Intentional Cruelty

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There are so many things about the current Republican administration that many of us have trouble believing could ever have happened. I recently heard the following on the Rachel Maddow Show. “He (the President) is eager to be seen as being I think as cruel as possible to immigrants”, which is at the heart of what we have been seeing. Following is the transcript of part of her show on 7/2/2019 during an interview with former HUD Secretary and 2020 presidential candidate, Julian Castro. 

MADDOW: strategically, I wonder as you think about the prospect of becoming the Democratic nominee, running against Donald Trump, he is eager to be seen as being I think as cruel as possible to immigrants. I think he’s eager to be seen as acting against the interests of Latino voters, and certainly Democratic voters.

I wonder to the extent that you fight him on this…

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  1. reality says:

    You All are very kind. Yes, only our hearts allow us to see that all life are needed threads in the fabric of life, that “…we(e),…” can never allow to be torn asunder. War isn’t the answer, it’s only the ever asked and never answered adequately question, why? And, when bees are extinct, humanity will not be eating and soon after will follow them. As well, without freedom of the press no other freedoms would exist. Sources for evolutionary growth 🙂

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