Will GOP Military Coup/Police State/Nonprevent Terror Attack, Work In Wk?

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Will GOP Military Coup/Police State/Nonprevent Terror Attack, Work In Wk?:
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Will GOP Coup In Wk?:
These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:
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This petition on change . org: Get Out The Vote:


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“…We(e),…”, must copy and share these communications to the four corners of The Earth, NOW!?!
There are some facts that all people of Earth must be made aware of now, to stop the potential military coup on 11-8-16, or the day after; led by the white supremacy and the republican conspiracy- The Schmonald and his tea-baggers being one benefactor only.  Simply follow the money if you wish to know anything about a capitalist country.  Our executive branch, through predominantly republican engineering, outweighs the other two branches of our Gov’t; even though there’s supposed to be equity of power between the three, etc..  The checks and balances haven’t been up to the task.  So, the President literally has the power of an emperor; and astronomically more power than any emperor that ever lived.  So, if The Schmonald got the win, he’d be an actual feurher, instead of a wannabe, in a matter of weeks.  Secure the vote by voting early, and helping others to; please!  The Schmonald’s inability to contain his bragadocio has given us a glimmer of their potential plans for that military coup; started 15 years ago with the purposeful non-prevention of the attacks on 9-11-01.  He stated over and over the following confessions; for, the truth falls from extremist pathological liars mouths, like ‘wisdom from the mouths of babes’ (the infant kind).  Trump, “I have hundreds of Generals, Admirals supporting me, she doesn’t”, “I will only accept the outcome of the election in a week if I win”; then there’s the continual talk of “riots”, “insurrection”, by them if he doesn’t win- voter intimidation, dis-enfranchisement through to voter oppression.  Then there’s Comey’s acts, tantamount to political treason, he, a republican, white supremacist, was chosen by Barack, a Black supremacist; as the ‘lock’ (in a Police State take over he will be directing the day to day Police occupation of the streets of our country)- many of which are necessary for the ‘fix’ to be in, a coup!  The Black and white supremacies, ebony and ivory, have been engineering this coup for three decades, through their dividing and conquering this country in ever “more perfect (union)” (Barack) harmony!  The militarization of the Police, the supposedly needed backslide of our nation from democratically progressing society passed a fastshit State straight to a notsee one, instead.  The collusion through to collaboration of the engineering the tea-bagger party into existence, prominence through to almost total control; except for a ‘lock’, a President, to supposedly be stopping the take over by the republicans- in order to realize the ‘fix’ (coup), instead.  Then there’s the decades long continual secession talk and moves, only appeased by the Federal Gov’t; Barack giving most political capital from all the victories the people having given the democrats to the republicans, as well as the transfer of exponentially more power to the States from the Federal Gov’t.  The ACA also being proof of that, the key to his legacy as a President, the democrats allowed the engineering of it’s eventual failure by allowing States to decide whether they’re ‘all in’ or not; in effect.  He and the democrats wouldn’t of done that if there weren’t a possibility of it being able to be done away with somehow.  As well, the Black supremacy has been also training up for a military coup for the last thirty years.  The gangsta lifestyle, culture fostered by the civil wrongs movement, realizing a police State of their own; they can only control- which includes most major cities in these United States of America (the oligarchy or other supremacies ruling the rest from the street).  As well, the propagation of Police, military tactics and capacities in both by video games, movies, TV, unending war, great recession of 2007, etc..  This includes the universal tactics hitting the news for decades within the Black communities to control them through notsee subjugation to force, rape, mass-raping-kids, notseeism, etc..  Their mass-murdering of their women through HIV, HPV virus propagation through rape, etc.; in effect, establishing women having half-lives, boys removed from mothering as they’ve always been removed from fathering, etc..  Their both ‘using’ their women as assassins, etc..  The Black supremacy propagating gun capacities through supposedly uncontrollable gangs (even in the capital of Dr. MLK, Jr.’s legacy, Chiraq), and an uncontrollable supposed ‘drug war’, etc..  The Whites through ‘use’ of ‘fight club’ and MMA lifestyles, and the highest capacity weapons of any and every kind culture; and their propagation.  The Blacks, use of training methods for decades that came to be known as ‘wilding’, ‘knocking people out’, with one punch, with stealth and quickness to make it impossible to defend against, etc..  If you care in the least for your, your kids lives, support early voting to defeat their plans in advance; your country, neigh, life on The Earth needs you to love you- will you?  They may purposely not prevent another extreme terrorist attack as a possible justification for stopping voting, not accepting the results of the election, or stopping a peaceful transfer of power from one civilian Gov’t to the next; a military coup is definitely possible.  The life of the next two-term President of these United States of America is also potentially in play; she and her husband must be told this.  If, “..we(e),…”, succeed in stopping their coup plans now, through you propagating these truths by any and every means, they won’t purposely not prevent another terrorist attack; and they might not try anything substantive- and you can use this as ‘proof’ that I, and The Evolution are just conspiracy theorists, d’accord.  Vote as if your life depends on it, because it actually does.  “Yeah now, heah now”, Please, “Don’t Dream It’s Over”; it’s only begun- lead your way, way!
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They can never win:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jA_kTC3V_uk     Martin and Vedder say it best; no?  What goes around comes around, it’s a tsunami; google it.  Don’t let them win, VOTE early, please help GOTV!!!  You’re the light at the end of the tunnel; don’t forget it.
“…To be or not to be…”, (Shakespeare); is the answer, instead.  Copy and share, if you will!  Thanx for all you do and don’t.  Goodbye.   reality

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