Yes, big change is better, while it’s just fantasy, whereas, if one’s more accurate in one’s discernment of what’s going on, they can change everything elementally, organically, somatically, (w)holistically, basically, communally, etc., from the roots up by “being the change you wish to see in the world”, Ghandi, through only more accurately choosing what you do, when, where, how, who, and sometimes why; for, if one’s introspection has realized an insight capable of reliving their pasts to the point of soness, and, thereby, can be what it is they are, here and now, they can, knowing where they were and therefore knowing where they are, not only direct their ship on the sea of suffering, they can do it ever more accurately, and be who they can- as human potential is illimitable, if one is the life, which is indivisible. The corporate structure’s convolutions war on the middle-class to poor globally, targets boys to men, predominantly non-republican and Caucasian, while in the united suck of assassins, the target group, or modern day Jews being scapegoated, etc., are non-republican Caucasian boys to men; which all conspiracies within every demographic, and their concurrent supremacies, are subcontracted to destroy to genocide (including pedocide rape of Caucasian boys, assassination of infants by the suck, destroying of infants testicles, etc.) by the corp. structure’s enforcer, the remocrat conspiracy- as the necessary pre-conditions for their final solution, the extermination to extinction of humanity and large mammals. Yet, we know all life are necessary threads in the fabric of life, we can’t allow to be torn asunder. Extermination of humanity, large mammals, determined by the republican conspiracy, globally, millions of birds falling from the sky, fish dead in the water, etc., must be heeded now; before they sukceed in dictating the extinction of humanity and large mammals- as well as the destruction of the earth, and, possibly, all life as you know it. Life is indivisible, struggling with global unnecessary unending war is necessary; although, the intellect can‘t lead, for the life doesn‘t follow. Remember a lesson from WWII, if you’re not taking bullets, you’re making them, and fascism is the last step before the complete backslide to Nazism, possession is only nine-tenths of the law in a poverty stricken mind, centrism among extremists is Nazism, don’t be it or allow it; Ghandi said “…be the change you wish to see in the world“, and Castaneda said, “discipline is the art of feeling awe”, etc.. Turn 360 degrees around, back to the evolution, dispelling the convolutions devolutionary direction; and getting back to the real future, we’ll only have if you do! By abolishing the over use of fossil fuels (vaporizing the spirit and sucking the very blood of the earth, like the remocrat conspiracy does through their psychic terrorism, the suck, assassinating their only real competition, the real left, the evolution), and the devolutionary direction dictating the permanently altered weather cycles, 100 year storms happening every ten, 10,000 year cataclysmic events happening every thousand, 100,000 year destroying all life events, like alteration of magnetic poles location, their reversal, degradation of our orbit around the sun, happening every ten thousand, etc., and being most alive! Don’t be republicated into mirror supremist images of the white supremacy, being woman, black, supposed christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Asian, Aetheist, male, LGBTQ, age, etc., supremists isn’t equality, there’s no equality of nazism; destruction to extinction aren’t profit, pleasure, nor power- Audre Lourdes said, “you can’t take apart the man’s house with the man’s tools.”.  The premeditated mass-murder of 8 billion people isn’t allowable, opinion, freedom of religion, choice, civil liberty, a right, equality, American dreaming or way of life, nor cool. The dreamers must awaken, unlike the Dino-In-Chief’s response to the tea partiers, which is tripartisanship, centrism, caving, the real left’s is fku+theshtthatshatu, as it should be; thank God! They can’t sociologically program somas of illimitable potential, that are indivisible, as life is, in order to republicate automatons for la machine, if you don‘t agree, resist, refuse, be more so. Popularityism=vampirism=cannibalism= centrism=fascism=nazism= extermination=extinction. Viva la evolution, viva green party.  Copy, share, as you will!  Thanx for all you do.  Some of the groups I moderate, etc.   🙂

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