Now That the Buffalo’s Gone

Great worx, thanx; also: for those who say poverty must be addressed before the climate crisis, not true they should be addressed simultaneously, for poverty is caused by the yoke placed on every human beings neck by the defacto-slavery dictated by the non-renewable energy industrial complexes; as well as their determining all social and societal interlocking and laced system’s are based on their scarcity- as opposed to nature’s abundance, duh. Abolish non-renewable energy use, and relatively free energy will be, then economic defacto-slavery would be easily ended. On this First Anniversary, in memoriam 🙂

A couple of twigs of same poetree 🙂

Khashoggi Didn’t Die In Vain

On this first anniversary of his light being snuffed,
like lady liberty’s torch was scorched, bell cracked,
knell snatched decades ago, whilst his heart worx can
never be, support continuing activism for Khashoggi,
freedoms of press, speech, criticism of the oligarchy.

His meticulous and terrorist assassination
will be an article of RumputiN/vlad-the-impaler’s
impeachment, as our king-kong sized terrible-two
gave permission to Saudi’s MBS to do it, in advance,
they went to Jared’s for the messengering, outrageous.

This war on freedoms, criticism of global oligarchy,
is just the tip of the global united suck of assassin’s
class war against the lower-middle-class to poor,
and just part of the war machine, oiled by the blood of
non: us citizens, rich, caucasians, supposed Christians.

It’s carbon bootprint is the largest, worst,
“…we(e),…” must end ‘endless war’. Yet, it’s
just half of the bi-headed actual religion of most
in the united suck of assassins, the false god, mollock,
extreme violence, especially against kids, and war.

We once knew the seeds shouldn’t be ground up. The other half,
mammon, false-god of extreme wealth, greed, avarice. Those two,
As one, are worshipped, studied behind masks of Hinduism,
Atheism, Christianity, Buddhism, etc., neither are separated
from the State as our Constitution dictates, ergo they rule.

Think people, 400 years of supposed science, a millisecond
evolutionarily, has brought humanity to it’s extinction,
destroying what it took the Cosmos 18 billion years of evolution
to create, an insect damaging so much grain, an instant destroying
so much grace, please, human race be not the Earth’s still birth.

Any scientist who doesn’t do a full public mea culpa before posting,
with each post, to youth, communicating anything to youth on
the climate emergency is just a corporate structure convolutionary
and disciple of the religion of scientism, no more than a marketeer.
Cults aren’t religions, anti-science that destroys all isn’t science.

Yet you, leaving no footprints, that followed none, illimitable potential,
indivisible as life, walking in nature’s balance, giving back to it’s abundance,
can know “the root of all oppression lies in (supposed) science”, Gandhi,
that you, leaving no footprints, no trace, that will echo on in all ways,
always, can be alival instead of survival, yet will you save life, the Earth?

Khashoggi’s Death Be Proud

First anniversary of his light snuffed by impeached
Rump okaying Saudi’s MBS doing it, they went to Jared’s
for the messengering. Let not his voice, like lady liberty’s
torch was scorched, bell cracked, knell snatched decades ago,
be silenced, it evokes freedom, critics oligarchy, forever.

Music in Memoriam: “My video with ARANJUEZ:

Both links should work. This is my YouTube channel on the Canadian site. Enjoy…Zuzanna”

Copy, share as you will. Happy Indigenous People’s Day. Thanx for all you do 🙂 reality

Quakers, social justice and revolution

I have a couple of books of daily readings I occasionally look at. I like the title “The Native American Path to Leading a Spiritual Life Every Day,” which Quakers also seek to do.

I’ve recently been thinking about spirituality in terms of sharing with others. I’ve been asked to speak to a group of people who have a long history of social justice work but also a variety of faith backgrounds, if any. My justice experiences have reinforced my belief that such work needs be based on a spiritual foundation.

Far too often I’ve seen or heard about social justice efforts that have actually done significant harm rather than good. A specific example I have been studying lately was the disaster of the Indian Boarding Schools. Quakers and others in those times believed it would be in the best interest of Native peoples to forcibly assimilate their children into…

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About reality

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