Interview with legendary whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg following his 89th arrest for resisting nuclear weapons, nuclear war and government secrecy

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Rise Up Times

Still today, hardly any people know just how much falsehood was fed to them to justify what we did.

The Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in Livermore, California, designs new nuclear weapons and conducts plutonium research.  [Credit:]

[Daniel Ellsberg, a consultant to the White House in 1961, drafted Secretary Robert McNamara’s plans for nuclear war. In 1971, he released the 47-volume Pentagon Papers, a top-secret Department of Defense study of U.S. political and military involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967. In this interview, Ellsberg reflects on the United States nuclear weapons program after his 89th arrest for resisting nuclear weapons, nuclear war and government secrecy. —Editors]

Dennis Bernstein
[Credit: Starr King]

Dennis Bernstein: We are honored to have Daniel Ellsberg here, the man who blew the whistle on the corrupt and illegal Vietnam War and has…

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1 Response to Interview with legendary whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg following his 89th arrest for resisting nuclear weapons, nuclear war and government secrecy

  1. reality says:

    No nukes is good nukes. All life are needed threads in the fabric of life, “…we(e),…” cannot allow to be torn asunder. All that’s needed to spark an evolutionary leap in humanity’s growth is the fact that there’s no profit, pleasure, nor power in manipulation, destruction, murder, genocide, extinction, etc., experiential knowledge which one can grow in the evolution until they experience it for themselves, etc.. If you’re not taking bullets you’re making them. Walking in nature’s balance, giving back to it’s abundance, illimitable potential, indivisible as life, you, can reach one, teach one, to self-actuate, evolve, turn 360 degrees around, back to the evolution and the future humanity will only have if we each do 🙂 reality Copy, share as you will.

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