistaken footsteps left behind, and we leave no footprints that will echo in all ways, always.
(Inspired by Fu Ta Shih’s (497-573), following poem: “Empty handed he holds a hoe, Walking across a bridge while riding a buffalo, It’s the bridge, not the river, which flows.”)
No One Must Be Conned, Divide, Conquer Only Works On The Divided, Life’s Indivisible, Your Potential Illimitable, Be
Sad day, as ‘we(e)’ mourn the tragic loss of Ali, ‘the greatest of all time’, whose still ‘floating like a butterfly and
Stinging like a bee’, we remember his black leadership, advocacy, and he will be sorely missed. A best who was
Called by Muhammad, all praise be upon him, Allah’s Messenger, he easily rose to the occasion. There were snags
Along the way, being real, he rose above. As we mourn his loss, we’re reminded, an injustice to any is an injustice
To all, and if it isn’t addressed individually, it becomes a global, as well. You can’t struggle with the man’s house
Using the man’s tools (Audrey Lourdes), be the change you want in the world, root of all oppression lies in science
(Gandhi). If responsibility isn’t exercised, its Siamese twin sister, freedom, withers like an unused muscle also,
Due to self-possession, it needs to be exorcised first. While Dino-In-Chief’s tpping on US, calling it rain, don’t forget
Why ‘we(e)’ struggled against nafta, cafta, all that came afta, corporate structure’s convolution’s devolutionary
Direction doesn’t need help dictating the extinction of all life, the evolution does in order to stop them.   reality
N’er Stray From, You, Living Truth
Not walking the walk, waves spraying our faces,
As beach’s edge, ever changes,
We, Sun, sky, Earth, Moon, sea, meet.
Breezing through the strong breeze,
The fuller our lungs, the lighter we’d run,
It, was to be…, with ease.
As reality, she, I, stalked ourselves
In those shells echoing silences,
Like one slip on a rock, to the next, well.
Sitting still, we glistened,
Sun splashing through us,
The ocean’s, our salt, were one.
Her thoughts, mine, flowed,
Our feelings were its ebb and flow.
Nature, true, wouldn’t be unsung.
That blue gray cloudy day found us in the end.
Finding it by moon’s ray, our ears to waves did lend.
It was as our footprints,
Truly there, ’til waves did gently lift.
For, if it were we held it,
Like sand grasped, it wouldn’t be a gift.
Corp. Structure’s Convolution’s Devolutionary Direction Doesn’t Need You, To Kill All Life
The Evolution does to stop them.
Sadly, “…it’s funny how one insect
Can damage so much grain…”,
How 400 years of the religion
Of scientism, one instant in Earth’s life,
Can extinct all life and it,
Destroy so much grace.
Finally, humanity without a trace.
Or, will you leave no footprints,
That followed none,
Echoing in all ways, always,
Calm the sea of suffering,
Hawking fabricates, “…life is machine…”,
Like Professor Memsy and his memes,
Contrivance meant to demean, con,
For control and the convolution.
Life’s self-replicating, not la machine,
Machinating in its twisted coil,
To convolute human is just…,
Not illimitable potentially,
And indivisible, living alival,
Not survival, human be-ing.
“We(e),…” mothball NASA, or rich, it, end us.
You, phoenix, ever rising, embrace the wind,
Soar above the clouds, be your trueself to be.
Feelings, Reeling In The Living Art, Unbeckon
Betwixt words,
Weaving paths of study,
Between lines,
Flowing within its own
Rhythms, rhymes,
A birthplace is divined,
A twig of poetree to be,
Becoming, in chrysalis,
Being you, evoking.
If One Lives As Prayer,
The light that guides, the candle within,
Once lite in lieu of cursing the darkness,
Ever adding to the well of light,
Directs every step in grace,
Which follows none,
Leaving no footprints,
Echoing in all ways,
To Not Err Is Human Too
Memories of cement wave through my soma, steeling,
As their daggers dig new holes in realities’ fabric,
“We(e),…”, can’t allow to be torn asunder,
They plunder what isn’t, missing is,
Mountaintop removal isn’t biz’.
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Tell Arvig to not discriminate against English speakers, please sign:
Thanx for all you do.
james nordlund,
reality   (aja)   🙂

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