This is the Weimer Republic devolving into Notsee Germany; stop it now :) reality

The supposed left still projects “it’s not a Neimoeller moment”? Nothing should be done to stop their getting exponentially to astronomically more donations, volunteers and hours, etc.. “…We(e),…”, disagree, stop the continuous re-election of Trumpler, please 🙂 For e.g., I disagree with the projected intent of the story, about Brigade’s supposedly projecting The Trumpler’s victory located on Brigade’s Medium blog, while appreciating it’s attempted elucidation of a national sore spot, if you’ll allow. It was a microcosm of the country’s vulnerable hotspots of swing voters that were targeted by the Russian hackers with automated fake news and ever increasing multiplicity of spreading it against Hillary, the non-remocrats, and other dempublicans. On Chris Hayes’ ‘All-In’ news show on MSNBC a couple of days ago, a female special guest pointed out two very important things that I’ve been pointing out for half a century- approx.. First, Trumpler’s exec. branch is the spearhead of the rem conspiracy’s war on empirical reality; not just what is true, truth, and all that is decent and just. For, without getting rid of the last two decades evolutionary growth of the populace by the real left and the evolution in actuating people’s self-actuation through sparking their inner-truth, inner-selves to come forth, etc., the oligarchy and it’s plutocracy, as well as the corporate structure, and their mutual convolution, will never con the people of this country to go re-blind- no matter how much they numb and dumb them down with sociological through to societal automaton programming. Another example, I used to think of the Green Party as the developmentally diffabled party of the left 3 decades ago, while still supporting it all the way; yet, came to change my mind. During those years the consumer advocacy angle of The RalphiNader did put a lot of people off; but, we kept on struggling for it to have teeth- then it got teeth with McKinney, etc.; even Stein has teeth. But, it also lost somethings along the way; the admin. had been taken over by supposed Socialists- embracing an ends justifies the means ‘materialist’ perspective, like supposed Socialists. Which led to Stein’s, some ‘Bernie or bust bots’, and other Greens that had been brainwashed by the supposed Socialists, to collude in the ascendancy of Trumpler, etc.. Now that the shi.. hitting the fan, those Greens and Progressive Dempublicans, etc., are again taking a more passive role; this is human, party, political nature at work in the united suck of assassins- they’ll all find their feet and stand in time, if I have anything to do with it. You say, “I think it’s time to shake off the alt-right control of the talking points and push for an agenda with an attitude.”, true, yet, the real left and the evolution never allowed even dempublicans to alter the conversation; let along remocratss or tea partiers? Exactly, Barack invisibly collude with the white supremacy’s ascendancy, as a leader of the Black supremacy; yet, I’ve been telling people about this for decades, ebony and ivory, the Black and white supremacies, working together in perfect harmony, didn’t want 8 years of a “girl” in the whitehouse, and another 8 years of a white dempublican (the only thing the klueless kluking klan hates more than Blacks)- for it would irretrievably slow down their dividing and conquering the nation between them (especially with the strong rise of the Latino supremacy, etc.). I agree with most of what you say as well. The personal vampirism not successfully being struggled against, so devolved the populace that it translated into national vampirism and economic cannibalism, in a manner of speaking, and they wish to finish the job with the GOP’s supposed ‘budget’ and ‘healthscare’ plan; both of which are actually just Trumpler and the rems eugenics programs that king george, and his dick, cheney, could never get off the ground, etc.. Yes, “…we(e),…” do have to get ‘teeth’; for e.g., dems who collude in the eugenics programs should be primaried out etc.. Your thoughts? Our forefathers were all immigrants, except for Native Americans; in the art of living, compassion furthers. Compliance is suicide, “…we(e),…”, are defiance! Just say no to the ban and wall! To the rems eugenics programs they euphemistically call a healthscare program and a national budget, please. Yet, even remocratss make believe they love their kids and grandkids, etc.. If they don’t want to watch their grandkids die before they’re 20 from the lack of abolition of non-renewable fuels, they’ll regrow a pair and stop the extinction of the human species they dictate every moment of their everyday. For e.g., Trumpler’s notseeism is a “perfect storm of a couple of bad apples”- the rems description of everything they plan and don’t want to take credit for. His criminal insanity is a snake eating it’s own tail; he’s literally drinking his own cool-aid. That jives perfectly with the sociological through to societal devolutionary programming of the people by the corporate structure’s, gov’t’s, republican conspiracy’s convolution; I told everybody for decades if you’re not struggling with how people are, you’re not even struggling with them. Now, actually, a full 70 % of the united suck of assassins is “all in” with the empire’s premeditated genocide of 7 billion people; euphemistically called the “American way of life”- the extinction of humanity. Another example, the anti-American “ban and wall” of Trumpler’s is a negation of who we each are. Our forefathers were all immigrants, except for Native Americans; in the art of living, compassion furthers. Compliance is suicide, “…we(e),…”, are defiance! Also, remember, if we don’t mothball NASA, stopping the billionaires exit plan (that would be impossible in a thousand years, now they’re projecting they can get it done in a hundred; as if humanity has more than twenty years), the extinction of humanity and large mammals, the premeditated mass-murder of 7 billion people, is the only possible outcome. Besides we don’t need to spend 10 trillion dollars to get pictures of a white guy playing golf on Mars. Especially since the CBO states that the GOP healthscare program would determine the death of a 100,000 Americans (they’re off by a factor of 10, more); and not to forget Trumpler wants to give a 3/4 of a trillion dollar $ gift to the richest, as well- which also shouldn’t take place. Just say no to it all! Might might make right, but, it always makes wrong, fraternity rules. Keep trying. The more art is given, the more it is; as well, in the art of living, compassion furthers. Might might make right, but, it always makes wrong, fraternity rules. The intellect can’t lead, for the life doesn’t follow. The illimitable, indivisible you, walking in nature’s balance, giving back to nature’s abundance, knows that and all; be the you that you can be- free. All life are needed threads in the fabric of life, “…we(e),…”, can’t allow to be torn asunder. Remember people, it’s only 2 1/2 years until the next presidential election cycle starts, complacency, false-ego, and self-possession defeated the dempublicans last time; will it again? All the remocrats had to do to cinch the election was to conspire to either not participate in polls in the last month of the election, or lie in their responses to them, to ego the dems into not doing everything they can and must to defeat notseeism. Remember the rems controlled multimedia conspiracy projecting the dems were “running up the score”, “trying to shove the rems nose in it”, etc.; projecting Hillary’s victory was a certainty- when I continually insisted it was nothing of a kind. Please find you again, and, sitting in their presence, in silence, begin to listen to your inner-leader again- and move. Thanx for all you do and don’t. Keep up the great work, please. “Where there are two or more gathered in his name, there is love”. “…We(e),…”, mustn’t forget, if we don’t exercise (our rights and) responsibility, it’s Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither like an unexercised muscle as well; sadly, now it needs to be exorcised of self-possession before it can be exercised. Thanx for all you do and don’t. Ciao, for now. reality

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